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#ESA17 Speedruns - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone [Any%] by turothking

Jun 08, 2021
Yeah, I started whatever and there was nothing, so this is Harry Potter for PC. If you have played this game before you may not have played the same version as this because there are five different versions of this game for ps1 ps2 game boy advanced and Game Boy Color and then obviously the PC version they are all considered games completely different, both casual and speedrun, they have different approaches and something to keep in mind about this game is that there are a lot of scenes, but a lot of the glitches and tricks are based on scenes and making them faster or skipping them, so yeah, too movement is notoriously bad in this game, as you'll probably see when I start moving after this rather long introduction, there are two inputs per direction in this game because you get double acceleration when you press two keys in each direction, with the exception of the sides, when it spins you get double spin speed, not just acceleration, which actually speeds up the run quite a bit, it's a hover. all voiced from practice 9 and 3/4, yeah this is just they were too lazy to make the beginning of the game I guess so they just put it in the mixer for a moment, when we get to the castle there will be something real.
esa17 speedruns   harry potter and the philosopher s stone any by turothking
Images from the game though you have time for some definitions here dessert yeah this is good we got $5 from let's see here Leonie I'm tired sorry Kelly anything DK says when his window and we got $10 from Rush last hello , TK Rath, this is a big fish, this big fish has left his warm post not to do this race. I hope you dress warmly to perform well. Just kidding TK, good luck in the race and have fun, we'll decide and I believe in you buddy. and then we have a $10 donation from Integra, good luck DK, go for 110.
esa17 speedruns   harry potter and the philosopher s stone any by turothking

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esa17 speedruns harry potter and the philosopher s stone any by turothking...

I'll do my best. I actually did the first trick in the game and basically if you hold your back or if you go into a cutscene with your back walking. animation in this game for whatever reason decides to speed up the scene or the camera in the scene and for certain scenes that actually speeds it up in general because certain actions are based on the camera so this scene becomes 2 seconds faster if you just you hold down When it starts, there are quite a few examples of misguided laughter right after this. I'm going to start the tutorial segment, which isn't very exciting at first, but a couple of pretty interesting glitches and tricks will soon appear. which involve some cutscenes and stuff like that, the third floor also Ron is not very nice in this game, let's put it that way, there's really nothing to do here, also again, if there are any donations, you can read it well, we have fifty dollars of a monk.
esa17 speedruns   harry potter and the philosopher s stone any by turothking
Saying hey TK, I didn't know you could get out of the sauna, wishing you luck getting past the pen mass, I'm still putting three hundred power into your macros though, be nice to Benny, get that bend, super jumps, both of you. and lastly, did you try the shelving? I haven't done it yet, yeah, okay, so here they're going to teach me how to climb, actually they teach me how to climb badly, although they teach me how to run into things, which is very slow because it gives us slow animation I want to jump to the uploads and what I just did there is jump right before, which gives it an instagramlam.
esa17 speedruns   harry potter and the philosopher s stone any by turothking
You'll see some examples of non-instant raises later on and they look really ugly but they're actually pretty fast basically if you jump onto a Ledge raise in this game, if you raise you'll like that the animation doesn't start until you land on it , so you can bring the lunch line with you and then do some magic with it later, especially to increase which I will explain later and this is not actually a cutscene, you can move during it and I got the pink wire , but for three weeks I couldn't get that pink pin on any of my runs and I'm shocked, so here's a cutscene at the top of the stairs, how cute, let's grab it, which hopefully I'll skip by just jumping around and landing on this color right here and also jumping a ledge grab jumping off the pillar and I'm collecting beans here because they are They're going to teach me about cards and they need the beans for some experiments so yeah I'm just collecting and I'm trying to do a specific jump in this scene to get up on the ledge so I can move during this scene now and then I'll blindly climb up this section of steps and shelves and move on to the next part, which is just a small scene where Maui introduces himself .
It was a pretty good tutorial. Yeah, that was a good segment. I did not do it. I really make some mistakes, so right after this you'll see me randomly going left, which seems slow but it's a pattern. The scene, for some reason, they decided that this would make it possible to run around it, so mine is skipped. class now there is also a skip for this scene trigger although you can't enter the class unless you do this part and I will show it later before the next part and this is spell learning basically all I have.
