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Extra 3 vom 29.04.2020 mit Christian Ehring | extra 3 | NDR

May 01, 2020
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3 in the corona crisis, the question always arises how do we proceed now, where do we have to relax, what should be possible again as soon as possible and of course at the top of the priority list is football , the Bundesliga wants to start. again from mid-may the clubs urgently need money says


seifert from the german soccer league everything is a commercial company and if that doesn't work out sooner or later we will be in the same position as all other companies you also have you have to realize that if we don't counteract it, now the Bundesliga clubs are going to be like all the others at some point, yes, no, you shouldn't look down on it, it's about their very existence, many players have to eat lobster to lunch. because they can no longer afford to gild solidly funded clubs are up and running after only four weeks with no income financially in the abyss bayer 04 leverkusen what no one knows s 04 stands for the club's total bookings in euros and honestly why why shouldn't you be able to play football even in corona times? great football legends have already predicted that i think of all the famous sepp herberger quotes the ball is round and the incubation period is five days or andy brehme hates the crown on his foot he has corona subscriptions or of course franz beckenbauer goes out and rinses football the dfb and the german football league have developed a hygiene concept there will probably be marks on the pitch like at the supermarket checkout you know yes in the meantime please wait here always nice at a distance of 15 meters duels very naturally then no give more because you get too close that means the players just stand in front of each other and play bells and whistles and then end the duel as if you win, actually anything is possible and sadly that is expressly not a wit z the concept of hygiene expects many tests to be carried out around 25,000 corona tests by the end of the season, according to the calculations of the German soccer league , professional footballers need 25,000 tests, why not, yes I would go even further why? let's not say we force all hospitals to just keep part of their intensive care beds and ventilators free for Bundesliga players and if there is a vaccine at some point then it should go to professional players first of course there isn't doubt and that has nothing to do with it. with any special role, except it's just a special role, but these clubs are very modest, take hans joachim watzke, he is president of the small association of paid workers borussia dortmund and this watzke is so modest as this interview shows in sky we will develop a concept that cost us a lot of money but we do all this so we can look for your job again i am crying they are just people who want to follow your job they are honest people who just want to work in these times defy mom well that's what Actors, musicians, stage technicians, restaurateurs, stand builders, hoteliers also want that, but it's simply not like that. t working on football is possible and the argument is very clear the bundesliga is important it is important for the psyche of people in the corona crisis quote markus söder a weekend with football is much more bearable than a weekend without football is a matter of opinion, i would say that a weekend without markus söder is much more tolerable than a weekend with markus or he cannot judge for himself he is always around a lot of people ask you also it is not so dangerous if we organize a lot now even if it's ghost games the fans will rally somewhere to support their club when in doubt stop with the friend of the one. so he has a sky subscription at home in front of the tv maybe even in front of the watzke stadium he defends himself vehemently here again in the sky interview i don't know a single group of fans who have said so far that they will cause crowds from the stadium are just the ones now in space and not one way that happened ok it happened once I think I remember it was very long yeah that was in March when no one is allowed in the stadium so the fans just stand in front of it a few hundred supporters don't want it let them take it to support their team so they stand very tight corona to be fair it should be noted that there was no restriction of departure meanwhile everyone had mouth and nose protection and would keep six feet apart revenue for the league only available when the ball rolls; otherwise heaven pays less and if heaven pays clubs less then clubs can no longer spend the million. paying for the professionals and that is really unimaginable and that is why dear spectators in the spectators my appeal for you too to help donate to the initiative a heart for kicker with only 1000 euros a football professional can survive up to ten minutes there are people out there who in times of corona we all need help this is a historic task and can only be mastered together people who can no longer afford to wear anything who are fleeing gambling addiction out of sheer despair oh my people who are looking for support surprised that there is nothing in the bible about the god of football that is why we demand to save the dfl so we believe in particular that the crisis hits particularly hard how should poor professionals pay for the watches of gold that breaks when washing hands, how many tears does a modest owe?
extra 3 vom 29 04 2020 mit christian ehring extra 3 ndr
Football Manager still has, we really want to waste all the free trial capabilities on any OEMs instead of testing the really worthwhile ones and when did Germany finally understand what the real message of the game is, on the other hand, just about coal ready, why we actually think the ball is round but it doesn't matter always remember if you can't play yourself you can but at least watching others do it saves the dfl because the f means trust a tobias thiel and jonas movie dorn masks have been mandatory on public transport and in shops since monday and i have a feeling that there is still a lot of uncertainty around mouth and nose protection i hear a lot of whining the mask is too loose what do i do now i need to a bigger head you have to practice all that first new first I free myself from the rings for a moment because the glasses fog up the view they are for that for that for That brings problems there, you see, it's not easy at all.
extra 3 vom 29 04 2020 mit christian ehring extra 3 ndr

