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Fishing GIANT Swimbaits in Crystal Clear River?Devils River Series Pt. 3

Nov 11, 2021
so it starts right here it's the zero mile mark for our 30 mile trip now the legendary Devil's River one of Texas' last rather hidden bass


gems what you're going to see is me and alex living on these two kayaks for legitimately four days and four nights i'm a little nervous oh intense low huge cheap faster the ride right here oh yeah big one big one big one so this is how far we've already gone in devil's talk so i did all the way up to mile five about two days ago that's where our journey started it wasn't too far of a rope then we went all the way past what the member level merit cross is worth which was like a little past that Jimmy then off to sycamore shoot rapid which was pretty sketchy ok so it passed and we finally got to my twelve and after mile 12 we stopped at the campground which right now is mile 15 and how can n see, after model 15.
fishing giant swimbaits in crystal clear river devils river series pt 3
I have something called Dolan Falls, I really don't know what that implies. Sure I know these 13 foot hikes can't go over waterfalls, let alone the little rapids you saw yesterday, so I'm a little dodgy about that, but the good news is day 3 in the doubles. I'm super excited. I'm looking for a great fight. I have yet to feel the rage in the wrath of a


fish out here, regardless of having a lot of fun catching those three and two pounders, but I know there are some big fish living here and I want to start to really amp up my game by casting some big baits. together with us.
fishing giant swimbaits in crystal clear river devils river series pt 3

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fishing giant swimbaits in crystal clear river devils river series pt 3...

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trips boat trips international trips it's all because of these shirts and because you guys appreciate that anyway enough product promotion come on get on these yachts and look for some big ones i have a good feeling among the best and some


s but first we have to get past these falls. I'm not at all enthused about it. swim bait almost like a shad bluegill swim bait this is going to be kind of an underground deal and then right in front of that we have Deb's infamous bull shooter it's a slider bait less swimming more of a slider action and in front my main so I'm going to cast today if I catch largemouth with this little articulated someone mimics a small tarpon I think there's a pretty strong population of gizzard tarpon the further down we go the closer we get to Lake Amistad so I have a good feeling on that which also looks like a small bluegill in case it's not specifically feeding on tarpon so I have three swim hard baits total set up one large one metal and one small so I think that we have to land on something here a big one has to go up and kill this and we have to get to where we need to go down seven miles because the wind could be right in our face tomorrow that would be hell Paddling rno especially waking up there are rough canyons and you in Crete ok there's a big detail let's keep going it's going to be interesting guys great swim baits and sketchy waterfalls you got excited because I'm not.
fishing giant swimbaits in crystal clear river devils river series pt 3
I'm going bail


today, the money sauce is the best part of the day. in the shallows it's the second i've seen it's not about a four pound dump right there there's one come on little lure hits feels like a pretty good one too was like a good fish is trying to put me in the grass oh yeah not bad not bad here we go it didn't take long for the first fish of the day it didn't take long he hammered that's a day - i think we're getting a little better all this Devil's


thing took me a while to figure out this place but every day i feel like i'm learning so much more what i've really observed is largemouths hang around the edges of the wheat largemouths hang around these big edges of rock slabs it's as funny as you look at that . nice little largemouth on a mini articulated swimbait not even five minutes of fishing we already have the first one on the Yaak feeling pretty good I'm seeing a lot of really good fish around here so I'm optimistic we'll be able to get some more going before Let's get to the wickedness and the waterfalls, by the way, did I mention I'm not really looking forward to this waterfall?
fishing giant swimbaits in crystal clear river devils river series pt 3
Treating all this waterfall is like drawing me. I don't feel like this, oh he. he was really good put up a really amazing fight great he was nice heck yeah first one of them more mark today's target my words isn't fishing over four pounds on this yeah today's target , is that what it should be? two days i've struggled to find a fish about th three and a half so remember that's the goal for today come on stay down stay down stay down stay down stay down yes sir on the big bait on the big sunday Today is going to be something good, today is going to be. a good damn day relax get up get up i got you look you got that oh my god so sick some big fish number two i feel like its going to happen today so effect ok so we are at the number one hurdle for the day this is some kind of waterfall no kidding yeah i dont think we realize the next plan of action is to find a safe and not so deadly way to get down this monster waterfall look at that its huge i mean our kayaks are about a hundred pounds without the equipment Another 40lbs of equipment You got 140lbs per person I'm no John Cena so this is definitely not going to be an easy feat for me Wow the water looks great even though it's a big deep pool it's crazy.
I guess we'll have to move it somewhere around there. ke little place gradually going downhill ok our best spot this ain't gonna be easy but let's give it our all just part of the adventure ok first bench in the hole she looks good that wasn't easy though oh my god that wasn't easy tie this up i'm just going to walk in the kayak wow this is like a serious guy this is not a joke we need to get


