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Feb 27, 2020
done one two three hello everyone welcome back to my channel today's video is my



i'm so excited today is the first day so i'm shooting all week until i have a finished product of this room like this that you will see the whole process from painting to decorating, installing everything and seeing the final result, so be sure to watch until the end so you can see the before and after. I can't even tell you what it's going to look like yet because I'm not there. However, today the first day is painting day, I'm in my painter's outfit, as you can see, it's really big and it comes with this nice hood, so I don't know if I'll wear that thing that I'm so excited to have.
extreme bedroom makeover huge transformation
You guys here love that you are excited to see this whole room


since you saw me clean my room. I'm cleaning my childhood room for the first time in about a year. I need to get rid of almost everything. because we are going to turn this


into a guest room soon i just want my mom wants to have a room in the house where people can come and stay and i just want this to be very neutral very guest friendly i guess you know how to pick colors of paint today i need help choosing paint colors i have these paint colors on the wall right now i like this one because it's warm y'all see the difference this one is too white and it's really hitting the wood now so that's out , I love this one and then I'm going to cut that one out because it's too white too so now I'm dealing with these two and I think I'm weighing more this way go home decor shopping I'm pretty sure I have every piece of decor i need for this room in this car right now so its completely packed i was just determined not to buy expensive stuff find exactly what i want ero at a good price so i have literally been going from store to store all day just to find the best stuff oh so excited for you guys to do it. see everything i'm going home right now so i can show you guys like a little tour of everything i found we've all done it together and now we're finally at the finish line so i need to channel all my enthusiasm into paint these walls and finish it and for any of you that are new here this is my childhood room in my parents house so i've had these pink walls since i was probably 12 maybe younger than that so that it's time to make a nice mature room here.
extreme bedroom makeover huge transformation

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extreme bedroom makeover huge transformation...

