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Exclusive 1 On 1 With SahBabii He Talks Depression,Suicidal Thoughts, Anime, Do It For Demon & More

May 30, 2022
uh huh you know the vibes it's me fly got dc and i would like to welcome y'all to the studio edition insider isolation and im here with uh someone who has risen so high uh i actually got the chance giving this guy his first radio interview in 2017 introduce yourself man baby man y'know do it for the hell of it now let's go back to the barnacles flat guy dc has to have us a great interview absolutely right unless let the man look Wayne this is not going to be no this is not going to be like a radio interview like we're going let's talk talk like I want you to feel comfortable I want you to relax I want you to turn on whatever you need to feel comfortable i need that but first of all how has Side Baby been?
exclusive 1 on 1 with sahbabii he talks depression suicidal thoughts anime do it for demon more
Because the last time I really liked seeing you or having a conversation with you was in 2017, when you first came out and came and did the first radio interview with me and Ferrari. How have you been? been in a mental space in an emotional space in a physical Cal space just a general space huh man I've been doing pretty good overall but you know things happen in life uh that affected me mentally like happen to my cousin and just many things that happened in my personal life. it was hard for me mentally but I've been doing well taking care of my son I had a child alone raising my son you know taking care of my family now how is life for dad and before you answer that how are we going to talk about music let's talk about the family like we're going to talk about everything because I've never really had the opportunity to sit with you in an environment like this and have a face to face conversation with you so let's let's go hit every avenue and talk about every avenue how it is dad's life how it feels to really be a dad and really be a dad here that's do what you're supposed to do man if it feels good cause you know i had my dad so that instilled in me that i was really there for my son so i just put h i'm in school so here's school but sometimes it gets a little sad for me you know i have to leave my son you know what i say he will be with his mom most of the time and i know what matters before what he is and to have like a father figure and uh his life but i really like being a father even though i like to see my mini me running around and uh man it's been pretty good but i'm still learning with him you know?
exclusive 1 on 1 with sahbabii he talks depression suicidal thoughts anime do it for demon more

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exclusive 1 on 1 with sahbabii he talks depression suicidal thoughts anime do it for demon more...

I'm saying that, uh, I have to divide my time to try to teach him things like his alphabet and his stuff like that, you know what I'm saying, okay, so now with mom, are you on mom yet? Is that relationship still there or is it so? The mom is still the mom. So do you ever bring the mommy or your baby? Mom cuts the bride with your son on the road with you. I'm saying it's a bit dangerous to be an artist and I just don't want them to get in your way. i know what i'm saying i just got it now i want to make sure i'm saying this right naruto


rude no naruto n-a-r-u what the heck is this cause i know it's something you're into and i'm confused so what do you say how do you say it uh naruto naruto and


