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Erfundene Geschichte Teil 1 bis 3 - Mirror!!! vom Kanal Chnopfloch

May 01, 2023
what we really know about our past past we suffer from a collective memory loss memory loss who we really are where we came from less than 500 years ago there was a united civilization all over the world technically highly developed on our planet star cities are the remains from this united civilization there was a reset that destroyed much of our past, our knowledge and our culture nothing is as it seems it will be time for us to remember again what we really know about our past what if everything was different from what we were always told that less than 500 years ago there was still a technically highly developed world The united civilizations on our planet are star cities the remnants of this united civilization the star cities are hardly suitable for defense purposes this civilization broke into individual parts in the course of a cataclysm there was a reset of much of our past our knowledge and culture were destroyed industrialization the building of central banks the debt monetary system and the political system pseudo-democracy a consequence of this law was the religions of the world as a means of manipulation in the world after the united civilization collapsed and unimaginable suffering spread across the earth it is simply about salvation and redemption schools faction at the end of the world experienced why the aryan empire was wiped off the maps and from our memory pompeii was in fact buried alone when vesuvius erupted in 1631 how researcher andreas rohloff claims why the inscriptions on the walls and houses in pompeii speak of a war between rome and free italy when pompeii sank just ago 400 years why there was no church or other Christian symbolism in the city the cave paintings are simply modern forgeries aiming to establish the theory of evolution as fact why the cave paintings supposedly last for thousands of years and decompose soon after of discovery?
erfundene geschichte teil 1 bis 3   mirror vom kanal chnopfloch
The first cave paintings were discovered only after the theory of evolution was firmly entrenched in science in the 18th century. 78 cave paintings were completely unknown to mankind until a member of Santander's influential Spanish family discovered them in a cave on his property in Altamira. most scholars at the time believed that the paintings in his ancient cave were a forgery of the dates listing why this was architecture before the 20th century throughout the world the same principles on old world structures are based in principles that today we call greek roman architecture the industrial revolution only reintroduced the technological knowledge that we had long before why did humanity's knowledge explode in the 19th century?
erfundene geschichte teil 1 bis 3   mirror vom kanal chnopfloch

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erfundene geschichte teil 1 bis 3 mirror vom kanal chnopfloch...

Do world fairs play into the introduction of forgotten technology? Why did all the world's fairs make big losses, even though they were supposedly created by hard-core industrial robber barons? The world exhibitions were all demolished. That too was a losing business, but maybe these buildings were not rebuilt for the exhibition, but came from the old world and it was these old world remnants with a suitable pretext to destroy why millions of orphans were kidnapped against their will for the church in the new world what is happening in europe that millions of families read that their children were stolen why they only began to systematically furnish their houses in the 19th century and why they were political dissidents and the supposedly mentally ill imprisoned there equally, why do these houses have the same architectural principles that we know from the old world? we were also here the imposing buildings of the old united civilization misused as prisons for those who resisted the new order, these too almost all of their houses have now been demolished financially it doesn't make sense were their houses just the constant continuation of the inquisition of the church and the witch hunt how long did it take to erase the last keepers of ancient knowledge are called freemasons freemasons because they the architecture of the old world claiming to be their own work freemasonry equals free painting colonialism and imperialism of the spanish, portuguese and british was nothing more than a ruthless worldwide raid to destroy what was left of the old world and annex the civil war in the usa was in fact a war between the vatican dated invading northern usa against the loving southerners of liberty who refused to deny their merchandise beyond communism and two world wars were two sides of the same coin to wipe out what was left of old world culture in europe the biblical serpent symbolizes humanity's enemy clock round hostile non-human race there was once a unified language on earth it is behind the year without summer 1815 and 16 the new earthquake of madrid of 1812 and the great comet of 1811 the same event for which napoleon appears at that exact moment and supposedly half destroyed Was there Napoleon in Europe or did the destruction date back to a cataclysm?
erfundene geschichte teil 1 bis 3   mirror vom kanal chnopfloch
Why do we see cities destroyed and depopulated in paintings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries? Why did some cities have to be freed from a meter-high layer? The earth. The neutrinos. Those are ghosts. part those are the ghosts particles under the emmental modern science especially physics astrophysics archeology evolutionary biology and geology were only created to keep us in a mental prison why do people get sicker most of the real knowledge was stolen from us the myth of the deluge is a last reminder of an event that the ancient world less than 500 years ago there were giants on earth we worship them as gods they poured out secret knowledge about architecture medicine astronomy and our origins they are the creators of the star cities of the complex channel systems and patterns found in all parts of the planet to find are perhaps earth was a gigantic terraforming project free energy was replaced by expensive energy production from limited resources to enslave humanity star cities they served for the production of energy and the energetic protection of our enemies what role Frequencies play in the creation of the highly complex stellar forms that suffer in a collective memory loss, history is nothing more than an artificial matrix of repetitive events created for the purpose of suppressing our true potential.
erfundene geschichte teil 1 bis 3   mirror vom kanal chnopfloch
We have come to find more truth in stories and myths than in the textbooks and concepts that science has produced, ancient myths contain fragments of our collective memories that we in our army cannot recognize as such our world today is so cold and hostile to life because we've lost a part of ourselves it's nothing it seems it's time to remember again first it got dark then it came when we struck looking for something to change its mortality to make our banks agree the soul separates us to let our children lose us we have a lot to do around everyone to destroy what makes us human what we really know about our past we suffered a loss of collective memory less than 500 years ago there was a technically highly developed world united civilizations on our planet why the knowledge of humanity just exploded in the 19th century to stagnation as it was forgotten what role the world's fairs played in the introduction of technology mysteriously the imposing neoclassical buildings of the world's fairs were all demolished nothing is as it seems it's time we remember the collective memory and now the helpless human being stands hungry under all the past and seeks digging tunt digging roots whether he would have to dig for them even in the most remote antiquities what does the enormous historical need of the unmet modern culture that gathers countless other cultures i want to acknowledge the consumption if not the loss of the myth to the loss the mythical homeland of the mythical maternity leave without myth, however, each culture loses its healthy creative power freedrich nietzsche the birth of the tragedy of the spirit of music the The most pressing problem of today's people is the loss of meaning.
Meaning feeds on the past. When knowledge about the past decreases, then the meaning of life also decreases. Today's people do not know where they come from, who they are, and where they are going. directs has become the toy of powers that can direct in any way their uprooted past there is no footing without scale and/or a reality-based scale there is also no way to develop a real understanding of the world only the way back to the own roots it makes sense to come back to life epigenetics is based on the study of heritable changes in gene expression that are not directly encoded in our dna several studies and observations suggest that our life experiences, such as deprivation or traumatic experiences, mythological and religious traditions are passed on to subsequent generations and go even further and speak of a collective memory.
Already in the Vedas and the sacred scriptures of Hinduism, a kind of universal memory is mentioned, which is a written word akasha that represents the celestial space or etr and, according to the oriental wisdom tradition, denotes the subtlety of the five elements from which everything else was created, so according to Indian mythology, all the thoughts that were ever thought and all the actions that were achieved must be stored in this information field, which is also expressed in the legendary leaf libraries from india palm and sri lanka the idea of ​​a memory of the world can also be found in western culture and has among other things famous pioneers with platinum kino and paracelsus similar references are also found in the bible if for example , the book of isaiah speaks of a book of memory, so we can assume that all the experiences of our ancestors still exist in an energy field that is invisible to us until 100 years ago, the budget was still a standard concept in physics to explain the properties of invisible space and even if today we are largely cut off from our past, experiences have not disappeared but only been buried so it must be possible that we can reconnect with our past if we lift the veil and we let the memories reach the collective memories it takes a collective effort to some degree an individual alone cannot break the amnesia there are images so charged with meaning that people are inexplicably drawn to them the religions of the world resort to such images to a certain extent back though in an extremely destructive way myths and fairy tales also contain such images the more charged a myth is with meaning the more important was its role in our past based on the glow of a myth that we can already recognize a meaning for humanity if we let it touch it, for example, the great flood has been burned into our collective memory, but also the stories of giant dragons or malicious taxis the more we humans move away from these mythical images, the more we move away from our own past and with our own essence this process of self-alienation began with the so-called era of enlightenment the historian manuel willi kowski writes that amnesia is one of the defensive reactions of humans we know the effects of traumatization in soldiers in the oldest Greek authors the categories and the stumbling blocks will find clear statements indicating that the catastrophes that have occurred in the history of mankind and in the history of our earth were not abnormal events, but were actually dominant and repeated over and over again. again but from historical records we see that knowledge of catastrophes slowly fell into oblivion as plato described qatar christians in several works he wrote about destroyed and rebuilt worlds in his team are theirs he claimed that the greeks do not remember ancient catastrophes except for the deluge he added that the people of his time such as the priests of sea el solon did not report remembering these catastrophic events clients plato disciple aristotle refused to believe in catastrophes he is more responsible than anyone else for the continued belief of that we live in a safe world because of the dislike of people who knew their past science severely slowed down by treating unreality as a process of truth darwin's revolution was also a step backwards disturbing evidence was ignored it was as if darwin was at work with his eyes closed his notebooks from the only excursion diaye undertook contained descriptions of catali's mission turmoil he wrote that nothing less than shaking the entire earth could lead to the mass extinction of life forms he observed on the continental scale observed forms of life from tierra del fuego to the bering strait being annihilated or decimated darwin did not accept the implications of the evidence he presented with his i saw with my own eyes the darwinian revolution was the revival of aristotle whose ideas had lost groundIn the age of enlightenment, if not during the renaissance period, great efforts have been made in recent centuries to make us forget where we came from and who we are the destruction of the old knowledge of physics and biology was particularly important in uprooting us einstein and darwin represent the inverted version of the old knowledge in a legal vision of the world with the human being as meaningless something random that floats in an infinite and cold universe these hostile models of reality were only recently perfected in the 19th century and could only be fully affirmed in the 20th century. too great was the resistance even in the academic circles of the early twentieth century.
The so-called big bang theory is a good example to understand how esoteric religious concepts entered science Belgian Jesuit and priest Georges Lemaitre founded the big bang theory not on the basis of scientific facts but on the basis of a religious conviction of a idea of ​​an atom or cosmic seed from which everything has developed the suites were given the task of the myths of the origin of the world to embed it in a framework that sounded scientific a few decades later in 1951 the papal academy of sciences accepted the big bang theory this long time until it was recognized by the pope was not due to the resistance of the church but to the resistance in the population the big bang theory came from the pen of ironically, the rational theory of the big bang follows being part of our modern worldview and not a single piece of evidence has yet been presented, yes, as a realistic and mechanistic worldview represented by rosso and other so-called enlightenment masterminds, it could only thrive in the breeding ground of industrialization , which turned people into a mechanical state. being that it had been reduced to material aspects, industrialization must be considered as a caesura and as the first change that we can understand and see today as a result of a reset in the 18th or 19th century.
This reset followed an event that also included the so-called mudflood all over the world old world buildings are partly sunk into the earth the old ground floors usually became basements little is known about the cause of the mudflood possible it is a world war we no longer know about or an electromagnetic plasma event on the subject of collective memory once again only willi kowski cg young was convinced that the unconscious, whether by telepathy or otherwise, is a common property of all humanity, but does not consist only in the experiences of this generation, that is, we with whom we interact in this world today, but it encompasses the accumulated experiences of all past generations.
The fact is that catastrophic events have occurred not only here and there, but world events of such indescribable violence that no human being who has managed to survive could be free from the traumatic effects dramatic effects that are indescribable imagine suddenly time is no longer plus day turns to night over the ocean beats over the atlantic coast moves over the continent doesn't even move the continent continent and more just shifting places where plains turned to mountains in a few hours pushed up the air gets filled with the loud hiss of falling meteorites and all the volcanoes erupt at the same time not just the volcanoes that already existed but thousands of new volcanoes growing and the bitches and the rivers lose their beds and the earthquakes then lift up history from its foundation humanity is barely 5000 years old each of you who has already reached the age of 25 has experienced half of recorded history before i finish i will read you a letter from one of my readers i have a feeling that our ancestors even in myths and sacred works they have tried to tell us something about a problem that concerned them very much it seems quite clear that our ancestors were trying to instill a deep fear a terrible fear that they were talking about a problem so terrible that drastic measures were taken too much group discipline or self-oppression seemed justified there was a powerful fear it is sometimes claimed that the bible can be applied directly to modern life to me this approach is very unconvincing because the god these people wrote about was terrifying in the old testament, he was the god of wrath and in the new testament, as albert schweitzer has pointed out, he is about to end the world in the life of jesus or shortly after, he was dangerous and violent. flood hurricane and similar weapons he used against those who misjudged him is what our ancestors wrote and I don't see the point in trying to sugarcoat it that's what they meant they were really scared according to biologist rupert sheldrake it's the collective memory inherent in nature.
