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Jun 09, 2021
Hello and a warm welcome to Perodua Malaysia Masters


. We own a beautiful reel along with a cultural and economic center of Malaysia, a city that has seen rapid development in recent decades and to tourists probably best known for the Petronas twin towers. twin buildings in the world we are live from the National Sports Complex on Pookajee Island, just south of the city centre, the world tour consists of 26 tournaments in total and one final, the HSBC bwf the world to attend consists of four different levels, all of them previous. to the final held in Guangzhou on the world circuit has increased the jackpot money by a staggering 56% from 17 to 18 and in terms of broadcast hours more than 60% in the last four years we once again traveled around the world for 26 televised tournaments to be more specific, it all started last week with the tide and the masters, this week of clear goodbye.
f wd fukushima hirota jpn 1 vs polii rahayu ina 4 bwf 2019
The Malaysia Masters is part of seven games for 500 tournaments on the HSBC BWF World Tour. It all started with the qualifying rounds on Tuesday and today. Sunday is the day of the final and we start with their women's doubles in world number one Fukushima and Yota of Japan against Andhra, hello of Indonesia, followed by mixed doubles, mixed doubles, the only category in which the number one and number two seeds arrived. Until the final, watanabe and Japan's number one casino against the table runner crow and the Thai retina type machine tied. The third match is a woman, a rational former individual world champion, in turn, Thailand faces the sixth place.
f wd fukushima hirota jpn 1 vs polii rahayu ina 4 bwf 2019

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f wd fukushima hirota jpn 1 vs polii rahayu ina 4 bwf 2019...

Karolina Marin, the current world champion and Olympic champion from Spain, fourth match in her immense Olympic singles champion Chen Long China against Sun, one hole away from her career and finally in men's doubles, the number one world champions of the Asian Games, Markus Kilian and Kevin Sakamoto, against only sin. and start the race with Malaysia towards Kong Joe and the players accumulate points from various tournaments and the first eight in each category qualify for the final and here we come to the women's doubles and, as you can see, these are just the results of the last week, Thailand.
f wd fukushima hirota jpn 1 vs polii rahayu ina 4 bwf 2019
Masters really counts and therefore appears patita and subsidy from Thailand is number one at the moment on the list and here we have the magnificent trophy of the race - Kong show and the women's doubles, as you can see, Fukushima and hero2 are the seeded ones. one against the Saints, the highly seeded number so we've just seen the Magnificent trophy and it's made by Royal Salonga in pewter and inspired of course by the iconic Canton tower which will obviously be awarded to the winners in December and here we have The players on the court Fukushima entered first followed by his partner in the rotation, you keep Fukushima and Sayaka.
f wd fukushima hirota jpn 1 vs polii rahayu ina 4 bwf 2019
He ruled out Japan as the world number one at the moment in the world ranking and here Indonesian opponents, Raesha, a pulley and a young partner. prion ii-era hello Indonesian players, the number four seats in this tournament and we are getting ready here to toast the point between these two pairs is five to eight for Kashima's lawyers and he wrote about Rick, you have the black one and I can Say every match has Alden one in 2018, so Japan's number one seed in the world rankings is a very, very hard-working and extremely consistent pair. We have two, you keep Fukushima ranked number one in the world and they reached the semi-final last year when they lost a change in Chen and ching-he fun in three games and here Sayaka a rota or sister the same ranking applies to that and They have been number one in the rankings for 26 weeks when the This couple does not win is often due to the fact that they are not able to create the advantage necessary to actually finish the matches, but we can go back to that: here we have the way to the final for this couple and to the quarterfinals. against Chang and start a race, they had to go to the end, you can see in six minutes, they are appreciated up to number two, but the highest this player has had was his number 3 in September of last year, teammate Lion.
