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Falling In Reverse (Ronnie Radke) Interview with Rock Forever Magazine

Jun 09, 2021
Hey guys, I'm Tori from Rock Forever


and I'm here right now with Ronnie from Falling in Reverse, how's everything going? Well, yeah, here in Orlando, yeah, we're in Orlando, we're playing with Atila, we're on tour right now. We are a quarter of the way there. This is not what I expected. It's a lot more fun than I expected. Actually, we're having a great time. Speaking of this tour, it's a pretty interesting lineup. You have Atila Metro. season and assuming we survive, it is diverse to say the least, how did this come about? I think a lot of people are asking questions because you know I have a bad reputation and Franz has a bad reputation in some people's eyes. you know, and Trace Cyrus and the first band too, assuming they're really nice guys we just brought them in, you know, but I felt like we should call it the supervillain tour to bring it back in.
falling in reverse ronnie radke interview with rock forever magazine
People's faces and you learn that it's everyone, everyone is so nice, it's so fun, I got so used to it, but you say, oh what a surprise, you're not like everyone thinks you are, you know everyone is so sweet and respectful . I know I can definitely vouch for everyone on this tour, all the amazing and skiddy people, are you having a good time too? So let's talk a little bit about music here, like you, it's the album that's out now and this one reminds a lot more of the dope in me like you, the style at least while the late fashion was very experimental, especially with the element area from rap turned into Eminem for a second, which I didn't mind, by the way, favorite friend, I love that guy, yeah, I love everything modern.
falling in reverse ronnie radke interview with rock forever magazine

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falling in reverse ronnie radke interview with rock forever magazine...

Jump but you know he's the best in the game mm-hmm yeah so what made you want to go back to your roots with this album instead of being trendy late? I just like to piss people off, I feel like they're going to do that. get angry no matter what, I have this overwhelming feeling or a feeling of overcompensating and I try to like perfectionists and stuff, so if someone thinks I can't prove them wrong, I like to prove them wrong or something, but um, I just wanted to make the best