Living systems have a collective memory of all past experiences of The whole type of this memory exists in an invisible but real field of energy. Our collective memories are still there, but since the dawn of modernity they have made their way mainly in supposedly fictional stories. For example, in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Universe Correct he wrote his stories, which have their roots in Germanic mythology, during the first world war at exactly the moment when man can consider the final destruction of the ancient wizarding world with the first world. war began civilization's descent into soulless modernity perhaps tolkien had to write down his vision of middle earth because the human psyche cannot survive without the connection to reality itself if this connection is maintained through supposedly fictional stories it is interesting to mention in this context that fantasy stories are also an invention of the industrial age it was only around 1850 that fictional novels became suitable for the masses it may be that people were not able to plunge into worlds of initiative while that life itself was full of meaning and a higher meaning was conveyed the more hostile to life and the colder our society becomes, the stronger the urge to flee to imaginary worlds and these imaginary worlds feed on our collective memories is this repressed energy that gives them life with the destruction of religions through science founded by secret societies, one of the last connections to the past was taken from people, but the truth wants to come out again and eventually it will surface again, to prevent humanity from awakening, tremendous efforts are being made because of our potential and our true power is almost limitless industrialization in the course of industrialization in the 19th century there were far-reaching social changes in In the western world the extent of the changes has so far only been insufficiently recorded aspects such as mass rural exodus impoverishment orphanages lack of hygiene in cities and associated epidemics are known from historical research however these are only effects of the industrial revolution becomes more problematic when it comes to the question of where are the main causes of the massive technological changes of the 19th century.
Lay century. Until now, the two most important questions could not be satisfactorily answered, when did the industrial revolution begin in England and why around 1800, if broken down to its essentials, the industrial revolution consisted of groundbreaking technological inventions that changed social life. in the long term and allowed for increasing automation of production, in particular the development of the steam engine supposedly laid the foundation for the further development of electric and internal combustion engines that form the basis of today's society the industrial revolution presents us with an enigma in the sense of the official narrative, humanity languished for thousands of years at a low level of development only to suddenly and without recognizable external cause within a few short decades make a massive leap in development over the last few decades. to make even more absurd things humanity has been through. a period of technological stagnation since the end of the industrial age, so to speak, the alleged inventiveness of central europe and especially germany, which historians say had made industrialization possible, seems to have swept away the role of the uk is central to understanding what was really behind the so called industrial revolution in historical studies it is generally assumed that the industrial revolution began in the mid 18th century around 1760 however in fact there is little evidence to support this claim according to various historians such as cameron adams mccloskey there is no evidence of industrialization in contemporary literature until 1830 we have to assume that the ruling forces regressed the course of the industrial revolution to defuse its exclusiveness a bit indeed the in quotes became a new technology within some decades we know that a small elite, operating mainly out of rome, the vatican, venice, london and washington, released to humanity what they sold us as inventions was in all likelihood a controlled release of pre-reset technologies that were generally available and powered by free energy in the sense that every human being has direct access to the source of energy only this time with the difference that the technology was coupled with scarce and hard-to-obtain resources, allowing the ruling powers to gain a monopoly on the production of goods since the industrial revolution, the global generation and production of wealth has been controlled by a small group along with control of the fiat monetary system through central banks energy scarcity the most important element in control of the masses this process is reflected, for example, in the conflicts between tesla and edison or tesla and einstein tesla defended the holistic model of the old world he thought about aspects such as energy frequencies and vibration and did not want energy production to end in hands of a few when the industrialists, most notably jp morgan, who were responsible for building the energy monopolies at the time, found that tesla's work was not suitable for the oppression of mankind, it was abandoned when the industrial revolution actually took place well after 1830 speaking of a period of some 50 years ca 850 to 1900 in which ancient knowledge was reintroduced in a modified form it was no coincidence that the first great world exhibition took place in london in 1851 imperialism why did it begin the industrial revolution in england historians are groping in the dark but the one decisive factor that made the british kingdom different from all other countries at that time was colonialism and imperialism, the british crown controlled a large part of the so-called new world and the corona, of course, not only absorbed workers and they were as often portrayed, but of course also the remaining knowledge from the time before the reset and knowledge also includes technologies, so it is very likely that the Indians also had their past officially robbed in this way a large part of the Indian population.
The knowledge is said to be due to a genocide of Indian scholars and a series of innovations in the last 1,200 years, but the evidence suggests that it was British colonialism that significantly dismembered Indian culture, for example, one of the main activities was the Asiatic Society of Bengal, which was officially founded in 1784 and under the auspices of Warren Hastings Indian Manuscripts but also stone and metal inscriptions, icons or ancient coins and Friedrich Max Müller one of the founders of the Western academic field of Indian Studies it was founded by east india trading company paid to translate the vedas, permanently distort them and put arbitrary dates because of what he wrote on december 9, 1867 and his wife I am convinced, though I shall not live to see it again, that this is an edition and the occupation neither to a large extent will decide the fate of india and the development of millions of souls in this country is the root of their religion and showing them what this root is I am sure is the only way to uproot everything that has come out of it in the last 3000 years was created in a book titled The Truth About the Politics of Meno Timo's Information Society, showing sanyo chakraborty that the current understanding of the caste system only developed during British colonial rule at one point in which the power of the colonial powers over information was absolute.
True, as anthropologist Saucen Bailey pointed out, until well into colonial times, much of the subcontinent was populated by people for whom formal caste distinctions were of limited importance, even in parts of the so-called Hindu heartland. , the institution and beliefs that often exist today It was not until the early 18th century that pre-colonial written records, royal court documents and travelogues were examined by professional historians and philologists such as nicolas turks gs kurier richard david sherman and sintra tablet offer little or no mention of the system ofcastes as elements of the traditional caste system not at all back to the uk because india was called the crown jewel for good reason michelle gibson writes schiff european colonialism deliberate divisions over almost the entire continental land mass created new countries from the lands taken and the divisions and discords between the peoples originally throughout the world Existing in harmony It also represents the means by which power and control were consolidated throughout the world mainly starting as trading companies that ended up being very powerful in their respective regions and after gaining complete control they transferred power and control over the regions to their respective European empires India was said to be the jewel in the crown of the British Empire and as its largest and most important overseas possession, much of the british empire was built around india to create or protect routes to india india was prosperous and rich in spices silk in daegu gold cotton and other products and resources trade with india and any political domain resulting over much of india gave britain much of its wealth in the 1700s to 1900s british and dutch east india companies were two major players in a series of so-called business ventures during this era.
We can imagine that European countries had embassies in India before the reset and there was a spirited cultural exchange of values ​​and goods that only collapsed in the In the course of catastrophic events a new European elite made this possible through the collapse of cultures. advanced took advantage of the power vacuum and transformed previously existing trade structures into an all-consuming power apparatus that would also explain the existing inconsistencies because historical research was never able to satisfactorily explain why colonial powers began to rule the colonies only a few hundred years ago. After colonization by brute force and this so-called high imperialism began in the 1850s, with the suppression of the Indian rebellion of 1857 being considered a key event in research, the still fairly new concept of state-building was applied to Africa and prevailed.
On the continent, but also in Europe, thinking in terms of state borders and national identities was still quite new. In the meantime, the role of the German Empire in relation to imperialism prevailed was above all to denounce violations of human rights, create a legal basis and to keep in check the great colonial powers, which committed incomprehensible cruelties in the colonies in the course of falsifying history after the second world war, the German imperialism today, however, mostly presented in such a way refusal on the basis of this lie the german colonies were divided among the other colonial powers after world war 1 to outline the research of colonialism expert roskill german east africa a german protectorate was a complete success germans brought peace to africa the pax germanica successfully put down the demartini uprising of 1905-1907 and the post-1907 reforms ushered in an era of progress workers' rights for natives the end of forced labor the abolition of slavery and compulsory education were german achievements that dwarfed all other colonial powers the germans were extremely popular in east africa that is why the first world war in east africa lasted so long because the native fighters were so devoted to the german empire that they continued to fight until the bitter end in the autumn of 1918 from 1907 to council meetings in the interests of africans decentralized administration and school administration for a local elite mr ruden wrote the often heard comment about the germans were supposed to be strict sometimes harsh but always fair an interesting note about the german colonial era in africa is the fact that german doctor robert koch was the go to for sleeping sickness which was later stolen by the french and used across the board in the 1920s.
Heinrich Schnee, the last German governor of East Africa, shaped most of the official history of colonialism between 1500 and 1500 versus the British lies 1800 is probably largely an invention, including the notion of that the Spanish were responsible for the imposing South American architecture or that the British had rebuilt India from scratch, all of that is a lie. Sometime between 1700 and 1850 there was a world cataclysm that caused the unitary culture to break apart and most of it was lost. part of free energy knowledge and high culture. People were collectively thrown into a dark age where they began to focus on survival and experienced a period of suffering and deprivation. the now dominant power elite led after their seizure of power brought some bits of ancient knowledge to change society in a way that suited them this time period is known as the industrial age this power elite has its roots in the roman empire the countries of the western roman empire gradually became a great economic and warlike nation italy venice portugal spain france england holland in venice the first financial center was built which later moved to switzerland all those who did not want to submit to the church were killed or they fled to man ian the church's approach corresponds to the tactics of the roman conquests the army's war camp created colonialism then the church prepares itself as a regional administration the church then divides the area and appoints its own administrators in these areas later royalty and aristocracy then houses arise, all of which are taxed towards the church the roman army divided into orders of chivalry germany as a stronghold of protestantism was able to resist these ecclesiastical forces for a little longer but was taken at some point just as the muscovites russia took control of the parish, the old empire of good, since then the european powers have been secretly controlled by the riots and believe it seems that britain, germany, france, portugal , Spain and Russia compete with each other, but in fact they work together. the aristocratic families of the hohenzollerns and orange-nassau simultaneously controlled great britain the netherlands the german empire as well as the tsarist russian empire the habsburgs financed by the fuggers controlled central europe the vatican and parts of western europe the tsarist russian empire was already in the hands from the cabal that passed from prussia to russia the history of russia was written in the 18th century by western european scholars who also held top positions in the newly founded russian academy of sciences the russian reich was then used to destroy the great empire tartar the heart of darkness lay in western europe it was a race against time as most of the world was recovering from the reset and all the europeans had to do was get some of their people onto the ships, take them Quick to the shattered kingdoms, kill or drive out. or manipulate the rulers and proclaim a new political system a Japanese law supposedly from 1636 said that a Japanese ship and no native should presume to leave the country Those who act against this will die and the ship with the crew and goods on board they will be confiscated until further notice.
Anyone returning from abroad will be sentenced to death. Those who discover a Christian priest will receive a reward of 400 to 500 silver sheets and for each Christian in relation to all the Portuguese and Spanish in the flag who fly the doctrine of the Catholics or who bear this scandalous name will be imprisoned in Ondra la ordinary prison of the city the whole race of the portuguese with the arms of their mothers and everything that belongs to them will go to macao will be banished whoever dares to bring a letter from abroad or to return after being banished will die with his family also whoever dares to intercede for him will be executed no nobleman and no soldier will be able to buy anything from the stranger thus began a social era in Japan that is known today as the sack cow the voluntary isolation of japan from all western powers was unsuccessful until 1803 and 5 tens of two years after the first world exposition in london the west actually succeeded in dissuading japan from its peaceful and self-sufficient life citing the aco policy ended after 1853 when american black ships commanded by matthew perry forced the Japan's opening to American and thus Western trade through a series of unequal treaties end of date that was only a few years after the same forces wreaked havoc in ancient China in what are now known as the Wars of China. opium in 1842, the qing dynasty was forced to sign the treaty of nanking, the first of what the chinese later called the unequal treaties which gave britain compensation and exterritoriality, opened five treaty ports to opium foreign traders and the island of hong kong was ceded to the british empire the failure of the treaty to meet british objectives of improving trade and diplomatic relations led to the second opium war of 1856-1860 and the king's defeat sparked social unrest within from china in china the war is considered the beginning of Modern Chinese history End of quote The same game over and over again It is important to realize that in China and Japan everyone hates Catholics because Catholicism was used as a weapon to weaken culturally to their countries before the british also took over the political structures until the 1800s and 40s defended china and japan was quite successful vatican controlled catholicism had nothing to do with actual christianity even then vatican was used to undermine real christianity again michelle gibson the year 1493 was the year that pope alexander the sixth took an interest in the papal bull Approving the conquest of the two Americas, this papal bull became an important document in the development of later legal doctrines on Raih's claims in the New World and conferred on Castilla in Spain the exclusive right to acquire territory, trade or approach lands by flying west of the meridian which is 100 miles west of the Azores and Cape Islands green, excluding all lands that before Christmas 1492 were actually in the possession of any other Christian prince beyond that meridian of the emperor of the roman empire the pope of the roman catholic church became the allegedly famous mediterranean papal bull unam st am must cement the absolute government of the pope the last sentence of this bull is to explain and define now that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the roman pope thus legitimizing himself the pope as the sole representative of god in the On earth the so-called genetic Christian communities such as the Albi and Qatar geese condemned the papacy as the church of antichrist and considered themselves inheritors of the true Christian heritage, which, however, only the papal Catholics were allowed to continue in secret were accused, among other things. things, from being responsible for the mysterious fires that destroyed entire cities at the monument in the city of london about the fire of london of 1666 was cited until 1830 quotes the most terrible destruction of this city began and was perpetuated by treachery and malice from the final papal faction of the quote western historians confuse Jesuit Catholicism with Christianity and blindly accuse Japan and China of hating all Christians while excluding all facts showing the apparent interference of the Jesuits and the Catholic Church in affairs outsiders this is how we read about uwe töpfer's redesign of chinese chronology in the great deed the next perhaps the most lasting effect of jesuit work was the redesign of chinese chronology and its adjustment to western dates the creation of a chronological system was definitely for the Chinese 9 it was carried out on the basis of the Latin model and above all in the spirit of the Catholic Church the whole process lasted a century and a half and was finally finished by force by the Chinese starting in 1735 the immense work The first complete work of Chinese history was published in 1778, something that had never existed in China before, not only the dynasty, the order of the emperors and their dates of government, but also the transfer of these dates to the European time scale, although the errors in it are always criticized, the work is not out of date to this day, but has continued to be the guide for our sinologists, although they are aware of it with this reorganization of the chronology, the Jesuits laid the foundations for the decision from possession of china by the british in 18 42 not only catholicism but also islam and judaism were sooner or later used to control the masses due to the nature of the new bidding we don't even know if the general timeline of the events prior to these wars was In the name of imperialism, the timeline of many events around the worldit has been artificially stretched out to lend more credence to the idea of ​​a centuries-long colonization process and to distract from the fact that until the reset there was unity. culture that traded peacefully with one another supposedly new technological knowledge was introduced throughout the world throughout the 19th century, especially in western europe and the americas world expositions since 1851 innumerable world expositions are held today this tradition it still exists in the form of exhibitions, but in principle they no longer play a role as the two world wars have not resulted in any real technological breakthroughs with the exception of information technology, which deliberately develops around the dystopian version that brings trans humanism to the world.