so what is that uh anime it's a japanese style cartoon you know what i say and i see it i watch a lot of anime and they calm me down you know what i'm saying it relaxes me like naruto touches nature a lot and i enjoy nature a lot like birds and things so sometimes when i record i leave the window open for inspiration outside so naruto is ninja based ya know what im saying its a kid really trying to like him just a pure kid you know what im saying like he does the right thing with everyone , sometimes it gets irritating how humble he is, but it really relaxes me when I watch anime. though and then how did this all come about because you wouldn't expect someone like you and me ju keeping it 1000 like face tattoos artists like where you from where you in the industry you wouldn't expect someone of that nature to be into something like this so where did all this come from uh i was uh coming home from school in chicago and i found the cd and it was a game cue in the middle of an alley and it was the naruto game so i started playing naruto as a video game and my brothers they used to use my little brothers to watch it so i got into it too like oh it's just me at the end of the day you know what i'm saying i like what i like you know what i'm saying absolutely right now, um, you talked about chicago, you're originally from chicago and when did you actually move to aa uh, i moved to atlanta when i was 13 years old. so how was the uprising and education in chicago if you remember because i know them at young ages but if you remember how it was there in terms of your general childhood experience it was pretty good i went i remember it was cold but it was pretty good like a normal childhood my parents did the best they could do with me you know what i say and it was pretty good the food was good eh yeah it was pretty good too do you ever visit chicago uh no often i'm not visiting like since 2017 and when you did you move to atlanta did you understand how the move did you want to move did you understand what was going on or were you old enough to visualize like what was going on since you moved from one state to another yeah definitely uh chicago it was like it was dangerous , you know what I say, so, um, my parents always did the best they could for us, you know what I? i'm saying they wanted us they just wanted to put us in a better situation and then my uncle where he was from was already staying down here my uncle spike so yeah i definitely remember it was one night and we jumped on the road u-haul the cars we left the dog we left now when you came to atlanta which side of town did you move to when you moved to atlanta at 13? we stayed on silver road uh osborne street black house smoke alarm and what was that education like for you being 13 years old in a new city in a new part of town a new neighborhood what was that education like for you how did you adjust to that huh it was it i ran into a lot of southern hospitality you know what im saying so i already knew my uncle on the block and my uncle was known for giving everyone tattoos so they just hugged us like family so that block huh , I really loved that block, you know what I'm saying, they welcomed us like we did it. a little band we started on uh silver road uh 1095 osborne but the uh band was called 1095. that was our first band me t3 and a couple of guys from that street yeah ok super dummy now let's talk some music um warner now, how was that situation with warner? uh warner it was a great situation it was life changing. situation but uh we just had our own ideas you know what i say it was uh better at the time for me to do my thing and so now i'll keep it all the way 100 with you i interviewed jeff fenster maybe who he was he was the vice president of warner at the time um maybe a month or two after i interviewed you he asked me i still have the pictures the video everything on my phone he asked me and ferrari who are the top three artists in atlanta that warner should investigate i told joe gifted i told him to tell his girls and i told them crazy is out y'all signed all three and i never heard from the man ever again now never again yeah and i know it had nothing to do with you but it was like you came , i showed you the love of a relationship, not you, but jeff, but i showed you the love of a mutual relationship, who introduced me to you, put you on the air exchange contact everything and a couple of months later you signed to all that I told you a and that man ferrar i told you and you don't we can't even get in touch with you yeah that's what made me ask you how was warner because i saw something like that happen and i was so fresh in the game and so new with my own program i didn't know like i didn't know i shouldn't have moved like that or shouldn't have given my opinion because i see my opinion matters so that's the reason i asked uh how they wanted me but now what is baby side?
exclusive 1 on 1 with sahbabii he talks depression suicidal thoughts anime do it for demon more
Where is the baby now? I'm with uh arena and sony rca right now and uh they're an independent label and they really believe in what I do they just let me do my creativity and they just help finance it you know now in this situation with sony rca are you happy , yes, definitely because they allow you to be creative and basically be yourself? Now what's different better yet for all the performers or all the kids that want to be in the game and you're blessed to be able to have an ion situation and come out of that situation with a great face card and move on to another situation to all the kids and all the new artists what would be something inspiring or what would be the words for you to tell them how to move? in that situation based on how you moved in, uh, man, it's really just that I always leave on a good note and, uh, I always treat people with respect and, uh, you never know what someone can do for you, You know what I'm saying so just don't I don't want to sabotage future relationships with people and hey man you just put it how you say it say it as respectfully as you can you know what I'm saying just do what you're supposed to what you should do just no just in relationship you know what im saying now how old is sabae now i am 24. now at 22 there were rumors about retiring where did that come from and why huh because my first dream like my real dream not It's to be a musician my real dream is like I said to make anime and make video games you know what I'm saying g so I was fine I got a little depressed you know what I'm saying I just want to do it because it was a lot of pressure and uh how to say that 19 how do you know what I'm saying it was just a lot of p resion you know what I'm saying I just have a little breakdown but I really know what it's for now you know what I'm saying so with your desire to make anime and make games and make video games like you.
