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EXTREME DIY Kitchen Makeover & Disaster Pantry Transformation!

May 09, 2020
In fact, I'm crying. I think I'm very tired and very excited. These two fruits and it might not, that's like the size. I like the size of a


. We came in very small


s so I think "I have good signs we have good bones so we just need to fix what's going on because right now it's not happening to me how I'm going to fix it to be honest with you I think we first need to think about our plans is first and foremost because our appliances have an oven that doesn't even like to close I mean it doesn't even see your shot so that has to go we have to get new appliances and I think we're going to have to consult someone about the layout because right now it's just not functional we have stuff everywhere we have like random ugly beans we have nowhere to put stuff this is like stuff everywhere i just want hidden stuff i want storage yeah i just play i use any storage in a Commodores similar I think it's part of the way because I use Solo I'm going to say all these things and the color base great great I love it look at that red ring rule I actually think that's actually pretty cool I want to keep it but if I hate that what I should do is probably buy or something in black I'm thinking black cabinet maybe a black hand many do this pickle, it might be dry, i'm going to play with it, but if we definitely need to go black, also, I mean, I love my Roscoe because I love bronze, I don't really want to see it and what I want to do is create a space where I can hide all appliances because these appliances are very useful and I don't want them on the work table either.
extreme diy kitchen makeover disaster pantry transformation
I don't want to see them, so I want them. gone, can i show you the best fit? I'm actually kind of mortified to show you this, oh my gosh, so this is our


really stripped down. I'm embarrassed, okay, but this is really a nice space to have. the butler's


we've filled it to the brim I literally can't find anything that's g There's stuff everywhere. I have like shopping bags. There are seams everywhere here. It's like our spices are out of control. It's like there's really no other way to describe this barrel of Patrick's. as written on it this must have been like a share house because someone wrote his name on the shelves kathy and then the support doesn't live here anymore what are you doing?
extreme diy kitchen makeover disaster pantry transformation

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extreme diy kitchen makeover disaster pantry transformation...

Oh creepy I need everything God is like a nightmare for Cisco to repeat and what I'm thinking about turning it into something really good about this pantry these appliances moving in here simplify and get some storage clean it up how it feels without um these tiles yellows are not my cup of tea as though I need to get rid of a Gauri Plus baby seat this is not functional its in the way it makes a microwave a massive feature and quietly don't need it don't want it and, if all goes well, come and choose here. this is very to cover that i don't know why this is so they come it's a lot of thinking and potentially we actually cross here and we cross all the way we have storage cabinets on the wall and we create more of a feature here and just i feel a little more work the best fridge doesn't fit anyway the reason it's here it's so awkward because it literally doesn't fit anywhere else so what i think we need to do is move it and potentially move here we want get a new fridge too I think the flow will be a lot nicer because the minute you walk in and the hull breaks it just needs to be perfect I wanna be kidding too when you walk in I have never used or closed this door thanks to go it doesn't need to be here and these lights i love a spot of red in the kitchen i'm a little partial to red in the kitchen but we're not partial to that so i wanted to get them i want to trade the symptoms for the lighting.
extreme diy kitchen makeover disaster pantry transformation
I just want to get that out and then it will. make this room feel kinda figure they're not hanging really like basically looking at paint probably a lot of paint new cabinets new appliances and a solution for that butler's pantry to make those kinds of functions next level let's rank our appliances first yeah , appliances most importantly i want to figure out some storage solutions yeah because i need to think about this ok so most pots nowadays because i want to figure out the color of these walls and also i want to look at captain Hey, thinking black. we're going to put the cabinet on top of the bench what we're going to do is the wall sink yeah ok you have a valid point come on ok nice nice Kepner hold on like this I really like this black and then no red brick on my part.
extreme diy kitchen makeover disaster pantry transformation
I'm not with you I don't want to hate the contrast let's find someone in the store yeah we should talk to Frank because you need to drill it depending on how thawed you want to know made the thr ee different types of And on reflection what would you say is the better? vivid bright lexicon white room I'm white better one I agree with the correct answer like support us and now I'm just trying to figure out a way because there's quite a bit that's true strong contrast against the red brick obviously we're going to paint over this delicious how I call this feature wood trim?
