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Mar 25, 2024
You don't see much of yourself eh because he's not going to come to his house but in reality I really want to do something with meat that's what there is in a relationship now because they're going to burn me be careful boy if siphanois responds only at the top Frigiel is left out and he told me that's where he enters the base, he's in the process of filling his base underneath, so uh, Snickers, you can, but stay at Snick's, they're going to come get me there if both of you. They're on me, it won't be bad, don't worry and you're not dead, no, no, I'm not dead, man, I'm the only one in front of his house, man, it's amazing what's going on, oh no, he wants to blow me up expensive. and that's good man they are no longer in their big base they are going to chase me all over the map man forget it you are calm there is no one left there is no one in the red base ok I am calm well come back wait no, no, wait, I hit there, no You're going to hear it, but they're not going to hear it, that's for sure, come on, they're all over me, I'm attracting them, okay, I'm attracting them, I attract them a lot. very heavy guy with incredible health, on the other hand, Magic offers me an alliance and there I hit all my TNT, I couldn't find his room, he tried to beat me, you hit, can I get out, can I get out, can you do it? sure, but.
fallen kingdoms vs 4 youtubers ft fuzeiii
In fact, I think I'm going to get stuck in the base, in fact, but you farted the whole time. I couldn't find his room, so where are you? There it is, where are your coordinates? 218 34 okay, I'm just going to get there. boy, move more, well we have to get back to our base because in my opinion, they're not going to be happy there, that's for sure, on the other hand, so it was well done that they're both on top of me while you are on me . sitting apparently we are going to get the five TNT, so we try with relations or not, yes, we can try from the other base, eh, I spent a calculable number of times half a heart here, come on, then we will have to go back up to get something.
fallen kingdoms vs 4 youtubers ft fuzeiii

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fallen kingdoms vs 4 youtubers ft fuzeiii...

