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Extreme Hide & Seek in Boxes Challenge *DON’T GET HIT*

Apr 16, 2024
Today my daughter Salish and I played an


game of




, we placed 60


all over this mansion. 10 YouTubers will


in those


while Salish and I search for them each round, we will get something crazy to hit a box and if there is someone inside they better be careful, we will have 13 tries to find everyone or we will receive a brutal punishment. YouTubers, you have 10 minutes and then we will come and get you, come on, come on, here, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, holy cow.
extreme hide seek in boxes challenge don t get hit
The last person to come down will stay at the mansion all night leave me alone you're ruining it for me married for five years why would you leave me now? I will always love you I really have 10 minutes buddy no it's too small don't break the boxes I don't worry they are shouting a 10 minute countdown and now salish I should look at the horizon and enjoy nature yeah I'll go do a tick tock, yeah, okay, can I do that? With you you can technically move the bus so early I was taking things out I found this little house over here and the door is open there's no way he'd ever think to look here I'll see you I'll go on this one it's okay okay I'll put it under from this box and then I'll hide in a different box.
extreme hide seek in boxes challenge don t get hit

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extreme hide seek in boxes challenge don t get hit...

There is something there. He literally just tried to set me up. Hey, I'm treating you like a decoy like that's Me below, two minutes left everyone. In fact, I brought my fart machine. I'll put it here to make you think there's a real person hiding in this box. It should work now if I press this button. I'll go to the next one. It's too risky for them I should do it okay I'll do it I'm kidding I'm kidding I'll take off my shirt and hide it in one of the boxes but it should be away from me wait is that believable yeah there's 30 seconds left here goes nothing that was an exercise Jordan he said the winner can spend the night in this house this is a sick mansion it's literally in the middle of the mountains of Malibu we can have a beautiful time barbecue have a picnic No I don't think this is going to suit both of us stay here, will you stay here alone five four three two one here we go every time we take something out of this box let's see the first round shine oh shine buddy it's ruining your day I really don't want to have shine I hope Jordan doesn't find me you hear something I heard something right would anyone be stupid enough to be here?
extreme hide seek in boxes challenge don t get hit
It'll be fun He says we have three boxes okay, this box I think I just heard Jordan I don't want it pressure washed today no Zach's right next to me Zach, are you there? I can hear him vlogging, we have to be. Is He going to catch Me? I'm going to start editing on my computer. I need to post a video. for this afternoon, so that's what I do. I can hear you vlogging. Would anyone be stupid enough to stand right next to the pool and pressure washer? We're about to find out. Ready, one, two, three, come on, you're going down, we have one more. yeah, oh boy, okay, okay, one, two, three, you're going down, oh man, okay, let's move on to the next round, by the way, dad, you got some shine, what, oh god, no, no , stay away, no, Thor's next hammer, you know how? heavy Thor's hammer is Hey, I've seen Thor's hammer, it looks like it's going to hurt.
extreme hide seek in boxes challenge don t get hit
I have to go with a Thor costume. No, how about you do it? No, it's too small, let's see. Are you kidding? I'm almost 13 years old. Halloween just around the corner I say let's get in here it's hot there might be people here there are four boxes but I can only choose one label about my life make sure the inside I would hide in this one I don't think so no you'll be super cool , so that's my box, this is my box, what are you doing, you're going for this one. Yes, I think this one is amazing.
Okay, it's actually very heavy. This is going to hurt. Hello everyone. Okay, let's look here. you're in this box right now you're in a lot of trouble three two one down oh oh that was a fake shoe what's going on there is a solid shoe fell for my shoe trick that was pretty clever she threw your shoe over the asala edge isn't that bad you know I'm not leaving here without doing a tik tok guess the dance next one change boxes that's going to be fun we have to change this is the perfect place real quick okay let's find a new place right now seconds I found this door over here wait Where are we changing?
Are we changing? I swear to God we changed. Did they say switch box? I think this one was already knocked down, so you won't expect it. Oh, them. You're so small, you know what? I'm going to go there. I'm going to hide. I need a new box. I left the apartment right here, so I have to hide somewhere close to me, having dinner with all the pink TVs, we'll find this. little