It should be said that with the first world war not only classical architecture but also innovation disappeared from the world before industrialization there was only one highly developed form of architecture in the world today known as historicism or revival architecture according to the official narrative almost all These buildings were not built until the 19th century, supposedly as a reminiscence of ancient Greek, Roman, Neo-Gothic, Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Baroque, etc., architectural trends. The basic principles of these buildings were always the same and their quality unmatched, this uniform architecture is an indication of a uniform and unified culture and civilization that only recently divided into individual kingdoms or nation states, even in Japan these classicist Greco-Roman buildings existed before from 1900, although Japan was completely cut off from the outside world until 1850 and even after the British conquered Japan by forcing historian and chronological critic Christoph Pfister only slowly and hesitantly opened to the west.
In his book The Matrix of Ancient History, he writes about the dating of the European construction culture according to current usage in the early 18th century there was still a culture in Europe that can be described as Roman or rather Late Roman also in a political sense. there seems to have been a late roman empire, but in this the center of political power shifted from gau to germania the collapse of the late roman empire was a fact but what caused it cannot be said natural disasters such political, economic and cultural factors are cited as triggers the breakdown of ancient Roman power created the basis for a new modern culture this was based in some sense on a reconstructed tabula rasa there was a turning point in culture with seemingly few points of contact with previous civilization the cultural dynamics of europe was expanding westward the discovery and colonization of the two americas and then africa and asia followed the successful colonization of the new world and east asia saved europe and gave it a preeminent position as a global colonial power since the mid-18th century approximately the new europe that was born in the first decades of the 18th century only found the written form that is preserved today so that the written culture is also art and architecture to a large extent only emerged after the great political and cultural change, that is, the colonization of the world did not take place until 1700. the city was dated back in time by the falsifiers of history in the name of imperialist imperialism. it developed as a reaction to an event possibly a war or a natural disaster that triggered the old so called ancient world and left a power vacuum in its wake.
Western Europe was able to emerge from this vacuum as a winner Imperialism was a kind of global raid by Western European powers to take over the countries of the world that had been hit by the catastrophe Conflicts between individual colonial powers Spain/Portugal England Germany and so on are part of the skin tag game of the European power elite organized in secret societies and shadow organizations these conflicts only occurred on a superficial political level because, like today, public decision makers rarely got involved in actual plans inaugurated let's now look at the history of two buildings at penn station in new york built between 1904 and 1910 demolished in 1963 list because the building was dirty and maintenance costs could no longer be paid list end built in greek roman style louis had described in 1963 in new york times the tragedy is that our present time not only could not produce such a building but could not even maintain it results in his county savings building built in 1893 in the style of the new romantic about demolition of the erie county savings bank building in 1968 we read on the buffalo evening news every night for over three months a battle was fought in shelton square between the building and two cranes the latter attacked with two primitive means of attack in a Brecht spade and ball, the first weighed 3, the last three. ton and a half the fight was one of the toughest as wrecking veterans remember, for a wrecker to give up resistance is like a weight lifter admitting that his muscles go to sleep.
The next morning for five days in During the week a crowd of different sizes gathered to watch the demolition of the building it was the spectacle of the stars the original plans for the building became available when the cranes of the demolition crew of 25 began nibbling away at the building, however, it became apparent from the plans and the hardest part was the roof with its turrets and water reservoirs, a gable that fell unscathed like a birthday candle was ten feet high and where an estimated 600 not to mention the cones on the towers that looked like frosting on top on the ground 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide was a large iron and steel as demolition progressed dozens of 205 heavy red granite images 5 feet tick encrusted on the walls around the top of the building collapsed from their carnival faces of joy and joy sorry they bit the dust the stone of the building itself was extremely strong the walls, which tapered from 9 feet at the base to 3 feet, they were made of merry red granite stone each weighing up to three tons interlocking they had to be lifted piece by piece like lumps of sugar won't they whine like sugar when they fall? let's look at the big picture the two world wars appear in a new light the colonization of the world took place later than our store not until the 1700s early 1900s most of the world was under the control of the european colonial powers mostly england france countries netherlands spain belgium portugal russia italy these nations were already all infiltrated by secret societies with the two world wars european culture itself was largely destroyed and in the end at the same time people were deprived of their ability to remember the wars, which created a collective trauma whose connection to the pre-war period Difficult if we look at the first photos of the former colonies of India in particular, then we see a world in ruins and that they do not fit into the structures in which they live.
We ignore these photos in 18th and 19th century landscape paintings of Europe for the most part, wait a minute, the official timeline, then we can allow ourselves to think that not too long ago our world was shattered and that event allowed parasitic forces established a new world order this new world order is still under construction and aims at the total uprooting of man from his nature and history in the 19th century falls the conquest of the last part of the tartar empire by the russian empire which in quotes called independent or free tat arias as it was called on old maps was just east of the river until around 1870 caspian sea in the area of ​​what is now uzbekistan with cities such as distinctive sierra and bukhara in the official history of uzbekistan tat arias is not mentions however anatoly fomenko writes on this topic the fate of the independent tatars is well known it was conquered by the romans oz in the middle of the 19th century the capital of independent italy was captured by the romanov army in 1868. a few decades later , the Soviets, in the name of the cabal, destroyed much of the Central Asian remnant of the old world in the name of communism.
The First Anglo-Afghan War also settled New Zealand and Australia. the gold rush in the american west also occurred in this period consequences of industrialization 1839 john rockefeller senior was born in the united states who founded the all company in 1870 the world's fairs coincided with the power struggle for the sovereignty of interpretation in physics and the monopolization of energy production with the sinking of the titanic and the founding of the federal reserve bank, the jena cabal got rid of the industrialists who opposed the plan to establish a new world order, the three most prominent opponents of the bank establishment from the federal reserve, ben jammin kuppenheim, isidor strauss and john jacob astor all died in the sinking of the titanic the titanic belonged to jp morgan one of the promoters of the fed foundation who spontaneously decided not to be present on the maiden voyage in 1910 the first plans for the founding of the federal city were made on the island of jekyll in april 1912 the titanic actually sank according to its sister ship the olímpico and a little less than two years later, on 12/23/1913, the federal was founded with the passage of the federal reserve act, laying the groundwork for arbitrary control of the world economy by the secret elite, who had already infiltrated most nations by the time Woodrow Wilson he signed the law and allowed the federal reserve to issue us dollars with it a few months after the decline in civilization in central europe began with world war i the peoples incited against each other in 1866 otto von bismarck led prussia into civil war german against austria an austria after the end of the civil war did not join the newly founded federation of north germany and the annexed alsace lorraine created the assassination of bismarck and his removal by a second world war without his presumably noticing In doing so, however, the structural requirements for the First and Second World Wars indicate that secret societies were also a thorn in their side.
Their anti-Catholic policy of culture warfare might have contributed to the spreading war against the Germans. From the propaganda of Rome against the supposedly primitive Germania to the wars of reform, the cultural struggle of Bismarck against the Vatican and secret societies such as the Freemasons, to the two world wars and the controlled migration in the course of the Thirty Years War. germany's spiritual backbone was broken when heinrich heine said that slavery is worse in the german himself in his soul than material slavery is spirituality you have to free the germans from within nothing helps from outside published by albert einstein in 1905 and 1916 his two theories of relativity with the general theory of relativity the assumption in physics was finally abolished the general theory of relativity was mainly needed to explain the properties of space without recourse to an objectively existing etr field even a stone was this action so unpleasant in retrospect it probably became clear at some point what his clients had intended that he later tried to clarify that his theories wouldn't work at all without his parents, but by then the damage had been done and he had fulfilled his role of removing the old knowledge of holistic physics from the budget of science, holistic thinking scientists like nikola tesla had no place in the new world and were starved, but only after their abilities were used, monopolization of production included demonization of the glove Andrew Mellon Randolph Hearst and the Family Guys were instrumental in the Marijuana Enforcement Tax Act of 1937, which increased taxes on hemp in the US in order to bleed the hemp industry and support the oil industry. narcotics bureau 1 was basically about creating the conditions that would make humanity dependent on the system in the long term and eradicating any possibility of self-determination the 19th century was also the century of the establishment of mass indoctrination institutions called schools in which the propaganda to educate young people to be willing to take orders the extension of compulsory education and then, in the 20th century, the lineup of teachers accelerated again if the Vatican had not already had enough success through the constant persecution of witches and inquisitions , as well as the burning of books and the destruction of culture, then his mission was at the latest with the comprehensive introduction of religious propaganda that is no longer a child crowned with success, so Karl Heinz, who quickly wrote with his book mit gott und den fascisten the vatican in league with mussolini franco hitler and pas village, that under mussolini the Italian primary school books consisted of a third catechism and prayers and twothey consisted of the glorification of fascism and war and it was all capped by renewed and forbidden anti-church criticism and media reporting.
With this, one of the basic principles of the old world, namely that each community or family lives autonomously and is responsible for its own children, was overturned. Constant tearing apart of these centralized communities and principles. Indoctrination were of central importance. With the Flexi Report of 1910, the Rockefeller robber barons and nuclear power then destroyed holistic medicine in the United States and set the stage for the establishment of the anti-life medicine cartel we live under today: physical electrotherapy. therapy and osteopathy, for example, were removed from official canonical association and the curriculum unified so that conventional farmer-controlled medicine could assert itself as the only recognized form of medicine, most free schools had to close as a result of the flecks report. the flexi report was inspired by the destruction of alternative healing methods In Germany, where the flex report policy was implemented as early as 1880, cite all his life, flex was an ardent supporter of the German pedagogical theft of medical education, he strongly believed that medicine was a scientific discipline best served by the german model it could be realized as a prototype in america it was a system in which medical scientists were trained in university hospitals science as the energizing force in the life of the physician was the main theme the zeitgeist in flex nass conception of the ideal physician thomas pkv reflexe report only the blackboard has since the end every area of ​​modern science is now dominated by an ideologically doctrinaire establishment in which people assign positions to each other, stake out the territory of origin and ensure that real knowledge is suppressed on 100 the british used opium to seize china in europe it was responsible for drugging the population the royal dutch cocaine factory royal dutch cocaine factory and in the first world war it supplied all countries involved in the war with cocaine made from peruvian coca leaves the origin of this factory was the dgac east india company together with the british east india company one of the most powerful commercial and power apparatuses from the colonial era through the royal government supported and protected dutch cocaine factory, which virtually had a monopoly on cocaine, made world war one possible because only through alienation and anesthesia was it possible for soldiers to endure suffering during war endure holland came out After World War I as one of the richest countries in the world thanks to the sale of cocaine countless traumatized soldiers remained addicted to cocaine after the war and some even raided pharmacies to obtain the drug for even more effective patient care. soldiers in world war ii in 1942 the factory's production was changed from cocaine to amphetamine michelle gibson assumes that all the train tracks had just been dug and that all the infrastructure locomotives wagons stations was already there she speculates that it was an electrified railway system and after the global free energy grid was shut down the free energy sources for mass transportation were replaced by oil and coal recently the reliance created on fossil fuels was one of the foundations of the fabulous wealth of the industrial family through from the road network in manaus brazil she writes the historical narrative that the late 1800s rubber man made man from the richest city in south america and is said that european families may have settled in the house and brought their european art, architecture and culture with them was a city with electric trams and lampposts wait a minute electric tram and lampposts in the middle of the amazonian jungle there was no road connection to manaus until 1973 with the completion of the br 319, which connects it from porto to brazil it is 5 140 miles or 870 kilometers long through the tropical jungle and is impassable when it rains it is known as the worst road in brazil in manaus this historic tram system no longer exists the infrastructure has been completely demolished the history that tells us they taught doesn't adequately explain what was really going on here here's a picture of the undeveloped amazon rainforest near manaus how are they supposed to have built all of that in the 19th century under these conditions michelle gibson it's not a bit strange that immediately after the sinking of the titanic and the crash of the hindenburg the type of locomotion was standardized throughout the world so it is used almost exclusively oil and this has not changed in the last 100 years why has never been shown to the public a single photo showing the beginning of the Hindenburg fire despite the fact that 22 professional photographers were present at the event?
