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Every Intro of Season 3 | The Nanny

Apr 26, 2024
You never let me into any of your shows. Have a good idea to go look for little Ricky, that will be fine. I need you to leave this script to Antonio Bandera. Forget it, Miss Babcock. I already know who will be here this afternoon. CeCe, you told him about Elizabeth Taylor, no you did, oh Elizabeth Taylor. Oh, when she was little, my mom dressed me up as H for Halloween, all that big dark hair and that tight little dress with dramatic makeup. I'll tell you the things you can get away with as a girl. I can not.
every intro of season 3 the nanny
I think we're the only two girls in this sports bar and no one is hiding from us what a girl has to do to get attention here Look at this, oh, that's it, you know, I'm giving up on men, I'm giving up. I'm, I'm very happy, I have three beautiful children, a beautiful house, a great gun, so I have no sex life, believe me, I can last longer than Lisa Marie, oh my God, there is a wonderful guy who is caressing us. Val, he is. all yours he's coming this way Val I'm telling you about my dates Days Are Over hi I'm Mike Lavo I play with the New YorkRangers would you like to go out with me sometime?
every intro of season 3 the nanny

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every intro of season 3 the nanny...

Yes, I would. How is Friday? Thursday before. I need the address. Get a pen. Fran. What happened to her living like a nun? sleep Meanwhile we're on popcorn oh let me oh my neck is killing me who would have thought a tennis match could be so strenuous? Agy's tou San T agy's T San T buddy you've never been to a tournament before well I'm with you tournament the only thing that makes those tissues move is ripping the cellophane off the deli tray you know I came here to watch some athletes celebrities, where is Monica Cella and Joe Montana?
every intro of season 3 the nanny
And just because they own the place doesn't mean they actually do. I'll be here cleaning the tables Hi, I'm Monica, sister, welcome to the Allstar Café. Oh my god, do you know who he is? That I am? I'm an idiot, honey, can I substitute SLO for the beans? Alright. This woman has won


