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ER Doctor Breaks Down Movie Injuries | GQ

Feb 27, 2020
Hello what's going on? I'm Dr. Atala Brown ER Physician and this is the breakdown first we have Scarface very good in emergency medicine we deal with blast


all the timers things that arise from these types of mass casualty events the fact that they were so close to the explosion it's worrying Yo, a Barrow trauma to the ears or a pressurized injury to the ear because it's a tight space, and then you have other things, like what's flying through the air because of an explosion, so that shrapnel from buildings in the body is actually thrown. Air is another level of trauma, so imagine being lifted off the ground and then slammed to the ground with this tremendous force.
er doctor breaks down movie injuries gq
I don't know if they would get up again right away otherwise their ears would ring. I don't see a guy being able to continue shooting after that specifically because where it hit him he got the upper left chest area so like the left heart of the chest you have lungs every time you hit someone in the center mast they're going to have a very bad result. poor, bleeding. a lot or should be able to talk like that. I mean, he's taking at least four rounds. I've seen that the first one itself was lethal, so I don't know how I could continue having this monologue in real life.
er doctor breaks down movie injuries gq

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er doctor breaks down movie injuries gq...

I mean this. The guy is definitely not standing, he's going to pass out more, that's it, that's it, it's a wrap. I mean, he was talking and suddenly $0.50, that's what hits him all over the chest, but I was thinking something like that. While I'm turning this over in my head, if he was still on cocaine, he would have bled faster. One of the side effects or the actual main effect of taking cocaine. It is a simple mimetic that is like a drug that stimulates all your senses. so it would benefit him to have done cocaine and already be in this kind of fight or flight scenario, but if you're hitting a vital artery, I don't know if it would be realistic to see someone go that far in the fight most shotgun wounds are Lee, they hit him once, all those other guys shot him like ninety-seven times and apparently nothing happened, but this is the one good night look below, we've got us, don't trust people who walk around like that. okay, stop, that's real, the way they stabbed her in the back of her hand.
er doctor breaks down movie injuries gq
I would be worried if he wouldn't be able to make a fist after this. she will continue to struggle after this she won't be able to grab that is just what I think I'm grabbing I don't know she would be able to create enough force to hold it if the thumb might be fine unless the blood supply is compromised but while You look, there's blood dripping behind her. If you've ever seen a hand injury, it bleeds like crazy. I'm talking about a constant flow and if it's an artery, that's what I think she had probably severed.
er doctor breaks down movie injuries gq
She's going to continue bleeding as a high performer, she couldn't continue this far without us seeing evidence of the injury. Wow, okay, these wounds that go through the abdomen, except for this one, are at the level where I think they can I have gone through part of the diaphragm and can even go backwards, so let's play a little more, oh yeah, so It's up to here. I don't have to tell you that you see it, but let her move forward. Possibly she is affecting the spinal nerves from where she will not be able to walk or move anything from that lower level.
I'd be more concerned at that angle which part of the heart it hits. I think the aorta was just cut. maybe that diaphragm I think she went through, so I don't see that she can even make the movement to inhale and whistle because that rod went through the fixation with the handcuffs, that's pretty brutal. I have a problem with


s. that have this crunching sound, it's not so easy to go through all those structures and suddenly, magically, get two vertebrae and I don't know if that happens like that, so I think the crunch is more than likely. from something more anterior in the front of the neck, not so much posterior, okay, in the next book we'll look at whiplash, okay, look, why don't you tell Fletcher that I copied your mother?
Stop, there are many lessons to learn. On this part, car accidents are one of the main causes of death among young people. You're on the phone, totally distracted, driving a car and they're prepping you just like what happened when you arrive at my emergency department. Sorry, yeah, I'm really worried about him being thrown and Joseline being in the cars, if the car flips, you have a whole different set of things that you're worried about, unconsciousness, head injury, so her head hit something in the car. broken glass that projectile if the car is basically bent to the side why is the driver's lower body trapped he's lucky I mean this is what I'm talking about this is a very common thing we get an emergency department What will Us bring, someone who had a rollover accident and was destroyed.
I mean, seat belts are extremely useful and try to reduce