Why was the static spark theory chosen as the cause of the sinking of the Hindenburg, even though there was no evidence for this theory? why all nations stopped building airships after the hindenburg fire between 1907 and 1909, 16 mighty us warships with other escort ships, the so-called great white fleet, circumnavigated the world and paid visits to many countries, it is officially said, it was about demonstrating America's power to the world and promoting cooperation, but perhaps it was simply an inspection of the new ownership defined around the world and an inventory of which kingdoms had not yet surrendered to the new order: the world's foundation in the one we live today it was created during the world's fair era technological knowledge from the old world was selected part of the knowledge was kept secret the other part was presented to the public one of the most important criteria in this decision-making process might have been whether a technology any form of free energy can be controlled by a central authority, for example, it was very dangerous to the forces that controlled the industrial age robber barons from the shadows, it is important to understand that these industrialists did not create their wealth themselves. they were raised in elite families born and chosen to play a role these families and structures still exist today be it elon musk bill gates or steve jobs none of them have risen to power and money of their own free will but to finish with tolkien, not everything is like that. lost in our world middle earth is the descent into darkness dominated by evil part of humanity's evolutionary process the old the day has withered no deep roots are not reached by the frost of ashes suggest from shadows no emerge salvation becomes broken sword and king who lost his crown tolkien lies we are too easy to escape the master locksmith guilty of this miracle that schechter gives my last bed the dire consequences for me to make rich b confessed last true story poor amount what do we know really from our past who benefits from keeping humanity small small behavior gave less than 500 years ago there was a technically highly developed world united civilizations on our planet why did humanity's knowledge explode in the 19th century only to stagnate ever since what role does world's fairs play on the introduction of forgotten technology by the 40 million why world's fairs had big losses even though they were supposedly built by hardcore reuter industrial barons nothing is as it seems it's time we remember 1 guide to understanding the spiritual background typical of any non-modernist civilization it is necessary to recognize the contrast between historical times and mythological times is the qualitative and substantial contrast between times that are not of the same type if until recently modern man had understood and exalted the meaning of history known by him as evolution as higher development such as was that exactly opposite truth known to traditional man in all alpine testimonies of traditional humanity one has again and again one way or another the idea of ​​a regression of a fall from originally higher stages To affirm that beings have descended to stages increasingly conditioned by the mortal and accidental human element, as can be traditionally affirmed, it must be said that in the beginning there was not a caveman attached to animals but rather a more than human and that even the most ancient prehistory knows not only a culture but even an age of the gods means for many people in one way or another to the gospel of darwinism belief in pure mythology in part 2 of our documentary series the destruction of the old world, we explain how social conditions changed abruptly as a result of a world cataclysm in the 18th or early 19th century this event is also known as the reset or reset the industrial revolution was one of the most obvious follow this law after the fall of the old world arose a power vacuum that was used by a small power elite to disempower the old kingdoms and carve up the world among themselves through imperialism and the founding of modern nation states in the course of industrialization the hidden active rulers stood their ground faced with the challenge of convincing the masses of their plans for this purpose, among other things, the world expositions were launched these expositions probably served to bring certain technologies closer to the people and introduce them into society, or rather to reintroduce them the first world exposition important took place entirely in the sense of the role played by the British crown in 1851 in london rather than this year, therefore it should also be considered as a symbolic year for the high point of the industrial revolution after all, it was says that six million people visited the great exhibition of the works of British industry from all nations except the The specific transfer of knowledge and technology through these exhibitions probably began as early as the 1840s at least the French industrial exhibition held in paris in 1844 it was considered the forerunner of the great london world exposition of 1851 in germany the world expositions were mainly called trade and industry expositions germany basically played a subordinate role in this action to note that this also applies to the role of germany as a colonial power here, too, the germans were relegated to the background, strictly speaking, european policy has been clearly directed against germany and the german population for more than 100 years, the reasons for this remain speculative western europe australia new zealand and the United States controlled by the British crown, whose independence only exists on paper, should be considered as the most important arenas for industrialization.
In these countries, which were already controlled by the cabal at that time, exhibitions were held in almost everyone. The term cabal describes those of the occult hierarchical monolithic organization operating through known and unknown secret societies, which has its roots in Colton's ancient occult mysteries and was able to spread across the land like a spider. web, especially after the last trip. john f kennedy had spoken of this monolithic apparatus of power shortly before his death neither he was referring only to the danger of communism, as is often claimed, or he was actually referring to the group that the researcher of ufos richard dohlen called breakaway civilization even if kennedy could have been part of exactly the power apparatus he talked about here his speech is very apt ultimately the elite always control all sides through dialectic for them the public is only one stage like in the course of the French revolution the old power elite had to abdicate and was replaced by a new one also exists in our time apparently often so-called power struggles, which are by no means accidental or unplanned this strategy was used at all levels but was mainly known to the public at the political level under the name co intel pro this term describes the infiltration of political groups by the fbi during the early days of the cold war while the term controlled opposition is used primarily to describe the resistance movements that are consciously built and controlled in To neutralize the energy of the masses and guide them along paths acceptable to the elite, the process of dialectics, that is, the teaching of opposites and their resolution, is a fundamental aspect of crowd psychology.
Usually, the masses are divided into two opposite poles when it comes to emotions. significant issues, this creates a field of tension and to control people it is necessary to control the two poles of this field, not only one side controlling the thesis and antithesis poles can control the desired synthesis the result that the assassination of kennedy was a type of alchemical process as described by American authors james kelly download and michael hofmann in their work on kiel for freedom the murder of the king is an ancient magical ritual that serves social renewal the ritual the murder of the king is well researched it is studied byrené girard james fraser and can be found in all eras and societies throughout the world media organized events are largely planned in accordance with download and hoffmann and their purpose is solely to transform humanity in the mountaineering sense that works to dissolve and reorganize coca cola is such the psychodrama staged by the media is essential to reach the masses together with john f kennedy we also see these frames staged with the death of princess diana and michael jackson we can also observe this process again who is paying attention recognizes in current political developments all signs of a shock-staged artificial transformation of society uprooting from the past is the highest priority and is indispensable for all further developments manly hall is a freemason and initiated into the occult writes in His book The Wrappings in Typical Western Esoteric Chinese Tradition contains all the elements of a worldwide program of enlightenment and reform.
It only takes a cursory acquaintance with the philosophy and literature of alchemy to appreciate the magnitude of this occult project if only there had been. been a science of metal transmutation, the masters of the art would not have the need to abandon Christianity and seek refuge in Islam and another tutor to leave that chemical laboratory that became the sanctuary of spiritual sciences and took the place of the destroyed sanctuaries from the ancient mysteries to return to the concept of breakaway civilization this was coined by richard dohlen as part of his book center the national security state realized that an elite group with access to high technology and secret knowledge has roamed their own path of development independent from the rest of humanity, as a result, a parallel civilization was able to establish on earth that we know nothing about today according to the jackdaws they probably live in huge networked underground bases are financed by homes on the shadow government whose visible part is called the so-called deep state but its structures are much deeper they have their own vision of the cosmos and our place in the world about our history and origins they keep their knowledge secret and much of their job is to keep the ignorant public to quote roger dohlen there is a secret group of people in our world who have advanced technology technology far superior to the normal world, this group has the ability to explore areas of our world and surroundings that are currently inaccessible to the rest of us.
They have a huge infrastructure partly underground that allows them a high degree of secrecy and independence in their actions and I don't think this is a fanciful notion and I think that this breakaway civilization separated from the rest of humanity during the second world war but it could have happened before, in the 19th century, I think it would be quite possible, I have privately speculated many times that it did, there was a secret group of renegade people going back to ancient times if you look at some of the truly enigmatic mysteries of our ancient world, be it the great pyramid of giza or machu picchu, there are elements of this and other architectural cities. that have been left behind which at least doesn't make much sense to me in the context of human society as the great pyramid was supposed to have existed then doesn't make much sense to me in terms of ancient Egyptian culture 2500 years ago I wonder if the building was created by humans and by what human civilization, as we are talking about here, could it be that this civilization separated from our official historical line of development is behind many events of the 20th century and what about world exhibitions? some of the buildings used for this purpose were actually newly built, as official historiography claims there is much to be said for the fact that the robber barons of the industrial age not only extensively concealed technological knowledge from us, but also obtained His hands on the imposing architectural masterpieces in which this knowledge was displayed plaster or similar sensitive materials with which they were supposedly built, were later rebuilt in a massive quality and it is even possible that the magnificent and elaborately designed royal expo was built in so only a few months with the technological possibilities of the time to be destroyed again later after the end of the exhibition or it is not much more plausible that after a great catastrophe the world remnants of earlier high culture were not only systematically destroyed but also compressed into a historical picture that was forced upon us some information indicates that even after the drastic world event that we refer to as a reset or mud flood, there were still countless complete and beautiful cities that were conquered by a new power and then, among other things, turned into an elite exhibit and then largely destroyed, especially in so-called new world america, the many greek and roman looking cities were hard to explain because, unlike in europe, there was no greco-roman history in The more you investigate, the more difficult it becomes to find plausible explanations for the construction and destruction of this extraordinary and enormous exhibition area.
The official version about the exhibition buildings can be summarized as follows. People in the 19th century loved Greco-Roman. architecture for unknown reasons and therefore it was extremely important for the architects who organized the world exhibitions between 1850 and around 1914 to build a neoclassical note the first world war ended architectural ambitions in europe suddenly and many exhibitions did not take place carried out as planned It was only in the course of fascism that the old design principles were resorted to, but these were often implemented rather superficially and were mainly used in some magnificent representative buildings. After World War II, classical architecture, on the other hand, was deliberately replaced. with the new trends, for example, the bauhaus was officially superseded to distance itself from fascism, but in reality it was probably more about cutting the connection to the old world by means of brutal and soulless architecture. effort was spared and an enormous amount of work was invested in the creation of complex statues, ornaments, columns, parks and buildings, the largest organs in the world were also specially made for world exhibitions, economic aspects played no role, the money seemed to be there to be spent, even if it was said that most of the buildings were made only of plaster and flax or hemp fibers because they were only supposed to last for the exhibition, the attention to detail was so enormous that from a point of view purely visual view.
From sight, there seemed to be no difference between exports and the magnificent classical buildings of old. The purpose of the world exhibitions was supposedly during the industrial revolution to make fully discovered technologies acceptable to the masses in order to create dependencies and sales markets in the end. the buildings were demolished again, and often only teacher's meadows or parks remained. The financing of a series of exhibitions generated enormous losses. This is surprising insofar as the city provided impetus for the exhibitions supposedly came from the industrialists themselves. The investment shortfalls could indicate that the former employers were pursuing a secret agenda that was not profit oriented berlin germany 1896 trade show closed with an investment volume of ten million reichsmarks with a shortfall of two million reichsmarks in the that berlin's economy remained stagnant unlike the accompanying colonial exhibition that had generous state support from the ministry of foreign affairs the trade exhibition had to be run without financial support lübeck germany 1895 although a total of 750,000 visitors came to the trade exhibition and German Nordic industrial closed with a financial deficit The exhibition buildings were built later at the end of the event, a residential area was created on the Mali site, which became part of urban development in the first half of the 20th century in the suburb of st gertrud, nuremberg, germany a financial loss are lewis usa in 1904 the expo ultimately made a loss of US$8.5 million, today's equivalent of over US$250 million philadelphia united states 1926 the exposition drew many fewer visitors than the originally planned ten million in the end it was unable to meet its obligations and went bankrupt in 1927 let's take a closer look at some of these world expositions expo panama pacific usa 1915 when the panama pacific international exposition opened in 1915, the nations Europe was already in a state of turmoil with the First World War the fall of the monarchy began the European continent was reshaped and all areas of the state, society, economy and culture underwent a fundamental change the city of san francisco itself It was barely recovering from the terrible earthquakes that ended the ravages of 1906 and in the midst of this eventful period an exposition unimaginably large by today's standards opened its doors celebrating the completion of the Panama Canal in August 1914.