exclusive 1 on 1 with sahbabii he talks depression suicidal thoughts anime do it for demon more
Taking the steps to do that, uh yeah definitely, and the first step is to keep doing my music stuff like I never profited from online merchandise. in those kind of fields like just getting this uh do this first you know what I'm saying so I do I see the growth and I definitely see the maturity from when we first sat down with you and talked to you but what ? are some things that in 2017 when you met our baby the 2021 2022 baby side are two totally different people what are some of those things like you'll never do or never meet again that you did in 2017 that's not happening now um man just forever i go with my mind you know what im saying go with my intuition go with what i know you know what im saying i got this far i just gotta keep my vision make sure i stay on track with my vision you know what I say and keep fighting. with that today you know what i'm saying just making sure i stay true to my vision absolutely now i see in the industry there are a lot of people i wouldn't say click but there are a lot of relationships that are of public significance like you have your you you have your youngster endorsing your dog to endorsing glock and etc.
Is there someone you look up to or someone who is like a mentor to you who is in the game? jay works who makes my videos that's uh he's been a friend for a long time he makes my videos h I made the switch and bread so now I don't really have any mentor man I'm just doing me you know? Is it that you don't want a mentor or is it just because I know a lot of people have reached out? to you mm-hmm but it's like you just want to build everything on your own or what's the mindset with that huh when the time is right you know what I'm saying I don't feel like it's been a time where I really can get into that environment and you really know what I'm saying, do it one-on-one with someone like that, so when the time is right, uh, yeah, definitely now earlier in the stages of your career a lot. of people compared you to other artists huh bully to be one of them to be exact ever reached out to try to assign you or do something together yeah definitely huh when we used in london yeah sure they are Super super. dope and what's your take on that, what's my take on saying, uh, don't even just sign like even collaborate, even work, even if it's the yes? gning part or doing a joint venture like whats your take on that uh i think i think uh brushy he one of the goats you know what im saying he definitely influenced me and im not going to lie about this bruh one of the goats i love to do something that I got ideas to act on, you know what I mean, I really like to do ideas, like I created a company called ideas, you know, so definitely tell us a little bit about the ideas of that company. sure it's just a creative cause because when you said it like you started smiling that must mean you got excited so we need to talk about it where the company is called sadie but it's backwards ideas so it's just a company.
I just want to approach people with the ideas you know I just want to come my bad brother I know you got it look you have to be observant of everything believe me but I'm going to start over. company like well i just want to go to companies i like or p people i like my idea is just a smaller percentage on the back end you know because i really like to brainstorm like drawing clothing logos what whatever, I just want to come up with the ideas, so my questionfor you it is Have you ever thought about allowing the public and the masses to see that side of you?
Do you know what that would do to you as an artist? complete notebook of designs heat t3 heat my older brother he uh does paints and but yeah definitely love getting to that side im taking this in stride like yeah cause im even thinking about brainstorming right now like something simple as you sit in a youtube video and you're drawing like your fans are already going to gravitate towards it but people who like art and things of that nature also like that that's a whole different avenue that psy baby can do 10 to 100 times bigger than it is now I think it will be a great thing especially if you are as creative as you are and your creative juices are always flowing which is amazing when you are an artist that means people never get tired of you because You can always reinvent yourself, yes.
Definitely and speaking of reinventing yourself when you first came out well not when you first came out no 2012 now 2013 2017 how has your creative thinking changed from ok let's take it here sandus 2017 give me three words on what your creative thinking was like in 2017 um fast uh hungry creative 2018 squid tastic give me three words on what your thinking was like in 2018 uh comfortable mm-hmm man I was comfortable at the time you know what I'm saying he could sign so he was comfortable squid task was like, uh, it was like wrapping a little bit about materialistic stuff, so my mentality was at that kind of stage, you know, it sounds like I'm going to say a word, I just know there's three words, but young man, okay, there come on so i'll skip the 19th and go to 2020 with barnacles huh what was the mentality on the side baby so um loss i was nice i was a little bit lost you know uh i just came out saying this came out square-tastic barnacles went direct or where I wouldn't even say lost I say uh I was exploring too I was uh exploring with my sound you know what I'm saying I was playing playing with those sounds that al sanders and squid tastic and I just did something really melodic yeah definitely and now in 2021, the press, uh, had a bit of