where we're going to tie this up me oh here here we go alright that's the last yak it definitely wasn't as easy as i thought it would be but it could have been so much worse wow i hope that's the worst of all ok hop on let's go it's actually fish now sheesh alphas the ride will it's getting good damn evil sup gopro 7 oh yeah a big one a big one a big one oh my god oh my god good well come here you don't you don't you don't oh that's the one sick he was so sick first he launched first witch she came and wiped him out Wow that was a recording we were making look at that big giant you like big baits yeah that was so sick oh that feels good it's been hard it's been a hard morning with Dolan Falls and just going through these Rapids, but man did that.
I feel good like I don't want to exaggerate as this is like the biggest fish on Devils by no means not a giant but it is the biggest on the trip. so funny it's like throwing a frog or something watching these fish come up and eat something they think is a bluegill or tilapia it's so cool such a cool fish probably a pretty old fish it's really cool and beat up but we'll gladly take it him on this boat look at that swim bait he's so sick he says wow this is the start of something potentially very cool right before that fish i think i got it on the other gopro but i saw one that was probably twice his size come follow me my bait to swim so i think if i focus on the big bai i will find the big fish and then this is such a cool place dude it keeps surprising me the first day it was very slow the second day was very good today i think we're going to open it up into these big baits.
Alright, here comes the fun part. I have no idea how deep this is. Why not. brush you crash instantly maybe wait this is bad hey y'all carry the router just go down I think since we've come this far we probably should take it it would still be there but it's at least with god as one of the worst there's nowhere to carry it, take it there oh slow slow slow slow ok one ready one two three you will have to pick it up here wait you will have to pick it up go this way and enough no no how are we going to do this i mean let's put yours Right there, my life, oh, one at a time, so one time The person says they've got to hold on to something.
Nothing happens here. We're fine, yes, everything is safe for the most part. Oh I put the camera here in the big box and yes we have another one coming soon. family to The Devil's River, as opposed to a little weekend vacation, right? I don't know how much we went out, we went crazy. I don't know how much we went crazy, we just went over the scenery in case you didn't get any of that in the footage, but basically we were supposed to take that right path. it would look very sketchy but it's the best route because at least you can transport yourself here on these rocks we took the wrong route we took the skinny route and it was like going into some streams so I can imagine falling here yeah as well as basically fat white water and that's what we did the first lap no g o As planned he left Alex and he had no oars or oars sorry and just got shot down.
Luckily there's some kind of whirlpool right here so you can relax, so I was next. I almost get flipped over but ah he reacts like the rap is coming off you got like scrapes I don't even want to know what the bottom of this thing looks like we've really been putting our kayaks and our ability to test the demons this trip up the back of my throat will take you down the river done or I figured there was a gun somewhere I just didn't see it I wasn't even thinking if we were on their land Rory I like to hear them coming and then I thought to myself I went up to that rock and had a look and I was like this is going to get weird, so I try to go well with Perron t The interesting thing was to guess the owner of all this beautiful land.
It's crazy to think that all the devil people are like they own miles of land like an unfathomable crazy amount of shoreline to the devil and that was just one guy I thought actually because we left the bank to grab our kayaks and I thought that he was going to whistle and whistle at us and by whistle I mean shoot us in the nuts uh-huh but he was pretty cool which is why I said he would. he probably shot us in the nuts if he got us it's because he had a 12 gauge shotgun in his atv but i think we were good we were right on the gradient line or whatever so i think you're straight but you just never it's known i don't wanna take the chance pretty cool though good mate oh my gosh big bass big bass big bass giant bass jive-ass giant bass dry bass giant bass giant bass giant bass giant bass giant bass is still there ginormous bass bigger bass the trip right here he still followed him h He still struggled he's tough with it he still follows it he's still dropping it oh my god that's like a 10 pounder sent him that's him that's him he's back , he's back, that's him.
