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EVIL Justice League Vs Justice League Fight Scene FULL BATTLE - Injustice

Feb 25, 2020
there they are, we're getting closer, stay tuned, hi Bruce, still as handsome as ever, keep it, Selina, I'm sorry, I joined him to protect you, he said if I helped find you, he would forgive me, but he gave us time. he small consolation for those who died in my place, damn it, Bruce, any idea what I'm doing?, do you think I'm here by coincidence? in trained idiot but you abandoned him for Superman I'm not Dick Grayson this is Damian Wayne Wayne his son but Superman has been more of a father than you you stopped being my son when you killed Dick Grayson he was my son you're dead to me alright , let's move so that everyone cares about it.
evil justice league vs justice league fight scene full battle   injustice
I could say the same about you. You can not forget the next one, how not to miss. Oh, calm down, tough boy, can you walk it out? I won't leave us, go well, look what I found. It's time to end the insurgency Superman is the enemy Howell, not me, isn't this the part where we disappear? Damn you thought you could fool me Bruce like he did this is not a joke this is about you. I perfected this world. because I held back, but I should have used all my power to control a press. I could have prevented the metropolis saved my family.
evil justice league vs justice league fight scene full battle   injustice

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evil justice league vs justice league fight scene full battle injustice...

Crime brought my family to Clark. Oh I got the real thing and jump Wonder Woman I'll really take care of this to go to your final metal belt Give me a source of my powers as hell I'm giving you a chance to finish this without any more bloodshed Too late you're done outplayed like i said shield outplayed since when are you with them since the day superman decided to hurt us like sheep he only wants the best for us we are his toys he is not god nothing good comes from hero worship status internal circuitry 50% da maged other time i got lost look tell him go down well then may fortune favor the fool 12 seconds i see him maximum weapons range 1,500 meters i trust you you betrayed me who betrayed who i gave you peace your peace the duplicates have incited insurrection we must suppress this filth , obstinacy leads to anarchy, it cannot be allowed to spread.
evil justice league vs justice league fight scene full battle   injustice
I made them safe, I protected them, but are they grateful? do you appreciate my protection? I'll give an example, then I'll find the dimension these duplicates came from. They will pay for interfering. Wait, we are wiping out entire cities, invading worlds and other dimensions. You have a problem. Billy, well yeah, it's crazy, he's going too far. the world is incapable of self-government we will preserve order no there doesn't have to be limits even for us especially for us that's enough we can't do this you've gone crazy louis would never want it so no one else cyborg raven take control of all media broadcasts.
evil justice league vs justice league fight scene full battle   injustice
I want everyone to see this Hawkgirl Wonder Woman. Adam, you are with me. Sinestro, prepare your ground forces. ready because we did our job we eliminated crime Billy was not a criminal he was a victim of war acceptable acceptable loss I let myself believe we were making things better but we're not I can't do this anymore I'm done with us having a death wish hasn't been done maybe not for you bye hell you can't go Barry don't make me do this you gave me no choice hell hey what did you - boss growling smash little bread man don't try Grundy was never a big fan of zombies time for a detour those assembled here in the elite are the best and bravest soldiers this planet has to offer yours is a heroic mission it requires that you send forth your humanity embody the highest principles of an earth obedience order control of those who defy the members of the high council they order that they be executed without calm or hesitation the man loves to hear himself speak firing squad assemble I don't think so now then Sinestro enough talk yes enough dropout flash paul moment don't you think you're right?
I should have done this sooner hmm I can't just leave you lying there now to warn the insurgents what do you think pretty bird perfect as always omg oli is that you yourself where is batman? my batman is somewhere without being a killer oh c'mon generally you know you can't hit me i wasn't trying to think fast to be fast that's enough olly i'm on your side i need you to listen to me i'm telling you gotham and metropolis will be history and then he'll come after your world i can't believe you're doing that it's crazy we have to stop him it's going to be a big


the interdimensional transporter and it won't stop him from coming er it'll give you time to prepare Luthor sacrificed himself we won't dishonor him by just leaving we have a alternative we bring our Superman end this