next one howl for 10 seconds when I say come on you have to howl like a dog at the top of your lungs if you hear someone Point Ready Set Go oh this one no this is this one rock paper scissors scissors you better look out there you're taking down what we almost lost I'm sorry for the mansion friend we're tracking Mila's location and now it's time to take her out of the box I'm sorry to smell she's so sweaty now we have to take a shower right? someone wants strawberry ice cream this is Mila's favorite ice cream someone needs strawberry oh my god okay wow mmm I got it you have 15 seconds to find a box right now oh my god everything is fine here we go to the next round soccer player two boxes I'm Lo I'm sorry, but I did it, Thor, you can go change into your costume, go get it, buddy, who should I tackle?
Say I don't know. I am a small human being. He shouldn't be attacked by a football player. What about this? I'm not going. On this one, wait dad, there's one in the water, look, there are splash marks here. I actually don't want the consequences, so I'll jump because the consequence is absolutely perfect, stupid, dude, you're on the bus, you let it splash. Mark now, yes. Guys, it's three, two, one, okay. I'm going to make it look like I'm hiding in the box by just splashing water everywhere. Now I'll hide in this box here hopefully they'll never see that, goodbye someone.
There are no errors there. Wow, I have one more box, although I don't know which box. Do you think my dad is there? Do you want me to attack your dad? Yes, should I attack him very hard? Yeah, he's fine, he's fine, I've never really figured it out before. Shut up, my God, I just heard Anas get tackled. I'm so glad it's not me. He just tackled someone. I hope they're okay because it sounds like he hurts after getting wet. I had to take a shower and then we relaxed. We went out and had a snack.
Oh, we just let everyone wait in their boxes and see if anyone got bored and let anyone fall asleep. There was time for another round. It's literally been probably five hours. Hit your bubbles. Those are very fun. Do you know what they are? no bumper bubbles, well these things sound so dangerous, oh we have 10 seconds. Rowan Mr Glitter, the man is going to time us one, two, three, oh my god, she got her brother, oh my god, that sounds a lot worse than I thought, that was the guy she hurt, bro. Good god I was crazy oh what is it I can hear the fart there is no one we have caught seven people we have four more left and we only have a few rounds left and man I don't want that consequence let me see if we can catch everyone before it gets dark and avoid the consequences next I don't want to say she didn't mean fart spray a box is about to receive some grease spray are you ready they probably aren't ready fart spray right oh?
Oh wow, I think it's bad out here, but it would be worse inside, don't we think I've smelled pig spray before? Believe me, it's deadly. You don't want me to spray you with fart spray. It's disgusting. Okay, we haven't looked. in the kitchen still and this would be a pretty epic place to hide What is it about? I think this is false. I don't think there's anyone underneath, but I think that means there's someone in one of these boxes. I could, oh God, I just do. I think it's fake I don't think it's real I'm going to come in here Okay if there's anyone here you're about to get a really big fart spray yeah stay there who is that oh my god that's bad Oh God, do you understand?
Get me out of here oh my god that was so bad I'm so sorry follow Mark Telling Tik Tok please he's amazing. There are three left, we've been waiting even longer to see if anyone gives up on these last three contestants are holding on, it's almost black now, look at this, boxing gloves we have, oh, okay, okay, I'm not in a box, listen, it's 10 seconds with huge boxing gloves starting right now, okay, there's no one there, oh come on, you have five seconds left, say three two one. no one can really cut no seriously I could really cut and this is where the losers have landed what's the next round Mentos when I think of huge explosions you know what I think of Collins Key do you want to do this for us please don't be me I just wash hair, this mansion cost us a lot for this video and one of the three remaining people could end up winning it if we don't find them all.
We've knocked down almost all the boxes outside, except this one, oh yeah, oh. I don't know I just heard someone vlogging there okay here we go so bottles under three two one oh my god it's just me and Devin it's time for the final round only Asala and Devin left if not We find We both have to have a terrible consequence and they take the mansion. The air horn hurts from here. I can only imagine where the next little box will be. Let's put this next to the boxes and see if anyone does anything. noise hiders you have 30 seconds inside and a rope but inside down oh my god it's dark outside where I point my hoodie I'll never suspect it here I guess I'll just go here I don't have time What am I doing here?
Are you doing there? I have all the places. Yes, but I bought my hoodie. They're my room where you left my hoodies. I wore it so big. They have to ensure that both of us do not make the foreign consequences. Obviously I'm here everyone, I haven't heard anyone say anything. I'm pretty sure she's here. Is it him or her? We have to choose both rights or we will have a consequence. One of these I'm going to push one of these three. I have this tiger thanks for watching the video.

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