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extra 3 vom 29 04 2020 mit christian ehring extra 3 ndr...

Here are five safe tips that you can use to know that you're still doing something wrong with the mask Note 1 You're in the bakery with the mask on for the first time but you can't see the rolls Note 2 You wonder why suddenly you can't find free jazz anymore that exhausts you more note 3 when you eat you have the feeling that the roast pork somehow knows how to flow note 4 the mask bothers you when you urinate note 54 the dentist says I don't know where it hurts but I hope luck maybe the mask also tempts you not to take the safety distances are no longer so serious somehow I have the feeling that a certain indifference is spreading in Germany anyway, at least that's what it seems to me in the public space or there is also the possibility that there are many more families of seven in this country so i thought so far our roll reporter together with cameraman max engel just still have times p asked 150 time you don't know what is the rule murder in times of corona rules rules the rules should be regulated what do you think of the new rules shit stupid that's a deal everyone yes of course it means it's a deal everything is that everything is okay okay if the next one is poor then we get a manual control thats my opinion world war 1 was also the second option now the virus is coming we hope we determine the fear one way or another and next to the cloth is long as i said of course we support the paper hah which is kinda pointless everything is opening up again now all the irish crowds are back and now all of a sudden masks are mandatory i don't know everything contradicts itself a bit.
extra 3 vom 29 04 2020 mit christian ehring extra 3 ndr
I am against. I'm not wearing a mask today either. The entire stretch of the s-bahn through Hamburg. All of Hamburg drove for an hour without a mask. ision if you see more in front of the goal and live fog everyone is like that when I put on the mask and when he breathes my stale air it gives me conjunctivitis in my eyes in three days he gets a lot of air not exactly like that and it looks like a shit like that In any case, you can wash or wait or bake in the oven, of course, everything from 60 degrees, yes, but I don't feel like it, you have that, of course, it's bad, hey, such a mascara as much , it's for the team, it's nonsense, but I still have to go to the bus and traveling by train, he doesn't feel like getting a fine, I have yours more often now than the last one I have hello the three most important questions of the Germans at the moment are yes who harvests our children when can the asparagus go back to the nursery and how do I manage in all the chaos somehow I still have to concentrate halfway on something at least with the asparagus there solution the federal government has permits Specials for the entry of Harvest workers from Eastern Europe are of course subject to the strictest hygiene regulations.
extra 3 vom 29 04 2020 mit christian ehring extra 3 ndr
Of course, all harvest workers are tested every day. They have their own laboratories and the companies have their own doctors. That was the Bundesliga kai know that's why it was just a relatively small report that a romanian harvest worker was killed by the coroner in baden wuerttemberg yes he must have got caught somewhere i have no idea where the asparagus farmers might be responsible Germans we meet Romanian harvest workers at work and watch how they are taken from field to field in such trailers from a distance of 1.5 meters barely visible very little space in the trailer usually also very little space in the accommodation it is clear who is shouldering it knows for example this asparagus farmer here we will be now we're going to introduce another system because we are going to be hard on these people The chicken that adheres to these rules must go, yes, that's clear, if they continue to squat as close together as they first settled in his garden, then he said, but the people at George's school are impertinent too.
With the harvest workers, why don't they bring the biggest ones from Romania? Vehicles with larger accommodations cannot be true and the key question is why are they driving to the accommodation and not working 24 hours that is why they were forced to work as temporary workers. Saw definitely cares about the safety of his people, that's why he also takes their passports, for example, so they don't get lost. but asparagus growers contradict many say that human trafficking is not what we do at most if you earn more from it than from asparagus but in general everything is fine in german fields or german farms or maybe not.
I will ask again. I should go live in Bavaria and specifically on Maximilian Schafroth's big farm. Hello Mr. Schafroth, soybean, rapeseed, biogas, sporty as far as the eye can see, we are about 250 employees, classic family. business and with us let's say every family that has sales in march also belongs to foreigners bulgarians yes back there but just wish i had this appreciation can you guys relax here that's so nice but we keep hearing about rule violations harvest workers with 40 people transported to the field in one trailer like I said we are like a family and if the family has 40 members then you can transport the skin to 40 trailers but what I don't like about the whole discussion is that we keep talking about these people, they just deserve more recognition.
The man was airlifted as Lufthansa. I was so excited that I was almost an immunized adrenaline rush and now the years come with this it's over now television at the top interview by the way the Spaniard is impressed the man but it is ethically justifiable if we are supposed to stay at home but hundreds of temporary workers they are put on a plane we have no alternative we have your cat here on the farm like we love to eat mice but she is too lazy sticker sheet the assignments are the same the germans got split she would love to eat it she has no nonsense to bite and we need people from abroad who do it if possible cheap of course then the German could do it knowing the villa in the allowed mileage of the villa have safety shoes and villa after work because the one who goes to the wholesale market with the Adilette doesn't bother him at all.