like this, but that kind of rapid deceleration or shear force if it wasn't an airbag that hit you or the steering wheel. so it may have been inside the car like a kickback hit, the phrase they use, which is basically like a cool French word that means the head hits one side and impacts and then the opposite side will also impact. He hit something on one end and the force threw him in the opposite direction. He hit the wallet car again. Many times I wouldn't get out of the car.
What happens in the scene is that some get up and then they get down. immediately because they did not realize that they had intracranial bleeding. You think everything is fine if they go down. We call that the lucid interval. I definitely wouldn't recommend standing vertically walking because I'm worried about bleeding. that is not visible. I'm worried that his neck has a vertebra injury. Line me up, don't move, but if you're worried about the vehicle exploding, the man crawls. Lieutenant Dan, he came out, the body woke up and said we were just inside. a car accident, yes you had it and that's why I don't think I can continue acting.
He would have a hard time trying to hold the levers that match the grip, it wouldn't be as easy for him, trying to keep up with things and hear them all. Some of those senses might be compromised by drawing blood into the things below. Tooth from Kill Bill Vol. If you're trapped inside a coffin, oxygen will be an immediate concern. I think you will only be able to survive in a matter of minutes. In this situation, your core temperature might be a little elevated, trying to figure out what's going on in this situation. The good thing about people who are that trained is sometimes they are able to lower their heart rate and lower their body temperature, core temperature, so that's like a high level warrior type thing that she might be able to do.
I still don't see that giving you a considerable time advantage you couldn't make more oxygen exist in this space, the fact that your rebreathing of carbon dioxide would make it a little less likely that you would do this kind of concentration, since the Train boxers or train fighters also know exactly which knuckles to hit with and how to limit the likelihood of a fracture. Any other random person on the street who was trying to punch their way through. through a coffin I don't think they can get that far - they're definitely going to break a hand.
I would expect them to have broken ring fingers and pinky fingers because they don't know how. In order to throw a punch correctly while listening, you have probably already had so many fractures that the bone itself, which is formed in a certain way, must be strengthened so that it does not fracture. Hannity, another thing that doesn't make sense to me, is way down. the soil so dirt gets in not air just more dirt so I don't know if you get a big oxygen benefit from having more minerals inside with both hands going through the dirt yeah that's probably the most realistic about this whole thing.
It's how much he wanted that oxygen when he got a hook. I know these sisters were fighting down there, so congratulations, okay, so the next


