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Fauci's Emails PROVE He Lied? | Andrew Schulz & Akaash Singh

Jun 10, 2021
I named this guy I would trump wouldn't it be he's been in it he's been in uh I thought you said his 2017 so it was a win oh and that? He came back when Trump was in power, but he's been working for the government for the last 30 years or something, I think Jimmy Carter, yeah, he was showing up during the AIDS epidemic. Okay, when he turned the investigation, the epidemics could still recede. he as if he were the architect who was in his Spanish blue probably his son jasmine is there to start pandemics that's his job that's his job maybe it's dana ebola sars mers that was down for all of them also AIDS AIDS that's when he really started making his name maybe he's trying to help us though maybe he's trying to help us or maybe he's the guy up there exactly right he's trying to get rid of him he's trying to get him oh he's trying to call the brother , he's thanos the pack oh my god


is thanos man wow he comes with gain of function wow snap wow anyway it's an interesting moment to see this happen because he was like that.un hero and people are about to turn the tables on him so fast, so what do you think is going on?
fauci s emails prove he lied andrew schulz akaash singh
They lock him up. No, no, these guys never get locked up. Yes, because locking him up would mean personal responsibility for the United States. Yes, yes, of course, it's strange. thing like we were tied up and the people above him that allowed this to happen because if one of us does something horrendous that's still with you yeah you know what I mean so it's like in your room just to be like okay man let me take care of keeping the silence let me take care of this also


s all the right wing guys right you know what i mean like y'all love this trumps rand paul ted cruz , as if, they did. all vindicated because the whole time they were like this, this guy found out that she didn't know what he was talking about, they were talking crazy before they even knew anything, they were like him forever, but I get it, I get it because the guy was making decisions that really They weren't based on anything he was doing what I thought was best what I thought he was doing what he thought was best uh decision for the moment making the best decisions for the moment yeah right that's what he does every governor. in power they did the right thing, some were too cautious and then others maybe weren't cautious enough, right, right, like if some people criticized desantis for that in Florida, they would say, oh man, you should have had more people with dough , you should have done it, maybe you. could have saved even more lives, right, and then people criticized Cuomo for the opposite reason: you allowed people to go broke, you allowed people to get back into people's lives, they might be alive but they don't have a livelihood 100 Yeah, 100, so I always assumed the best with the voucher, I thought he was safe because that's his job is security, yeah, his job isn't supposed to be, hey, go out and improvise, that's not what As scientists do, you go to the dentist and he tells you to brush your teeth three times. one day and flossing that always bothered me I didn't always read it a few months ago it's like a summary of a New York Times article I read it in full obviously it's me, but they said something like they knew from the beginning that the masks helped and they did it I remember They said dough don't do anything and I believed it but I thought math should help yeah and they said that because they wanted to save masks for frontline workers so they just told all of us dough don't do anything nothing instead of saying The real reason is: hey, if you had told us you were saving it for frontline workers, we would have bought all that shit.
fauci s emails prove he lied andrew schulz akaash singh

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fauci s emails prove he lied andrew schulz akaash singh...

There's a massive toilet paper run again, but you have to at least acknowledge that you're not them. you set the precedent of lying, yes, you said the president lies, so why should we believe you once you lie, once we can't believe you anymore? We will always be skeptical and give it to people who want to buy the narrative. that this is all a hoax, etc., you gave them the ammunition, yes, whether I agree with them or not, I cannot disagree with the fact that you gave them the ammunition by lying.
fauci s emails prove he lied andrew schulz akaash singh

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