I have to explain to the other how it would be better. It can't be done. Seeing in the bedrooms was already contagious because all is well with you n is alright I should say there but seeing straight is the favorite enemy sleeping yes but in your life chief kenneth chenault in the container a living container was produced there, no one has to worry, look honestly, it's still better for people to ask the people themselves, so we must still be years ofdomination and thank you bequeath a series here and now marked the week from a news standpoint oh yeah there was once a summer fairy tale and a dubious million smuggled in the run up to the 2006 world cup and what did they do these guys from fairy tales then again it's about the guy and the wisdom of how 6.7 million euros was moved between the organizers and sponsors and a very rich fifa official in qatar and switzerland was charged with fraud against a high-ranking officer of the dfb hey hey but the sports juncker even knew by magic against the swiss court to counterattack hesitate delay delay delay one request after another is being made because the defenders want to make sure that there is no verdict in first place and thanks to corona the grandparents of football are happy now i am the process of the matter around the football world cup 2006 has ended the accusations are prescribed as of today i was before the will and the moral of the story exactly moral that does not exist in football v the corona friends in washington there was new corona advice from dr and then there is the disinfectant that the virus applies in a minute maybe you should also inject me sounds interest the eye of the present health expert goes to the ground, manufacturers embarrassed and authorities immediately warn against the use of disinfectants, but the super brain doctor was far from over, it could take the body to a lot of light, ultraviolet light or just very strong light and of this very strong light is one then it became particularly bright what else what else oh yes video conference with the chancellor so come on your excellency mrs merkel hello yes how can you hear you know good good good morning and good afternoon good night good morning and most of all good night marked off by Henning Nass, but that was probably all this year with a holiday dance ations abroad ermann falls flat that the track also from normal families or it will not take place so we were all looking forward to finally spending time with the family again or just us as a family and then not having been allowed to go to any other country in another country it would have been great, but the federal government's worldwide travel warning will be extended until June 14, no one knows what will happen after that and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has once again said very clearly that this time people will not really be sent back we only have four weeks from now almost a quarter of a million germans brought from their holiday destination from all over the world we will not do such a return campaign again for many germans a very unusual feeling of what i have to take care of a tourist flight can you go there? because yeah it's like this year it's not a trip or a potentially very long trip now we still have the option to go on summer vacation to germany it's not as easy as you think try to get a flight from hamburg to the lüneburg heath tried to book something last night is practically impossible and he is like that when everyone is on vacation in germany it will be very difficult here it will be a big corona party on a hiking holiday in the dichtl mountains or to impress or on a bathing holiday on the mecklenburgische platte almost nothing to see the east frisian islands will also be crowded there you will not have fun I say I will tell you that I hope normal trips will end soon, there is no mobility anymore, it was so natural until recently and now it is as if the one who sits on home is gone and he can't go, the one who is away can go home and I can go home, darling. luft in this hotel in hamburg restless people finally find a place to relax and mr p due to the corona pandemic the ge the businessman does not fly to his home country of india or travel to singapore where he has been working for over six weeks mr pähler is living the dream of a real slowdown i am stuck in the europäischer hof west due to cupid 19 the singapore govt wont issue me a permit and india there is a total lockdown why no flights there so that there is no travel stress finally stay in the here and now as Mr. pähler turn off and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and all that for an indefinite period of time with a great traveler I travel a lot I was able to enjoy it al principle but the more days go by the better it gets more frustrating and boring with mohring quick exchange that's exactly what being yourself in 28,000 square meters is all about, just taking care of you as the only guest in one of almost 300 rooms, the fantastic bar area is of course closed, so our offer is very different, it is versatile, of course, it is very limited, that's how it is he knows it too and has also accepted and understood that acceptance and understanding are the cornerstones of an inner tree since the first tour of the day is particularly hectic usually lunch is also ordered at the hotel during this first tour because that is when it is most exciting the decision is only spicy or is it somehow different but nothing is somehow different from what it was yesterday and not from what it will be tomorrow he is even more constant than the employees because they have at least two days off a week he is there when the other comes and still it is there when the other leaves and that is exactly what existence is all about that is what finally gives hope again in a crisis stricken world many people in this crisis stricken world Isis are also looking for safe havens, that is, for things to focus on, it can also come out economically through branches of the economy that are still working at this time and there is hope, my god, amen and gentlemen, because the world arms trade is booming, says the international peace research institute sipri from stockholm many of you know the letter from your mobile phone hey simi what will the weather be like tomorrow in south yemen there may be more bomb rain in the morning in libya in the afternoon there may be storms electrical isolated allergy warning for syria That's where poison gas pollen season starts really fantastic yes by the year