In fact, I'm turning my bedroom into a guest room. room for my parents so it's going to be airy beautiful quiet and not so embarrassing in pink oh I'm a bit out of breath now but I finally got that brown dresser out of here so it'll be gone again yeah you weren't. t following the other videos i'm not going to get all my furniture out of the room to paint because it's too big it's too messy i'm just going to keep changing it to work before we start painting i want to give them a bit before the shot so they can you soak me n how this room used to look so we can all remember before we start changing it this is how my room has looked for the past few years let's go ahead and open this painting done one two three wow it's pretty this color looks so perfect it's that warm white i wanted that nice ivory oh it will look so dreamy in here ok so i'll start stirring it up and then we'll start painting guys i love the way it looks white is so much better than pink that's a crazy I should have done this a long time ago so I'll keep painting but wow I still have a whole room to do but let's finish this wall is done but it definitely needs a second coat because it's a little stained you can still see the pink through it but I moved the bed a bit so I can stay back and keep etching and painting to make it official guys we're not going back now because I have the half of my white bedroom this back wall i love oh my gosh i love it the way it looks with the bed it's so much more open and bright so we have this painted wall we have this painted wall and then this is still pink and that's still pink so i'll leave it for tomorrow because i'm so tired i can't even explain how tired i am right now my body hurts i feel like i can't even stand up straight i think i'm going to take a break tonight and then finish painting tomorrow and just all done tomorrow which i think i can do and then we can start decorating and installing so i'm so excited i don't think i could have picked a better shade of white as if it would match per perfectly with my furniture I can just see it all coming together and I'm so happy I'm so happy I did this but I just want to give you a little update on how it looks look how amazing it looks and then go wow what was i? thinking here this pink is so wild good morning guys we are back for day two of painting and hopefully day two is our last day of painting so i did two walls yesterday this and that and now we are working on the one behind you and the one over there so hopefully i can cover them all and apply the second coat so the goal is to paint everything today and then we'll use the next day to decorate and install so this is going great in fact the color looks amazing i love it in daylight now seeing it this morning and it just reflects light so much better here so i'm just having my coffee before we go because i'm still tired from yesterday but we're going to keep painting and we're going to finish this today it's official no more pink in look how amazing it already looks stained but amazing it's so bright here look at the difference even on camera this is like a big difference I just used my entire can of paint and it's complete empty mind now so i have to go back to the store and buy a second one even the guy at the store told me it would give two coats but it didn't so after i get the second can of paint i'll spend the rest of the finishing this room overnight and the second coat will be completely on and dry by tomorrow so I'm really excited to move on with this I actually really like my furniture now like before I was like oh I don't know about this furniture but now that it's not on a pink wall I really like it so painting was definitely a good idea we already knew but now it's confirmed it was the best idea and guys look how brilliant I am.
extreme bedroom makeover huge transformation
I'm sweating like crazy even though it's winter and I'm actually freezing in this room. That suit makes you sweat. I'm very, very proud of myself because I made this whole room by myself. I moved to the duct-taped painted furniture. I am very determined to have this video for you on Sunday. This needs to be done so they can see it because I can't wait. to share the excitement with you i feel like it's going to look like kristen hotel it's g I'm going to look amazing here ok guys i'm back in my suit to continue painting.
extreme bedroom makeover huge transformation
I just got my second can of paint so we're ready to do coat number two and it better be the last coat because I'm so tired. from painting i'm so happy right now i finally finished painting oh my god that took a whole day but i took breaks so it wasn't really a full day i'm so happy right now it looks so good i did two coats and it all covered the pink , so I didn't even have to prime the walls and I just finished doing all the edging so we can remove the tape tomorrow because the tape makes it look really messy right now. so as you can see painting a room changes everything completely so if you want a makeover and you can't get new furniture like me I'll keep all the same furniture and you just want a new decor or you just want a change in general , painting your space is probably the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to do a room on top of it, if you haven't seen the video I just did on choosing paint colors definitely check that one out too, I'll link it below, but make sure you testing their paint colors on the wall to get the perfect color so i had a bunch of different color swatches to choose from and i painted them all on the wall to decide which one and i chose pearl polished this one so since its late now im going to clean here take a shower and I'll see you guys in the morning alright guys it's the next day now it's the third day decorating and installation day I'm so excited I woke up this morning I saw the painting and I love it I couldn't be happier with it so if they were here. from my last video i showed you all the different decor pieces i chose to put in this room so if you saw that one you got a little sneak peek of what this is going to look like but we have a lot of things to hang on the wall today i have to push my furniture back where I want it to b I actually have a plan about this dresser that I need to tell you about right now so you can see my furniture is in the middle of the room right now but I'm not moving it too much I'm putting bed. back where it was centered on the wall because it wasn't even centered before i like it when you walk into a room there is room to walk you can get right into bed instead of saying you know say my bed was here and you walk in there is the side of the bed that's where you get stuck so you need some sort of flow in your room always keep that in mind when you're rearranging your space make sure it makes sense if they can remember my nightstand was on this side I'm actually going to move it there so we have more space here.
You can open the door all the way and then this dresser right here, so I have a plan with this dresser because I think this part of the mirror just dates it. It completely makes it look very old and heavy and I really don't like that it just matches the bed exactly it's too matching for me but luckily this comes off very easily so all I have to do is unscrew this area there myself and then you take it away from me and I keep the bottom half and I actually really like the bottom half and I'm going to redecorate the wall above so it looks a lot better we're going to put in a new mirror and I'm really excited about that if any One of you is redoing your rooms and you have these dressers with the mirror.
It's a bit too matching for you guys or too heavy. You can remove the mirror so easily that it won't damage the vanity at all and then you can reinstall the new mirror on top. new artwork on top anything that makes it look a little newer fresher more modern and yeah that will really help keep that in mind before you throw out all the furniture and get new stuff wow this will looks so much better and so much more modern like i would totally buy this piece of furniture again i still really like it so it makes the room look so much bigger which i love i love walking in and you can see the wall instead of seeing everything the mirror so this is so perfect now i can decorate with the surface more and it's less matching in the room here this looks so much better it was 100 best idea i had today i have all my decor laid out here on the bed i have lamps mirrors wall art rugs blankets macrame gotta do some DIY here my beautiful fake plant was looking for a big black mirror like this and i found one today i went out early looking for it because i really thought it would help bring this space together or so I found it at home since it was actually for sale so I love it and I'm so excited to put it here so in the last shopping video I showed you where I got each thing but I can't really link any of them below because some of the stuff is from a thrift store some of it is from you know h omesense winners order stuff like that where it's like they don't have a website and you can't link to it but the vibe of this space if you can tell it's like a country house modern minimalist earthy bohemian it's a bit everything but it's all my favorite things rolled into one and I think I can make it all work and blend and look great together like this that I'm so excited to put this all together let's start decorating oh my gosh I did it guys I used 50 lbs. hanger is a 50lb picture hanger and i think i was supposed to use a nail but wow this looks so good i should have done it a long time ago just getting rid of all the mirror part that used to be attached to this made such difference and i always dreamed of having a big circular mirror in my room and they are so hard to find like they are everywhere but they are not the right size so i cant believe i finally found the perfect size round black mirror i love these so much chandeliers are perfect circles ci rcles circles goes great in this cute whimsical corner but now we have to work on this side of the room so i need to start hanging that mirror there and then i will hang this love picture often over the nightstand at night. here so I hope I can hang that and the image at the same level to create some sort of square symmetry as I don't havetwo nightstands i'm trying to find symmetry in a different way i really like beds that are you know sort of symmetrical and i think this is the way to do it now i'm finally installing some curtains in this room so i bought these thick curtains from ikea i also got this black curtain rod from ikea and i got one that is actually bigger than the size of my window so it doesn't look like it but it extends further so it can take up more space with the curtains.
I'm going to hang the rod pretty high it actually makes the ceiling look higher so that's also a little trick if you guys have a small space make sure you take up a lot of space with your drapes really tall and really wide it does make your window look bigger it makes the wall look bigger so i'm going to go ahead and try to figure out how to hang this oh my god i just realized i only bought one of these I thought they came two in a pack, why would they sell one that's so stupid? tomorrow because it's too late now oh my god that's so annoying I can't believe I never checked that and I can't believe they only sell one curtain hanger in a pack even though you need two to hang a curtain this is a madness i guess we will continue with this till tomorrow to finish all this as i have to go back to ikea to finish this because we need to get everything ready like i need to lift the curtain it needs to be finished that's like a