record and then with a fraction of some hip-hop elements in there, but it's nice to go away for a while and come back, so you can go away again.
falling in reverse ronnie radke interview with rock forever magazine
I feel like people never will. Look forward to what we're going to do next and when they do it you won't be as surprised as when we put out the second record, you know, but I feel like that record as a whole is like the perfect moment. I know I'd like to release it at that time and it's like a modern version of our old stuff mm-hmm and like we say here, you guys aren't really limited to just one genre that you've experimented with pop and hip-hop and rap , etc. metal, so what have you been listening to lately?
falling in reverse ronnie radke interview with rock forever magazine
What is it on your iPod that inspires you? I listen to a lot about Eminem, as we just mentioned. I can't say because he's giving away our next album. Oh yeah. I mean I say you can if you really want, even I just said that too, so that makes even you know, yeah I don't want to, we're just digging a hole, here's what I said, yeah, it's not what what people do. They're going to expect nothing, not even anyone is going to expect it, well, so let's rephrase it here, what were you listening to while we were recording, like you, that inspired you?
So, like you, I've always heard that. but like I've always done, I don't hear anything on John and John Rose that we play like I haven't heard anything like that in years and ever since I started, you know, I used to. Listen like the Trey that you and I love, betray you and the use and I like the older stuff and getting Sonny back and all that stuff, but as time went on, anything new that comes along, if it's not for my visit , if not exceptional. It seems unbelievable to me, so I'm not going to listen and I don't want to be like that kind of person, I'm just sick of hearing the same thing regurgitated, that's what it sounds like, it's like everything sounds. exactly the same thing, so I'll just listen to rap and then there's the other music that I'm listening to, which I can't tell you about because then you'll start to understand the direction where we're going, so, yeah, And then the thing is that your band It's always evolved, it's always grown and a lot has happened since you dropped the drug on me in 2011, so when you look back on that album now, how has your perspective changed since you first released it?
My voice has improved like you can't buy it. Everyone does that. I look back at his old stuff and think like I did, why did I do that? or like you know it's because it's the same with everyone, but you feel like we're just progressing and musically we've gotten a lot better and I feel like I've gotten a lot better at writing songs, yeah, in general, you know, but that's always going to be a staple of this band. and it's crazy to me because I did a record with my old band it's like a staple of that band so it's crazy yeah it's actually a trip that I'm thinking about right now.
It's crazy, yeah, amazing, it's great and even lyrically I feel like as a person you've grown. A lot of your mentality has changed, so when you listen to Druggin's lyrics again you say, yeah, angry little miss, yeah, I was in prison, I was in prison for so long and I got all my so-called friends, they just talk trash and singing my songs on stage I don't even care about that anymore, you know, but I'm really angry, you know, but that helped, it helped, I guess, but I have you here now. I'm not so angry anymore. Well, I'm finally writing. like love songs and stuff, it's a little weird, I like it, although this side of Ronnie I think is a new side and another thing also is that you have always been very frank and unapologetic, especially on social media, which It's something that stands out because I think a lot of artists in this scene these days avoid addressing any negativity directly, so what's the driving force for you that makes you want to face it head-on?
You say it in a nice way. everyone rephrase what you wanted to say my way, you can say that everyone who is afraid to like you is trying to get along with everyone even though you are not going to be genuine with those people or not, but behind closed doors. They will say what they feel. I feel like I don't like social media anymore. I will say things that you already know and that we all have our problems. I react, I react negatively, you know, sometimes, but people will just go. I'm so obsessed, Oates, they go online and they send me death threats in the mail or they tell me they're coming to my house and they like it, but they say, by the way, at the end.
PS: I saw you on Soundwave Your bands are the best I saw all day, but I still want to kill you like you know, but I don't know, I can't help it. I guess that's how I was raised. You know, I'd rather have a face to face. -Person with a face, I like how I was raised. I wasn't raised in the internet world, you know, but that's why I get under my skin, I used to get under my skin, now it's funny when I look at it now, okay. I'll respond and it'll be fun but you know I'm just the face to face type of person that you know got you there and you guys have had great success throughout your career which has brought you a lot of really die hard fans but there's also some people who don't fully understand Falled Universe, don't know what it's about, so what do you think is the biggest misconception about the band that you'd like to clear up that you haven't addressed yet? everything you hear is true just to clear that up, oh there we have it, that's what they do on the internet, yes that's all of you, you know exactly what you're talking about.
Don't know. we just uh I don't really want to say anything I want people to keep thinking you know yeah I've heard that interesting yeah I want them in the stories I see or we'll die laughing we'll read some of the things we're like you almost have to be kidding, aw, like a tweet, something like tattooing you on the side of my head, wishing me luck and then some will be like, where do you get that from?, like I tattooed the side of my head. tattooed where I don't know, never mind that kind of stuff, so I think we'll keep them guessing that everything on the Internet is true until further notice, here we go and your fans really have their own reception of you based on how you portray yourself on online on social media in your music and in front of the general public, but we don't really get to know you at all outside of that, so what's your life like in the downtime when you're away? on the road uh I'm in the studio all day every day yeah I just don't have time to do anything else.
I'll see my daughter and walk my dog ​​or feed her, but other than that. I'll be in the studio and just write songs. I try to do the best I can writing music mm-hmm, that's why this new material sounds amazing, yeah, my label said it's the best material we've ever had. ever written that's amazing so now I have high expectations so you better not disappoint me with that it was amazing perfect and apart from this tour you continue right now what's coming after this fans can look forward to it, yes we are. to do a Trey, a trey is jumping on this tour, in fact it's a whole new tour, we just won't stop.
I try, they're the nicest guys in the world and they're the only band I've ever played with. It was okay, I needed to be alert because they are really a good life. I'm not saying all these bands are terrible live or anything, it's just that maybe they have my heart or something because I used to listen to it. in the day, um, but they're really a good life, let me go up and sing a song with them in Australia and I thought I felt like I was 16 again, oh, it's amazing, it's really cool that you're coming to earth and Then it all comes to a close, great, thank you so much for hanging out, it's been amazing and everyone watching, make sure you grab a copy of their album, just like you subscribe for more


s and see you later, bye guys, see you later.

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