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Fab Friday Episode #37 - Linderella Trunk Show - Friday, April 16, 2021

Jun 10, 2021
Happy Friday everyone, it's great to see you all. We've been free for two weeks. I'm Linda and this is Carl and we are color work designs brought to you from the beautiful Palm Desert of California. I see everyone is signing in as usual, but. I guess what today is is yes, yes, it's a fabulous Friday, it's great to be back with you. We've been free for two weeks. We have been busy teaching all over the country virtually of course and also getting some things ready in the design studio, you can see behind me the track for our new quilt which is modbox starting May 4th today is the


number 37, go ahead and hit the share button right below or above me, share us with friends, family groups, anyone we like to grow. our color working group here let's see who registers from where carl I see that we have a lot of people suzanne good morning and I see that we have nancy registering and hello pat from north carolina and anna from georgia you are very kind to comment on everything the time and say hello is great hello my good friend nudra I missed you so much uh but you're in washington I think visiting my grandchildren are marion texas and mary good morning and julie our good friend from oceanside suzanne from georgia I don't want I miss someone, Becky, look, we've been too far apart for too long.
fab friday episode 37   linderella trunk show   friday april 16 2021
Sandra has a beautiful spring. What a beautiful spring. You know, it's been really nice here and I see Teddy just arrived. Everyone should go see the block clock Teddy made. on his Instagram page, Teddy Pettis Patterson, if I can say he made a beautiful, we also posted it on our Instagram page, so it was very nice of Teddy to make a block clock and it came out wonderful, and that was from the


number 32 of our fabulous Friday, it's a tutorial that Carl did a couple of weeks ago on how to take orphan blocks and basically make a block clock out of them, so yeah, we've been away from home for two weeks and now it's a glorious spring day here in Palm Desert.
fab friday episode 37   linderella trunk show   friday april 16 2021

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fab friday episode 37 linderella trunk show friday april 16 2021...

We finally got rid of our turbulent wind, although we cleaned the backyard over the weekend and now it's dusty, dirty and sandy again, so guess what we're doing this weekend, but let's check with the cactus cam if there's anything we can do. is happening out there. just a nice day just a beautiful day look at that view the mountains are clear now it wasn't so clear 24 hours ago 24 hours ago you couldn't see that back ridge of the coachella valley it was full of sand and dust and everything flying around so I What we saw were some new chicks, yes, we make ducklings, ducklings in the lake, there in the pond, ducklings in the pond, a pond is always fun, so yes, good morning, good morning, good afternoon, hello everyone, it's Friday.
fab friday episode 37   linderella trunk show   friday april 16 2021
We're giving away our 10 color work gift card from two weeks ago. Two weeks ago I did a tutorial on how to quilt and embellish Carl's little art quilt so if you wanted to check that out that would be episode number 35 and 36 of fabulous Friday on our color works youtube channel uh that's where 35 is where carl actually used a photo and made a little um he made the photo as inspiration and you made it and then in the next episode which is episode 36 I quilted it for them using decorative stitches and things of that nature so go ahead and check out those great little tutorials to help you get started sewing on your machine with all your decorative stitches, but last week's question two weeks ago was what is your favorite embellishment to use in quilting or on your quilts and the winner of all 10 colorworks gift cards es paulette congratulations i will send you that colorworks gala gift card via email just check your email you should have the little store email there and it's nice that it never expires so Thank you all. for chiming in and of course everyone who comments during the stream or after the stream enters the random thingamajizer and we pick a winner each episode so let's talk about the new quilt shall we?
fab friday episode 37   linderella trunk show   friday april 16 2021
The new quilt is modbox and will start on May 4th. You don't need to do anything to join this quilt, all you need is the pattern. It's a wonderfully easy pattern to make. It's very fun to do. It looks great and there are so many different color combinations. This seems complicated, but it is. it's not a pattern designed by carl because i have to do it, why does it look complicated but it's not, because call us to make it, you have to do it, that's right, i have to build it and this is a wonderful pattern, so there are three . sizes in the pattern, you can choose to make a table runner that you can make with scraps or with scraps, you can make baby quilt scraps or scraps or with fat quarters and you can also make the large lap size that you see there in the picture which measures 72 by 84.
It is a wonderfully manly quilt. If you are looking for something for a guy and our quilt will start on May 4th, so like I said, you don't need anything except the pattern to join. post blog posts stating what that week's assignment is on our blog in the newsletter on the Color Works Facebook Quilt on the page and the schedule is Carl just left that page, let's come back. I didn't know where you were going. I know perfectly. Come back to that, that card on May 4th is the start, so you can fourth, we're going to talk about what you need to get your pattern, we're going to talk about different color combinations for you, so you're going to put your fabrics together.
In the week of May 4th, May 11th, I'm going to