major tennis tournament. in the good world, actually dad, I don't think she's a Wimbleton, you know what, I'll take the beans to her, oh Miss Salis, I'm so embarrassed, I mean, I never expected you to be serving, oh, serving, I'll send your waiter directly on you.
every intro of season 3 the nanny
I know I always wanted to learn to play tennis. What happened, well, it is a very important commitment and I was always very career-oriented. What happened. You know, friend, if you wanted, I could teach you how to play tennis. Well, thanks B, but me. I have my eye on that cute blonde instructor at the end of the dance. I'm not cute? Am I not blonde? Shut up, Maggie, honey, let's put it this way, if things don't work out between me and the beautiful one, I'm all yours. I'm all yours oh ni oo Friday night dress to kill Go to the temple to pray for a date M said they have a new cancer and he's single and beautiful I hope to have a religious experience Does anyone in your faith ever make a vow? of celibacy only me, but I decided that I will take Maggie and Gracie with me.
I think it's important for them to learn how people of other religions flirt with men. Oh, by the way, the airline called me, I'm afraid they can't locate your suitcase oh, never mind, that's why you never put anything important in the luggage you check, it's automatically insured for $500, but, stupid, how to put that $500 watch there, when did you get a $500 watch tomorrow? Well, sorry, I can. I'm not joining you and the girls on your pilgrimage to find single spiritual leaders, but then I'm going to go see the potters play the Mets, okay, see you guys, okay, brilliant, and I'm going to go see piai at the Met, oh, it's not.
Funny how people just listen to what they want here is one of the dangers of a big house, what did Brad Pit call the house? Okay, buddy, I'm ready for temple, honey, it's only Friday night services, we're not running away with some tea, oh. Hello New York, check out this fantastic Mother's Day gift. I got 50% off the Red Dot sale. Oh, by the way, here's your magic marker. All the lights in this house are on. Do you realize how much energy we are wasting here? Could you just sign my report card? Nice try Brighton oh B, you failed French, what you're talking about I got a B, no, didn't you, didn't you, didn't you, you turned the F into a b with a red magic marker.
You know, I'm horrified, you have to promise me you won. Don't tell dad I failed French, you know what a pain your mother can be, the most compassionate and understanding hand, she's standing right behind me, oh yes, that's right, Brighton and you're going to get a tutor, oh, a tutor, oh, that's not how you learn a foreign language. language, you have to go to the countryside and immerse yourself in the culture, forget it miss, you're not going to get a trip to Paris. I tried when he wanted to perfect my Swedish meatballs, he sent me to IKEA, now you know, I may not care about him.
An attractive looking French teacher, a babe in a short skirt and spiked heels. Oh, come on, do you think your dad's going to hire a Floy like that to teach his kids? Please, oh Niles, you miss a frontline bomb mitzvah, they flew with the whole family in h. from where the ceiling was, yes it was a giant sequin hot air balloon, it was like being in a Jewish Wizard of Oz, oh and be the bom Mitzvah, it gave me great ideas for your confirmation party and I'm sure they are fantastic , but after church. The whole family will return here for an elegant dinner.
You see, all the arrangements have been made quickly. Now let's make the right arrangements. Maxwell, less is more when they confirmed to me that we had a very simple ceremony, we lit some candles and danced around a dead person. cat dad, come on, I've been studying with this priest for 3 years. I want a bar mitzvah. Come on, Mr. Sheffield, you know he's the middle child. he dresses the Godfather. You don't want to have another Fredo colone on your hands. I already resent you for all those after school activities you make me tag along to oh no, that's me nny okay, is this the cruise you and Valor are going on?
You know the chef will carve it for you right there, doesn't it seem a little degrading to be a single woman on a cruise ship? I mean, trapped on a boat with all those marauding men half naked, slathered in tanning oil, with no way to escape. good night Maxwell oh miss, you're going to have a wonderful time, you know, I remember my first transatlantic crossing. I booked the Royal Suite on the top deck, magnificent panoramic views. Oh well, we have Jules Vern's camp with 20,000 legs under it. the sea but I don't care because my psychic told me I was going to meet the man of my dreams on this cruise a psychic lady well yes she was fabulous she said he and I were going to dance on the water and then she put on a kind of weird asthma attack and ate up the rest of my 395 a minute, okay, honestly, you don't think you're going to meet the love of your life and get married based just on what some stranger tells you on the phone, well, You're right sir, do you know how many clueless charlatans I got a call before I found one with that kind of vision?
Hello, Grandma, I called and said I was on my way. I don't know why he didn't let me send. the limo for her so she can stretch out in the back oh honey, at her pace, she's not looking to stretch out in the back of some long black car NES, do you have anything for the dog to eat? Sure, what are you in the mood for? Watch him Hop Sing or I'll have you groomed like I groomed him Natty, well here's my credit card now, when you take Chester to the groomer, be very careful, he's been biting and biting and being particularly cruel, bigo bigo, let him here.
I gave him a tranquilizer. oh you know, my mom once took a dog tranquilizer by accident, she thought it was Dexatrim, what happened, well she ate out of a big bowl, licked herself clean, basically nothing happened. Now I'm going to the airport, mother, goodbye, yes, of course, mother. I like you a lot too I like you a lot too When are you going to cut that umbilical cord? Ready, I have to go to Paris. My brother has done it again. Nigel has taken his entire inheritance and bought a seedy little nightclub in Paris. I told mom. no one in our family should get hold of that trust fund until they're at least 30 30 I'm not going on a date until I'm 30 well honey at least when you turn 30 you'll be rich when I turn 30 I'll be 40 oh my gosh look at the time I'm going to miss my flight oh well Shalamar oh no that's a why okay no I meant shalomar and dutyfree but I'll be happy with whatever you bring. me back Chanel oh Mr.
Sheffield Mr. Sheffield you forgot her bag oh my god thank you bye daddy oh look who's here grandma and oh no, you came here in an ambulance, are you okay? He waved us over and said she was a little out of breath. but as we were driving down your block he suddenly felt so much better, it was a miracle, oh thank you, oh Brighton, bring Chester here, we'll take him to the hairdresser, boy, boy, you know, mate, I don't want to say it. anything here, but I think this dog is dead, oh calm down, he's not dead, he's just sleeping.
I get it all the time, sweet puppy night, puppy, wow, she doesn't feed him enough, oh my god, oh no, Mr. Sheffield, sir.

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