The fairgrounds stretched over 600 acres and two and a half miles along the coast it received almost 20 million visitors between 20 2 and 12 4 1915, making it one of the most successful exhibitions of the time because Due to the size and extent of the land , it was virtually impossible to see the entire fair after repeated visits. It is said that most of the buildings were made of wood plaster and flax fiber to keep costs down and she to be able to tear it down quickly after the doomsday exhibition if we take a closer look at some photos of these new buildings, the doubts about the official history emerge quickly.Many buildings, for example, already show signs of age shortly after completion and appear to be very dirty, for example the source of the earth, these buildings should not have looked new if the official history of its origin is only half correct, instead we click on ancient monuments from the beginning that could also come from the legendary atlantis or ancient rome, on the other hand, the architect becomes the palace of fine arts, the palace of fine arts burn our way back quoted saying every big city needs ruins so the palace should fall into disrepair after the end of the exhibition some of the structures were only planned for the duration of the exhibition meaning that It was already based on overgrown Roman ruins during construction, very much in keeping with the atmosphere of a Piranesi printmaker, who became known in the 18th century for his ruin paintings, but the palace in this 1919 photo is still surprisingly untouched. well preserved four years after the end of the exhibition where there are signs of deterioration related to the weather and there are other alleged contradictions all the buildings were built from plaster quickly and cheaply but that's what graham wants it victoria still stands today it was never fundamentally renovated or rebuilt in contrast to the palace of fine arts so it was always made of solid stone let's now move on to the palace of fine arts and let the witnesses do the talking for a while professor van oppen from columbia university commented on the quotes the palace of fine arts so sublime so majestic and the product of such imagination is that it would have graced the era of pericles thomas edison was fuller too much enthusiasm quotes the architect of this building is a genius there is nowhere else in the world that compares are comments one would expect about a newly erected contemporary plaster and linen building and louis christian margot himself, one of the exhibition architects, said that the commonwealth club trembles when the exhibition buildings are demolished and then we have destroyed one of the largest architectural units ever created in world history it's hard to believe we're just talking about temporary new buildings towards the end of its life the supposedly so popular malt ended up impoverished in a von stockten california madhouse it may be that he never could really live with the lie of having claimed the creation of several architectural masterpieces for himself a wealthy citizen of san francisco blackmail phoebe taller is the wife of industrialist george hirst founded the palace preservation league while the exhibition is still up according to the palace parole league and only thanks to these efforts the palace was not demolished his son the editor of the san francisco examiner william randolphhearst contributed to the success of the campaign but officially it is said that although the palace was spared from demolition its original structure was not stable.
Intended only for the duration of the exhibition, the colonnade and rotunda were not built with durable materials and were therefore framed with wood and covered with sticks of a mixture of plaster and flax-like fibers as a result of the construction. and vandalism, the ruinSimulated it was in the 1950s a crumbling ruin, so we are supposed to believe that the Palace Preservation League did everything they could to save a pipe ruin from destruction. it is a normal permanent building in the official narrative plus, the 1964 renovation possibly became a new building in the original recordings from the post-exhibition period, the columns made of wood and plaster can be clearly seen if the recording was not tampered with when it was made, all indications are that the palace of the beautiful kunst was actually a new, modern, temporary building made of cheap materials, but to get a better idea of ​​the temporary materials used, let's take a look at the correspondence between bernhard meibeck, the presumed architect of the palace of fine arts, and an australian architect named walter blake griffin, told melbeck that as with the panama pacific international explosion, the new australian capital should be built of wood and pieces to create public enthusiasm for the neoclassical architecture and Then use public support to finish the city with durable materials. that the buildings are temporary only because they are clad with stucco countless houses in the German Gründerzeit consist largely of stucco plaster and wood and yet have stood for over 100 years without major signs of decay, so they can be say two things about the palace of fine arts, although historical records suggest that the original construction did not use solid materials such as stone or cement, but materials such as wood or plaster in no way mean that the building would fall apart again after a very short time, which obviously was not the case for the palace of fine arts, on the contrary, it had to resist a lot because it was not only used for art exhibitions but also misused by the military during the second world war for the storage of trucks and jeeps and then it was used as a warehouse for other materials and even as a temporary headquarters for the fire brigade.
Whether the official construction of the palace of fine arts for the 1915 exposition was really a fundamental repair or renovation or a new building cannot be known. say it with absolute certainty. Closer examination reveals that the supposed new building was decorated with the spasticity symbol, which in ancient times was revered as a lucky charm. However, during World War II, this symbol was widely used. in the US banished then why is it represented in this new building from the 1960s? The palace seems to be one of the more popular examples when it comes to narratively debunking the official exposure as a lie, although there are many other obvious examples that we'll discuss later in this film, we'll get into the more interesting ones, however, basically it seems that the planning of the exhibition organizers was intended to completely destroy everything after the exhibits were over, which, however, almost always resulted in a public accountant. -reaction, so at least some of these structures were preserved, for example, from the panama pacific international exposition, today still the palace of fine arts, but only as a copy of the original of that graham bill civic o torio and japanese tea house but what? about the many photos that supposedly show the construction and demolition of the world exhibitions, in our opinion these photos are not very significant, it would be relatively easy to document only the demolition of those buildings that were actually only built temporarily, there is also the possibility of that the photos that supposedly show the construction process were actually taken during the demolition of the buildings or during a renovation.
Here's some more meticulous research by interestingly enough, some of the public photo archives only went online after websites like stollen history punkt net drew attention. to contradictions in the narrative in the case of the digital collections of the public library of st louis, for example, only in 2019 exhibition of trade and industry of northwestern germany bremen germany 1890 the exhibition of trade and industry of northwestern germany in bremen bürgerpark 1890 also poses a mystery. This wine house is said to be a wooden house that was only intended to represent a mock-up of the real house of a former Hanseatic merchant.
This is hardly credible. The wine house seems to be embedded in a street in which there are other authentic historical houses and why. this building was actually demolished immediately after the end of the exhibition even if the house was made entirely of wood it could have been left standing 100 years ago the architecture of bremen was of a medieval hanseatic character no one would come up with the idea of ​​imitating a house like the one above for display purposes, the city was full of such houses, the story only makes sense if it really is about destroying as many old world buildings as possible, be it through accidental fires, world exhibitions or other modernization projects the most imposing building of the world exhibition in bremen also burned down the multi-storey car park a few years after the expo this photo shows a modern steel bridge in front of the background of vaulted historic buildings such as the weser kurier points out not only a stranger but frankly paradoxical contrast this paradox only dissolves when we assume that the steel bridge was actually rebuilt for the exhibition but the classical buildings were already standing in a photo you can see the former director of the bremer Bürgerpark architect wilhelm banker with his hand hidden In a typical Freemason pose which, according to Duncan Smith, Sonic Ritschel and Monitor as Master of the Second Degree, reveals the Master of the Second Veil.
The hidden hand lets the other initiates know that the individual depicted is part of the secret elite of the that his acts were approved above and partly done in secret and long before the advent of the mass media, people full of history have been known of which Napoleon is one of the best known in portraits with a hidden hand coincidentally, it seems To have been this hidden power that has shaped world affairs in the last few centuries shortly after the end of the Bremen Exposition, just that very one wants a banker to talk fast and one of the most imposing buildings in the exposition maligned the parking lot of so he attacked the building he hated in a newspaper in january 1891 the debate over multi-storey parking only died down when it burst into flames in 1907 as a result of fireworks that went out of control the phenomenon that most of the world's buildings exhibit mysteriously disappeared is not an isolated case, but can be observed in most exhibits between 1850 and 1920.
There was something to hide here the argument that the houses were poorly built and would fall down again with relative speed is also inaccurate at least some of the expo buildings are still standing today, the observation tower made of solid stone in the Bürgerpark in bremen, for example, was completely demolished in 1962, mainly because it was badly damaged in the second world war, in fact, the entire expo buildings that still stand today are so solidly built that they barely age the pavilion of the bremer engelhardt and biermann cigar company, which is now known as the waldbühne, is reported to have it was destroyed immediately after the exhibition, after all it only consisted of temporary materials to later be rebuilt true to the original, but this time permanently and it is even said that the cigar company was so kind and kindly paid for the demolition and reconstruction of his own pocket, how believable. is that everyone can decide for himself great exhibition london great britain 1851 the crystal palace exhibition in london was the first world industrial exhibition that we know of in 28 countries with a total of 17,000 62 exhibitors in a total area of ​​more than 80,000 square meters participated and received around six million visitors in six months, a crowd that is roughly comparable to a third of the total population of great britain at the time, to understand the full scope you have to imagine that gigantic glass house fitted with elements of cast iron structure.
It was estimated to be three times the size of Paul's Cathedral or four times the size of St. Peter's Basilica. In total, it is said that 4,000 tons of iron were used for columns, trellis supports and gutters and about 153,1000 square meters of glass were produced 80 It is said that glaziers installed 18,000 panels in a week and it is said that more than 5,000 workers were employed during the construction phase of the building a civil engineer markets the glass palace I am a civil engineer and I am looking at the construction of the crystal palace in 39 weeks from approval to opening like complete nonsense the glass they apparently had to use is cylindrical glass measuring 1.25 by 0.25 metres, which required a lot of work, had to be blown, cut in a ditch and then polished so that glass alone would be impossible in the given four months it would have been possible to produce about 153,1000 square meters of glass without machines, just horses as a power source couldn't do it in 39 weeks today, and a lot At least in 1850 this miracle is compounded by the fact that the first simple automation processes for the mass production of glass bottles only appeared 30 years after it was developed everything had to be produced by hand and the route from the glassworks from the metric park to Hyde Park, where the crystal palace was originally built, was about 209 kilometers and as if all that wasn't fantastic enough, the crystal palace was dismantled after the exhibition and reassembled in a more large on the Schützenheim hill and was used there as a museum to display the To bring visitors closer to this new exhibition site, two train stations were even opened, both with the confusing name of Crystal Palace and differing only in their location underground and above ground.
However, the fire that destroyed Crystal Palace in 1936 made the high-level station virtually redundant, which is why it was eventually demolished. The beautifully tiled subway supposedly built by Italian masons and stonemasons survived along the way, the wood and plaster parliament buildings were built especially for the festival of empire, which was one of the biggest single events at london's crystal palace and it took place on may 12, 1911, and they were also used only temporarily and by an electric tram the calls all trout were connected to each other, for example, the replica of the canadian and new zealand parliament building, the first one was You can see to the left in the foreground the Crystal Palace.
On November 30, 1936, however, the Crystal Palace was the victim of a devastating fire. Michelle Gibson writes to us. She learned that the Crystal Palace was relocated to Sinem. hill, south london and was rebuilt in 1854 then destroyed by fire in 1936 how was it that a huge plate glass and cast iron building three times the size of this one in paul's cathedral london created to be relocated Because New York's Crystal Palace was also destroyed by fire, but long before London's Crystal Palace, York's Crystal Palace burned down in 1858 apparently before a large audience in an article examining these events more closely. detail It says it took 500 firefighters and 90 fire trucks to put it out and another 749 police officers to control the crowds.
Zumwinkel in 1992, witnesses described so much molten glass that it looked like a waterfall, even like a jaguar falling from the molten glass, according to an eyewitness, the glass actually caught fire and when it was very hot there was a flame from the atrium and the molten glass it spilled straight down by mrs fort from manners ham described hot molten glass and metal spilling down the street and adults forming a human chain handing over buckets of water hand to hand to stop the flow of hot gas another A witness recalled people picking it up and rolling it into balls, reading how they could keep it as a souvenir.