you some different ways to lay out your fabrics and the order of colors that you can do and we're also going to pre-cut our fabrics on May 18th which is week 3 where we do The pieces. the block on May 20, what is the fifth? We're going to put it all together, so it's a pretty quick four week quilt and should be fun. I'm going to make mine with a beautiful selection of fabrics from k faucet that are free. Spirit Fabrics just sent me the one behind me and you see, it's the one I just made for the island batiks with its beautiful solids, so if you like the one behind me that makes a 72 by 84 inches, you can buy a kit. for this in our colorworks which includes the pattern so if you go to our page go down to the store tab go to new you will also find modbox patterns which are now 20 off so yeah you don't have the The pattern is 20 off and if you want a kit you can buy it on the new page so that's our new quilt starting May 4th so we hope you'll join us all or you can join the Color Works quilt. page which is on Facebook here and everyone is free to join, there is no cost to do this, all you need is the modbox pattern which is now 20 off so I hope you will join us on that um, hi kim, how nice to see you. you and who else lena hi lina lena was at one of my workshops lately and teddy says he had a question: will modbox work with prince?
Yes, absolutely and that's what I'll be doing over the next two weeks, so if you're on the Colorworks Facebook page you'll see these posts first, but if you join us in two weeks here on the fabulous Friday stream , I'll


you a bunch of different mod packs, body box versions that I've made or recolored so you can I can give you some ideas of what you can do with the modbox pattern as far as solid prints and tone on tone and all that, so I hope it helps you. Good morning Laura. I see you guys are coming in from Upland too so our tutorial today isn't really a tutorial it's more of a


show we thought it would be fun we have so many new members coming into uh the color works quilt throughout page, we have so many new members joining us on Instagram here and on Facebook.
I thought it would be fun to take you back to where our business started almost 22 years ago and show you some of the Linderella quilt work patterns and talk about the inspiration behind them, because some of them are pretty eccentric. inspiration, I mean, it's not what you think, so anyway, long story short, I started quilting 22 years ago and when I went to make my third quilt I couldn't find any patterns I liked at the quilt store, so we ended up carl and i designed our own pattern which launched our first pattern company which was called