I've got some very, very light rays because I feel like the gray is going to take on a little bit of gray here and just think about smoothing it out a little wow I don't think I've shaken it up enough wait you can shake it up here a little stereo just relax your muscles more quick i mean oh it's pretty good did you learn how to play between the lines, very messy i feel like i don't have to explain to my aunt jenny. on the net we have to go back and double card in that grade three black cabinets the clock currents can potentially be like a white tile which is a very high contrast material and if we go all white walls it might be a bit heavy on top to contrast it with the monitor and this is not a modern home and I like that it should embrace what you have.
We will be back. We are missing code. New cooking day. I'll tell you what I could get used to. that i want you to make my dreams come true that's patty nard we slam on the brake yes yes the brick stays this is whether or not we paint the quiet brick anywhere we can put a cabinet oh what he wanted you have that story his origins everything for him to be, yeah just more little cabinets, yeah I want to keep this, yeah I don't want to put anything in here, my only concern is, what do these two do? be doable which I guess we can do if we want the red brick to come if we go to the brick it would go to the bottom of that it just has a strip of white under it or a strip of whatever color you want to paint it will fit that will work that well what comes out so this makes sense yeah this is that easy yeah yeah okay cool i mean these i mean it's like weird rock i mean brando a cabinet sticking out of the shop on the shore and it feels awkward i think we need to go further here shorter than that we have a double sink coffee would it show you know maybe it's good maybe as far as the closet attic yeah we have John just making decisions better it's Aaron and I would make it happen freestanding oven what which I think Jonna, you wanted it to be that microwave chamber we went through. them, how much time does that add to the order?
Four to six weeks okay how long are we talking if we don't custom make for any of that magic kitchen sorry I really want some lace and some day Dan we're going to try to hack these we want to know what's up below eat it right so i want to reveal something cool no fuck you're going to be mine thank you eric knows where eric is do it let's do like stand behind a tree then come to the top like a nut Ozzie oh my god john irons can take off your handyman they're featuring G with flex putting it on for this new yeah I love putting it on wanted trendy colors they tell you I'm pretty cool yeah I think it's too similar to put two next to each other. i feel like i could take the edge off the black is everyone everywhere is going to let the appliance look maybe a customer john are you happy? make anything funny happen like janet in the good deed how cool is that kitchen right now it's like a mobile shop tool supplies the rain makes me so sad right now sorry mate look at this look at that oh hi jeannie yeah someone decided to remove all the doors before using up the floor how was i supposed to do the same thing under the door? good job for another day that's one thing about DIY you go at your own pace and you'll like the section you save money but he works hard you know one thing i have and i have all our stuff on my facebook right now market what else are you selling I think I also solved the oven hey I have a barbecue going someone just a messenger said we are going out ha ha this little beauty can find Annie at home.
I think I'm IVA tired and very emotional. I can't believe you sold the oven too so I'm still hot. no way to tell yeah we got to check the new floors through this so good look at that wash aspect yeah that's how they're going to be yeah yeah oh my god this guy can't bleach it yet because you got to fix this right we thought it would be a good idea to close a plantation he needs a good idea which is a great idea but then we decided to remove the trim instead of putting the plantation shutter you know reevaluate it come on to go over it oh you ripped out the trim so the plantation shutter comes down to that here but it needs to be cleaned up this is I don't know how good the stance is it's still on the wall and I'm scared to get it done because it will much more work.
This is what we would have to claim. I'm going to save it so we can patch it up. and as long as it doesn't have holes it won't fall off, yes it will mend itself. I tried fitting lives around the section to shut up, yes make sure it filled in all the gaps. He is one hundred and thirty years old. They asked for it. something exciting, but it will look beautiful. I've finished now? It's actually a mess we found. the thickness of the plaster is not an abnormality, yes, what are you doing? I'm getting sparkling water or a tap from Billy, which is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me.
Oh, Mr. Frenchy, would you like what? No, I don't even think it makes me sound like a young man painting the walls makes his cakes look a million times better. the problem through too many in the pantry if i use the wrong hole i use the wrong Rolla hot tip i use the same roll on all the claps it's well taken care of that's around to look bare i should probably stop rolling over the cabinets in new york oh no, next time we'll sand the defects on the pan, but the second part is much faster. What song is playing today?