However, it is said that the two towers of the palace were left standing, deformed even by the fire that turned into flames accompanied by clouds of sparks and violent explosions, the reference to the explosions are only noticeable in a few records the fire burned all night with great intensity even 20 hours later it is said that the sources of fire still existed the british press considered the destruction of the crystal palace a heavy blow to political power from England and the public wondered how steel and glass can burn so violently, you should know that during glass production, raw materials are heated to about 1600 to 1800 degrees Celsius, finished glass melts at 600 to 800 degrees centigrade If you compare it to other alloys, cast iron can have a relatively low melting point of around 1150 degrees Celsius,but the question is where the temperatures should have come from and whether conventional furniture would have been sufficient for a heat development of this magnitude. , never happened the fire is still considered inexplicable to this day chicago world's fair united states 1893 on may 1, 1893 the city of chicago celebrated the world explosion of columbia to celebrate the discovery of america by columbus in quotes 400 years before the world fair in chicago was supposed to be the largest there were 70,000 exhibitors from 46 countries, 25,000 of them were from the united states just to present their technical achievements and thus ushered in a new era not just a movie projector the first dishwasher a fully electric kitchen an elevated railway with you could admire an electric drive or a roller the strong foot but also the amusement park with fairground booths circus performances artificial ice surfaces and an 80 meter high Ferris wheel attracted numerous Visitors to the fair organizers hoped to demonstrate the great industrial power of the United States and deliver to the leadership of the old world the new ending of the appointment to symbolize what may have been a coded message given the historical background, but perhaps there was something different behind the term old world than what we today believe was the inspiration for the emerald city in the wizard of oz book here is one of the sketches that artist www dance love did in response to the chicago expo for the wizard of oz the tips of the domes are embroidered with crystals hence the name emerald city in the book here dan slott stands in front of the backdrop of the exhibition site after the devastating fire and shortly before complete demolition, interestingly, indian praveen mohan describes in his videos that many ancient indian temples were originally embroidered with crystals on top some like summer pagoda festivals are even today the wizard of oz contains an unconscious collective memory of mankind or maybe dan slott knew something that is no longer accessible to us today the world's fair in chicago was one of the most impressive exhibitions from an architectural point of view according to the history that is presented to us more than 200 buildings were built at shores of lake michigan in an area of ​​2,178 hectares the construction time was only three years paradoxically the construction time falls in the phase of the economic depression and the panic of 1893 was even the worst economic crisis in history to date in usa frederick lau olmstead and should be understood as a tribute to greco-roman architecture or if they already existed before the start of the exhibition, the remains of the old world were shown to the public for the last time to be later destroyed. immense effort that was necessary to erect the buildings, the official explanation seems implausible, especially since there are only a few photos of the construction phase or precise records of the course of the complex construction projects this discrepancy between the functionality of the building as an object of display and the effort involved in construction is most evident in the case of the colossal manufacturers and resorts building, this 200 meter wide and 500 meter long building required twice as much steel as the brooklyn bridge and was four times the size of the coliseum, it may even have been one of the largest buildings ever built in an almost unimaginable area of ​​around 20 football fields, numerous objects from manufacturers from all over the world were displayed in this huge building, which is said to have they were created from the technical level of industrialization of The experience represented in this construction alone would have taken years and devoured numerous resources, even if one believes the official narrative of a temporary building, the building was completely demolished after the exhibition, so the more than 200 buildings, 14 had dimensions similar to the manufacturers and liberal arts building and almost all of them were destroyed after the exhibition lasted for around 130 days, today only two buildings remain, the so-called museum of science and industry and the auxiliary building of the world congress considering the great effort involved in the construction, the question arises as to why only two of these buildings should remain standing because other possible uses would have been quite conceivable and it sounds very implausible that such immense resources would simply be they will waste the following photo supposedly showing the construction of the administration building a photographer tells us that without access to the originals it is difficult to be 100% sure if it is a real photograph.
However, this version clearly has pencil drawing applied to it. It is my professional opinion that all images I have found of this building have been altered in some way. None of these images can serve as evidence that the building is under construction in my opinion, the photos indicate restoration rather than construction due to the anomalies highlighted in the photo, he further noted that the photos below contradict the construction process both photos are considered Evidence of the construction of the building presented Firstly I would like to give you a quick note and emphasize that both images of your representation of your lead are in the image on the right, the dome appears to be completely complete whereas in the left the image is clearly not complete, but the right is missing the smaller domes located at each corner of the central part of the building while in the image on the left with the dome still incomplete, the smaller domes are in place the construction process in the photo on the right appears to be almost complete, so why should these smaller domes be missing? the largest train station in germany has only 34 tracks it is said that the whole train station was temporary in nature but the question arises how should it be possible to build a train station in such a way that it is stable and functional but still of temporary character is the only photo of the alleged construction of the train station building shows a completely finished building in the middle of the mud more than freshly painted apparently it was not painted by him according to our investigation, there is no single photo of the construction process in itself a few months after the exhibition the train station burned to the ground along with other buildings in the exhibition cause of fire set by unknown official story is as follows a security guard at the exhibition true sie mason noticed the fire in the casino and also tried to activate the alarm immediately, unfortunately none of the five fire alarm devices he tried in quick succession worked, luckily he finally found a phone so he could finally report the fire, but by then it was too much Late and due to changes in the operations center specifications in the course of the exhibition, instead of the usual 20 fire trucks, only 10 could be used.
This fire and the subsequent demolition shortly after the end of the exhibition may also be related to the great fire in chicago in 1871. this fire has some contradictions officially the cause of the fire was a cow knocked over a lantern no evidence for this theory was ever presented however remnants of the old world were destroyed here in two phases , first with the city fire that killed around 17,500 buildings and then with the demolition of the exposition site two separate fires where there was some fire questions about questions supposedly in the mid-19th century Chicago had developed rapidly from a small Native American settlement to the great metropolis as we know it today, but here, too, the documentation on the logistics of urban planning is lacking, interestingly, Chicago appears as a ski camp on old maps, possibly an important city of the ancient world and the camp was deliberately renamed chicago to obscure its history the 27 million people who visited the exhibit witnessed the destruction of one of the last parts of the ski camp, the republic statue that was on display at the exhibit World Cup in Chicago holds in his right hand a globe on which an eagle with outstretched wings is enthroned, while in his left hand he adorns a staff with a new cap, which was a symbol of the Scythians or Tatars and probably symbolized freedom and justice in the course of the time. from the illustration, the cool cap was also used as a symbol of freedom significantly, in the same year the chicago expo was planned, the new university of chicago was founded, which is considered one of the most important private American universities Founded at this time, generously supported by the oil magnate John Rockefeller and this same university has on its shield a faucet burned in a fire in which one could also recognize a symbol of the destruction of the old world empire, some symbols such as the two-headed eagle, mythological griffin, chariot and lion we find it again and again in the context of the old world louisiana purchase explosion st louis usa 1904 the lucia purchase exposition also known as the saint louis world's fair It was twice the size of the Chicago Expo and consisted of more than 1,500 buildings with streets and paths spanning 75 miles.
Only two buildings are said to have been solidly and permanently built, while all the others were demolished immediately afterward. of the entire exhibition was funded with over 15 million US dollars at a time when St Louis was in troubled economy and its citizens plagued by corruption, poverty and disease the planning of the exhibition itself was overshadowed by several cases of corruption the first five million dollars was provided by the city of lewis through the sale of bonds another five million dollars came from private donations from concerned citizens and businessmen from all over Missouri bothered the last $5 million came in the form of appropriated funds that were part of a congressional appropriation bill passed in late May 1900.
The exhibition ultimately suffered a loss of $8.5 million (the current equivalent of over $250 million). corresponding but if there was no financial incentive for the expo, what was it about then on the official page of the expo we read that most of the exhibition palaces were only built on a temporary basis, only a few traces of the expo remain? today the palace of fine arts still stands in place as one of the largest art museums in the united states the missouri exhibition pavilion as the largest and most imposing the building should have been preserved for future generations but it nearly burned down two weeks before the end of the exhibition on November 18, 1904, therefore the site was closed it also contained what was then the largest organ and dome in the world the festival hall was another landmark of the exhibition in st louis and boasted what was then the largest dome in the world was decorated what liberty represented the size of the statues the genius and inspiration the approximately 3 square mile expo center that was used for the world exposition it was located on the present site of the forest park and the campus of the university of washington and was the largest exhibition area in terms of area up to that time in the world, the total construction time was less than three years and the palace agricultural alone occupied a staggering 81,1000 square meters.
It was said that it was impossible to even take a look at everything in less than a week. it is said that more than 19 million people are there visiting the exhibition at the time is remarkable considering that st louis had a population of only half a million at the time, one world's fair observer at the time noted that the streets of St Louis were busier with life at the time than any other city in the North George Kessler was considered the architect of the Expo interestingly there is a popular myth that frederick lau olmstead actually designed the fairgrounds there are hundreds of photos of the supposed construction process of the expo and of course, several buildings were built new for the exhibition, especially the kitsch structures that the existing buildings of neoclassical aesthetics that are missing also seem to have been equipped with obviously primitive and tacky decorations, however, Photos purported to show the construction process of the large, imposing exhibition halls may well have been taken during demolition, historian Dr Robert Archibald told the exhibition that the trade fair planners were contractually bound to demolish the venue. fairground and turn volkspark back into some kind of pristine land the problem was that they were all the dealers and everything they built was theirs they couldn't sell it the cost of demolition was more than the value of what could be saved that was contrary to any economic logic and it only makes sense if there was a secret agreement between the city and the industrialists hadThey erase all traces of exposure against every natural economic impulse of these entrepreneurs who always strive to maximize profits.
The story we are told is almost perfect. The demolition was probably explained simply as recordings of the construction process and the post demolition photos of the site are sold to us today as photos that were taken before construction, the digitized archival photos are probably a mix of genuine new buildings. demolition photos and manipulated photo collages panama california san diego explosion usa 1915 to 1917 president theodore roosevelt said on july 27 1915 during his speech in front of the organ pavilion at the visitors exhibit this exhibit is so beautiful i have a sincere request I hope that you will not only keep these buildings in operation for another year, but will keep these buildings of exceptional and phenomenal taste and beauty in perpetuity.
The unofficial brochure accompanying the san diego exposition lists the permanent and temporary buildings and describes that the temporary buildings are to be demolished again, but most of the buildings are said to have been in use for more than 50 years and were also reused during a second exhibition in 1935. How is it possible that they lasted another 50 years or even more if they were? built with limited durability for the period of the first exposition officially the remaining buildings were reconstructed in the second half of the 20th century and are known today as casa del prado balboa san diego let's summarize the temporary buildings are erected it is said that only they last a few years but they last 50+ years with no problem and keep on being used until suddenly they deteriorate but because they are so beautiful they were painstakingly rebuilt with more solid materials in the 60's and 90's in the official brochure we can read about of the expo many visitors were disappointed by past expos because most of the buildings were demolished immediately panama california expo planners in san diego markets therefore nothing related to past expos was as depressing as the destruction of buildings after the end of the exposition, this will not be the case when the panama california exposition closes on january 1, 1916 because all structures, except for the concession area along the main trail, were built to remain in the great western quadrangle, for example, all structures are and will be built entirely of steel and concrete used for decades to come to house the museum exhibits that were donated to the exhibit it is not known if this brochure was not printed until after the won or roosevelt campaigned to preserve the buildings roosevelt's quote would have been extremely strange had it been officially known at the time that most buildings needed to be preserved and it can be assumed that the planners sweated quite a bit after prominent protests were addressed against demolition plans and therefore had to change their negatives Also, we learn that the later exposition will be the Pacific International Exposition so popular was the Pacific International Exposition on the same site in 1935 that some buildings were They turned from temporary to permanent.
Many buildings or reconstructed versions are still in use today and are used by various museums. and theaters in Ball Bora Park - most of the supposedly temporary buildings this park was even standing in the 90's the meadow house was supposedly demolished in the 60's and rebuilt one by one true to the original permanently the charm house and the house of hospitality only in the 90s and although in the officially accompanied exhibition it was declared that the temporary buildings were designed for a maximum lifespan of 30 years, here we find the usual story again, provided that some of the buildings of the ex-chief were not demolished, they were supposedly removed decades after the exhibition and replaced one by one.
Ironically, in the early 1960s, the destruction of some buildings and their replacement with architecturally inappropriate modern structures caused quite a stir in San Diego. In 1967, some citizens formed a committee of 100 to protect and preserve historic buildings. The movement was successful and historic buildings were preserved or rebuilt. It is not surprising with the persistence with which certain forces seem to be pushing to erase old architecture. little by little we began to see a pattern, the public was surprised at times when the exhibition building disappeared again and the planners could not do it fast enough to destroy as much as possible again another building the electrician's building fire in 1978 supposedly caused by two young men according to the official history it was restored one by one true to the original in a permanent way also built the old globe room originally built for the 1935 exposition it burned down in 1978 as a result of arson quote from wikipedia master architect of the panama california exposition 1915 16 had pushed to demolish the temporary buildings on the main avenue of balboa park el prado but the citizens of san diego despised this advice, with the help of funds from the federal government, they patched up the temporary palaces in 1922 and 1933 so that most of the original buildings could be used again for the second exhibition in 1935. specifically about the house often already in its place today is the art museum, we read, although there were lingering doubts about the stability of the building, not intended as a permanent structure, continued to be used through the 1940s and 1950s tenants included the model railroad museum the san diego champs paper and san diego art fins menz art institute precursor from san diego in 1978 the building was deemed unsafe and temporarily vacant but the american institute of san diego moved back in after the sprinkler systems were installed so the sprinkler systems were all that was needed to make it the building was safe again classified as safe, that is, it was only about fire safety, not that the building was structurally unsafe, wrote Roger Williams in 1922, you can prove what you want with facts and figures about old ramshackle buildings the only answer is that they won't disappear anyway without knowing how to do it should explain we are instinctively unconsciously incurably in love with you and you won't give up that's the great feeling and i believe it is based on something real and vital let's sum it up most temporary buildings in san diego they need to be demolished immediately and only temporarily, max 30 years they lasted but officially they stood until the 90s and then they were supposedly permanently demolished and rebuilt one by one. one from the start, the organizers behind the export wanted to get rid of the buildings, but there was such great public resistance that many of them were renovated or rebuilt in principle, the permanent buildings are also affected by the need for periodic renovations, for For example, many cathedrals like the one in Cologne or the one in Freiburg are in permanent renovation, by the way, this is what the pavilion looked like in the seventies, which was officially one of these permanent buildings and with around half a million dollars had to be restored expensive renovations are therefore not a reliable indication that a building was not originally built permanently abrupt international world exposition in liege belgium 1905 about the exposition we can read the following interesting comment sometimes it is hard to tell if a certain nation actually participated in Significantly both newspaper reports and official documents or secondary sources may indicate participation if actual participation did not occur or only to a small extent some nations had unofficial exhibitions it is not known whether some of those listed as official participants differed in different sources as to which countries were represented the documentation of the expos may have been somewhat poor and contradictory in general it can only be said with absolute certainty that of all the exhibition buildings only the palace of fine arts has survived and is still in its se can admire the splendor it is noted that the other buildings shown here hardly differ from the palace of fine arts most of the buildings appear to have been similarly solidly built and probably should not have been demolished berlin trade show germany 1896 berlin trade show berlin 1896 was the first exhibition in baby incubators were incubators in which premature babies were exhibited from then on they were in most exhibitions what does that say about a society that exhibits premature babies in such a cold manner and inhuman these incubators were like themthe wise trains and the kinderlandverschickung are part of an agenda uprooting children seems to be the best method to traumatize a society and separate it completely from its history, particularly the former colonies of australia, new Zealand and America were largely settled by orphans and criminals, as the saying goes.