factor in all this design so the curtain is going to have to wait for tomorrow this video now continues till tomorrow so this might not be the last day i think we will need a day four for this room makeover the room makeovers will take a long time and we're back for the last and last day of this room makeover sure this time I have everything I need to finally complete this space today so let's get started this morning.
I went to home depot and bought these brackets to hang the curtains on so this pack came with two like a normal bracket pack so we can finally get the curtain up I got to do my little DIY today where I'm sanding these appliques then spraying them with this charcoal chalk paint to make it look great especially when you put the white sails on it. it shows up there and a lot of you guys suggested doing the black one so i think it will look great i need to start with that so they can dry and then i can hang them so let's start with these wall sconces i'm going to sand them and then probably i have to go out in the snow and start spraying them good so this said charcoal but i was thinking because the picture would be a little darker but this looks pretty gray so i might actually have to paint over it with an acrylic if It doesn't dry darker but now I'm working on this one I'm just going to spray them both so if I end up changing them they both look the same so while the paint dries on the sconces I'm going to hang my brackets I go up the rod there and then i hang my curtains, oh my gosh i hung my first set of curtains and they are amazing. it really helps tie everything together and then also helps smooth out that wall.
I can draw this now like this, so when you pull back, you get this beautiful soft diffused light coming through. It's so private and seems peaceful with it. curtain made the world of a difference makes it look cleaner too cuz my blinds weren't that nice so if anyone needs a little curtain tongue i'm your girl now i know how to do it im so proud of myself i love this and wow a black bar makes such a difference it makes it look high end even though its an ikea bar and it was probably five bucks like it looks amazing wow this might be my favorite part of the room now the curtains for now we will put the new bedding so I have this new duvet cover I don't know what this type of material is called it looks like a doily or like a lace pattern but I just put a duvet inside and it looks really nice and clean here so I'm going to lay this all out on the bed bring all my blankets and pillows here and we'll start styling the bed so my goal here is to have a cozy looking bed with a lot of layers so hopefully we can achieve that putting many different things in it.
This is a cute and very cozy little bed now very simple but Nice and warm so this room is definitely starting to improve and looks much more cozy and inviting. Next, I'm going to start hanging something above the bed, so let me show you the space above the bed. I went out and was looking for something that could go above the bed that wasn't too boxy so I ended up finding this piece of metal wall art that goes perfectly together it's like this little twig and leaf metal wall art. and I think it's cool because I'm using metal on that side of the room.
I'm using metal here right now and it just joins the greenery around me and actually reflects the shape of the bed. I feel like that's going to look really whimsical and pretty and tie together everything that's going on in this room and I'd really like to pull it all together, also when you look in the mirror in front of this bed you can see it and I think it looks really pretty so I brought the sconces inside they're nice and dry now I put the candle in and see how much the candle jumps against that color it's a little more gray but against this wall color I think it really stands out and doesn't look too harsh it's not too black i'm just trying to figure out where to put these i put the green tape next to the bed because that's where i think it would go to help balance both sides of the bed.
I'm just trying to see if it looks too busy or seems weird so from afar this is what this would look like here which I think I like I think I like this threesome and then the same thing on the other side and then these are super light and don't really have a way to hang them so I'm thinking of using these command strips and I'll probably use like four on each or maybe two on each and hopefully that will hold everything now it's hung and up and I just can't even contain myself right now I'm excited by how amazing this looks, I'm so ha happy with it and I can't even believe I did all of this myself in like a few days, I actually did it, i was so overwhelmed at first starting all of this but now that it's over i'm so proud and so relieved that i love it and it looks exactly how i wanted it actually looks better than i could have imagined so i can't wait to share this with you, I'm going to finish some things wiping down some surfaces and wiping down the mirrors so it's all ready to show you guys and you'll see it in just a second I finally completed the room I'm so excited it's been a few days since we started and we're finally here so if you guys I'm excited to see this room.
Give this video a big thumbs up and hit the like button before you jump in. my childhood bedroom these bright pink walls had been here since i was 12 years old. there wasn't any kind of If the decor here nothing goes really right the furniture looked heavy it didn't seem to fit the space so it definitely needed an overhaul and