But for that situation, I feel like I need to wash it. a little bit of crunch control because the cabinets we have actually fit inside this little hole so Jonah is actually humming to make custom cabinets which is him drilling the back now i have power coming in two places there ten there we're going to have like a bench top ar e a space here for microwave the workbench will be good for our choice sir and yes some elbows oh the deal here is we have all this whiteboard we're not going to touch , it's kind of married but we kind of like it but what we don't like are these yellow tiles so it's perfect for the renovation range so we're going to turn those yellow tiles into dark tiles to match With this light, he is having a lot of fun.
I can tell the pantry update time. I'm just checking out his work on the street, so it's pretty small, so the problem here is that he had a cabinet to put in here, but it won't fit through the door. The walls were straight or they are all arched. and the holes in the plaster fall out so it's quicker and easier to veneer, apply, build some shelves right up against the wall and build our way up and it's using all four turns because if we hadn't even put a cabinet in there , would you do it. I've only been able to be this big and spacious and all that's out there is sque oh I'm back and I've got to paint everything right oh yeah we don't want wood in there we're just going to move it around a lot to get back to work then , quick, I want to pan again like this is Sally's with sort. looks like a kitchen again yeah i already lost mine ok kitchen will be all white upstairs but to think black cools something like this what are you asking because we are going to have a very monochromatic backbone and i feel like black be very strong and in contrast very nice not beautiful what roof this could be good for covering any kind of don't you think we could have gotten past the front line that fast? so we're really going to put a couple and so you can turn them around you may have read them anyway so you can adjust it and you can turn them around thatcool kitchens done in black or pantries done right that special treat for sure this is the description, so don't think I'min the wrong area you just have stuff everywhere so if we were to be like this it's for rice or else a bunch of tiles for what something like this is like a horizontal thin subway tile with a marble finish or just glossy white , that's the house swatch already there yeah well we have the mat at home but actually i think the gloss could actually be better because we have a lot of matte everywhere because of the fruit so i feel that glitter would be great thinking it's probably a better choice than marble because marble could be a bit fancy.
United States, we're actually doing pretty well. Gives it a bit of texture, doesn't it? The most expensive option was chosen. This is a cheap option. Price it. What about this? That's what we do. there's a foot of water under you eah it'll be like that you really see it yeah okay I'm so excited because now is the time I've been waiting the longest for the objection to be over it's clean it's fully stocked and now you I'll take a little tour I love it even me now words can't express how much I would love our kitchen this was actually the biggest renovation we've ever done because the rusada from scratch literally gutted the joint and we had to do some design. decisions about what we wanted to do in his space so when it came to working on the space what we wanted to do first and foremost was figure out what appliances we wanted which brings me to this handsome guy on my right you are so hot and yes we are in a very serious relationship now, this is a new standalone kitchen from Electrolux and I can say the dark stainless steel sets the tone, it had a lot to do with a lot of our design choices going forward as well. so these guys are like the hero here uh old oven was broken and didn't shut down properly so we thought we need it to maintain the oven to set the tone for this kitchen it has an induction cooktop that should be honest with you huh?
Why not while I've used the move? I've never had one before it's fast as crazy so if I want to boil an egg or something the best time to use it was like oh my god like it literally boils it so incredibly fast so I had to say hi to feet like me using the appliances because I was like oh my gosh this is completely different than any other line basically it's super clean it's super smart I mean it's swedish design and you taste sweet I know what's what when it's all about design, look it's actually flashing. in because I don't actually have a boat or anything here, he acknowledges that I don't, so we could start painting the service, which is smart because you treat it like an artboard at some point, so that's really nice. security feature I'll show you the box so we can check hello I'm there so now you should go flat and now he's swing he's great let me boil boil while he boils I'll show you this, the oven, look at the size of this oven.