E raha is only 20 years old and fully played the first match in 2017. It is an association in Bangkok. There are very, very stable partnerships on the world circuit and it is really wonderful as it is lovely to see how they are starting to develop their love. and here we have the road to this final for the two Indonesians and as you can see yesterday what a fantastic victory they had against the world and the number two maps of Tamil and Takahashi, where they won 21 19 in that third and final game. head to head against the Japanese down 8 1 and now it is a 2 after yesterday's result and the court officials for this match referee Stephen from Malaysia and Ben cancel that Czech Republic is the service judge but it is interesting to see yesterday , in the match here, the two Indonesians put some layers into their game and it was nice to see that the young bhai is really developing well now they both supported, so here we are in the first match of the day, the women's doubles will play against her Canadian colleague Simon Reid, who represented his country in the 2004 Olympics, so welcome Jemaine, this game is going to be very, very exciting.
I think the way the Indonesians played yesterday, they are taking time out of their lifts, they are very aggressive, a shorter lift, a quick lift and they try to attack and find the holes, yes they really played it and they also matched yesterday when they beat Max and Takahashi and really considering the fact that they were in the head to head between the two tested in eight one, so the statistics are very important. against them, but then he won that yesterday. She's older and more experienced, so she'll slow him down, she'll just be more aggressive and no longer give big easy lifts.
Yes, that was a definite change in her playing style yesterday when. We saw them play that they are much more aggressive in their lifts and they really go after the opponent on the baseline, yes absolutely, but again on the other side, this Japanese team is very stable, they don't make many mistakes and they are so stable that you have really work to get the point, yes, an interesting match in front of us, in front of us, let's see how they do the way they won in that one, but they intercept very well at the net, they are very aggressive, that is a strength to crush her. it gets behind quickly it places it right in the middle register perfectly located one of the weakest points of the association tour with Indonesia these do not have service they are not so stable we already had an example of that that is from Japan which is a seven alpha Shima has won silver in the World Championship twice 17 Anatole Indonesia Open, we have been extremely stable on the world circuit last year, we managed to win five open events and the Asian Championship as well as world number one, yes they are so solid they come out nice and strong again trying to attack right away but they had a great run with the Japanese right now especially in the women's doubles one, two and three in the world that's crazy yeah most likely that, if we see the long rallies, who do you think will work? in favor of, in fact I believe it in Japan, yes, I believe it too.
I know Indonesians like long rallies too, but just that little extra of being firm on that on the other side, sure, yeah, I feel that as long as the Indonesian couple is really fresh and ready, they have more power and can win more rallies, but if they get tired and Randy are going down again, a great rally, many exchanges in the cloud say that he is so fast with his racket that he is one of the Strengths The Indian team in Indonesia has a very complicated racket, so I'm Justin to see if Puli is choosing to click that one, just saying, this is a very established pattern on his serve, but again, he doesn't really lift as high as we have.
Looked at in the past, the institutional Atlas doesn't give him time to set up a good interception, so eight seven and I think that's what they need to do, just keep that pressure whenever they have a lot of power in the forearms. and her fingers and she just snaps very loudly the return of that serve and once again opts for movement and of course she moves back when it comes to defending and that shot really did the trick from her Fukushima here in the picture. Especially in TT, you don't want to hit the straight smash, you want to take the body angles as well.
I also miss the hit. Oh, there's been a good opening here, good start to this first game and nine wars, and we've already really seen something. well and women's doubles as in a good serve for any rotation oh the smile there, I think Paulie said yes, go ahead, a good Ohio decision requires a lot to go against your partners, you have a strong tendency to take it or follow what what your colleagues say. we will be here fast and furious in the attack came into force here with a lead of 1110 or the man from Fukushima, wrote when we let the trainers do the training we got somewhere else Oh, not really, more thanks - eliminations here in this, but they are very, very stable here last year they finished like four others who are ranked based on seventeen tournaments today they reached the world final for a final confirmation before based on eight eleven tournaments in which they only lost one. in that first and second round they lost a final and a 1/2 mile motor open 500 and the thailand open was also super fun entertainment 11 it's all seven times these guys went head to head the last five japan one with the first two it was Indonesia, it all happened in 14 months, so they played a lot in a short period of time.