What you have to do is draw along this line these lines and, hopefully, I want to make a fool of myself, here we go, the lines that it says before and after each drawing are completely RNG and yes, they can vary about eight seconds per drawing or the top drawing. With a few exceptions there isn't much RNG other than that, although this entire run is mostly cycle based this was pretty bad energy except for the first line so 'flip endo is a pretty tough challenge and I actually have this thing betting on whether I can I'll fail it or succeed in my chat, usually to make it interesting how the mouse works, because I fail a lot and the reason is that there are quite a few difficult tricks and it's a very technical dungeon or challenge, more like right here .
I'll do a walk up this wall to jump over the barrel, which is a very small use of the moving walk, but you'll see some more interesting uses later on and a challenge at the end. Thank you. You have a moment for the nation. Yeah this would be a good time so we got $10 of 80k squeaky alien toy we don't sell potions hey that's my line this trick is kind of dumb all I have to do is jump out of his way and shoot him. while I'm on it and it lifts me up and I can jump to this ledge and skip a walk of about 30 seconds, which is obviously slower and it's pretty easy but very easy to go up one more and that's also my bad, next one.
It's possible to skip the cutscene but it's not something I'll do in the marathon because it's extremely risky if you block the camera you have to get to the next line of cutscenes they won another one yeah this is another good moment. five doors of Azhar okay Chris GRE I'm exhausted I'm going to bed does this brightness boost work after the game or is it just on the brightness please does it work in this game and I'm fine I'll do it and just a little now. the first one actually gives you a lot more height in this game and not the second, yes, that's right, it doesn't go as much to the sides as it does in the second and forward, it's done like that in the second, but it gives you a lot more height, so here you have a hyper jump which is basically jumping down a slope so you can catch it up, unless you fail, get to higher things with the jump, then normally you could do it. hopefully jump over some ledge, grab something like that pictured, yeah I always forget that thing that says book when I don't know how to restart once and it's scary, there's a couple of those that are showing up, oh there we go, so what I did there was, first of all, something called brightness boost where I changed my brightness while going up the ledge which boosted me into the air a bit and you can do that as long as your animation is working and I also set a bug so that the first screen of my menus naima options money to make them faster and here I'm going to do a jump, I'm just going to skip a cycle, hopefully, so it looks easy, but it's pretty tight and timed, and that's another walk up the wall right there and here it is, yes, it was, that was what it was most. worried during this whole race, I wasn't going to do those strategies because they are very risky, but I felt that I was comfortable basically in this game, the walls are made up of several smaller walls and you can walk in the scene between them if you, if you do a specific move just put it on the wall a small donation yeah ok we got $5 from the red touch saying good luck buddy had to stay up and support my favorite Norwegian and we got $100 from the wall just saying Hi TK. and Wallace, here, where's the incentive for the unicycle and everything?
Yes, that's probably a bad idea about his exciting first days at Hogwarts. There was a lot of talk about the theft at Gringotts magic, but there was no time to think about it since Harry and his friends. They were hoping his flying lesson with the lady would go well, so this is flying, I'm your instructor. I handle it, it's much harder than it seems. Yeah, these magic rings, let's see if the audio picks up my stuff. Did. She just didn't say anything. there we go yeah the audio in this game just likes not to work randomly it's not very good yeah especially during the flying sections you'll hear Jordan lead later on.
I don't have inverted broom controls on and I need them because I'm bad so the rings get harder and harder the first day they get smaller and then they also go off because the first ones are all on the ground but I think now eventually they will start moving too. This is also a good time for more donations in general, we don't have any more Venetians right now, okay, I don't want to slow down any more than for that ring over there because that turn is too sharp to do without slowing down, at least by small fragments.
