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Exit Strategy | Full Comedy Movie | Kevin Hart | Jameel Saleem | Quincy Harris | Big Boy

May 22, 2024
doing? I don't want to take your body. Oh just... take it just a... little bit. No. It's my time of the month. I can not do this. ComeCome on, joker. Make me feel like a woman. I think we should break up. I think you should break up with me. Why would I want to do that? You are the best boyfriend ever. No, thanks. But I don't want to be... for you. Ah! Miss Piggy loves little Kermit of hers. Ah! Come on, Kim. We are not compatible. Oh! Good and evil are not supposed to mate. Enter me.
exit strategy full comedy movie kevin hart jameel saleem quincy harris big boy
Right now. No, Kim. Not why not? Because. Why what? Because... Kim... Because we have to get married. Good? Did you say married? Yes. I did. Hello. Is Leona here? Lioness? Are you Mr. Rogers? Yes. It's a beautiful day, isn't it? Sure. In the neighborhood? I guess. Can I ask you a question? Yes. How does it feel to be... so old and dating someone so young? That huge age difference. It feels good. Because? Age is just a number anyway. Well. So, have you discovered that being...sixty and dating, better than being married, having kids, being loved?
exit strategy full comedy movie kevin hart jameel saleem quincy harris big boy

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exit strategy full comedy movie kevin hart jameel saleem quincy harris big boy...

I'm 45. Plus I've already done everything with the family. Oh. It's my choice to date guys in their twenties. And that... is that a good thing? Yes. I'm happy. Hey. Hey. Yes. See you tonight. Tonight? Your engagement party. Oh yeah. That. No. I probably won't go for that. I was thinking about jumping off a bridge after work. Call me a river, George Bailey. I will see you later. Yes. I will leave you in my will. JAMES: Kim. Kim. Look. I always knew this was going to happen. I just... thought it would be with someone more attractive. Do you know what I'm looking forward to?
exit strategy full comedy movie kevin hart jameel saleem quincy harris big boy
You're waiting hand and foot on me, like... I heard that's like a law when you get married. It will be fun. What do you think of polygamy? We'll talk about it later. Hey. I'm going to try... with all my might... not to deceive you. That. Not much. Minimum. Minimum. So. Here we go. Kim. You can make me... the happiest... kinda happy... not really... man in the world right now... except for my... blah, blah, blah. Marriage proposal. Will you marry me? Things like that? All that garbage? Whatever. Yes. What about me? I will marry you. No no.
exit strategy full comedy movie kevin hart jameel saleem quincy harris big boy
That's not what you're supposed to say. Hello? Hello? Can I talk to Kim? This is Kim. How are you, Kim? This is Big Boy from Big Boy's neighborhood. KIM: This is who? This is Big Boy from Big Boy's neighborhood. We have a friend of yours down here. KIM: Oh. Well. Very good, yes. Your "friend" James is here. KIM: James? Yes. KIM: He's not my "friend." James is my fiancé. Hi, Kim. Well... oh. Look, I didn't know this. James is your fiancé. Oops! I forgot to mention that. My fault. BIG BOY: I didn't know that you... you were engaged and this was your fiancé, but he came to the neighborhood, we were on the air talking about relationships, and... he made sure he came to tell us... that... now He is not happy with the relationship.
He doesn't want to marry you. KIM: Is this a joke? BIG BOY: No, honey. This is not a joke. He actually made us call you to let you know it's over. FUZZY: Really. KIM: I don't know who you are or who got you into this. BIG BOY: James is here. KIM: I don't believe it. JAMES: Kim. Kim. Kim, James is here. Say hello to her. Hi, Kim. Hello. KIM: Kermie. Ker... no... what, what? No. BIG BOY: He doesn't want you to call him "honey" anymore. LIZ: I think he doesn't want to make you angry. KIM: So why should I get angry?
Because I... they evicted him from his apartment... and he begged me to stay with me and I left him that way. And I... Bounce. KIM: I cook for him... and I clean for him. And now he calls me on the radio... in front of everyone to tell me that he doesn't want to be with me anymore? But you know what? He still wants you to cook... KIM: Why should I be mad? He still wants you to cook and clean. And he still wants to stay on the couch. He just doesn't want to be in a relationship...he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you anymore.
FUZZY: Roommate. No friend. JAMES: Exactly. KIM: Yeah. That's not going to work. Liz. Is he there? Yes I'm here. KIM: You know, this is very typical. You know when you meet a guy and at first he pretends to be Prince Charming? He's beating you. He's having dinner for you. He's eliminating you... LIZ: Did you do that? KIM: and all that. JAMES: Maybe a little. KIM: Spend all his money. And in the end you discover that everything was, you know, fake. He was pretending. Okay, yes. Who does that? Good. James does that. KIM: And now you know...
Well, you know what? Simply put, simply put, Kim, he doesn't want to be with you anymore. He wants this to end. He still wants you to cook and clean for him. If possible, he would like the bedding on the couch to be changed tonight. He has finished. That?! And he said he doesn't want you to have physical contact with him again. KIM: Do you know what the problem is? The problem is you. He's just afraid of intimacy. No. The problem is him. The problem... She said no. You know, I listen to your show... KIM: all the time.
And I've been a big fan, and if you don't mind, I quote you. It's just...relationships are about, you know, loving each other beyond their mistakes. And... that's what, you know, I've tried to do. Like he knows I'm not perfect and he's not perfect. But. He told me that he had intimacy problems. And I'm willing to love him beyond that. And I still love him despite all that, you know? BIG BOY: You can't even say it. Good. So... LIZ: Is it, I mean, is it crazy to you that I'm saying anything to get out of this relationship?
KIM: You know, what I think is crazy is that he's so afraid of being in love. You warned me. Why didn't I listen? Nobody listens. Everyone is hurrying. Where's old River? Uhm... he left me. Yeah. He said, uhm, you should find someone your age. You should settle down, start a family. That kind of things. It was strange. Wow. That? All this time I didn't realize what was right in front of me until now. What are you talking about? You're drunk? Oh! Oh God! James! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Oh no. What the hell is wrong with you?
What's happening? I just kissed Leona. LEONA: God. Dude, on the lips? Yes. Doubt. Do you know how many dicks these bad boys have had, man? That? Shut up. Just two. Good. Arrest. Good. Yes. Too many. Come on. What are you thinking? I'm sorry. She tried the whole '80s


