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ExpressVPN vs Surfshark VPN Comparison

Jun 08, 2021
Hey guys Lance, here today, I wanted to start maybe a series that I'll do, but at least for the first part, today I'm comparing Express to Surf Shark. I wanted to focus on the type of usability experience, some of the features between these. Two, they are both excellent VPNs. I'll put more information about each of them in the description, including links to individual independent reviews, and of course, if you're interested in purchasing them, be sure to get the best deals and discounts again. Put all that in the description below, so on the left here we have Express, on the right we have Surf Shark now, if you're not familiar, Express is the most expensive, Surf Sharks the cheapest, but it really holds its own against to Express, so let me start by showing you even the protocols, so for example in Express they have the option to leave it automatic and this is fantastic, what makes it great for newbies and beginners is that you don't have to worry about which protocol need or want to use, you can leave it on automatic and really for most people that should be fine, the good thing is for those who are more advanced users or who want some control over the experience you can select, you know if you want another protocol and it's good to explain a little here what these protocols are for, so this is the best combination of speed and security.
expressvpn vs surfshark vpn comparison
This will be better to work on all types of networks. where I see this, let's say you are watching Netflix and you try to watch it, maybe in another country and you get blocked for some reason, well you have other options here that might work better, maybe you are sacrificing speed but at least you can unblock something and you know that goes for anything that might have some sort of geo-restriction or something that's causing the VPN to not work as well as you'd like, on the other hand, sometimes you're looking for more. Maybe you want more speed, so for example , I prioritize fast, but it may not work on all networks, so sometimes speed is a priority and if you can use it, you better know, so you will change it to this option. one, whereas with Surf Shark the protocol options are only 8 V 2 and that's great, it works very well because you don't have any other options, so it's easy again for most people, it won't be a big problem.
expressvpn vs surfshark vpn comparison

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expressvpn vs surfshark vpn comparison...

It will be fine, but for those who are more advanced users or want more control or have situations where they might want to use different protocols, that's where Express would be a better fit. I also remind you: I notice that my microphone sounds boo. I moved my studio and I need to do sound checks, so I apologize for that guys, I know it's painful to hear, but I still wanted to post some of these videos for you, so that's on the protocol side, you know, in general. When you're just starting out, you have some basic options here that both have, for example, when you're a surfer shark, it gives you the ability to decide when you open it if you want to use a specific server so that every time you open it.
expressvpn vs surfshark vpn comparison
When you open Surf Shark, it will automatically connect to a specific server, which is great, especially if you know a pattern or way of using your VPN and always want to use it the same way. Connect to the same server. That's great. You are not compared to other VPNs that you have to know, click on the connect button, load it, verify, sir, click on the server you want and so on, but since here is an example when starting, you can connect to the latest location used when


is launched a similar idea, they are not exactly the same but they are similar and then you have your kill switches, those are very important if you are like, for example, if you are, let's say, downloading torrents and you want to make sure that for some reason, your VPN turns off occasionally, that can happen, but if so, if that happens, you don't continue downloading torrents and you are sending your data exposed now and people can see what you are sending or downloading torrents if that is something you want .
expressvpn vs surfshark vpn comparison
I want to maintain privacy so the kill switch or network lock here is called kill switch in Surf Shark and it will make sure that if your VPN stops it will kill your internet section or internet connection at the same time. to make sure that no information is transmitted without protection so that both have the same type of characteristics. There we talked about protocol shortcuts. You know it's one of these things where you know if it's useful for you to have a list of these shortcuts that shows that. you can connect to I don't particularly use it, but you know it may be more useful to someone.
You can get the browser extension here and then you have some advanced stuff like ipv6 ipv6 leak protection which is nice. DNS only uses