Austin Powers, the spy who fucked me, yeah, this is like a very classic injury, right, it usually means that the person doesn't she can move her limbs below the level of the injury and she has some sensory deficits so I would like to see what happens as far as how they show this clearly wait a minute okay so it wasn't enough that she Unfortunately I have never been in this situation to know exactly how this plays out, but any high-powered weapon like that has the ability to make bullets go through bodies, so I would be worried about Austin or them.
I have received at least two waits per minute with no injuries on the front of her body yes no no now she does the injuries to even try to talk about how realistic it is. I feel dumb, but she took an RPG shot straight to the body and Austin intact. but nothing fazes my man, I think in death we realize that we know what would happen. I love the fact that she is still here talking to him. Why they fall only a little charred. You know, just a little charred. and I might actually have an injury, that's probably one of the most misunderstood things people think: if I fall trying to land on my feet, you'll end up with a lot of compression fractures, that way the ankle fractures the bilateral vertebrae from the axial axis. load or the load of the force that descends on the vertebrae or rises from the ground where you land.
I would probably go out of my way to land on a body part and try to make sure you don't hit your head. So those are the areas that I have in the next movie that we will see. I know where this is going. Basically, someone is going to freeze. Honestly, two people should freeze. What you're dealing with in hypothermia is essentially like blood flow that's no longer working. to areas where it needs to go to keep tissue alive when the body goes into this mode, it is trying to conserve as much heat and blood flow as possible to divert it to vital organs like the brain and heart, but the extremities freeze and Complete tissue disruption eventually occurs and they may not be viable after that.
I'm glad you're still talking. I would worry about the quiet people who have out of control, shaking and the other things I think are a bit. A little unrealistic is that he is able to continue thinking things that way. Mentality is something that goes away when you start getting more hypothermic, so the fact that he's talking is a good thing. I just don't know if he would be able to do it. move as freely as you're moving now if it's that cold this is what i was talking about this face right here i would expect that face a lot sooner if it's that cold the mental state is starting to wax and wane because the only thing being perfused really is parts of the brain and now what would also worry me is that the heart rate is regular.
When you start lowering your core body temperature to this level, your heart goes crazy at 28 degrees Fahrenheit. I just think I'm going to start freezing a lot sooner five minutes max definitely not an hour in this water let it go let it go this is the last thing I would do is roll around in some water I just don't see her having full action on those limbs if she were able To endure this level of cold tundra maybe I could blow the whistle, but no, I just don't blow it loud enough for the guy to come back next.
We have John Wick chapter 3, he knows what's coming, oh he's done it. die if you watch the movie, you know he has these special linings inside his jacket, it's possible that he can withstand a couple of shots like that from a gun, even his reaction is that we like to double over after those shots . watched a couple more movies and was taken aback by being shot. Where is he in this movie like he bends? I think this is realistic, so can we rewind it a little bit so that two, three, four stops the man, all those different blows mean that he had been forceful? trauma in each of those places no, the father broke his ribs wrapped in the bar, at one point another part of his hip hit the dumpster and finally it hit his head and shoulders, so you're talking about glasses which still cut off because they stopped abruptly.
We're talking about bones that have to deal with that force and are not made to bend and be malleable. You can fracture the skull but you can also make the brain move. There are so many different injuries in this scene that I don't even think I could begin to list them from the beginning. This is John Wick. I mean, at the end of the day, you know he's waking up with a broken pelvis and a broken spine. Okay, so people own exotic animals and I. I've seen everything from snake bites to Gila monster attacks, common location, actually common mechanisms, you know someone handles the snake by trying to act calmly and then, fromsuddenly the snake turns snake towards them and that's what happened, it's a realistic thing, once someone bites you, that's it. bad word in the book I would be worried that the person speaking talks and then suddenly starts to fade because that means the effect of the poison is starting to take off, yes they become neuropathic, yes I love how they change. to a fisheye lens to basically pretend that he's upset and that's realistic, other things that would happen.
It means he can fall, have a seizure, if you've been bitten recently and you start to have this altered mental state, you can run right through from a window like that. I don't think that's completely unrealistic, the upcoming Casino Royale movie just got. poisoned and since it's James Bond, the cars are equipped with a defibrillator like an AED right there, it looks like it's trying to capture your pulse or rhythm. I mean, if I'm looking for someone's cardiac activity, I'm going to put wires around them. the heart I don't think this is realistic unless you're trying to get your governor seven on IV access.
Stay calm and don't interrupt because you'll be dead in two minutes unless you do exactly what I tell you he's starting to do. sweat and call gif releases now this is what i was talking about to the extent that you have to place those wires somewhere in the body to effectively distribute a shock tricular tachycardia did you talk so pause back up a little, this means that your ventricles, the part of the heart that is responsible for forcing blood around the body, are beating faster than normal. This is an indication to shock or cardiovert someone, so that's what I think is about to happen, I don't know how. realistic is for someone to distribute a download to themselves.
I mean, maybe that's just a bad thing that only James Bond can do. People who are in this type of tachyarrhythmia cannot like whole things. I don't think it's realistic for someone to be able to just press a button and shock themselves okay, pause, this isn't real, obviously, it's some movie magic, they put some numbers on top of some things. I would expect the arrhythmia to be much higher 150 160 180 most of us get to 135 just with a brisk walk or jog 97 I guess at the bottom is your oxygen, usually via a fingertip pulse oximeter, which we didn't see him place press the red button now he passed out so I think that's It's realistic that a lot of times patients have these types of reactions in the city so it's realistic you're literally restarting the heart from scratch like a boot cold and when I talk to patients afterwards they feel like they've died for a second, I mean, technically We were right because it all started with an impulse, which is a normal reaction for someone, like they startle and then suddenly come back just to your next favorite childhood home.
I can't say I've seen many bricks. heads, any object with considerable mass that hits you can cause a concussion like this. Imagine putting a boiled egg inside a jar with a little bit of water, that's essentially what the brain is like inside the head and then it hits the walls of the skull. It's similar to that egg, that soft part of the egg hits the glass and it can cause nausea, vomiting, confusion, dizziness, you'll have that the next day. Look, look, this is called diplopia, so you see two different objects and when I make those patients come after head injuries.
I will say: Do you see one or two of me? Boom. You will receive two bricks today. Basically, you will stay there for 24 hours if I have anything to do with it, not because you. you got an injury, but since you shouldn't be doing anything to get hit by two bricks, that's what I'm worried about, we'll keep you around buddy, stay down, just have a good night, like Kevin is incredibly accurate in terms of His own abilities seem to hit him in the same place. I would be worried that he has a small fracture in the front of his tail like the front bone on him or even one of the breasts that is breaking might not even be able to. hail, okay, he fell, but did he really faint?
If he fainted, this is a guy I want to put up in the balloons Cask ante, possum one, may actually be the person who faints due to the impact that a repeated fall could have. It must be because less blood is flowing to that part of the brain because it is leaking to another space. These are all in the scenario of like I was hit with a brick. I don't know, I've never been hit with bricks so I'll keep it as a streak that was a breakup with GQ thanks everyone for watching.

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