's quote works and we basically started it as a part time business.
We both worked in television and film. I worked at Walt Disney imagining as a project manager. carl was touring hollywood as an art director and production designer working for people like american gladiator judge judy pbs did sets for david bowie and all that other stuff and um so we never intended for this to be a time business complete, but This pattern helped it become what it is today. What you see as color works, so let's start with the strong show. The first pattern was that my kingdom was actually named after a toad. Now this might look familiar to you because, um, this has been revamped. -released last year as mod frog, so it was so popular that it sold over 75,000 copies of this particular pattern and it used to be used by all the sewing machine manufacturers like bernina and husfana viking to teach people how making appliques and things of that nature, but basically this was the third quilt I made and it was the first pattern I designed and it was based on a helium balloon that I had found at Ralph's store of this frog and I thought well, that's a kind of an eccentric character and I think I'm going to design this quilt around him and I used all these fabrics that I found or bought at the recent Road to California show when I took a class with freddie moran, who taught me all about color, basically, so This was originally called my kingdom by toad but now it's called mod frog but this was the first pattern that the pattern company released and I remember when I posted this I was scared to death because no one would want to pay seven bucks a pattern.
This, so I wrote it all down, if you can believe it, four or five or three or four techniques, so there's appliqué with the frogs, there's this kind of crooked piece in the middle and then there's this pieced edge and I thought I had to put many. of techniques in this pattern because no one is going to want to buy a pattern of just some frogs for seven bucks well I made it they loved it so I don't know what to say so anyway second pattern let's see oh secret santa , so this is It's funny, this was a cute little pattern that came up after the frogs and, um, I couldn't, you know, I don't have any artistic training, so I would just sit and draw these things at night while I was watching television.
The character maybe use a greeting card as inspiration or some other image or Carl, that's right, but I didn't shake, I couldn't draw the hands, so that's why Secret Santa's hands are behind his back because I couldn't draw the hands. that was the natural thing, putting your hands, Carl told me, putting your hands behind your back, I thought, oh, okay, that'll work, that's how the hands ended up behind your back in Secret Santa, so we'll move on to the Next and we'll see. what we have uh oh cool cats okay this was another best selling pattern at Linderella's and I should add that some of these patterns are still in print.
We have a few of them on our website for five dollars each. Back in the day, you know you couldn't print on demand like you can today, so you had to print hundreds of thousands, a thousand copies at a time, or sometimes you know that was your minimum run of a thousand copies, or sometimes Sometimes, you know if you thought that way. was going to be a bestseller, you could print 5,000 or 10,000 copies, so we have a few copies left over, so if you visit our website at Linderella patterns, you might find copies of these patterns to purchase for five dollars each a. you like these patterns so these are cool cats and um this is oh thanks nancy said he just ordered the modbox kit thanks nancy um so these are cool cats and this was based on us being flying or at least I was up and down for las vegas this is when the venetian was being built if anyone remembers the venetian hotel um I uh was offering entertainment with an entertainment company um for the venetian hotel for its opening, you know, the week of entertainment, fireworks shows and things like that, so we, of course were inundated with frank dean and sammy davis as the rat group and that was the inspiration among those behind the cool cats which was frank sammy and dean as the rat group and I thought, well, you know these cats are cool, although some people mistook these cats as monsters, I guess at some point I don't believe it, but everyone loved the arms, they could move them around their arms and legs and make them dance and stuff like that, like that that we have the next one which is Sila Moore, so this one. was why not, you know, I mean almost finding Nemo went well, I'm not sure funny Nemo is on, butglasses, the sexy fabric design we made, um, yeah, so Susan says.
I remember seeing them in a magazine, yes, they were very, very popular pumpkin divas, and what's next, I think this is the last one. I screamed for Halloween, this was called eek, that's it, they're eek spiders, right, and this was the beginning of the use of minky, so Beth Hayes, the editor of Quick Quilts, this was when Minky was becoming very popular and she said Linda, what can you do with Minky? And there are a couple of quilts that I'm going to show you, so this was the first one that I made with Minky and I made these crazy spiders, so if you can, you'll know that Minky is a fuzzy web, so those spiders and their legs are all cut. out of minky, so you need to have a lint roller close and at hand when you are cutting minky, simply place the fusible web on the back and treat it as you would any other machine appliqué part except this one.
It was a lot of fun, we made a tote bag and you also have a ribbon on it and there's a rickrack, so if you look really close, you can see going across the table runner there, as Carl pointed out, there's a black rickrack running through it like something like that. a spider web, something that hangs with them, but this was a super fun quilt, super fun to make and then speaking of minky, so these are the other two popular minky minky patterns that came out with quick quilts, one was called reindeer dancing and prancing on top. and the one below that we made, we published it last year as a free pattern when the pandemic started, it's called modern girls or it's known as Easter girls, I don't know, but some people call them modern girls.
People call them Easter chicks. I don't remember what the magazine called it, but they were the originals, as you can see. We're done, the shapes are out of the furry and mink touch, you can feel them, so to speak, so those were some of our magazine quilts, I think I have a couple more yeah this is a slide of some more quotes from magazines that you might find in quick quilts like I said we were there every other month so I can't even remember the name of the 4th of July and then they were the fall leaves and the drunk trees and then the one Upstairs with the cats was just a fun table runner again during my solid phase we called it hi yeah I think we called each other we called it hi so it's like the cat was watching the bird pass by and then the bird passes by.