. The DNS servers connect the appearance well and you know, configure how your appearance looks with Surf Shark again. You have some network settings that you can customize here if you like other features that are a great clean web, this will block those annoying ad trackers which is good, it won't necessarily be as powerful as a full ad blocker you know, but still it works and works pretty well and if you don't have anything it's nice to have for sure a hack lock that could be good blind. search, you know, it's like an incognito mode, you know, it's one of those that I'm sure I don't necessarily use it, but if it's something that appeals to you, it would be nice to have, then of course you can get it. updates here and then the advanced now also has no borders, which is really cool, so it allows you to bypass Internet restrictions, like a Great Firewall, like in very restrictive countries like China or the Middle East, where it is more difficult get around some As far as your tough cyber environments, this will help you with that so you can see their features, they are somewhat similar and as far as ease of use, I would also say they are similar, they are both very easy to use.
You can see the layout here, so this is when you open and close them just to make it a little bit easier to see. Now expressing that they have a little bit smaller profile, so normally this is close like this and then you can. go to your let's see, sorry, VPN locations, there we go and you can select the location that you know, so if I'm in the US, you can select some favorites by just clicking on the stars and then on your recent, you know they will. appears in your favorites here you also have everything if you want to see everything that both of you have as a quick way to connect you have all this smart location you can just click on the idea is to give you the local server that will be the best for you is the same With Surf Shark, you can simply click on the fastest server or the nearest country, but the fastest server works very well and this makes it ideal for newbies or beginners.
Someone who is new to VPNs just wants an easy way to connect, so yes, there is static too. servers here and then multi-hop multi-hop is really cool, this is like an extra layer of protection where you know if you want to connect to two different servers, so here I would connect to Australia, then the US and so on. it's like double the protection, double, you know anonymity or it's just a great way, if you want that extra level of protection, you have it just to be more secure, which is really cool and the ease of use as far as the interface.
I like both of them. I'd say I end up liking Surf Shark a little more. I find us a little faster just moving. I like how you can see the server loads so you can see if I hover over it. Oops, yeah, like load 5. That's how Much of the load is on this particular server, so you can even see if we could see one. I think I saw some before. Yes, you can see how South Korea has a 32 charge and you can see the way the large areas. a little bit bigger there, so yeah, it's cool that they give you a little bit of I didn't take a look, now you get that information, one thing expressed, which is cool is that you can run a speed test and so you can get a update on how fast these different servers are, you will get latency download speed.
You can see it runs pretty fast, but it takes a while. I'll let it run on the There's a background while we do this, but it's still one of those where 2° split like they're both cool. I'd prefer to shark surf a little more, but it's not that Express isn't good to use. For me, from a usability standpoint, again this is just kind of an overview, comparing the two side by side so you can see what they look like, what the UI is like, comparing some of the features . Not an in depth review again, there is a review of both that I did in the description and more information about each of them there too, if you have any questions again let me know in the comments, always feel free to ask love. help if I can, so I would say overall if you are comparing these Express again, it is the most expensive, it has more features like devices it can connect to, but Surf Shark, to its credit, allows you to connect to unlimited devices, although the range of devices maybe not as wide as Express, you have unlimited amounts that you can connect to, while with Express I mean it's between five and seven, it could be six somewhere out there, so I still think that It's probably good for most people, but if you have a larger house or some other environment where it's important to have a lot of connections or a lot of devices you can connect to, that's where Surf Shark would be great.
Now Surf Shark is an amazing value and again you can check the link in the description and it will add the coupon codes, discounts etc, you can get the best deal possible than what is only on the website when you visit normally but Surf Sharks is much less expensive than Express and really holds its own. If you don't necessarily need the extra features that Express gives you, then a search shark is a great way to go and the benefit is that I find it a little better from a usability standpoint, but that's a personal preference, others They may prefer Express.
Again, I think for now I didn't want to drag this out too much and I'll continue to try to do more


s, like doing a speed test and things like that, but otherwise, thanks for watching, you guys really appreciate it and I'm looking forward to it. see you in the next video

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