I've had a lot of dinners since then. I've got this oven, it's crazy. I'm like who wants to come to my house for dinner because I'm cooking like I really enjoy cooking. I don't know Jonah. I've become a genius in the kitchen tonight. you have a Lot, I baked a cake, thank you, but I baked a cake here, you can select your function, sorry, they just found out what you spend overall, so you can go. it's when you do those moves you also set the temperature of the standard textures you can change you can turn that up or down you can feel like no you wanted it to ten or something so that's a really nice feature and another nice feature is which will actually pop up and show you what temperature it is within 20 gears and it works in a way t your perfect temperature will let you know it plays all the way to boil i mean it's so unbelievably fast it's quite a big bit of water in there and it's done anyway i'm very excited i should also mention how lovely it looks against this beautiful marble tile do you remember what was going on before we had that reading it was just a second we didn't know where our microwave was so when we put it out we were going to see if we could completely fix it we just had to start from scratch so we chose these beautiful tiles and i like the gray effect, works great with these cabinets hot tip I don't know if it's a hot tip in terms of the color of the grout. because I thought not And it was going to be too much contrast and John oh you did a really good job hoping it's tight it works really well because it's more tonal against the tile itself rather than really high contrast so I create the wrap high contrast works really well, but maybe for more modern spaces that are being professionally put together which I haven't talked about, which is probably one of the most important things in this kitchen is the cabinet that we brought in Aaron, which came out of Bunnings, she's my new best friend, I did that because look, I had a pretty good idea of ​​what I wanted, but I wanted to make sure because we were ordering off-the-shelf cabinets.
I want to make sure I get the best use out of basically what I wanted. was to pick the most effective cabinets for this space so what I selected was the congroo door which is bunny and I really wanted Matt to perform so you joined in you were in that black rain so we knew we wanted feedback on matt black when necessary. in the store I did not want to repeat what was already happening I wanted something a little different to buy a know about gray if I want to or not I really like to grow but I went with this boy and that I really love this boy's name is The black pudding really does not like it like to eat black pudding but it turns out it looks great as a workbench and the name of the matte black finish is molasses so together my life systems black pudding might not be a great combination to eat probably it wouldn't do. i'm in the play but together in the kitchen amazing sorry thankfully kabuto molasses.
I really like it and it works really well with anything matte black beaches, which brings me to this big thing that Johnny, I mean, I probably need a lot about this. I have a man well basically you showed me the dimensions and I mentioned and I thought it was too big for this face but John I'm not going to say this many times you were right oh okay. this is the moment dylan sees it's matte black i have to say i had a plain sink so once you double one you can't go back to a plain this is like it changed my life now it's like when you upgrade to Joaquin you better never sleep on the queen lay down ever again and talk ing which I just have to talk about this fancy little man here the bill is very very excited to be like this he's been singing every time I walk into these beautiful houses from home tours and i love them so much obsessed and john oh and i drink alot probably too much aaron's if we drink some sparkling water sorry this bad boy keeps you fizzy from the tap, let me open my welcome cabinets of my glass a real food you can get sparkling water touch if you press true down house the bubbles but then if you don't want sparkling water you can also get just plain sure you should if you go there to the right ha and then my favorite thing actually this is my favorite thing because i love tea instant boiling water it has been a game changer for me what i need to mention also while talking about the cabinets i should also mention some of the shelving we thought we wanted this caboodle room as well we basically ask for two cash pieces from his rank john are you handy with this guy?
I love how I love the wood that was brought into this space because we went for a black and white mood that really helps bring a lot of warmth to the interiors and because we chose to do open shelving. it just gives a little more character and color to the space because if i cook books here my beautiful client with lovely and a green pot there are also nice touches and it means it just gives a little more flavor to a little more sass, we did this as well, so we created these beautiful open shelves essentially before we had a presentation here. i know what needs something here because this wall is pretty ordinary we originally wanted to make an invisible shelf and jonno had plants but all of that didn't work out so basically what we did was drill more so i created new seating brac kets that really I like them so this is really cool because it's like a nice little bit of styling which is cool but if you can max out here's my mood for plants all talking about weird stuff I should talk to mention these Remember when we saw that beautiful lumen blast iron from the IE news so at least it's like a dining room but I loved it because I love that kind of broken glass look?
