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Fans react to NASCAR crash on last lap of Daytona 500

Feb 18, 2020
-Oh my God! Who won? Oh my God. Oh Lord. Oh Lord. -Not good. -Holy -Oh my God. -The cabin! The cabin is open! -Oh Lord. -Oh my God! -Is he okay? -They have to get to him now. -Come to him! Oh, the gear oil is leaking! Get him out of the car! -...backwards right now at the entrance to pit road. The checkered flag and the caution flags... -Denny is listening to a quick phone call here. He is undoubtedly a happy man. I see his mom, Mary Lou, is here. She is celebrating. Her daughter Taylor is here. -Wow. -Jordan is here. -Look at that car. -The family is here with Denny Hamlin.
fans react to nascar crash on last lap of daytona 500

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