I had two heads, it's just the fact that these two players constantly come to the top, very constantly, trying to push, push from the beginning, maybe there was a church. The drift has changed today for different reasons why it does, but in the past it was behind the Indonesian peraleda and they went in that direction, but I don't see much drift today, now it seems pretty uniform, but let's say it's still a stage early. You see, you know it is very correct to say that you can still change, we never know that it is aggressive, great, now they are taking over this match.
The steering wheel only five grams so that he can fly in different arenas, it is so light, what an amazing service they are. from the cable and that's what you mention Wharton, she's struggling with her serve, it was too light to see, so what do you think is the key to winning this match? And I'm talking about both pants, what do you think is the key? making easy mistakes, of course, but I definitely think the Indonesians, if they attack, if they keep doing flat lifts, they played very well yesterday and I think they need to keep attacking, moving, but they both walked on both sides.
They're also making semi-easy mistakes on me. They are really attacking well, yes, and the quality of their taxes is not better in the country. I totally agree with you. In fact, I think whoever has the most success attacking will win this match. It seems that both are both. really playing at a faster pace, not revealing big lips and really trying to score points for deep attacks all the time. Fukushima knew what he had to do, he prepared it wonderfully. He enters the 48-shot rally, but he just puts it in the net. a break for Indonesia, yes, 48 ​​shots, be careful 3:20 please, and only three points away from taking advantage of these fifteen opportunities, another move here, yes, Ashima is standing even when she is receiving, she said she knows the chances are too big for the flip and it's just standing in the right place. and waiting for it, this crazy little advantage of knowing what is coming, yes, little confusion in the back, you are very aggressive at the net, we activate the absurd sensor or Indonesia with the first game point, a game 18, do you look this?
It was short. a good smash changes the angle of that really reaching and trying to attack first here we have the confirmation and 21 minutes and failure you are yes, the opposite of coca-cola, we should be guided by the statistics observed in December of last year. two Japanese tears is amazing, great Japan, they are so solid and women's singles, women's doubles and we have four in the top seven right now, maybe this Indonesian pair is about to change, they have definitely played well here in Malaysia, marvelous. wind yesterday in the semi-final and maybe they are on their way to winning here, let's see da Vall will play a very positive start.
Nice flat shot from Holly, she just looks at her racket. Is really nice. She gets the power. She uses her thumb on it. back, a little luck, to be able to continue like this and that was a great opportunity to finish it. Japanese duo here, we'd be lucky, let's take a look at this head coach advantage to the bone, it ain't over until it gets to the The ground should have been ready for that test, two, he wrote on the collar, but she passed with flying colors and this was the test well played by Europe, it is a wonderful click service, bhagavata and the Japanese DeRay has earned us three points. one up now really keeping his pressure on to really not throw anything into the net.
It's just that we haven't seen much game on the net. Just keeping that pressure on time. Yes, there is no doubt that FukushimaI was trying to do the right thing. moving forward doing the right thing what to play that block to regain the initiative unfortunately for her she put it in the net that would have been the right side to play there wasn't enough angle what a great shot beautiful cross shot that's very very lucky here here she had some chances , but look at this chip, I'm on this sideline, there I'm moving back out of position, Fukushima felt the pressure when he saw it, how are you going to turn it, like I said, this is going to be tight and of course because of that pressure , she made the mistake, it was a good game, the way this situation here is definitely something the Indonesian needs to analyze as soon as Rahu moves forward, she is opening up the space behind her, but Puli is simply too late to move. behind her to cover that and we saw it yesterday too, yes we did, as soon as your partner moves you have to move, she was just watching and waiting as soon as your partner leaves you have to do it.