She let him go. For probably half a second at most the rings are in motion, they're not very difficult, but it's very easy in this segment to just fly by grazing and not not grab it, which shaves off about four seconds per give or take. Well, it was better than I expected. that's not too bad perfect 20 points for gryffindor now you can practice flying it this next segment is kind of interesting because it's what we wanted to be able to skip for the longest time, since way before I started running this game this has been a Theorize jump in basically this game, you don't need the spells, you have little spells from the beginning, but they make a kind of illusion that you learn them, so if you can skip the hell here, you can continue endlessly and you would save a life and the theory is to get through the lock with a shot, but no one has been able to do it yet, even after years of trying, a problem can also occur when destroying them and you say yes, there you go, of course, it's great.
It's weird and no one knows how it works and what causes it, but even if you draw perfectly sometimes when destroying, you won't get the percentage you need, so you know, of course that happens if it happens to me every run and there's a counter, but now level only happens randomly. I don't usually do anything about it, I just take up the lost time if it happens. I should also mention that we only do one of the drawings because he only has to do one of them, the rest you can fail if I do. If I finished this one, I would have to do another one and another.
I think there's four total, yeah, so a total, and it's obviously slower to just skip the last three, so this is basically the segment we'd skip if we could get it. After the alarm time, fortunately we can't, so going up is a pretty interesting trick, I basically hope that Hermione gets stuck on these stairs outside right here, okay, so I jump on her to stop her and I go into this scene and her scene. Play at the same time so I can move during this and then I can enter this scene in the same image or at a specific time, so now I'm playing, I'm playing or moving on to the next area of ​​the challenge while I'm doing what's spelled out.
Bad, I would have liked to hit the blocks in the next room during those cutsies. Although I have one more try this time and while you're trying, we get $28 of Crispy Hanako saying, "Shut up, Stu Mirchi and her seven trials to glory, run, love, Crispy." Okay, unfortunately I failed, so I'll have to watch the scene now or the rest of the scene. It's like, you basically have to shoot this block blindly and all you have to follow is an audio signal and it's not very like me. I mentioned that the audio is very inconsistent in this game, so sometimes the audio from when you hit the block just doesn't play because it cuts out completely and here there is a flip-like jump and no, although in this one you don't do it .
You need to shoot the puck to be able to do it. You can just jump over the railing. Triggering the pop makes it easier. Although here is a block clip. This can technically be used in two places during the race. We're just going to use it here to Hold onto that block and avoid having to open the door and for some reason you just can't do it on the other side. They have never been able to explain to me why this is the case, but I can't seem to. and that's a super jump basically in this game, if you click slightly up or down on a ledge you gain a huge amount of speed and if you jump in the frame that happens you basically maintain that speed because you can't lose speed in the air. soyou can use it for movement on the front or you can use it for jumps like this, they are quite complicated, although the timing is very precise, come on, I understand the petty, so of course there is a movie, let's skip that. part and then I cast a spell on this door right here to D load the scene or whatever reason, if you press the scene trigger with the spell it just disappears, yes apparently it matches, he explained it's because the D particles load the scene or something like that, it only works at the end of the spell learning scenes and here's an interesting little segment that I hope helps you, basically a skip piece right there, so logically I'm going to go fight people now and the idea It's just that I want to get to friend George's scene and get hit during it, which unfortunately I didn't do.
If I had been hit there, I could have moved during the scene and then chained together the rest of the scenes in the area and exited. Much faster though, that's probably the most inconsistent trick in this race and I didn't expect to get it. It's largely based on where Peeves decides to throw the thing, if it's not orange, but it takes good movement and specific timing for him to do it. it works and for some reason the lower the FPS the higher the chance of getting hit and since we played this game the FPS is quite high it becomes quite difficult to get hit.
Fortunately, there is a different jump to fight Malfoy, though besides just walking. pass them, what is the barrier to get out of this castle that is supposed to prevent you from leaving before defeating Malfoy, it is not a solid barrier, all you have to do to get past it is jump at the right time and then let go. the doorways because you won't lose speed while in the air like I mentioned and the wall will only push you if you are holding a doorway, it will push you in the opposite direction to the doorway you are holding so if you hold nothing it won't push you at all and you can just land in the loading zone.