you can only report good things there are more arms exports again there are new figures every year for what Kolm and always is a surprise, the world arms trade in recent years is a dubious record the world arms trade has increased significantly As the Sipri Peace Research Institute announced today, global spending on the military rose again last year by one percent.
Exports have risen nearly eight percent in the past five years. sipri peace, arms exports have increased a lot, also from germany, it shows that even in times of contact bans and exit restrictions, you can still meet people one way or another. germany supplies many weapons, for example we supply the boats from egypt egypt is a country that, according to amnesty international, has a very questionable human rights situation, members of the opposition are repressed, gagged, they simply disappear, but i think the federal government he wants to show so much goodwill that opposition members can do better with the messenger but i think by the way egypt is next to saudi arabia and other states are also involved in the war in yemen just like bahrain jordan and kuwait which are also being supplied with weapons by germany while the federal government actually stated in the coalition agreement that it no longer wants to supply arms to those involved and the yemen conflict but who is still looking at the agreement coalition yes in these times is probably no one knows lying around i can imagine looking at the bank statements with the payments d and taxes from the arms industry it's good yes if we germans don't sell so many cars abroad anymore then at least we earn international points with others play john key here found germany has a total of many products cars trucks machines unfortunately business is not going so well at the moment corona weighs but fortunately there is an exception our arms exports are even better than ever and how do you play arms exports just now you're gone merkel and text messages and now don't think about it anymore and look elsewhere and where Arms exports go, most of them go directly beyond the states of NATO and the EU to the so-called exotic third countries, for example, for the Sultan of Brunei, the Emir of Qatar, Sultan of Oman, but these are monarchies because they are absolutely democratic. not democratic but absolute monarchy sometimes arms exports are also l full of surprises because as chancellor you don't even have to say it's for babies or what it is seems totally non-transparent well done you want an exciting adventure now then the the whole of pakistan became germany's loudest weapons you fight with it in the conflict of cashmere against the indian army and what do they have so many weapons and germany who wanted windtner germany of course you want even more excitement fully updated that every store there is germany everywhere at first although the war is on and we are not really at all and the warring parties can deliver how we can still do it with the special ability her kami merkel figure 180 degree rotation our motto never export weapons to war zones except weekdays which end in days and wednesday arms export every war what he wants me to be there next week there to this put 3


with sarah kuttner and the extra thursday in the first or after the daily topics i will be there again here continue with the after corona club and see you soon

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