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FC Bayern München – SGS Essen Highlights | Frauen-Bundesliga, 8. Spieltag 2022/23 | sportstudio

May 03, 2023
Bayern receives Essen the table kicks against the penultimate and this is exactly the balance of power in the Bayern squad because the classic red women's from Munich on the trigger with two victories in a row recently so tailwind for Alexander Strauss's 11 and she raises the alarm here directly everywhere and how great here the first very small test for Winkler in goal the central defender's header but not placed enough is a first finger shows which way it is here in the place mainly inspired by American football should go to know at lunch because Bayern housing again with Ralf costs active on the right Maxi Rall in Robin one here from right to left was missing but a little one game remains for a goal Bayern with Simon with magule Bayern patiently handball around the danger zone in search of the gap Part of Bühl Lohmann slows down a bit Bühl again and Schüller walks away but still in a good mood in the low temperatures in the stands Bayern are slowly warming up next action Vigos here with space has past and it stays great there it is finally at 1-0 for them Bayern Lina hits the captains well with her number 2 goal of the season, she was too quick for the Essen class, let Schüller rebound and then Sterner leaves too sloppy on tour and still trying to get closer but it was great to do anything with the advantage and the hostesses want it of course continue to expand Lohmann Schiller to the first Kuma guy in Forsten and then it's there but referee Caroline Wacker recognizes the offside right away, let's look again in an offside position because it's not really visible and otherwise not criminal at all, so it smacks more of a wrong decision luck for Essen and for Markus Höckner again shortly before the halftime with a good free kick that Wagner always has the foot to put one in the goal, but recognizes from the beginning that it no longer fits completely, so it goes 1-0 in the warm cabin.
fc bayern m nchen sgs essen highlights frauen bundesliga 8 spieltag 2022 23 sportstudio
Take a deep breath. Warm up in the cold grandstand. On the other hand, you must continue to actively fight. temperatures not a single shot on goal from Essen in round 1 that should change in the second minutes the debits turn around with a long idea Meier with a lot of space Maja no problem for the greats in the area but at least the first time his Gloves are allowed to use Essen then changes three times, among other things, the base came into the game and immediately makes you alarm Antonia Bars not to separate the bars of the ball, let's call it the next bite that Essen replaces, not necessarily yet but and sometimes more than everything that came in the first round, the block of Bayern fans continues to improve the mood, but maybe the mood is now clouded by this free kick from the midfielder no, there is not too much danger for the


kasten here, this game is undecided, but Bayern are looking for the decision as a substitute with plenty of room for Lohmann Sydney Lohmann, Bayern's best chance in the second round, but he was parried very well by Winkler, who keeps alive the weak hope of something countable for the SGS with 10 minutes to go. next red wave on the cats Simon and hardly any jokers there actually have to take more advantage Emily will eat the final minutes still has air in front but they are no longer so compact and consequently offer rheumatism to Bayern and use the now finally 90 minutes Franziska Kett puts the lid on him big stars it seems that even at 1:0 it is not good he escapes then the substitute Dallmann has a lot of space and the eye for the Cat who has also changed one can choose the corner and cannot take all from Franziska Cat who turned 18 last month concerned here's the bottom line because that's all FC Bayern wins 2-0 safe a deserved win the third in a row for the Munich women if you don't want to miss more soccer


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fc bayern m nchen sgs essen highlights frauen bundesliga 8 spieltag 2022 23 sportstudio

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