These are the grounds of Hogwarts Castle and I am the gamekeeper, of course this would be a good time for donations. We have donations of $10. Hi TK, sarcastic, good luck. and safe trip back to Sweden I guess that means Norway down means there's a joke about me being Swedish for some reason I'd happily accept you so there's a jump for this scene but it saves less than half a second and it's basically Impossible to make the first try unless you're a god, so here's a damage boost, although it's similar to the previous promise boost, where you boost by jumping to the damage and then use that animation to basically go up in the air, I'll do it to use again here to go to the maze today here to jump the doors and jump the maze and then it's time for the next spell challenge, well we got $50 from an anonymous guy saying what am I doing? at 5:30 am.
Washington, the big games are being destroyed of course, I had to donate during one of my favorite children's games of all time, Harry Potter and all the ESA people, we also have 5 Billy from Live and I love Harry Potter, something that I love. I forgot to mention that if you get 80% or more of spell learning you will have a different set of lines you can get and generally those lines are better because they are a bit shorter, the exception is for Loomis and where there is a possibility of getting a very long line on house points, but other than that, we're trying to get a D+ and vo is probably the least broken challenge in the room, although it has a lot of little things that just add up and can be.
It can be a place to lose races just because of all the silly little things, so in the next scene I'm going to try to do a kind of backwards stutter, it's better to fail, it's basically if you walk backwards a little bit and then punch forward. will walk forward with the back part of the animation which makes the camera faster as I mentioned before and in some scenes that speeds it up overall, for that scene it is less than the second nose, it is quite negligible now we will use it for more time. Stage later, here's another boost.
Boosts are used more in the second half of the race, which is basically where I am now, so there are some interesting uses for it. Now you are supposed to kill the gnomes and open the door. to the next area and then place some blocks and do a bunch of dumb things, but you can just go through the metal door there and skip that whole second room and him doing the cutscene that allowed him to move didn't get it. to the door before it's over yeah similar to the lunch shot earlier and I also make sure to walk backwards during the scene because again it's up to Cameron that scene is completely camera based here I'm going to do a different one .
Method of moving in a scene where I draw or activate both scenes at the same time, which for some reason allows you to move in the scene a little faster. I know it also plays the scenes at the same time, so there is an instance. or like bring the ledge grab with me, no you can skip the second one, let's grab it there like some kind of lunch, getting to the next ledge, if you don't hit those blue pants soles they will, they'll ruin your day if you get stuck behind them. will die, there is nothing you can do about it, little one, little one, who is there to skip this section of walking, mainly count that the plants will probably hit you and waste time if you don't, it's about the same speed as doing it normally, yeah, you're supposed to shoot all four of them. but he can just shoot one per time and that works too yeah this game doesn't care much about triggers and right there I can close the door right before the cutscene starts and bypass the cutscene trigger because of that like this I can skip. the scene and that's another scene break right there where he does the hyper jump on top of Bush to skip Haggard because he's slow, he likes to talk it's a good time for the nations, we don't have any of the nations right now, okay, basically this is just that they are going to fight now because he has been bullying Neville, the fight itself is pretty easy once you know how he moves and how the fight works, you can usually do it very quickly, there is a little bit of our energy at the beginning .
From the fights, if you throw a bludger from the beginning, that's faster because it will slow down sooner, you didn't do that for me, unfortunately, it's pretty rare. I've never seen that before, not really, it happened before during a co-op. runs with Remi than me, so yeah, I didn't know about it until today, so I'd actually seen it before. I don't know why it slows you down like it does here, it doesn't slow me down when I play normally, but for some. The reason today he decides to slow me down when I get to the time wast isn't much of a waste, so here they recruit Harry in the footage and then immediately tell him that he has a match later, so even though the rules never listen to the game before, no idea what footage.
Even if it's anything now, although I don't approve of it, it's okay, there will be no rules, fun plays later, it's okay, easy, in fact, it turns out that freshmen may not compete very quickly. Your next area has gone through a few different strategies. even since I started running this game I basically used to run it normally obviously and then they were found in a lot of different ways and then people settled on a super drunk method which is very inconsistent and then a couple of various boosts were found and we recently discovered that you can do something called horizontal momentum which is based on how you like to grip the ledge, so I'm going to have to try to move the grip away from the ledge. the registration and then the momentum during Harry's turn.
