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ESPN FC debates how Dominik Szoboszlai impacts Liverpool’s starting XI

Jul 01, 2023
Foreigner Christian Pulisic moves into the studio at R. We'll possibly also be talking about the Bundesliga match schedule for the new season, but Stevie Nicks will be happy because we start the show with some talk about Liverpool. Dominic Sober's light is ready to join. Liverpool after the club activated his €70 million release clause just before the deadline when his clause would have expired, the Hungarian international will sign a long-term contract with the club and join Alexis McAllister as another signing summer for Jurgen Klopp, let's welcome. Indiana and also Franklin buff to talk more about this, yeah, and I'll start with you, what do you like about Dominic Sober's position?
espn fc debates how dominik szoboszlai impacts liverpool s starting xi
Well, I liked him and he is a young player. I like that he can play a lot of different positions. I also like the combination of him working with Jurgen Klopp. I think he is, for a 22-year-old, a player coming to a club that has always been a good mix of developing players, having said that, and I understand Liverpool fans will. They will be happy that they reach the current market. They will get McAllister with Sly for less than 100 million euros. They will think it is a good deal, but I would also warn them that he played together with Ellen Holland in Salzburg.
espn fc debates how dominik szoboszlai impacts liverpool s starting xi

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espn fc debates how dominik szoboszlai impacts liverpool s starting xi...

I went right the same way he went down during the live session and now he's gone to England and I expected him to make bigger steps but I think Liverpool fans today will be happy to have a player but this is not a player who will do it. He scores three goals in the first game of the season. He is still a player who needs to develop, but the good news for Liverpool is that they got Jurgen Klopp and he has developed some players before. What do you think? Stevie is happy, yes, absolutely, yes. I think that's the key that everyone, when they talk about this guy, they talk about how he has more than his locker, well, from what I've seen, the guy is not bad right now, I don't see and I don't see.
espn fc debates how dominik szoboszlai impacts liverpool s starting xi
Some reason why he doesn't join Liverpool straight away and if we talk about most of the so called experts we all agree that he will improve so this is a big signing but here's how you see it. in the side straight away I don't see why not I don't see who's going to be in front of him or why they should be in front of them um you know Henderson is getting a little bit better you know you've got Javi Elliott who's getting better who he's getting more experience he certainly doesn't have the uh experience or the kind of football knowledge at the moment which is always a lie so yeah absolutely McAllister fabinho a rested fabinho who hopes to get back to the old fabinho along with these . twice and again I think the corpse has always been looking to let you know that his best midfielder was Ronaldo because it was you at Henderson and they were all about just winning the ball, let's be honest you know you weren't expecting any goals from any of them and I think that since the three disbanded, so to speak, has been trying to get some players who can do the job that they did, but have a little more.
espn fc debates how dominik szoboszlai impacts liverpool s starting xi
He thought he had it with Keita. It didn't happen, he probably thought I had it with Tiago, obviously he thought he would get more forward than defensively, but I think with McAllister and now with the eye of his Lobby, I think he understands it, so yes, absolutely, it's exciting for Liverpool , so let me get back to you and then, Yen, because it sounds. like you think it won't start right away or it shouldn't, no I'm just putting that out there uh I mean as a football fan you will always love each other and today we're going to talk about different players and you have to ask yourself.
As a fan, you saw that this is a stage of the season, this is a transfer window, we would love to bring new players into the club. I don't think many Liverpool players know everything about this player, but this is a Putsy Stevie, right? He is a man with a lot of potential, he can go places, let's put it that way and he is one of the talents in Europe at the moment. I'm not sure I'm as optimistic as Steve that he would go straight into the team, but I still think he has the potential to be a great Liverpool player, but he needs to adapt to that and that's what I said: you go from Austin football to Leipzig. , you go from Leipzig to Liverpool, this is the biggest step you will take. in his career, but remember that there is a sports director called Schmutuke, who is German and knows this player very well.
He's doing this for three months, maybe it's doubly permanent, but Jung Club knows him. We have seen a lot of this player. And who are we to say that the club is making the wrong decision? But I'm just saying, make sure you're not too optimistic that this is the guy who's going to put you three four places on the table from day one. This is a player. I'll compare him a bit to Gakpo, maybe Gakpo was a bit further away because for the national team he is part of Holland compared to Hungary, but he is a template for the type of players Liverpool face. now and sobislai is one of them and he just fits Liverpool's recruitment pattern at the moment, what do you think of the move?
Frank Kate, yeah, I think it's a very good move and I saw the team sheet that you just saw. Yeah, I can agree with that, in a perfect world, that the guy comes playing on the right side, but I don't know if you realized at the end of the season, but Trent Alexander Arnold was playing another position and you'll have to deal with it because that is the new deal that is not the one from two years ago, the Liverpool team, it is a team that came back from nowhere and that is changing a guy who we all know is absolutely fantastic on the ball and who you can have it.
I will try to correct some defensive weaknesses, so I don't think Alexander Arnold will play in that position. I think you will have to change the position of many players to be able to put Alexander in the middle of the field. Park because he is the guy running the game at the moment so that will not be that team that will not have that shape, that will be different and I am looking forward to seeing how Mr Klopp will handle the new signings but definitely also with the new position of Alexander Arnold Frank. I totally disagree with you.
By the way, I don't think this team shape is going to change the fact that Alexander Arnold will go to midfield when Liverpool pass the ball. From the back, I think we all know that's going to happen, but as soon as they lose the ball or Alexander Arnold smells that the ball is going to be lost, they will go into a 4-3-3 defensive shape. and Alexander is going to have Alexander Arnold is going to have to return to that right-hand spot and the other question I also have is whether Klopp is okay with what happened in the last 10 games of the season with Alexander Arnold because, frankly, they There were almost eight or nine games dead, dead, Rebels dead, there was nothing about them, so I could go into them with other Parks, start spraying balls and Liverpool's winning games and suddenly, oh God mine, this guy has to be in the middle this guy has to do this.
I'm not so sure it's going to be that easy for the club to just tell him to go to the middle of the park, he certainly won't start in the middle of the park and absolutely, in my opinion, he'll go back to the right back and try to be in the middle and take the ball when you can. Having said that, yes, having said that, Stevie. I think the coaches are also influenced by each other and we'll see Stone's role match that of the city, so I think in the club's mind they would like to have Arnold there.
I understand that he will return to the necessary position in defense, but we saw that Guardiola is one of the keys for the Stones. The good thing is he put three center halves at the back with that Liverpool team we saw that that's not going to happen because you're going to have a Robinson there and where are you going to put him or then defensively and all that kind of stuff but I think the plan is to start with Arnold in that position because I think also a club would be romantic and will always also be influenced by uh Guardiola doing that with John Stones so