I thought you said that there. Come on, I believe it. Kashima comes good and strong. He racks up the middle and then attacks the body. There's a nice little track for Daphne is here 95 up. I know how firm they play. think here, you know, you really have to be careful now, otherwise this second game you can miss ten five now Kashiram Marotta sixth will not leave me here the interval in the middle of the game that can be very decisive here in the second game was the Most Improved Player of the Year in 2017, which means that they have played here on top of the world, let's say in the top four for the last two years, so we saw 611 making forced errors today and probably feeling the pressure here. kinda it's good to see for her that the partner's rotor has really recovered well today she's getting into the net pretty fast and I'm doing her job from time to time I'll take advantage of those opportunities leave me seven unforced errors Dirac Mishima adoptable, this definitely not It's forced, look at the facial expression, oh it's frustrating because you know one of his strengths is not making these mistakes so close to the line that they jump overwhelmingly that time from Bali, we talked on the spot this morning, breathe, see you here . puts it well on the ground, this is definitely one of the changes that the two Indonesian players have made because, especially in Israel, we saw how prepared he was to work with the hitter, normally she would always be standing in front and then you know. waiting to intercept and so on, but now she's much more committed, it requires a lot more responsibility and work, yes, it's actually hard to work, but yes, she's really trying to attack, take away that time too, absolutely, but it's lovely.
It's that she's actually prepared to take on that responsibility, that it was a good shot by Polly, but she went wide again. Ashima we saw it yesterday: are you taking over the network? She doesn't care, even if your opponent stands out. I'll try to play straight to the net too, yes she did very well in this case. This is what we would say are the houses we expect from Raleigh with doubles, so the longest rally we've had was 248 shots and we only had one of these long rallies, the rest are pretty short and just show how important which is to make the attack more aggressive on the court, especially on the part of the Indonesian.
Well, they're just finishing faster, as you know. These teams can have rallies, they can have these massive 7080 shot rallies, no problem for you, it's just one of your Walkers here wasting time saying, you know, get back on the court please, one more time, world playbar, aha, that's it, fortunately for the rotation. she didn't get that in her eyes she was just able to escape from there immediately yes exactly that range close to only three points between these two pairs it is definitely possible for the Indonesians to take this now it is only two points between these two pairs them and once again Ron, so again that's his confidence playing that crazy shot, that's how he set it up and it's right here, there, he picks up his rack, he puts it away, that was different years ago with that poor served hand too, yeah.
She powerfully tries something new, well it just shows the panic official that she is prepared to go on and play like this and here we saw it, the old fashioned forehand serve shot that I am stuck with, ready, it is one of the only ones . She left you there on the forehand serve in mixed doubles and women's doubles. She saved in the net trying to make her way to it, yes she earned it. Look at this one, she's playing this one here, just cutting out the top of the ribbon. She definitely she is. and the two Japanese are playing better today I think the rotis are playing very well there is a partner to try to follow is not Paulie to try some services in this break she had experience she could have back cancer against her, there is another this is a draw, you know, when players always try that, it's always a sign of the fact that they're not.
Oh, beautiful shot, long rallies again, rally we've been waiting for, yes, it's the longest rally of the game. 259 shots, how really? crushing while picking places partner on the hip the nation's game at the World Tour Finals in Guangzhou there is a big difference they lost their group matches they did not qualify for the semi-final they were not very prepared but I think they have definitely prepared for


, much better quality, you are only 20 years old and you continue to improve so it is great to see, so we saw it again, this is what you will see doing trying to control the game. slow down when you need a break and mentally also the Japanese get the rotation where one is called let's take a look there are definitely 20 games it's 16 and we will most likely be treated to another exciting third game in this women's doubles Hiroto is really stepping up, he comes in, receives a racket, no chance to come back, essentia for Rosa, we got into a strange situation last year 2018 regarding the World Tour Finals because ed this pair from Japan number one in the world ranking. did not qualify as this second couple in that World Tour ranking but that was not enough to qualify for the final because they entered as number one they have an automatic ticket that was the third Japanese player which meant that Fukushima and Hirota did not qualify since they can only they have two tickets to reach the palms, so being the world number one, they do not qualify for the world for a final which was strange, yes, very strange and again shows how strong they are at the moment, erm , the Japanese, so we are.