Do you have a second for some donations? Yes, now would be a good time, so we have another donation of maximum $5 because there are no donations. We have wonderful anonymous ordination. Hello guys, having a great time. Watching all this while my wife prepares the ball, she continues with the big race, but then Ross Blatt asks us: TK, how could you miss the Wrath Rip sub? and we're good, another one from Star Commander 26. I love you, so that was it. Forrest, it's basically done with, like I said, a horizontal boost which is also known as a Superman boost because of how the hair is in the air while he's doing it, there are next interesting areas, it's during one or in this scene, instead of over there. is a second trigger that will activate the final scene of this area that I want you to talk about, which will not appear during the normal scene, but during a race, a racer named Breast Bert Wood or did something that we didn't.
I don't know what he did but he managed to press that trigger in the first scene so he just skipped the whole area and saved everyone else a lot of time and I was before boosting and everything so we had no way to skip this area in anyway and unfortunately since it was during a race he was playing on his alternate account and didn't have a similar video or a previous stream or anything so we don't have any video of it but there were people watching his team so which is not like that. he didn't like it, you did it, it actually happened, we just didn't over record, we have a different way of bypassing this, although basically here's a trigger and I'm going to boost or I came off the bounce and I'm running back now to press this , which is what I made appear when I pulled the trigger in the corner and basically now I'm at the final cutscene of this area, pretty much the only problem is that Hagrid never showed up because I never finished the area, so unfortunately I have to wait about two minutes so that Hagrid will be forced to enter this area again, so if there are any donations again, this will be a very good time, an anonymous donation of $15.
Hi TK, good luck with the vault run, skip the hype , how are you doing? goes everyone these are my friends his name is Steve and the dark seer Pixies they call him Benny named after the song I usually play during this part yeah yeah there's absolutely nothing to do here like I can run that's all , there is nothing more than this. It's still faster than actually doing it, yes, the segment is about four minutes long and waiting here takes about two, so it still adds up to quite a bit of time. Save too yeah, so be careful not to get hit by the pixie too many times because he does. will damage and kill him, then he has to do it all over again, so yeah, and that's happened too many times to admit that he's being pretty good, never mind, yeah, definitely doesn't matter, let's be careful, you'll see Hagrid spawning. in the lower left corner, when the scene ends, hopefully this will happen, here we go, if I get hit by the pixie jury or the doxy raider during the scene going up the stairs, I soft lock the game and have to redo the entire segment, including The Two minute wait and again, that has happened too many times, one admits.
I also made sure to return to this scene. I think it saves about three seconds depending on the camera. It's also worth noting that although it took a long time. damage there, I'm completely fine with health now because of the way the loading zones and save points are and everything works in this game, you get back half health if you're below that, if you save or hit a loading zone in either way, which is very convenient, so here's Quidditch. Harry doesn't know the rules yet, but he will do well, that's me, Jordan, yes, Lee Jordan is great, he almost knows how to talk, although he is usually pretty good at the beginning, but when he starts this match. he'll go crazy and just say random words it feels like oh yeah the music isn't good right now it's completely normal it just happens in this game besides the low graphics I play a lot because of the boost mainly and there are some nice effects here with the grass on the edges because of that it's a very realistic game so Quidditch is basically just a clear or near state of the snitch, snap and press a linear button you've reached it this first one part is completely consistent and the second part. where you have to play a minigame where the snitch goes back and forth it's actually kind of a lunge, but it's usually very consistent, yes it really can, although where it will do it, it will go close to your hand, but not quite, so you can't catch it. and if you miss three times you have to miss or drop the snitch and you have to catch it again and that's a big problem usually because most runners don't know the pattern of the snitch after a certain point because you always catch it in pretty much the same place , so if that happens, it will usually be like improvised strategies after the dance.
