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Father and Son | Kurama's Power 🔥 The Day Naruto Was Born (380 Reaction Mashup) [ナルト 疾風

May 30, 2022
The day Naruto was


. Minato... You wanted the brat to correct your mistakes, right? So he had to cooperate with her. Kyuubi... So don't come to me with regret now. Kushina's death was not your fault. It's your brat trying to change the world right now. He's not that baby anymore. And tomorrow will be...Naruto... It was just as I thought! How is it possible that the Juubi's Jinchuriki has such a weak point. So as soon as the Juubi comes in, I can't help anything anymore? This hermit thing works! The


of the hermit? The toad attacks are called Senjutsu and use the energy of nature.
father and son kurama s power the day naruto was born 380 reaction mashup
Thinking about it, I felt the same energy when I felt the


of the Juubi. I'm glad I learned Senjutsu! Now I am going to use the Kawazu Kumite! She hit him, but he recovered and is now protecting his back. If we carelessly jump on his back, he will destroy us. I need to prepare the tsukuyomi, so I'll start cleaning. Nothing deserves to continue in this reality. This world is already dead Look... It's terrible! what do we do? Think! With the Hiraishin, I was only able to take one. The Fourth Hokage and I could handle two, but more than two is impossible.
father and son kurama s power the day naruto was born 380 reaction mashup

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father and son kurama s power the day naruto was born 380 reaction mashup...

Madara! You couldn't wait. What your partner is about to commit is...! We are revived! I don't mind! Let's go! Friends, don't give up! I'm with you! And my clones too! I do not allow it! Chariot of six red suns. A barrier! Hey! Is it possible that we...? He locked us in the barrier so we couldn't distract the Bijuudamas? This is the end of the war. In this situation there is nothing left but to get them out of the barrier with Hiraishin. Fourth Hokage, can you handle two? Since I can't choose, I could only choose one. And there is only one way.
father and son kurama s power the day naruto was born 380 reaction mashup
We could... Are you thinking of taking everything with you? Do you think you can do it? You can't save anyone. I don't know if it will work, but I thought of something. Shall we punch? Hello other half, how are you? Can I borrow some of your chakra? Minato can't do anything. He couldn't protect your mother... Do you know what day tomorrow is? The anniversary of the death of Minato and Kushina. The day your parents died! If you die... it will be the end of the world. So tomorrow is my birthday. It's okay... It won't be the end.
father and son kurama s power the day naruto was born 380 reaction mashup
I am in this world! Our Naruto...has become very strong,...Kushina. Lets go dad! Yeah! As he thought, your chakra saved us! They are


and son. He locked us in the barrier to destroy us! What are we going to do?! The Hokage's barrier wouldn't let the Bijuudama pass... Damn it! I can't think of anything, man! What is your plan Naruto? For now... let me focus. I will explain what happened to me with Kurama. You tell me if it can work or not. Ok tell me right now! Did you meet him Kushina? How big is it? sorry


how many hardships did you go through to get here?
The only difficulty is upon us now, papa. This is from Naruto! He hadn't left? I felt it when I healed her, but... She's stronger than before and bigger. Did you notice that, Hatt-san? Loa Kyuubi of light and darkness are together. But it's not just the Kyuubi. Will this chakra be able to protect us from this Naruto attack? Use the snake summon. I pretend. You and Naruto, come with me. I haven't given you my chakra yet, have I? Come give them to them. There is no time! Fast! I have already transferred chakra to all the ninjas. He has an amount of chakra comparable to me!
No! Disappear. As? What happened? The chakra has once again protected us. No! Take a good look around Choji, check this out! outside the barrier was the Shunshin no Jutsu. Happy


. Can you do something like that? We were teleported with the Fourth Hokage's Hiraishin! Fourth... You have saved all the ninjas for the second time. What did you do? Dad got everyone off the barrier. Anyone with that jutsu? I had already given my chakra and


s to everyone. So my dad would touch everyone with the chakra indi... huh... indirectly. It's! indirectly connected Although the chakra is shared, a small portion remains in each clone.
So when the main body tries to control this chakra through this connection, it creates a resonance in all the clones. Naruto made his chakra connect with the Fourth Hokage's. that he connected him to all the allies he was connected to through chakra. Isn't that right, Naruto? You know a lot about my shadow cloning technique, old second. I created this jutsu! It's my shadow cloning technique! Shall we punch? The four of them? How could he have been brought up to treat us equally? I wish I could have talked to you a little more. Erre men don't need to talk!
I already know it all! And now... I have found Mom's chakra. Don't be a picky eater, eat everything and grow tall, take a nice hot bath every day. Also, don't stay up late and get plenty of sleep. You don't have to be many friends. If they are friends, you can really trust them. Mom didn't like it, but she studies hard and she also works hard at ninjutsu. At the academy, she listens to what the teachers and supervisors tell you. Something more important! About the three shinobi mottos. Be careful when lending or borrowing money. But in this world there are only men and women.
Women would definitely be interested. Don't fall in love with a bad woman. find someone like mom Take care of Jiraiya Sensei. There's so much more, so much more... There's really so much more that I want to show you. Loving You. I'm sorry Minato. I was just talking never mind Whatever you want to say to me will be the same as my argumentative mother, right? Then I already know!

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