I'll be starting this third and final game again soon and I'm loving the whole day in Fukushima to surf. They have a challenge here from Fukushima. It's a wasted challenge. It has not been successful. I'm sorry. I started reading a lot. I'm sure it's doing a lot of good. confidence no, it's good to definitely get a role in the third game, both teams also won on this side, so you want to get a good lead once you switch to 11 points, oh that's also important for innovations to achieve what Fukushima Hero to stop it without that he was straying to the sidelines shows one three we have a chat Internet Polly said: Should I do it in college or not?
Yeah well I think it was very kind to the referee that he gave the two players and... just to discuss it in a few seconds now challenge rate and they chose to challenge it and this the players have lost the challenge now yes I know, I'm sure we won't see many challenges unless it's absolutely you. are before you get to the final stages that you see in the third game in the third game here you want to make sure that at the end you have one just in case because that's what it is, we need it at the end just in case Oh, the four The players They work hard on that play, unless we mention it beforehand.
I think this type of game really favors the two Japanese because they take the advantage and I would attack Indonesia and that is what they have been so good in the first two games, yes. and we saw yesterday with Indonesia that they did it, they attacked and that made the difference, so definitely the shorter rallies would probably favor Indonesia attacking first, there is a big push again, which yes, getting back to normal, I will say. If we can say that sometimes with a higher elevation you can have a little break, although you are playing and it is hard work when you put that speed on it, it is also very difficult a 45 stroke rally on that, please, she knows, Hey?
The way they serve is wrong so just take your time to push it a little harder. They are so used to this noisy service when the other is not ready, of course the rotation must try harder to prepare earlier. Fantastic fight there in Fukushima again. off the tee and wrote a follow up, she couldn't finish, she retired at the baseline, water rally, fantastic, arcs both ways, she's on the ground, this is where she rode. He really had the chance, but this time he was very confident. The terrain was left well by Fukushima, it takes guts to leave, doesn't it?
You have to be brave, especially in that rally. Yeah, so we saw five. Oh, play for Kashima's service. Paulie Snapchat set that one up. She really places it well, she just watches. where the angles where she crosses the body and me on you in the middle thank you 58 minutes of play so long until the hour mark oh so open on that beautiful netplay open a fourth six five so you saw my six Oh none of the four players tonight, mr. Leopold II throws shots into the net lovely actor Esav return of serve this is one of the yes I really go forward looking for that and a big difference the Danes also did it so well oh it's just a while saying who did it first it was the danes t in Dean millio and 15 peterson who won last year, they are actually the Oh champions last year and then they also came back a few years ago, four years ago, a lot of battle on our courts, the four players, the last three valets .
I have to say I really feel like the two eliminations work harder than the Japanese right now they really work harder in the service of body language here after Fukushima they say they look good if you don't look at it from the Japanese perspective, I noticed it recently on En the last five minutes or so, Fukushima's body language really isn't good. He made some of these mistakes early in the game and I think he's getting down on that because that's not normal for his consistency, so I just have to do it. take it off and the guys keep reacting to that amazing player, first of all Pauli, the way she's challenging this one here challenged the net and then of course she upset the formation of the two players from Japan and gave rahoy that opportunity to play the Shot between 11:9, I play 11/9 for Indonesia, but you know that now every point is crucial, so I saw ten eleven if the Indonesian team still has to maintain that pace and aim for the goal if they are going to win .