Do you have time for some donations? Yes, I received $5 from the anonymous who says five points for Gryffindor. Get directly from the link by saying I Love Steven. bunny, but it's not Alan's, those pictures of Gold, I'm Hi TK, can you go a little faster so we can have a little breakfast, but less and we have weed, friend, eight, five, one with talent, $10 that says rip, Benny Hill theme, good luck fish, we have another donationFilch's first part, there is another part after this scene and the second part is much easier and less stressful than the first, but they are both pretty bad during the good races, my brother will basically be heartless after this, he will have exploded a clone in Romania.
Would you mind if the reviews increase? Yes, go ahead, we have a $1 anonymous donation. He says I have a bronze wizard card. I only have one potential buyer, so you better act fast. Oh, actually that's happened before, but I think it was a year ago, so yeah, basically what I'm doing here is I'm engaging in whaling so I can outdo them, which you're not supposed to do. be able to do and then you can go through the door and it basically loaded your cutscene that's supposed to play when you get to the door, so this room is pretty easy, it has my first strategy of this game, my first contribution to this. community and basically now you push him away from the door and then quickly run past them, it's kind of silly that it works, it's a very clever man who speeds up this scene with a walk backwards, you're supposed to be in the next room.
You're supposed to go to the side rooms in the next room and then there's a nick cutscene with the Hat, almost headless Nick, that you're supposed to activate and then you're supposed to follow a group, but apparently you can super hop. not good Oh God, okay, perfect frame, failure, oh no, this is very incomplete, how is it possible? They can't not take you there. Oh God, oh my God, okay, go away, kitty, what, yes, the cat can fly. I guess that's how it is. Oh my god, it never happened before. I had never seen Nora jump so high.
She was on the roof or at the helm of the roof. He had a super jump. Okay, that's pretty interesting. Well, it was an adventure we either ended up on or we didn't. I'm done with failure, but no one stays, everything will be fine, everything will be fine, that's my motto for this, this is a good time for donations, if it's sunny, he continued explaining that the mirror showed nothing more and nothing less . The deepest and most desperate desire of our hearts, but which would give no knowledge or truth, the mirror of Erised said that it will be transferred to a new home shortly.
Dumbledore went on to add ominously that if Harry ever found him again he would be dead, but prepared for what is very convenient for the game. don't get eliminated because you know like strings that Dumbledore should have taken you out here and brought you back to the common room, but he might say, oh, that would be too easy, you have to sneak more in the next part. Luckily it's pretty easy, although I have some cool little tricks and I'm going to grab the book saved here just to be safe because if I fail the next part I'll be back to the beginning of filter 2 essentially, if I don't grab it I should.
It doesn't fail, but you never know, since you just learned that the cat is very unpredictable if he wants to speed up exactly that scene, we didn't know about that for a long time, that specific scene, we found out a couple of weeks ago. So basically this room is just one big room with four side chambers and each side chamber has a Van Guardian block on a switch on its filter that will protect the left side and Norris will protect the right side and if I manipulate them correctly. I'll be able to do all the rooms pretty quickly and not get caught by them because I'll get other rooms before they get there and I want to end up on the left side of Filch's side, the reason I want to end up there. it's because I'm going to make some moves to trigger a bug that will basically be possible on Laura's part, but it's much more difficult because she can catch you during the scene.
This way we also skip Norris's RNG because Norris has random movement in this part for some reason, I think it's her speed that is random so here I'm going to shoot the block as far as I can and then I'll immediately start moving and hopefully press yes here we go yes I'm far enough away that by the time the peeps cut spawn I'll already be in it and I'll be able to see both cutscenes at the same time and then during the cutscene since I activated the scenes, I can move to line up the next turn and out during the scene so I'm not supposed to back up the stutter in the scene there unfortunately I ruined the entrances if you take the elevator here there is a big dungeon that has his friend George, they have a bunch of secret rooms in this castle and it's a little surprising that someone doesn't knock them down, but it's magic, yeah, I guess that's the end of the movie, there's no more ending, luckily because Filch is stressful , there are still a couple of tricks.
I'm still worried about it, but I'll probably be fine, it'll be fun, yeah, it'll be fine for any donation, yeah, this is a pretty long scene, okay, so we have a five dollar anonymous donation. Dedicate this donation to something good. but if you choose wrong, I will judge you. We can also talk about your favorite ice cream. Icecream is delicious. We also have an anonymous donation of three dollars. He says I have money with a guaranteed car that doesn't tarnish. I'll accept the one that does. shows another filter section here that scared me when I blindly played this game, but luckily it doesn't turn out to be a thing, oh yeah, that plan was something, yeah, that wasn't a good run.
