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Fatboy Slim @ British Airways i360 in Brighton, United Kingdom for Cercle

Jun 25, 2023
or less the need for button technology we bought it we loved it we lived it we paid less for it we got more and we did it and we abstracted it 1985 minus one ok, that's today plus what 2002 minus 84 equals 1984 1 plus 9 plus 8 plus 4 is the same as today, which is just only just only just only just only just only just only just only just only just only just only just only just only just only just only just only I'm losing losing it I'm so pretty I know they're going to find you like I'm losing then It's um I'm a foreigner uh oh my so oh wow uh so I want to know if there are any sinners out there now do you want to be? a sinner or a winner i think i see some losers out there yes, right there you are losing and young lady, you have lost, let's try something, everyone get down, everyone get on your knees or just get on the dance floor somehow, please, everyone come closer. down okay, repeat after me I'm not a sinner I'm not a sinner because I'm a winner so just like that sit down, stand up, do it, pass out, wake up, fade away, fade away, closed, faded away, we're moving, uh my um um uh oh so up uh uh thank you hi hi me wow wow hi, I know, yeah, the party just started and the dance floor is packed, the kids are living and the music is still giving this kind of beat that It makes us want to move, can you feel it? so the kids are living you feel it and the music keeps giving the kids are living can you feel it and the music keeps giving I said can you feel it hey the party just started and the dance floor is full the kids?
fatboy slim british airways i360 in brighton united kingdom for cercle
We are living and the music keeps giving this kind of rhythm it makes us want to move can you feel it? can you feel it? I said can you feel it? do oh foreigner so so so so then I'm going home I'm going home I'm going home now um foreigner oh I'm going home so I'm going I'm going I'm home home foreigner ah I so so ah ready so so so so oh bye do me my bye oh me oh foreigner uh oh okay that boy is nothing but trouble do you do it uh there's no board to drop oh so then bye hmm me oh so I so so so so so you're getting it this is what I feel for you only I can I can't describe it oh no no it's finally happened to me right in front of my face my feelings can't describe it it's finally happened to me right in front of my face and I just can't hide it I just want to thank you very grateful for letting you know I thank you I thank you you are so wonderful all foreigner you are you are everything I want to say yes everything nobody nobody I want to say I want to say it 50,000 watts of funking do do watson then 50,000 Watts of foreign funk thanks to the legend fought by Slim and the music no It's over because Robin Ball is taking the decks please make some noise for him wow this is live television friends oh no man thank you so much for tonight how are you feeling?
fatboy slim british airways i360 in brighton united kingdom for cercle

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fatboy slim british airways i360 in brighton united kingdom for cercle...

I feel good, yes, yes, it worked, it worked, we did it, stop doing this now about the weather and whether we were going to fall out of the sky or not, yes or no, yes, there are so many things that could go wrong and everything did go wrong . Very talk, we did it. Why was it so important to you? I've been trying to play this structure for about three years. They invited me to see how it was being built and they promised me that I could have the opening party and then I couldn't. ready on time and then they weren't sure if we could dance on it, so for two years we've been talking, nothing happened and then you lovely people managed to improvise so I could do it, so yeah, I've been there for three years. waiting to do this and such a beautiful place it's really beautiful the sun the sunset came out for us yes yes it was really beautiful I mean this this is something like the Eiffel tower in Brighton so this is like something like that uh It's our new kind of the most beautiful eccentric thing and I wanted to be part of it.
fatboy slim british airways i360 in brighton united kingdom for cercle
I feel like it will now be in my blood forever. Yes, and you honored this place, I suppose. And did you prepare differently than the other concerts tonight? Yeah, I mean, obviously. I've never played in a structure like this so you don't know what songs will work and I don't normally play during the day and then there were some copyright issues. I couldn't play many of the tracks I wanted to play. so it was kind of a very strange roundabout, but it works, it's like uh, yeah, I think when we stopped for everyone to go to the bathroom, yeah, it closed a little bit in my way, yeah, we got it back along the end, like that that there are a lot of people asking a lot of questions and of course I won't be able to ask Norman all the questions tonight, but a question from Victor, please ask the fat skinny when he will produce another one. album oh no, don't hold your breath, don't hold your breath, sorry, sorry, I've had too much fun DJing to go to the studio right now, yeah, okay, a frago question, where's the coolest place crazy where do you mix? since I think it's probably up there and some igloos are played in the mountains, yeah, snow bombing, there's one igloo that's quite a bit, it's like just the covers are frozen in ice, okay, I see, yeah, it's a bit crazy, um, other questions, oh yeah, this.
fatboy slim british airways i360 in brighton united kingdom for cercle
It's not a question but Scott says they need to ban camera phones and I saw it on your computer enjoy no don't put your phones on what do you think? Well, they're like, so I broke it in the end because I took. a little movie there are certain things, I guess you want to record the event but it's the people who don't really have fun because they are too busy filming, yes I think you allow for a type of memory but the rest of the time I think so. You know, let's enjoy the moment together. Do you think we should ban phones?
No, I really don't know. I just encourage people to live in the moment instead of trying to convey it all the time, of course, of course, of course. Well, you already said what you think of this place, I guess it's pretty good, huh, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah, the most frequently asked question tonight was: is the fat guy having another beach party? Well, no, this is one of the problems with me playing. This everyone thinks he was going to have a party on the beach. I think you know what I think. Maybe they'll let me do it once if I promise to back out afterward.
Maybe it's just my farewell concert. I think Brighton could allow it. me, but other than that, no, I can't see it, I don't know, it's just that I would love to, but it's too hard, yes, I have too much history, yes, but do you still have great memories of this? absolutely hello ladies uh yes absolutely because I mean the big I mean the big beach party the stage was literally there and we were looking out over the entire beach that we managed to fill with people so yeah no I mean , there are so many memories in this city I have lived here for 35 years and I have done many stupid but very beautiful things here, I can imagine it and I have a question from James, what would you say to the new DJs? who are starting out now chase your dream it's the best job in the world but remember to always look up and interact with the crowd it's about the crowd it's not about you and it's not about your mixing skills okay okay cool , I'm just looking to see if there's uh well, we'll end this interview with a non-music related question what's your favorite cuisine my favorite cuisine uh Japanese yes, I'm actually a co-owner of a Japanese restaurant yes, I love Japanese, with French secondly yes, French, of course, of course, thank you very much, thank you very much, thank you very much to the circle and to everyone for allowing my dream to come true.
Welcome to our beautiful city and I hope it treats you well. Thank you very much, we really love you. this city and there is a small gift for you the mystery box uh with many memories um for you yes and and I think tomorrow is your birthday it's true it is yes yes okay then um let's celebrate it let's celebrate tonight thank you very much, thank you very much, okay, I I'm sorry, it's from some store here. I was supposed to say the name of the store but I don't know who it is but thank you so much to them and I'm sure it is. really good, thank you very much and we will be performing at the after party and thank you to all our partners, there are many and they will be on the screen right now.
Thank you very much guys, thank you Fightboy Slim and it's. very fun thanks guys oh yeah it's the last one it's the last live broadcast of the season we're going on vacation in August so I think it's best for the last one and see you in September guys goodbye and thanks to Thanks to the team British Airwaves e360, they are really doing a great job. Lena, thank you very much for trusting us and the Fightboy team, so thank you very much. Lena, oh, thank you very much. Bye guys, thanks.

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