, you know what I'm saying. i mentioned his song his name and many songs so it was depressing i was waking up at six in the morning every day you know what i say i was a bit sick too but yeah i was just down about this so for that time how did you get back to your normal state because men Such health is something that is extremely serious like in the world every day with a lot of people and for you to be in the position you are in and the kind of talent you have to admit something like that, I think.
Sharing how you got out of that space can help a lot of people, so how did you actually get out of the space of





? and really trying to get to the root of the problem you know what i'm saying why am i down and what am i doing this hater huh how would it take in my life to affect others you know what i'm saying? uh, I have a kid, I have a family that depends on me, so you really have to keep talking to yourself, you know what I'm saying, talk to yourself and always get to the root of why you like that, you know.
I mean, did you have someone there to help you every step of the way? outside your family like any friend or not i had to help myself you have to help yourself in certain situations because you grew up you know what i say everyone has worse problems than you you know what i say it is possible that they complain that your shoes are dirty but they are people in the world without shoes you know what i'm saying so you have to get up you know what i'm saying i just have to keep talking to myself yeah okay now how hard was it for you to make this album .
This is technically your first studio album. just let me know I'm elevating because the other projects were recorded on the same mic as Sanders and we had that mic for years so it's like you still have the mic yeah I'm still good. get rid of that fight alright i was getting too uh i was getting on top of that sound too you know what im saying so i knew i had to put it i gotta get high like off barnacles , I feel like, uh, barnacles was exploring and that project, uh, I wouldn't say it would have no substance because it was key for me to take the next step, but it helped me figure out what I need to do for the next step and something significant, so there was something out of the situation with your family that's special in this album that's different from the rest huh you said it's out of my face it's out of hell how I want to say because I know this project this album is dedicated to him but something outside of this that made this album even so much


special that it wasn't made or wasn't part of any of the early projects huh we really put our time, we really put our time into this you know what I say, like, uh, and or, my brother, uh, and as I say, uh, work, we really put our time into this project and this is the first time we've updated our studio, you know what I'm saying?
The first time we really went professional, well I wouldn't say it was the first time we mixed, but this is the first time we mixed our songs professionally in the new studio. i'm saying and uh i use uh some uh some producers with a name you know what i'm saying uh cause i'm still getting beats from youtube you know what i'm saying right and what's your favorite song on the album uh i My favorite song on the album is Divine Order but I have to say do it for Demon and of course everyone knows why. Now, what is your second favorite from the album?
Believe it and why is that. Because it's an uplifting song. i'm saying like i say you go in you just go led by yourself it's an uplifting song that tells you you gotta believe in yourself get up now huh a brother bro question why you think psy baby got it it's like you're on the threshold what Why do you think you haven't crossed the threshold? However, um, musically-wise, what do you think is the reason in your mind that I'm just doing it at the end of the day, but I don't know, I don't know? the 666 or the inverted cross you know what i'm saying but i don't know what i'm doing i'm absolutely in my own world right now what is a recording process like for you? you go to you, you write or it's freestyle or like what if we went to the studio right now, that they were in the studio, but if we went to the booth right now and a beat was playing, how would you mentally prepare?
What are those steps for you to enter your emotion or your rhythm? The rhythm just spoke to me and I like to be recording in my own studio. I like to record myself. I like to be on the keyboard and mouse and control my voice. and put the effects in there and turn it up turn it down i like to sit there controlling my music now until your ad l ives crazy appreciate crazy always crazy where will they come from i feel like that's just talking to me bro like the beat the beat has to talk to me that's why i'm very selective with my beats you know got it now dick relationship how the hell did you come up with the name of that song?
So dick ratio in bufa lei are two words the devil used to use so I put songs in the names uh songs after the words and honor him so a dick ratio that's just you a woman having a penis relationship you know what I say its a penis relationship and the buffalo is a party so thats the tense i used to use for a party like its a buffalo its a buffalo so i named two songs after the word his slang his slang now out the door for the devil what song means the most to you on this album outside of making it scared of myself and why is it because uh you gotta really be in tune with yourself, you know what I am saying that sometimes I can be afraid of my own. elf because you can wreck yourself you know what i say but you don't move correctly you have to always keep yourself in check so i'm scared of myself like i said i'm suicidal so i'm scared of myself mma i got hurt or i know the limit someone can push me you know what i'm saying i'm scared i'm not scared of them i'm scared of what i can do to them you know what i'm saying so i'm scared of myself so what's next for psy baby? uh merch uh elevate my sound you know what i'm saying trying to get into these cartoons these video games i'm always trying to elevate have you ever thought about giving a voice to some of those cartoons yeah definitely yeah i think it will be something that It will absolutely be because every time we talk about these cartoons you smile so I mean it's something you're really passionate about man but listen I see the growth i'm proud of you bro.
I apreciate it. Keep going. My line is always open. Anything you need. It is done. No questions. ask how keep raising keep maturing man and listen do it for the hell go get it baby fly guy dc isolation insider studio edit appreciate that my brother brother so let's go

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