I'm going to take the save book here just because I've never died too fluffy before and I'd be lucky if it happened right now, so this is probably the biggest safety moment going in, it saves me eight seconds of back work. In the mission in this scene you can start moving so the way Fluffy works is obviously there are already three heads and each head has a different speed and you want to put each head to sleep based on which seat you want to go to. go slow, there are only two. fastest and is orange, who had his whip, is the slowest and can cancel the damage animation of getting bits by just playing the flute again, he's actually going to die.
We get a strange change they made to the US version compared to the EU version of this game. You can't play the flute during this scene in this version, but in the EU version, for some reason, you can? I don't know why it can crash the game. I'm glad you can't do it at this and this point. in the game they gave up on the dialogue so you'll hear some silly things, for example Hermione will mention twice that this is the devil's trap, it could be the devil's trap, oh, it's the devil's trap, oh, It's the devil's trap, okay.
Basically all I have to do for the devil's trap is hit Roman Hermione and knock down the rest of the vines, it doesn't matter, maybe I'll hit them and at the end of every sentence here they'll say Harry, which is really annoying, thank you. I said they kind of abandoned the dialogue at this point, maybe they didn't expect people to finish the game. I don't know, so here's the last flying section of the game and it's basically the same as Quidditch, all you have to do is get close to the key and stay close to the key, which, as long as you know what pattern of the key is pretty easy, it tells you basically perfect, your next room used to be hell if you wanted to do it in this game seriously, because if you have a good time and we get to this point, there was a trick if we still do it, but now it We do it a different way and basically you would be very unlikely to get past this point even if he got here with a pretty decent lead over you.
PP, but it's gotten a lot easier now thanks in part to Max Fee who helped improve this game quite a bit, so basically I'm going to hyper jump from this thing to the arch here and then walk on invisible walls and then jump off the invisible walls to the chess board and that skips the chest intro scene. I hope whoever made this has no idea how chess works. with each other they will eliminate each other and all you have to do is move because they will always move towards you so do the same pattern every time and they won't destroy you, it's basically just going in. a diagonal line, come on, come on, they're going to do some parkour here as long as I reserve it at the door before Hermione, okay, whatever I do here, moving along the railings is a little faster now, so here is the final example. from a wall walk I'm going to try walking on this wall here to skip the whole potion puzzle, which is basically similar to something hidden in a hat and like dragging the hats out of the cups or whatever it was a bunch of times, yeah, it's probably several minutes, I'm sure there's time for a quick donation if there's anyone out there who's sure we've got a five dollar donation from Booty saying jet lag isn't that bad when watching great content for a great cause, greetings from Finland.
Alright, we used to have to push the big block and the small block over here because you would have to jump from the small to the big and then go from the bad to the end, but what can it do and what can't it do. Okay, what you can do instead is just do a quick boost from the small block and then what I'm going to try to do here is okay, oh, that's not okay, okay, okay, we've got it, it's a really difficult jump. where you basically increase the cutscene triggers, you just skip the final scene of the objected mole and it saves you about 30 seconds, but it makes the fight a little harder because you basically haven't encountered, so you can't get any boosts damage he would normally do.
The actual fight is a little faster, so basically the way the fight works is that he alternates: you hit him with a color and then you hit him with a mirror like every other time, and when it helps, that It's not what I remember. Okay, we're good and when you get halfway through, you're going to break the pillars and alter it between a normal shot and a homing shot. The homing shot will go through the mirrors, so you won't be able to use the mirror. I basically just stay behind anything to block it, other than that it just comes and goes.
If I had more help, I could take some of these shots and not have to hide, which is a little bit faster, but unfortunately I also got hit by a few. many times by a crow this is going to be a little sketchy but I think I'll make it, it'll be in a bad place okay and that's the job to finish it we have two donations if you don't make sure yeah make sure you have welders with ten

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