For example, the first European settlers in Australia in 1787 numbered 700 convicts and over the next 80 years more than 160,000 prisoners were sent to Australia to repopulate the country, according to a report by the British House of Commons Child mai grinst rast it is also said that approximately 150,000 children were affected by forced resettlement in the colonies over a period of 3,150 years and this process only stopped in the late 1960s , whether all these children were orphans or had living parents. to be clarified eventually, however, we know from 20th century aggravated children that many actually came from poor and broken circumstances and their parents were still alive, even though they were generally told otherwise, but going back to the trade show, the area of 900,000 square meter berlin was even larger than that of previous world expositions in America and elsewhere, the old berlin area alone, which is said to be a detailed replica of late medieval berlin, consisted of 120 buildings of elaborate design, including two city buildings zwinger gates market square town hall hospital and a theater impressive photos of this old berlin show massive and apparently ancient stone buildings amazingly there is not a single photo of the alt berlin theater, which was demolished in 1897, neither the construction of the finished building nor the demolition and it is said that it was the largest theater in berlin at that time, nor was it closed during the berlin trade exhibition and with the demolition process started we could hardly find data and details about this theater and we pinned our hopes on the further search for old postcards or private photos.
In addition, there was a publication and advertising ban, as well as the fact that the actual visitors to the fair probably did not have the time and leisure that they did for a theatrical performance. which lasted several hours, finally one was in a trade show, all of which had serious effects on visitor numbers and led to bankruptcy during the season and ultimately to the demolition of the 200,000 mark, building not winterproof, the ban on The publicity that was issued is also mysterious, why was this allowed? Don't advertise the theater now. Maybe they wanted to make the theater disappear as quickly as possible and without making a big fuss.
Also the so-called market in old Berlin, built with temporary materials. it hardly looks like a cheap new building the roof tiles are worn from the old solid stones on the walls of the house we can also see signs of aging spandauer strasse in old berlin shows the same picture weathered solid buildings nothing in this photo indicates that even a The only building here was temporary in nature only the dirty walls of the house say a lot here seems to be a historical part of the city as well as all the commercial buildings in general and the industrial exhibition of 18 690 just bulldozed and all records of its existence destroyed germany did not play a significant role in world exhibitions until the foundation of the empire 18 71 names the citation german contribution to the exhibition of significant commercial, industrial, technical and artistic products It can be assumed that before 1871 there were a central authority through which the cabal may have influenced the Germans in the course of the empire's founding, however, there was a spectacular process of high industrialization in a few decades, the empire running deficits compared to other European countries and he surpassed them even when the empire was also surpassed by britain by the cabal, for whatever reason, he decided to isolate germany geopolitically and catapult her into cultural insignificance with two world wars in the period between 1871 and 1914, however, germany became the first to transform from a countryagricultural in an industrial country with drastic consequences for the daily reality of many Germans due to massive immigration to the empire between 18 71 and 19 14 from 40 to more than 60 million inhabitants it can be assumed that in the German cultural area before the foundation from the empire misery and poverty admitted and in the course of industrialization many people could have hope of prosperity, but what role did the newly founded empire play in the destruction of the German spirit? nation was also called the official historiography slot until 1806 the last prussian king wanted dealer second put it like this it is our duty to educate young people in such a way that they become young germans and not young greeks or romans so that they form a national and patriotic identity education became the hallmark of the prussian education system how come the germans considered themselves romans?
German identity was first imposed on us to separate us from our Nordic Germanic brothers and sisters outside the borders of the empire. At least this focus on national identity formation and existing architecture in Germany indicates that once in Europe there was a unified culture and our past was rooted in a high culture that is commonly described as Greco-Roman but had nothing to do with rome or greece because rome in quotes was Everywhere exhibition of industry and trade düsseldorf germany 1902 the düsseldorf exhibition was Linked to the Rhineland-Westphalia Trade and Industry Exhibition from 1880 onwards, the latter took place in a huge, imposing classical hall in the zoological garden.
The pictures that have been reduced to show us that the building looks quite massive, but we learned that the building material was mostly wood, the roofs were made of reddish-brown roofing felt and we prepared it means decoratively arranged materials of a blocked sack tarp final quote over 100 supposedly temporary hallways were completely demolished after the exhibition we can check at the present time none of that seems to exist not even the detailed exhibition graphics for the düsseldorf trade exhibition in 1902 was another chosen location, which of course would be appropriate if it was a matter of destroying the as much architecture as possible, it is said that more than 150 exhibition buildings were erected on the banks of the Rhine, including the main building known as the palace of art, this domed building only contained 14 huge rooms, the official version says that the quote says that the mostly temporary exhibition architecture combined new methods of industrial and artisanal production with the forms of art nouveau, sometimes also with the forms of the neo-baroque or alexist style mixes end of appointment, although at that time it seemed that neither money nor time wanted to spend on permanent buildings, the operators were still very surprised on the day when it came to the subsequent relocation of some of the exhibition halls, one hall was transported to bochum, another to colonia and a third even to mexico city and rebuilt, but the larger rooms of the 1902 exhibition were apparently designed to outlast the time when the State Railway Exhibition Building was, for example, an equally imposing art palace and the art palace itself was never demolished but only built and integrated in quotes, which, given the ugliness of the modern building, raises some different questions of thuringia saxony industry and trade exposition leipzig germany 1897 it is also known from the leipzig exposition that all buildings they were demolished again in the end only an empty area remained today part of the clara zetkin park formerly called king albert park the fact that you built two hills with the rubble of the demolished building, which still lead to the park today the exhibition in leipzig, like the berlin exposition, also included a new building in the Old Town and of course, like other former bosses, it should just be cheap bar buildings, but we find in an article from that time a reference to the fact that that the reality must have been a little more differentiated, so the newspaper reads the gazebo of 1897. , first we make the trip to the village, which is situated in the forest and the river, in front of some of the houses there are real buildings that have been demolished at their location and rebuilt here, he breaks them down into realistic replicas to illustrate that it's amazing See how this aspect is completely ignored in the general sources that can be found.
Some of these buildings were therefore probably actual old buildings from the German according to the narrative at the time the cities were demolished for the exhibition in quotes and rebuilt whether this process can be an economically rational decision remains to be seen, but what house owner has actually agreed to make their houses available for demolition right after at the end of the exhibition, idly watching the final demolition, the description of the main building doesn't exactly give the reader the impression of a cheap walk through the door flanked by two tall obelisks in the exhibition park whose area covers 400,000 square meters gives us a strikingly beautiful sight an extremely attractive landscape stretches out in front of us amid wonderful plants, embedded in a flickering pond that is enlivened by swans and framed by delicate statues, and in the background is the imposing main building, which greets us like a white castle that is our goal we walk along the wide avenue of lime trees that leads around the water, stretching through magnificent gardens where Kiosks and small temples are picturesquely scattered, and over the flood channel bridge you reach the decorated statues of Saxony and Thuringia's industry and trade up to the mighty main building in the Renaissance style even the arena of the connected engine room To it, an area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters, it is adorned with a series of small turrets and shows the figures of the cities of Dresden Leipzig Chemnitz supported by columns across the front, even the power stations that are said to be in düsseldorf and in leipzig they were built especially for the exhibition they must have been so temporary that they suddenly collapsed only a few days after the end of the exhibition. in any case, they were removed as quickly as possible and completely the electrical circuit of the expo suffered the same fate and it is surprising that they could be used so well, perhaps the tracks and wagons made of temporary materials were unusable only a few days after the expo and started magically dissolving what would actually happen if the ex-boss's supposed classic power plants worked completely different to what we're told today, possibly having to do with a completely different form of power supply still being used in various exhibitions, or at least were silent witnesses to other power plants that cannot be associated with the former boss, such as the tower of the Dresden district heating power plant, which itself was an architectural feast for the eyes and whose façade was made of sandstone eleven to, as it was said, take the harmony of the urban landscape, why he then, after the final completion in 1901, was only allowed to stand for only 34 years is probably not finally officially clarified, no longer it was necessary, which is why it didn't even seem worth preserving to preserve the overall urban image after originally no effort was spared from a visual point of view it seems strange to compare today's industrial facilities with this extraordinary beauty, by the way , the rest of the building was not blown up until 1978, so the The tower was obviously in a hurry to be removed from the municipal area and they were demolished shortly after the end of the exhibition, only the Eiffel tower remained, and even though eleven years later it was He did another exhibition and it seems to me complete nonsense to reconstruct everything again the second one.
The 1900 exhibition was also heavily criticized because it had not been as impressive as its predecessor for a long time. This may be mainly due to the fact that most of the old structures had already been leveled and the new buildings looked primitive by comparison. of great importance to the cabal in gaining control of paris the french revolution or age of revolutions was the second act in the destruction of the ancient world the first act includes what modern historians call the general crisis the general crisis is a term describing the period of widespread conflict from the early 17th century to the early 18th century europe .de stabilized these two terms general crisis the era of revolutions hid the destruction of the old world as events unrelated to european revolutions the era of states modern pseudo-democrats began the influence of the secret lodge especially of Freemasonry in the French revolution is meanwhile well known with propaganda the masses were incited against the king and the ancien régime dethroned in this context the exhibition of 889 should also be seen since marks the centenary of the french revolution a special feature of the paris exhibitions is the eiffel tower unlike many other buildings here is the construction documented in an understandable way so this steel building was actually built separately for the exhibition another An indication of this is that the architectural style of the tower differs significantly from ancient structures in the Greco-Roman style.
The Eiffel Tower is impressive in terms of its size but has a different aesthetic than the Palais du Trocadéro example. The Eiffel Tower represents control. from the cabal about this part of the old world looking at the famous photographs of the exhibition the eiffel tower seems sterile and functional like a gigantic towering giant over the ancient sublime architecture and therefore the triumph of modernity the old world symbolizes how long you sleep in average 0 8 to 8 441 million 504 000 seconds twice a week you go to the table of regular customers you meet friends on other nights you kill your time with useless things you heard about the robber barons of the Gründerzeit there were also robberies in germany industrial robber barons who were directly or indirectly controlled by secret societies and could amass huge amounts of money as long as they implemented what was asked of them in this phase is known as the so-called Gründerzeit from around 1871 to 1914 the American equivalent to this is the golden age golden age this in quotes the golden age came to an abrupt end with the first world war, however, industrialists seem to have been the stewards of new technologies and most of today's large companies were shaped in one way or another. another for the transfer of technology from world exhibitions, emil rathenau, for example, founded the aeg as a reaction to the technical achievements that could be observed in the world fairs in paris vienna and philadelphia some interesting aspects emerge from the analysis of the industrial family dot one were and still are obsessed with art and other artifacts before industrialization the early industrialists literally hoarded entire houses full of sculptures and paintings as if it were just a matter of making as much of the remnants of the old world as possible you can say that thousands of works of art and sculptures were presented at the world exhibitions of that time that have since largely disappeared from the scene since 2nd they lived in the most imposing neoclassical buildings, the palaces, that never existed, mysteriously, without However, many of these buildings were demolished very quickly, perhaps a little too quickly, considering the construction costs.
One of the most impressive examples is undoubtedly the American gateway in Manhattan. This house was one of the largest and most imposing in all of Manhattan. It was supposedly completed in 1896 and absurdly demolished again in 1926 and this photo of the supposed construction of the villa hügel from the krupp industrial family is it really a new building or rather a renovation? It is highly likely that all of these buildings were already there and were simply occupied by the new power elite anyway. The term robber barons meant exactly those people who had literally stolen their property. The purpose of the world expos was to confirm that many world expos buildings were already there before and were only renovated, so the destruction of these buildings is one of the biggest cover-ups in recent history and this would also be further proof.