TNT and more for TNT or not or I'll still leave something, I'll take all the TNT uh we separate it between the two of us so if we have one that dies it's not in the end let's go like this We'll see we're not going to see Frigiel and ninjax to leave a whistle Magic uh anyway they're not there so there I have the base it's there I would have put it a little higher you see anyway because there to go back friend well luck actually I was sick you are seriously ill when you manage to put it inside I turn it on right next to it I think Look no, it's better yes, that's exactly it, he doesn't think about adding water, okay, we can move on there. go c 'Okay, we're back man, we're back, well done, where's the base?, he put me on the witness, the bastard, well done, big guy, he put me on the witness, I think it's Stuff at home stupid like that, well, it seems like there's nothing at all, so I'm at their base, there are crepeurs everywhere, man, really, wait, I think we're completely blocked, man, there, you, it's boring, like that That means that.
fallen kingdoms vs 4 youtubers ft fuzeiii
If it gets there that means there is a way to go up somewhere else here ah well there so look there I have the big one I'm going to die you have to quickly recover the bed was what but we blocked the bed man yes, club SMIC, played well big , played very well, yes, you have to manage to survive and it doesn't all have to be collecting things, you manage to camp on things, oh, I killed him, well, come on, you have to stay, yes, the double death, that's it. now you have to stay there you have to compose your life you have to compose your party you are there in a loop you can have a lot of fun with all the things in the worst case ah ah so close ah played well Frigiel eh well played eh TNT I still have potions, right, yeah, go ahead, go ahead, you have everything in your face for us, friend, don't worry, the time will come to change the situation.
fallen kingdoms vs 4 youtubers ft fuzeiii
We have to move now, we have to move here. You have blocks. I have 52 blocks. candy, how long did it take you to come back 3 and suddenly the sand didn't piss you off ah, but not because you stayed behind, yeah, actually, well, it's just a coincidence, man, okay, so it's good, it's good, come on , how much TNT magic do you have? you just have to not die, in fact it is better maybe to be discreet to wait for him to go to your base because your base, your vault room is boring to find, they will end up finding you, you see, yes, but we can also put TNT, see .
In real life I was happy with our base with them they are there ninja, no, I don't think they saw us, be careful when leaving for the assault, don't move, no, they didn't see huge, you are too strong. ah well, you're right, they're back, so in fact, their entire base is half an hour, that's five cents, ah, no one else, come on, how do we order there? So let's go underneath. pass from below okay, it is feasible below, you are sure, but we will see the amount of TNT, otherwise we will rush to them, but we will arrive quickly, they have, they are covered, no, no, it is not necessary. use magic everything is covered in slabs in fact they saw be careful explode it's that man but what the hell what is this damage wait I'm coming I'm coming I'm 51 I have to put them on top I'm not paying attention in real life, what am I doing, I'm holding the suit, we're going back there, so you can put a little bit of this normally, but there in the structure, that's it. , that's good, no, it's okay, I understood it instantly, in fact, I have guys Whitney, no, but there's no point in leaving it, it's going to fall, it's when you turn it on here in real life, it's one that's not bad, he's a boy.
It's not bad in there oh yes, it's not bad at all, go ahead, go ahead, go, that's good, saber guy, ah, but how are we going to get the diaper in there as high as possible? It falls off, otherwise it's boring, then it's super boring, wait if I put it on. put it down, you turn it on and then you see what you mean by that, if we can go up, we have to go directly there in real life again, no, I'm 'attack, he attacks me, Frigiel, yeah, okay, run, I just save, move on, it's ruined.
I am the worst, the worst place in the world and all of that would perhaps be taking what you had in your coffers but nothing without there they are going to attack us good ninja what else the good thing is that in any case you have recovered in yourself it doesn't matter we have a little power play there if you want Magic there what we have left ah they are there they are there they are there ah well ok wait I have to sleep in my spa so which side are they where is the sand on the good side actually what is it 'let's do it we rush to the pile like in reality that's all we have left don't wait wait wait we let them arrive one by one be careful especially because I'm putting a moment mouth in mouth come on you can have it Mr.
Fuse come on come on ok Well we can let's go ah ninja who knows I think it's the last thing seeing how he loved everything wow TNT here here I am Fano I prepared a brick just in case shit, okay, well, I'm going to leave it, I'm going to leave it, okay, I left it, I left it anyway, we can go, it's okay, I'm back, on the other hand. yes I took it I took it expensive I'm going back I have €5 let's go in jacks it's good there behind you for you who I don't need to kill me not whoever sucks me come on I have 5 o'clock I have 5 o'clock you are a niche behind me protect me protect me protect me you leave them ahead it's only you what are the loops?
Well, I don't have for vegetarians it's usually good, we managed to get back, it was hot. I have more TNT, in fact, that's why yes, anyway, someone has to stay on top to kill them in a loop. I have two cards, I have two cards, I have two cards in real life, you see, I have a stage where I have things and that's just how they are Frigiels focuses on me because he knows what you see he knows he understood I'm looking for the base keep going anyway we don't need to be three down ah makes you go up there show how I stay ah shit I fell I'm far away I'm very far I'm going to jump with you I tell you I jumped with you I have two and a half hearts okay okay okay okay there we have to go back now oh it's hot his mother and we have to because there we have to get their shitty belongings back there but they have it mentally in fact there I'm going to die I'm going to die behind the boys I'm going to stop not going through the uniqueness in a loop and all that's there is the internet, even they still absolutely prevent the two of them from leaving their base, okay, we'll fight slowly, but I'll be back, we can't, we can't move on, I'm here.
I'm with you, you're done, I'm here, if you give me something, we'll be right back, I'm here, I see you, I'm there, magic right there, see below. to you, where are you? I have my stop for you, we will never make it big, we need creepers loaded, we have to wait for the night, we have to describe how to load it, we can't do anything. anyway, we can't do anything else, we have more TNT, equality really has to be done protection, in fact, equality is too much, it's a pity equality, you want us to sing with them like this, we fix the ending with them. because there and you're crazy with your pelvis I can't take it anymore uh he's looking for the room he actually found a cave there but what is it he found something there but how can he take care of it guys he doesn't give instructions on how to get me killed oh the safe room did you find what you are, yes, that's right, he found it, you have to go in there, you don't even need to summon our water, in fact, but it's rotten, so those are the chests, they're off. the map also I don't believe it too much, in fact, ah yes, we found it, in fact, and how, I don't know, man, I dug, I found a tunnel, I came out, we can dig there, let's not look back, we can dig in fact . are really the limit of the challenge, it's good that we lost and well, there you have it and well, here's the probability to the height of the only path that leads to the room, you also had to pay attention to your path, to the height to the that you came out correctly.
At the level of the tunnel that leads to the room he really has a stroke of luck there because he is playing football, no, but it is as if he wanted the live to end and I admit that I also have things to do at midnight so I think it could last a long time and here we finally win this Fallen Kingdoms with fuse I hope you liked this little step back in time I'm counting on you to like the video completely at 30,000 is organizing a new FK in 2022 with the same people a little comment also to give me Your opinion would be good and subscribe to the channel as well as on Twitch live every day so don't hesitate to send kisses to everyone

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