makeover to turn this crazy bright kid's bedroom into a beautiful quiet guest room ready one two three can you believe this is the same room literally every single thing has changed? This is crazy. This is the best I've ever seen.
I love this wall. It's like a nice accent wall. accent wall i love every single thing too this beautiful whimsical nook in my curtains oh my gosh they are amazing i love my little nightstand area i have my little house body book in here little plant fake my chandelier and my wall art so I have these beautiful sconces that turned out so good hanging them next to the bed actually like pulling the whole bed space together the whole bed is so cozy and cozy and looks so comfortable so t That's just what we're going for here and I'm so happy I'm done with that wall art there because I almost sent it back but thank goodness I took it because I think it fits right in here with all you know. whimsical greenery it was meant to be on top of my bed with my little arched headboard and i love this rug i feel like it just ties everything together this side of the room it ties it all together and of course it wouldn't be a Christian room without a macrame and now I can finally look at myself in a mirror that's not a stupid wavy mirror I could hang it on the wall just above the floor a bit so now I can see everything there's plenty of room in here and I put that mirror there so when I get dressed here together to my dresser i can check my outfit to see if it looks right and then walk out the door so everything is functional everything works its not backlit anymore because my mirror used to be here and the light shined there so everything came back on and my little ones wall sconces on each side of the bed look how cute it is im so glad someone gave them away and thought they were rubbish and made them my little treasure this whole dresser area is probably u one of my favourites. crazy places to see that just removing that big clunky mirror and mounting it around me or really any other kind of mirror helps dramatically I feel like this room is so much bigger now this wall doesn't have the weight it used to have now I know it's supposed to a guest room so why is there a k here but this will be my little design staple.
The room was designed by kristin so the k will now stay here and then i already had this basket so i thought for little things like chargers and remotes i would keep it here so everything looks neat and clean and then these really perfect candle holders they're from ikea and they actually come in this pack of three so you know I love to decorate in groups of three like this That's my little rule so these round candle holders were a perfect addition to this whole area of powder room and for any of you wondering if these are all fake plants from ikea so if you're going to decorate a guest room or a space that someone isn't always going to definitely make fake plants instead of real plants obviously they are so much easier to maintain you don't have to worry about watering them or dying and changing them so they last forever and you know how much I love these curtains so it really softens the space and it makes it look like a private hotel room here and then this whole bed area so now I love this wall but at first I was really struggling with it I was thinking it was It seemed kind of plain I wasn't really getting it that symmetrical look i really wanted so i was a little struggling because i only had one nightstand to work on and the bed was an odd shape so everything was throwing me off. outside I knew I wanted a lamp I knew it When I wanted greenery on one side I knew I wanted a picture above my nightstand so there were things I wanted to incorporate but it was how to balance it on each side so I really feel like it i accomplished by doing the two sconces in either I feel like that really gives it that symmetrical matching look and then having a lamp here and a lamp on the other side of the room also helps to balance the light and then hanging this picture and that mirror across the same height really helps give that look directly at this side of the room and helps tie it all together, even if they're not the same frames, they're not the same pieces of art, you can still do it if you line everything up like I've done.
He said a few times that decorating in groups of three really helps so I decorated in groups of three on each side so I have the lamp, the chandelier and the picture and then here I have the chandelier and the mirror and the plant so it helps balance everything even you gh it's not the same on either side it's very very similar and then I really think this metal plant artwork really ties it all together because it mimics the shape of the bed it's held up by yes on its own and it helps to separate both sides of the bed so i think it really all blended together so well so now the design of this room feels so thoughtful and well planned with so much balance and symmetry and contrast and texture there is literally everything what's involved here and i can't believe i did it like that. three days so I'm very happy with this space I hope you enjoyed this room makeover I really enjoyed doing this you probably can tell by my enthusiasm all the time this makes me so happy I love it design spaces so if you guys like to see these room makeovers please let me know below comment below what you think if you want to see more room makeovers i have plenty of other rooms to do so trust me , I have a lot more to do if you guys want.
So please let me know below that it's been so much fun having you here through the whole process, from cleaning the bedroom to picking out paint colors together, to going home decor shopping. home and now we're finally here with the final results, so I loved it. all your suggestionsalong the way you guys convinced me to do the black chandeliers and i'm glad i listened so thank you all for coming up with all your suggestions and design ideas and being such a big part of this room so i'm definitely looking forward to do it again, so make sure you guys are here for the next videos, the next room makeover videos, the organizing videos, all of that because I'm here to do it and I know how much you love it so be sure. you are subscribed to my channel and click the red subscribe button below and turn on my notifications so you never miss a video i love you so much i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did and see you guys on my next vi bye

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