one Superman in this world is enough he is not like yours don't let emotion cloud your judgment the only time to learn to fear you how come Superman forgave you baby he appreciates my talents thanks to Athena I am merciful growing up a prisoner should have taught you the value of mercy Jury grief taught me a better thing to be feared and respect them mascara you don't have time for your meddling paul please we have a lot to talk about you may have been the one my mother once used god but i won't stand for your lies now Ares you are sending me back your friends will survive this kurd if you really want help them you will listen to me and you will be quick we need to get the transporter out if it is damaged you will never come home understood i know about Superman's plan this is not news but do you know how he intends to execute hello s plan not yet he had not brought me here on great Amazonian army preparing to subjugate an entire continent she can't how could she only someone could stop her why would you make me do that? conflict will revitalize your magic In the short term, if Superman consolidates his rule, the conflict fueling my powers will cease permanently.
I would appreciate it, Ares, but that would imply that you have done something selfless. We are never friends. Our interests temporarily align. They have been discovered. I will do it. I leave you to your work Ares helps the insurgents as a strategist he is not Athena your gaze betrays your loyalty Raven you are Trigon servant not of Superman I serve both Superman's victory will hasten my father's return Oh Hades do not count on the return of your father Crow hurry up my sisters, we set sail in an hour, take him to the sloop Athena 51 after leaving him, we will meet at the South Dock.
Maura's team needs help with an intership weapons transfer. No Dianna, your army will retreat. Superman's madness you have no influence here Pretender I'm in command tarnish Amazon's honor we're too temperament aggression we didn't enable it after the metropolis Superman showed me the truth man's aggression can't be moderated just suffocate slaughter the innocent like


Zeus de politie Superman seduces your The Amazons of the world must be weak-willed. You are the queen of him. We are here to serve. Help the innocent save the lives of friends and enemies. It is our way. Will you lecture me on what it means to be an Amazon?
I don't sleep to lecture. Now, to rebuild what you have destroyed, hold my sister while I am NOT of this world. I'm Amazon and I'm telling you now this road is crazy. We are here to unite the people of the world. one man to inflict his wrath on an entire planet, let him be consumed by his darkest passions instead of pulling him out of despair, sisters, let us return to the right side of history, let us enter into


but as h The protector of mankind, no his destroyer. We are Amazon. We are here to save humanity.
It gets worse every minute we have to get. Once it's over, everyone will go home. Superman could lose control but without help you will die and the insurgency with you so maybe that's my fate we don't believe in fate this is my world my fight you made it ours when you brought us here if we end up here we are wasting our time this is a mistake , you brought us here because you had faith, faith that we would uphold the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you have given everything to uphold, so trust us, trust yourself and let's get this over with, you have no idea how to use a guy.
I was hoping you didn't realize we have to start. Innocent people are dying. We'll take the others so you can focus on your Superman. We will do it together. I'll have to force that fight elsewhere, anything else I realize. this is not quite accurate but it's good to have you back that's enough black adam if there is conduct here i suggest you go home you are weak you know your world summer sport there is no place for you here superman confused his government after the mine we allow it there is no insurrection your


must end too i knew it was him this is your chance to do what is right i would take it they are ready superman to face the might of atlantis yes they may not want me but clearly They need me, Superman, we broke it. their ranks were dealing well once they were pushed back we'll need help with rescue and recovery I'll detach a legion as fast as possible thanks Diana you always make it look easy let's get through this first and then tell me how easy it looked we'll need you and you'll be disappointed .
Judgment day is not today. I knew they would stop you eventually. You don't belong here. My obligations do not end at the limits of my dimension. that is what is happening there is protection disobedient children will be punished children we are not gods we do not decide who lives and who dies there is a here is mine became mine when the Joker turned me into a weapon of mass destruction i know what you lost and you judge me after I have killed you. I'll bring Louis here when he sees how I perfected this world. He will be afraid and disgusted.
He will be alive. Louis is dead. He stole it from me. You stole the freedom of this planet. back your reign is over you will no longer terrorize these people there is the only thing these people understand one day you will learn that you will have to kill me not even you there have been enough murders superman's accomplices have been arrested or turned themselves in the next job is restore civil order the transitional government is very busy we are here if you need help thank you but no the people need to know they are in control not us so you have not changed your mind i respect the president's offer but no i do not belong to the government none of we think batman has a future here crime and corruption will return ali would have called me pessimistic im just being realistic and you are superman he will be tried everyone will he was right you know what put in the same position.
He could have done the same. We never know what we are really capable of. I hope for your sake that you never find out. Just keep this in mind if something happens and you lose it.

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