Since almost all countries were already controlled by the cabal and politics 100 years ago, the cabal and politics probably intended from the beginning as a means to infiltrate and control cultures, the systematic destruction of knowledge and the theft of cultural goods and properties by of the church continued smoothly with the rise of more modern power structures with the help of a monetary system being forced upon us is legitimized theft by theThe state remains the main reason for the transfer of wealth and possessions into the hands of a few and already the world exhibitions are symbolic for the destruction of buildings with inestimable cultural value of works of art, paintings, sculptures and technologies, not to mention the misuse of majestic old world building areas through to the new post-colonial power elite, it happened at the same time as other events that seem to be connected to each other, so from the mid-19th century not only world fairs were held in buildings completely inadequate, oversized and overpriced, but at the same time the first psychiatric institutions or their houses collapsed these psychiatric hospitals were architecturally as unfit for their defined purpose as the architecture of world's fairs always reflects the conscience of the builders and it is defined by its purpose, but industrialists we would expect them to build simply and cheaply, they use steel and concrete and their buildings are by no means demolished immediately, rather they try to generate income from the land and buildings over time as possible, but we see the exact opposite, the buildings of the world exhibitions are elaborately ornate, aesthetically pleasing and too large and expensive for their purpose, they represent something completely different from the world we know they represent ancient rome the classical ideals of beauty era good the struggle for the divine and perfection the world exhibitions combine two completely opposite eras or cultures that should have no point of contact the world of industrial thief tycoons and an ancient world we can no longer remember in which economic principles are familiar didn't play a big part of course some of the exhibit buildings were cheaply built and overly kitschy and were temporary in nature so this photo of the lousiana shopping expo clearly shows some of the plaster is wearing off taking off and the interior consists of Wood discovers another example of a temporary structure that needs monumental The Universal Exposition in Paris This monumental door has been described as insipid and considered by some critics as the ugliest of all exhibits Years after the exhibition of Saint Louis, one of the architects, Louis Sullivan, wrote in the autobiography An Insight that there was a violent outbreak of Classicism and Renaissance in the American East that slowly spread westward and contaminated everything it touched, both in its origin and abroad.
The campaign to sell counterfeit antiquities was handled remarkably well through clever publicity and propaganda by those who were the first to recognize its business opportunities when the market was saturated because all sense of reality had disappeared in its place were delusions deep hallucinations the brain fogging thus architecture died in the land of the free and home of the brave the damage wrought by the world's exhibitions will last for half a century if not more they have dug deep into the make-up of the american mind and brought about a cultural insanity there sullivan aptly describes the poisoned renaissance of the twentieth century pseudo-classicism trying to imitate ancient structures without having understood architectural principles, we always see two fundamentally different types of architecture in exhibition photos, on the one hand, massive classicist buildings with uniform proportions and harmonious golden ratio buildings differ in no way from real European renaissance buildings because they really come from the same era and were not rebuilt for Xbox at all, but on the other hand we also see cheap looking real temporary structures made of plaster of paris and other cheap materials that do not belong to any known historical period and were obviously built with the intention of demolishing them as quickly as possible The following photo shows very well how little time there was to renovate the areas.
The buildings in the background have been renovated and repainted , while the two small houses in the foreground are still very yellowed and show their true age, many temporary structures were erected for the exhibition, for example, cheap pavilions, walls made of plaster and imitations of famous buildings, but after the exhibition , not only the temporary exhibition but also the old buildings were demolished the unified culture had collapsed the separation into nations seems artificial so the Slavs are like the Germans of Nordic origin and therefore part of the same people the term slave comes from from the pejorative term clear how it was brought to the world by the vatican and represented the pagan voice of europe that did not want to submit to the monotheistic power apparatuses after the successful infiltration of the german cultural area only the pagan eastern europeans were called larvae in fact the most nations known to us today were not founded until 1850 modern day egypt for example only in 1953 after the british conquest syria became home to the illyrians after the annexation of france the balkans were freed tat arias became, among other things, uzbekistan from persia in 1935 iran from the ottoman empire became turkey in 1923 and so on old words have meaning in them all our past resonates when these words are spoken then a real connection is established with the past through the loss of these terms we also lose this connection and with is the connection to our ancestors while our world is divided into different soulless administrative units controlled through a small secret elite over the former boss, the people first came into contact with new technologies in quotes telephone railway electric light that is, the light bulb wireless communication incubators automobiles photography movies the supposed realities of life in the colonies were also often depicted africa south america etc.
The creation of patent systems played an important role in the development of monopolies because only with patents was it possible to possess knowledge and therefore also technologies. The foundations of the world we live in today were laid during the time of world expositions. Technological knowledge of the old world was selected. A part of the knowledge was kept secret. The other part was presented to the public. One of the most important criteria in this decision-making process was the question of whether a technology could be controlled by a central authority because all forms of independent or even free energy had to be used for the forces that the robber barons of the era The industrialists controlled from the shadows have been very dangerous.
It is important to understand that these industrialists did not create their wealth on their own, they were born into elite families and were chosen to play a predetermined role that only since the dawn of the 20th century has prevailed. attitude that you have to take distance from others in order to have something yourself instead of cooperation there was competition these two opposing worldviews cooperation and competition can be visualized as follows with a circle and a pyramid the competition system is organized pyramidally contains an authoritarian chain of command that requires absolute obedience at the level of the secret services, this system is represented by the principle of the need to know, competitive thinking can only arise in a hierarchically organized society in our society, energy flows from the broad masses at the base and up to the top of the pyramid where it can even be absorbed or consumed by non-terrestrial entities at the top appears to be what is called antichrist satan as evil or work in religious and mythological traditions esoterics at the bottom of the pyramid are people who feel powerless basically feeling slaves success in this system is defined in quotes this always implies that on the way up you oppress other people taking something away the higher you go the more you feel the more powerful energy is represented or symbolized by money in this system the money system was established in such a way that, in the sense of the pyramid system, it gradually directs people's vital energy towards the top of the pyramid we can assume that this is also the real reason of the existence of the fiduciary money system hidden lies to rob people of their vital energy the connection between paranormal beings, the monetary system and the oppression of humanity, we already found it in the work momo by the writer michael end men in gray called thieves time savers steal people's time these interdimensional parasites convince adults they can save time by depositing it in a time saving box adults believe the promises of the men in gray actually people have less time the more time they save they are saved their lives are lost they gradually become barren and desolate the buildings are standardized and they all look the same, as do the clothes no one lives in the present anymore no one has time for each other anymore and life becomes hectic only the children they recognize the cold, malicious nature of the gray men because still in touch with their own vitality, adults fall for the idea that they have to save time and thus their lives become more and more desolate and gray, but the gray men can also bewitch gradually over the children only momo can surrender to the cold psycho power of the opposing gray men out of space and time she defeats the men in gray releases the stolen time and gives people their vitality back and the love in their hearts is amazing by the way, in the novel momo lives in an old ruined roman amphitheater surrounded by drab modern new buildings momo represents the connection with the old world she represents life while momo defeats the men in gray says the last one relieved michael finally realized that evil does not exist on its own it is just a shadow a black hole the absence of something bad can only exist as long as there are people running away from themselves and their own vitality parasites are our own creation and the destruction of parasites is the man's triumph over his own contradictory nature and the dark side power and powerlessness are really two sides of the same coin and everything also has its price in terms of panic every experience of power is always based on a corresponding experience of powerlessness even if these experiences are separated on a temporal level a good metaphor for the pyramid system is a black hole that sucks in all light and distorts everything and releases nothing else it is a one way street that is why secret societies exist in a pyramid system relevant decisions have to be made in the shadows and no one is allowed to know the decision makers the system is like a hydra and we can only see some of its heads evil is always absorbing consuming and calculating facing inwards the life is closed to exchange and the truth maybe in the old world people were wrapped in a cycle everything was cyclical and in a balance people knew they had nothing to lose by giving something to others who lived in these communities people became supported on an energetic level energy flowed freely between them without draining outward in these healthy little communities no authoritarian hierarchies no chains of command no parasitic forces authorities developed naturally and people with natural authority were willing not to abuse of their power as this would have resulted in exclusion from the community in case of doubt the system based on cooperation contains concentric rings running out in the middle is the heart the wisest, most intelligent and most capable people of the community in In contrast to the pyramidal system, these people do not hide because they do not have to fear transparency.
This concentric system is reflected even in architecture, for example, in the round Atlantis built instead of Baghdad or the supposed rings in the center or heart of the city, life moves outwards in rings the city wall separates the city from the outside world and creates a system of life so autonomous that good is radiating outwards giving without ulterior motives and without expecting anything in return is its own cause its own source and have a huge glow the so-called history let your sacred electricity market fundamentals make the years perfect this server fundamentals the hero's journey to julius ebola quote from the revolt against the modern world with the first world war, the Russian revolution and the second world war, it can finally be said that the decisive events in the direction of the end times are rushing. in 1914, the imperial courts still represented a remnant of feudal and aristocratic europe in the western world, the world war of 1914 to 1918 shows like few other wars in history all the signs of a clash not between states and nations but between ideologies of different castes the direct and intentional destruction of imperial Germany and catholic austria immediately resulted in the collapse of the tsarist empire and revolutioncommunist, this resulted in such a chaotic and contradictory political and economic situation in europe that all the prerequisites for a new world conflict were present in his 1922 poem das wuste land, the lyricist tsl errs describes the atmosphere in western society after world war one writes about a collective sense the loss of human existence world war one and what is sold to us as the spanish flu catapulted europe into unholy modernity and completed the development that had previously begun with the world expositions and the industrial revolution man was ripped from his roots to a cog in a great machine life was replaced by mere functioning a hopeless poem elliot barely existed thus suffered processed the fate of a lost generation of people running only from themselves civilization was riddled with materialism hedonism and atheism behind it stood for the impiety of modernity nihilism, which stretched like a yawning abyss in front of humanity this modern nihilism and materialism shows itself ideologically above all in the theory of evolution and the heliocentric must the traditional man lived in a world that represented the exact opposite instead of a slow evolution from animal to human without much meaning in a cold and hostile universe we were placed by a creator in a perfect world where we are the center of the reality and where everything we experience and do has a deep meaning outside the traditionally held view and the dissolution of the old order is the most important goal of the hidden secret societies according to the traditional view, the material world only contains effects, nothing takes place in this world that did not first arise in a world invisible to us the ancient world the elevated man god sought to rid him of material passion to transcend him with open air high in thought as well as in action julius ebola rebellion against the modern The Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby, is another example of postwar literature reflecting this decline in meaning.
The postwar society in The Great Gatsby is characterized by materialism, consumerism, and competitive thinking. communities by the upheavals of modernity and without these communities they not only lost the connection with their past but also with their fellow men if all men only live for themselves then life is only worth something if you have more than others in contrast to this destructive processing of what happened jrr tolkien, who was also active at the time of the first world war, captured the full dimension of the problem that he could only process in myths and images because it is not consciously accessible to us, while elliot and fitzgerald are only known by a small academic elite, tolkien created a resonance with the masses that still seems unbroken in contrast to explained that he grasped the big picture and also recognized that in the end the good prevailed in contrast to the alienated academics of the 20th century tolkien restored hope and meaning for people the dermatologist and author joseph campbell describes in his epic work the heroes in a thousand ways that in the most famous stories and myths of mankind the same basic structure gives the universal hero's journey in the youngest sense is one of the most more important areas types is the monkey myth the essence of all myths and stories you enter the forest in the darkest place where there is no path where there is a path or path is someone else's path then you are not on your own path the journey of the hero it is about the courage to search deep the image of creative rebirth the eternal cycle of change and the haunting discovery that the seeker lays the secret that he is seeking to recognize the hero's journey is a symbol that in the original sense of the word connects two distant ideas, the spiritual search of the elders with the modern search for identity which is always the changing but wonderfully constant story that we find who is the hero you and me everyone who undertakes the search the allen journey essentially consists of three sections separation initiation and return this myth is encoded, for example, in the biblical story of the prodigal son the son leaves his father the separation undergoes an initiation seeks happiness in the external material world loses money and becomes impoverished then repents of his sin and finds his path to god and back union with his family the hero's journey is a journey from a morally corrupt and stagnant life into his own darkness a confrontation with his own shadows this confrontation leads to an initiation and ultimately to the integration of what has been experienced the hero brings a piece of divinity and vitality to the satanic material world in the biblical sense of the bible ephesians chapter 6 verse 12 because we do not fight against flesh and blood but against violence against powers against the rulers of darkness this world against spiritual depravity in the higher spheres 3 turned positively these dark forces work very concretely through people that bob dylan has made unequivocally clear whoever has fame and influence in this world in these times pays a high price a price that goes beyond this world at first there is always a decision in relation to our history humanity is making exactly this heroic journey through which we are collectively in the second part of the initiation process the point at which the night is darkest the dark night of the soul the point at When we confront darkness with evil, at the end of this process, the reconnection with one's own history, one's own destiny and one's own being is renewed, and finally with God, according to Zoroastrianism, the purpose of our earth is to enable existence in the dark part. of living human nature to come out of one's own darkness this allows humanity to overcome its own darkness in this way to enter into the chemical cycles of the earth can be understood as the conscious decision to rid oneself of evil satan in the bible consequently god set a trap for his adversary with the creation of earth evil is now trapped in earthly existence and inevitably the process of becoming conscious is suspended and thus finally destroyed at the end of earthly ages in order to support this process it is necessary that enough people take a conscious decision for the truth and against the lies of this world these times are dark but no matter how dark a shadow threatens the morning light is gone

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