in what position then just clarifying Yan in Midfield yeah I would think he would do it now.
I would think that when we had the


lineup before a game, I would put him on the right back, but when we start the game, he would come in there and then, yes, but then the players have to adapt and they are so unsmart that then he is ready to take and cover that space if they're losing the ball because in Ideal World Steve it's not that when we have the ball when we don't have the ball. The interesting thing in soccer is the one or two seconds between those types of positions and that is the key, although although I say that it will move to the middle of the park, it is when the ball is lost that almost all teams do it.
The same thing they have when you lose the ball, we have to get in shape and Liverpool's shape is four three three and therefore whatever is on the pitch, when they have the ball, as soon as it is lost , he has to get his ass back. Going back there like he did before when he played as a more orthodox right back because he would disappear into the line and then everyone else's job was to cover the gap he had left until he got back there. I don't see that changing will be the same plan University my concern is uh because he plays in the middle of the bug when they have the ball and he goes everywhere we saw him at times last season even on the left side so yes You're saying that as soon as they lose the ball, he has to return to this position if he is 50 yards from this position and do you know you have a contour attack against Liverpool?
He won't have time to leave. getting back into position is good if you have a remote control you can stop the play and you can come back but otherwise the counterattack will be quick and it will be a problem, someone will have to cover it and I think anticipating the loss of the ball and that's the interesting thing when I was talking about the 10 games at the end of last season, men squatting, it's okay for Alexander Arnold to disappear down the left and it's okay for Jurgen Klopp to say "oh well, that's him." getting the ball is fine.
I'm saying when the season starts it's going to be a different game, it's not where we ended up and Dusty with everything and we can play the way we want and he can go there, he can go there. There will be a lot more work to be done rigorously and that includes making sure Alexander doesn't disappear to the left side because he does, but you can't do that in a proper game. against them, there is no team now, it's a pretty interesting discussion because we're talking about you saying that those last 10 games don't count for much in terms of making the strategy for a new season, that's a fair point, but my point is that when I watched the end of Manchester City's season when you see how good things work with John Stones there, but keep in mind that Manchester City put three centre-halves there, so maybe that's an argument for what you're saying: they come back. to his four defenses and everything, but I'm 100 sure, but it's just an opinion.
I have no idea if it will happen but I am 100 sure that at the moment the club will plan to get Arnold when they have the ball in midfield and then I will be a little worried, remember that with Robertson on the other left side, he will also hit or have to cover up again and I think that's part of Frank's point if I understood it right, I think. I think number one Robertson will definitely be the one that stays, but I think John is the perfect example and if you remember, I'm sorry, I don't remember John Stones ever being on the left side of the field in his position. . he was always on the right side of the pitch, never disappeared to the left and received the ball from whoever was playing left back, whether it was Aki or anyone else, yes, but I agree that it will be that way. later but it won't be on the left it will be somewhere on the right side so when the ball is turned it has to go back in guaranteed there will be another debate uh I don't think Johnston and Trent Alexander Arnold will play next season in the same position.
I think TAA will play a little higher. He doesn't play as a number six in never played, he plays at number 10. He was a little bit beyond Salah and a few others. Go ahead that's the difference that's why he thinks he can go on the left side. I agree with Stevie, he will have to think about returning that's for sure or someone to make up for it, but I agree with you and I'm sure Klopp will leave. Follow Guardiola's idea with John Sons, but what the trends show to the world is a fantastic number 10. He is a guy who can lead Liverpool's game.
I don't see him as a John Stones. Johnstone, another thought. when he plays as soon as we lose the ball, I'm there on him, he knows he anticipates the loss of the ball tendency Alexander Lowe plays the game for the game for the offense offenses uh aspect of the game plays John salt For the defensive summary of the game , I think it's a different state of mind, I think that's why I think we can't compare the two positions of the two guys and you just have it, but that's very good in the attack, but then, if he's in the right back, what does that mean when they defend well?
As always, Klopp knows he has deficiencies, but what he gets when he steps forward is asking the players around them to step up andcompensate for the deficiencies it has defensively. He's so good going forward that now Corp has to find a place for him and we're talking about him putting himself in the middle, but I don't think we should, I don't think we should forget that I think his orders are 100% when the ball turns over or you smell danger, which is, I'm speaking as a Defender, but the problem with Alexander Arnold is that he doesn't smell danger, so the problem will be for Liverpool, not what they do in the future, whether he can sort out the back lane because over the last two seasons Liverpool's loss rate has been horrendous and if they are going to allow Alexander Arnold to go play wherever they please then I don't see how they are going to cover up those deficiencies this time again , so thank you very much. a lot to watch ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and analysis, be sure to download the ESPN app and to stream premium content live and let's not forget ESPN FC too, seven days a week, subscribe to ESPN Plus.

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