On the other hand, we wanted all of our quilts to tell a story when you have a happy ending and well, I don't know, it's a happy ending, yeah, the birth certificate, how do you know it's happy? How do you know it's not right? I might change it, how do you know it might not be anyway? So we had our own fabric line, this is another one at Linderella, so in our heyday, as I call it, Linderella's heyday was from about 2000 to about 2006, yeah, uh, yeah. did you ever follow us so this was our own line of fabrics it was called fun and bright or fab okay and it was available for about a year so I remember there were some people coveting this fabric when it came out. but these were a lot of the quilts that were made for this particular book that we still have in our store for five dollars fabulous five um this was a self-published book because the story behind it is that the fabric line was coming out, we had a contract with Leisure Arts, I'll show you that book in a minute to make the fabulous fabric with lots of different designs and all of a sudden Leisure Arts calls us and says, "Oh, I'm sorry, I know you were hoping your book would be published in October when it would come out your fabric, but it's not going to be published now for a couple of months, so we just sat there getting ready to quilt in a week.
Yeah, I think we had like two weeks and it was like what. Are we going to publish the line? of fabric? We need patterns, so we came up with five, five or six patterns that are in this book, as you can see on the cover, and these are some of them, including the one that used all the fabric in the line of fun, bright fabrics and if we move on to the next slide, that's the infamous fabulous quilting leisure arts book that should show that should have come out with the fabric line, thanks for not doing that.
It's out of stock, I must say it arrived. it came out six months later, it came out almost yes, six months later and those are some of the quilts that are in that book, as you can see and again you can see the presence of the black rickrack stems, you had a lot of leftovers, we had a lot. of black rickrack, so there you go and then I think we concluded with a yes, so if Carl gets rid of me for a minute, you see, there we go, these are the booths, so we always went, as you can say, the brightest. stall at the quilt market, so, those yellow curtains, they served us very well from the neon light of ikea, yeah, and no one was doing stalls like this now, when you go to the quilt market or go to any of the shows of quilts, the vendor booths have come It's been a long time since we were doing this in the past, you know, this is like 2002 2006 and we would come to Houston, which is where the quilt market would develop or wherever it would go, we would rent a car, we went to the local Ikea. and we would pick up whatever we needed now the curtains, the yellow curtains, came with us, we would have to ship them and they were the heaviest curtains ever because they were fire retardant so they were this heavy color Kansas canvas fabric Bright yellow from Ikea was fire retardant, which made them even heavier to ship, but Carl would spend hours before the market preparing those little shapes you see cut out, so we reused the grass he cut from the foam core.
I don't know how many times, to make the entrance to the booth, we would change everything around the outside of the booth, whether it was spirals or flowers, and Carl would cut all those things out of foam core or print them. huge pieces of photographic fabric and things like that, then we would go to the local ikea when we got to town and we would go look for what you see on the floor so that ikea would tell you that if you remember ikea in 2003, they had these wonderful shapes of children's rugs , ladybugs or triangles or things like that that you could buy, yes, it was from the children's department at Ikea.
You could buy these things for a dollar each or two dollars each, it was the most magnificent booth decoration you have ever found. I can imagine and the funniest thing in the world is that people would love other suppliers to come because a lot of times when you ship things like this out of town from your home base, you're not going to take most of it. of this house with you, so it's actually too expensive to ship it back, except the curtains, of course, which would come in a suitcase and the quilts for our neighbors' vendors at these quilt markets to come to. our booth and they started to draw or put their name and tag what they wanted and it was cool because we would all have this reputation of going oh everyone has to go to the lindarella booth you should go to the lindale booth she is giving away the ladybug rugs uh uh to the end of the market, oh, go to the booth at lindarellis, she's going to give away, you know, those wire boxes, you know them, so we can use them in our store, go label them, you know anyway, those were the boots that Carl designed all the booths. and these were always the brightest stand.
There's a picture I couldn't find in all our glory that looks down at the quilt market floor from above and all you see is you see all these other booths, but in the middle of them all. the sea of ​​sort of brown and black and curtains and things, you see a bright yellow spot that's our booth, so, um, Pat Sloane's husband Greg took that photo and I can't find a copy, but it's funny . funny photo from that time, so there you have it, you guys are wonderfully kind, thanks for indulging us. It's a little history of Linderella Quilt Works which was our first pattern company from 2002 to 2006 and then we moved to North Carolina thinking we were going to do this pattern company full time and we ended up opening the store of quilts with the same name, which is the quilt work of lindarello and there is another story and that is another story in itself, a chapter of our wonderful relationship, isn't it, Carl?
Yes, it is Well, yes, it was, so now we do this full time. Yes, everyone wants to know, this is a moa. Pauline said: What is that on my necklace? This is called a moa and is considered a tiki good luck charm for anyone. Who likes tiki and that's why I'm wearing this because we're super excited because we're going on Sunday so check out our Instagram page. I think our friend Jen Hixson will also be there from Palm Springs. We're going to Aloha Hana Tiki. show in Palm Springs this weekend which is an outdoor show where all the tiki vendors will be and we haven't had one here for quite a while so we are looking forward to getting and purchasing more tiki paraphernalia for the condo here for the design house, so I hope you enjoyed that