"I'm Really In Love With My Platonic Girlfriend's Move." No. LEONA: What is that? Yuck. Yes. Oh God. I can not continue with this. Can't. LEONA: Well, maybe you could run. She will find me. Ah, too late. Here she comes. What are you doing out here? Everyone is in.
Lioness. Kiss Me. LEONA Oh God... Oh God. CARVILLE Let me make it look real. Let me in. Damn monsters! It will seem credible. Do not push me. It will seem credible. Hey. I like it. Come on. Me too. This feels good. Uh-uh... stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Let me go a little bit. Dude. Actually? What happen? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I apologize. Kim. Come here. She didn't even apologize to me. I didn't know you liked that, honey. I am not. You should tell me. I don't like that, Kim. Oh really. Arrest. That? I think you deserve a guy who wants the same things as you: marriage, children, true happiness.
But you make me happy. That? Right now I could, but... in the long run, I won't. You do not know. You're right. No. But we want different things in life. Alright. The differences are good. It gives us things to talk about. Good? On the surface, yes. Maybe. But as a couple not wanting the same things is bad. It can lead to unhappiness. So what do you want, James? Um... I don't know. I just know that I don't want to be sixty and unhappy, because that will lead to unhappy breakfasts... and oatmeal with shit. Well, can't we just work on it?
I don't want to work on that. Wow, that sounded bad. Maybe I should have told you all this from the beginning. Yes, you should. I'm sorry. Cross. What's that? What does that mean? It's over between us, James. On? BIG BOY: Now you're... you... I'm going to do this for you. You are now anointed as a single man, James. And probably homeless people too. Can I say something? If I end up missing, huh... Kim is the one who should arrest me. Oh well. There she is. So if you disappear, we'll make sure Kim goes to jail. You are very afraid of him.
Don't change the door locks, love. He comes home. Yes. He is coming home. And make sure you go ahead and gather those pillows for him so he can sleep on that couch. See you later, spacious. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Big boy neighborhood. Great guy! KIM (V.O.): Seeing you with my dad the way we eat dinner as a family. He felt good. Are you having sex with my daughter? I haven't felt this way since my mother passed away. Yes. Hit, hit. Yes. Hit, hit. Hit hit. Yes I love you. No! KIM (V.O.): I... want.
You are going to enter? Or are you just going to sit here? KIM (V.O.): Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. "I just love your soul." Yes. It's housework day! Come on! KIM (V.O.): We don't... I do. ...sleep in and watch football. It's housework day! Oh really. You're always joking. You're always... joking. Jokes. Jokes. Jokes. (footsteps approaching) You're right. My mother was not happy. And it's not because my father left her, it's because she didn't love herself. I can see how hard it was for my dad to live with that. And I don't want to be with someone who isn't happy with themselves.
I know. What you said, telling me the truth no matter how much it hurt me... it meant a lot. Thank you. I don't know, sometimes I worry about ending up alone, so I guess that makes me a little aggressive. A bit? Yes, I'm sorry. Yes, I feel it too. Very sorry. I'm a little sorry. I'm sorry. So where are you going? Uh, I would say Barcelona, ​​but I can't afford it. Could you sell your television? That's not fun. I guess you could sleep on my couch until you find a place. Actually? After all that? Don't make me flip the coin.
I'm just saying, are you sure? Because I don't want to impose. What are you doing? No! (music fades) I'm so tired of being broke It's hard enough being alone To weather the storm I'm so sorry, I let you down If only I knew the way To get out of us Have you been good or are you kind? Are we one or are we a great division? But please remember, we are lucky. I don't know why I get so sad. I guess it feels like the kids have gone crazy and there's no escape. I try to do what I can to help my fellow human beings.
But it's not enough. Have you been good or are you kind? We are one or we are a great division But remember this We are lucky Lah lah lah lah Lah lah lah lah Lah lah lah lah We are so lucky Lah lah lah lah Lah lah lah lah Lah lah lah lah Lah lah lah lah We are very lucky. Have you been good? Or are you kind? We are one? Are we a great division? But please remember, we are lucky.

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