I think Japan will need to do it with Martin. I think they have to attack. I think they are too passive. I think they have to work hard to score points. They can't just wait and wait. I think they have to try it. take it into their own hands, but if they can do it today because I really think that was said by DeAndre hello, you're playing the body well in that beautiful spot, even though it's risky: it opens up the floor if she gets it back. serve your vibe Fukushima doesn't have much more to it than that this is just a babbling in a nutshell there is only between success and failure that one was so close to going through it either way they hit him a little harder on one side he could go Anyway, once again, I'm very good at positive feedback.
I think when she's standing on that side of the court and receiving from it, she's very strong when the forehand comes from her, you can't see exactly where she's going to play. until the last second, when Paulie receives on that side, on the left side, yes, mixing it up, served open, not serving the Tiki Wow because that's where she comes in and really attacks, of course, but look how she's closing the gap between both. plays, they had observed how close they were, that she was moving and can play very aggressively, sometimes you will see that if you are too far behind, oh I had the chance, I missed it, play just another safe play, but she was there she is ready Japan had won six of the last s7 ready for a wound to grow well and the high screams for deception knock him down but too much in the net returned from Bali can this be the decisive cat in this match 17 13 14 service, for please hit it there on my forehand please, beautiful shot, well make up for the mistakes you made in the surf, but exactly the same can't do much with it, still a great reaction from Rahu who said he can move.
Go ahead, change your direction, look at that, you still try your best to falter because of the spine and the fighting spirit here exactly the Center of Indonesia, fourth in the world, but as a nation, just a second, an early one, lift up the hands, one, two, three, a fantastic defense against the rock. you just run it through your head watching them both come in, we can buy his defensive shot in the rotor and here thecalling winning car is really fighting in that rally, one behind, look at that one, the lift here, look at that one, look how it's in trouble, but I like the angle that Foot Mishima is playing.
It's not as easy as it looked like what she created. The angle she played as a winner. You know, sometimes you just hit it as hard as you can, but that's still not enough. goes right to the racquet come back just come back to this game really take control again I survived twenty two points to the top 15 on the stage answer for value - defensively broken mr. a tall order, it's a tall order to say five, we came back to the World Championships which was amazing, can they do it again? Yes, game and match 21:16 and the typical Japanese players thanking the clown for the support 21:16 really taking control of the game.
The third one gets angry again and finds the whole parade at stake. To win they really had to work hard for them they kept fighting until the end they made some mistakes but they were able to achieve it in the third yes and here we have confirmation do you agree Fukushima Sayaka who won Rosa 18 21 21 16 21 16 in 76 minutes and we will prepare for the awards ceremony that will be held very soon, so the consistency of the rotor and Fukushima paid off once again in the world and the number one lost the first game to the indonesians paulien raha.
Very good, good match, not only today but also yesterday, however, as I said before, the consistency of this pair really paid off once again, but it is interesting to see how the Indonesian swell is increasing and the women's doubles are getting many. Younger players are coming up in women's doubles and I think the coaches from tpsid Indonesia and the Badminton Association are doing a great job in this category. Yes, it's great to see that they were strong in the past quite a while ago, but it's good to see the younger ones. up and doing we have the runners-up and the winners from Japan double rocks are from digital Monsieur yes, to prove you from Indonesia the winners of a katana Yuki 15 to present medals and bookie to the final and 2% of the metals and flowers He is the executive advisor of Daihatsu Motor Company Mr.
Hiroyuki to Yokoyama we also invited Mr. Atif is his country's own, but the manager puts full pressure on Burma to build a witness: my Jackie as Donna is from Mr. marketing manager of the Malaysian championship, the winners, what an excellent performance by the player on the runners we see, yes, she really took charge of not making so many mistakes. Fukushima made some mistakes that he doesn't usually make, but he definitely pulled it off and Hiroto was strong. on the court today, well, Polly Andrea, you're really trying to gain speed trying to attack. I really liked it when we saw yesterday the great victory against Takahashi and Matsu Tomo, it was a great victory and today almost you.

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