Those are the people I'm referring to here along with my cookbooks. really nice to bring a bit of play bring a bit of personality talking about the color that we've painted over the brick red rest in peace and i'm actually kind of sad as to why it was going to be really hard to keep that brick red because once we started keeping an eye on things it was easier believe me paint it so we've actually changed that we've left a little water which is the same white that also makes shows for the bar and also fit in life we eat like recruits a pr product yeah we sprayed everything good cause we got the whole place so it was easier to spray it yeah because we're planning to break in you'll actually get a nice base coat so yeah two coats of primer with the spray gun After we do the roof, oh yeah, can we have a moment to reminisce about the sand and lots?
So we used to have well, that's enough. linear and annoying all those roles, they just didn't need to be here, every kind of distracting acting within this space pennant line team just wasn't around. I really liked how simple these guys are, they keep it around like 360 ​​very well, but for now we opted to go straight down. I love that contrast, it's our beautiful pristine ceiling speaking to life. of diy layers if anyone saw the art deco creator we did in my own manal apartment i chose the plantation shutters from the diy shutters and put them there and they immediately transformed the space and i was really jealous that i had to sell that place in someone else I had to join them so I was basically like I was doing my cooking.
I'm buying those blinds yeah so back here they are oh yeah something like that obviously very private you can open up Photoshop and take them off In fact we only have a big one open shut up we don't show you can open your window and let you breathe sorry but to be honest I mean we don't even have open it's always closed but it's good for all this little Seat: It's good, this is cozy, are you ready for probably one of the most exciting reveals in this kitchen? Does everyone remember the pantry and what we were dealing with?
Do you remember the jar? you are country welcome to a new pantry or should i say butlers pantry this makes me so unbelievably happy i cant even begin to explain how excited i am about this space it might actually be my new favorite thing in this kitchen too how do you we call now john oh it's not the pantry it's this store oh my god so i went obsessive compulsive and i like that it was actually really therapeutic like i had to do an inventory check of what we had. no need so i gave a lot of things away or just put stuff that was old in the trash and then took it apart and created storage solutions and these storage solutions are amazing it's a game changer so i picked these guys from bunnings here and these too from Bunnings online I've managed to order the more we buy different things this is like my snacks I have the things I don't use as often like baking and stuff up there and then I have more affordable stuff downstairs he says yes it's really exciting we wanted to bring one of the caboodle cabinets in and out of the shelf that we realize would fit the space like we had one that would fit but physically it wouldn't actually fit and in this space and there was no way we could assemble it here , sorry John I had to be a little hands on and we designed this butler's pantry which was great we designed it in a way where it had dots of power. in the back that's really cool we've got a rice cooker we've got a toaster we've got a microwave it's like that work station now we've got a lot of storage space for our food and we've got a couple of hooks as well here which is great because I have my apron, my grocery bags which is important and I should also mention down here that they have so I have more bad grocery stuff over there so it's all hidden and I love it it just makes me happy i'm so excited that's the store and i love it and i talk about food we can just have atake a look at what's going on here the sexiest french door fridge you've ever seen Electrolux again with the dark stainless steel I mean it's so unbelievably sexy next to that matte black it's really big but it's also very smart check it out a look at three doctors. be weird but it has like a compartment for 12 eggs a fridge used to have room to put pins yeah home like you always used to frustrate me my mom gave me ten when i always buy a dozen so anyway anything like that quite a lot of compartments i like This multi zone a lot because I have a lot of things, little life energies and things like that in the herbs so it's a good way to keep them separate from all of your larger console and also have a not mentioned yet but very very important this dishwasher it's that they bother me a lot obviously these guys I really like how the clean looks it just looks clean and nice again still the ultimate penetration is very streamlined like all Electrolux and you press the bottom you put it on it goes stops you don't listen like you don't even know it's one the only way you know it's actually working is it has like a little red light that s peas say you're great he's like going and one of the best things but it's over it just goes and it just pops open and it's so chipped that if I put it in overnight oh it comes in the morning I really love it it's so nice so little patches really good so i have to load the dishwasher i also need a photocopier you know i've wanted a new coffee machine for a long time like several years but i didn't want to have one in my couldn't be kitchen this kitchen this it makes me so happy my love we started from scratch you are proud of what we do joy it's a big improvement it's a big improvement right yes it's a kitchen and i hope you like it see you thank you very much for watching that was long hope you enjoyed I loved this kitchen renovation but I would love to know what you think, please leave me a comment below and if you would like more information on the products and supplies we use in this kitchen, please contact me.
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