They were very kind to accommodate us on that trip. And of course, if you like any of those patterns, check out our website to see if any or more of the ones we made were probably finished at that time. that we did lindarello, I think we designed over a hundred patterns, uh, we actually went through, yeah, maybe more, we did a lot of magazine work, but you know, in the sense of self-publishing patterns, it was probably close to any form of wear of the real self. posting patterns 50 patterns at some point um and we still have a lot of those you know there are printed patterns left that are up for grabs for five bucks in our color shop so I hope you all enjoyed the trunk show so please Of course, the question. to enter for the 10 colorworks gift card that we will be giving away in two weeks, what is your favorite Linderella pattern and if you don't remember it, you can go to the website, look at some and put a name there or you can put frog fish cat cat, you'll hit because there were three different cat patterns I think monkeys you know and of course bats yes you know bat magic so anyway please like and share this particular episode make sure to share it with your groups. and before we get out of here, let's see that everyone is being very, very nice, look at Nedra leaving.
My son really likes tiki. He may need a tiki mod. Nedra and Nancy say they enjoyed the trunk show. Thank you, Nancy, thank you very much. The kids are very friendly and Julie says that every time she walks past her I feel very nervous. Yes, because Julie has grandchildren that she visits in Southern Pines and that's where our lindarellis store was and that's how we met Julie. Then she came to our store. as a customer and we forged a beautiful friendship from there on out so thank you so much Julie you guys are so kind so anyway please like and share this video be sure to subscribe to our Color Works YouTube channel to do not get lost.
Any episode now we'll come back in two weeks and we'll probably start doing them every two weeks because our design schedule, our quilting schedule, our teaching schedule is spectacular and we appreciate it, but it's just not like that. It also doesn't give us much time to prepare tutorials, but we're going to come live impromptu, so stay tuned for that and all those other cool things Facebook and Instagram offer us to do if we check out the cactus camera. Look at the weather, it's not doing anything again, you know, we had golfers before, look, there's one in the distance, I just drove by at five, but look at the clock, it's a beautiful day, although it's a beautiful day here in Palm Desert compared to 50 miles per hour. gusts of wind we were having at one point uh so don't forget the modbox quilt will start on May 4th.
I'm going to remember that flashback from that card. You can get a kit for that beautiful 72 by 84 inch quilt. our website, the modbox pattern, if you're going to join us on the modbox quilt, it's now 20 off until I think I have it until the end of the first few weeks, which would be May 8th or 12th or something like that. you can get it in pdf or paper format there are three different sizes in the pattern you can make a table runner you can make a baby quilt and you can make the version you see behind me which is a large lap quilt and you can use prints You can use impressions that I will show you and show on Instagram and Facebook pages by posting posts over and over again.
I hope you will join us. You don't need to do anything to join except get the pattern. You can choose to join our colorwork quilt in the Facebook group where people share their progress, share photos, ask questions and all that, but you don't have to, we always publish a blog post each week letting you know what the that week's quilt assignment. and we have all of our other quilts, if you would like to join the other six quilts these are on our page under the quilts tab so you can always access all of thosevideos and all blog posts. that went with them and all the tips and tricks for all those quilts on our page, so that's what Pat says about Warren Beatty.
There's a comment Pat is making about what I like. Warren Beatty. Warren Betty. warren baddie is uh the batty's name that's what she calls lauren batty oh i see, i see, okay yeah and with that we're out of here so we'll see you in April. I can't even believe she's saying this. April 30 I would say happy tax day, but I don't think it's tax day, it's here, it's like you guys have another month, I think that's true, yesterday was tax day, but it's kind of a happy day because it's the day after tax day. but we will see them on April 30.
I can't believe it's almost the end of April again on Friday's fabulous broadcast. Thank you all very much for joining us today. Happy colorful quilts. Go look at those Lindarella patterns. Please share this video with everyone. whoever you want to share it with and see you soon, goodbye

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