I've seen it come up this whole trip and I was inches away from eating my bluegill some bait right on this big rock Wow I'm kind of pissed but I'm also pretty impressed ok keep looking for big rocks I guess can we pulverize that? I'm sure we're going home damn yeah it's been a it's been a gamble oh my gosh giant look at him he dirty my frog and I think he's falling off. leaving this is amazing the first two there are two of two big this one is spinning this was spinning i could eat it oh my god they are together to like literally the same size those so crazy its like a spawning situation one was loading it i dont eat anything about this place that is really particular about this part its kind of sucks little oh wow i really didnt think you were around yet i haven't seen you harley on these tonight just a few in a swimbait come on - john the frog is a good one he sucked very good you're not going anywhere you weren't going anywhere little game you've been small and big cannonball that's pretty good oh yeah that's good that's good that's a good fish mate while they fight some more dodge wow it was it's hard Dropping the hook after seeing that eight pound fish in the midday session, but I think it was worth it.
The frog is coming back, wow, that's a good one. can you see that frog jeez i can breathe now i hold my breath until the fish in the boat then i was like oh bro gah he wasn't going anywhere alright another fucking buck Wow these fish are pretty holy moly it was fun catching them thick honestly i think half of this is even fat it's just muscle from fighting this current from the day they were just little fry well doc she says oh that was so cool that was so neat it was so fucking eat right at my feet well that was intense wish there was no line left doing just made it holy moly Wow dope this just kinda chubby Bowl actually going good we got to camp it was like nine miles of treacherous running rock and just dodged eNOS, butwe're here we're officially out of texas parks and wildlife so i have to make our own camp now so we find this nice little island to base camp tonight and we're going to sleep here and rest.
I'm organizing some things for tomorrow because my ship looks like a gong show, you know why it looks like a hunk show because you went through what is it? how does it work? I'm going to make up some kind of class a class Rapids class a being the worst no but seriously that was that was that wasn't a joke The devil put us to the test today you know I got me in this kayak obviously got all my fishing gear a little bit of camera equipment and then also all my clothes and then you have Alex, who has like probably, I mean, I don't want to, I don't know, make assumptions, probably like $9,000 with camera equipment that can't get wet, so it was a deadly little mission so before i sign off and while the food is cooking on the stove i want to go over some of the greatest hits from this journey so far we are on day number three we have a day tomorrow like noon we have to meet with the outfitter in the van period so we have to wrap it up when i talk to you guys about the lures you have produced the most and not a lot of you guys get bored of you guys know about lures and techniques but some of you appreciate it n want to know how to catch these fish that run in these rivers and just learn and take a piece of lures from today's video apply in your body of water so I'm going to break down my top four lures so far on The Devil's River and I'm going to share with you why I think they are sticking out right now, as the first one that was developed.
This whole pattern that being a little popping frog I start off throwing just a normal hi belly frog which works but then when I soon switch to the popping frog it stood out even more it has more spinning action it kicks , walk it's really like a very versatile lure for rivers like this it's amazing how a five pound fish could get so tight in an area in a little corner that you normally wouldn't think it would be a big fish and I was surprised today float another all they see these giant fi sh as hidden and hidden areas the only way to get them out is to get really close to shore casting a frog then we have the bait that is so far the reigning champion for the biggest angler that is this bull of the deep shooter i think which is a 160.
I might say it was a 190 in the video above, but it's a 160 slip bait. It's essentially a big slip bait. There are tarpon gizzards there are some tilapia but I don't think you'll see them until you go further downstream towards your mustache. good old whacks this bait goes crazy though it doesn't get a lot of bites but the bites it does get mister cousin let's talk about this lure this lure really made you crazy yesterday alex again you probably have to throw this out maybe just show the outline or do something that you know is essentially a swim bai t but more specifically it's our swim bait this is a great bait by type some bait this is a bait that will be released very soon we have a small to large size this it's the size small and i was casting it in a spent 1/4 ounces short of what is missing but what i might cast tomorrow is just the jig.
I have caught some good fish here in areas where I have fished. This worked. I could get this guy out of the bank and put him to work. tomorrow he's just had a lot of work this spring I've been picking up a lot of North Texas especially today so I thought it would be cool to get out of that and try something a little different but that's about it. I am closing. Thank you very much for watching the video. I hope you continue to enjoy the Devil's River


. Yes, tomorrow should be a good day. I am also looking forward to taking a shower because I smell so bad.
I've been showering in three days and it's been a long but amazing ride so again thank you guys for standing up and staying tuned and as always people keep cheering you on.

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