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Apr 26, 2023
sissie soccer blades don't go front and center Turns out I like soccer five minutes to go ah stupid coach hi I'm Griffin Jen so what did you do to end up in the penalty area on your first day? It was probably the unsanctioned respite I took earlier, wow, there's another one, oh, but it's so worth it for the great minimum wage we do. could hang out sometime how is tonight? too anxious no I don't like a girl who knows what she wants to pick you up at 8:00 8:00 it's later I'm still here we can pretend they didn't just do that no you definitely made good moves but we can pretend I didn't see that It works too even though we did a stupidly embarrassing dance Griffin still asked me out French cafe or a midnight make out session under the stars no idea I guess my date with Griffin will be a total surprise I have a date that will give you time to do something with that hair what's wrong with my hair?
episode 73   6teen full episode retro rerun
I'm going home to change some lipstick and mascara wouldn't hurt either. Judy, what are you doing? You hold it in your mouth for a moment and then swallow it. Release the flavor. Jude, stop rinsing. Suggestion go to the bathroom and use the disgusting toilets in no way can I stand it. Have I ever told you how much I love water slides? Oh nonsense, almost as much as I love Niagara Falls personally. this to me i'm not going to them sick of the restrooms just dude kaitlyn's gone oops i could take you for worms spewing liquid garbage what's up with the weird glasses mall cop dude they're infrared glasses the latest in anti-theft technology crime cool infrared glasses can see through clothing glasses are not a toy the meat of the street they detect heat and red is the color of guilt innocent people don't sweat hmm stop you are clearly guilty of something i just came from gym you're done i have to get to work what am i saying take all the time you need thanks for coming with me nikki moral support makes it not so gross i can't wash my hands relax i have some sanitizer i knew i brought you here for a reason they can start with innocence eat even though you're scared of me oh i've always wanted to date a spanish guy you're so lucky mmm you've lost me jealousy he's a garcia oh yeah the only thing spanish about jonesy is the love of salsa like in the relish not the dance team a silly mean bingo right here be me I'll go with me maybe now's your chance come out and pray to that Spanish hottie you're the best laundress in the world oh he's so dark and mysterious only a good looking European guy can pull off such tight pants can you imagine the guys in those I need just to hypnotize my brain okay now is your chance go talk to him not yet Nicky I'm going to learn Spanish first so we can speak the language of love wait you're going to learn a language complete just to be able to date a guy.
episode 73   6teen full episode retro rerun

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episode 73 6teen full episode retro rerun...

I have already dated all eligible English speakers. Real man. What I would always like to ask out that cute blonde. I'll do it tomorrow still, huh? Hey, I figured out that I can't wait for my Spanish tapes to arrive, so I can ask my Spanish hottie out. Tell me one thing that the Spanish have done for the world. Hmm, let's see well, they found out. The United States created some of the most recognized dances in the world and revolutionized modern art. Hello Picasso. I said, name one thing. Your dad doesn't speak Spanish? You should ask him to teach you.
episode 73   6teen full episode retro rerun
I already know all the Spanish I will ever need. Oh show me, show me repeat after me you idiot don't listen to jonesy i only know profanity wait look look okay you're a hot mom I mean step sister what's too weird? Jen Wow you look amazing you ready to go definitely mm-hmm Griffin sure has all the right moves he's a cute guy too weird yeah yes bro i've definitely been waiting all week to see a minor movie star he's three popcorn tubs of five I heard Jessica Stinson's acting range went from flirty to flirty and bouncy oh I seem to be a little short don't worry you can pay me back oh no they're sold out you forget the movie , I have an even better idea. you're so beautiful in this light remind me to thank my friend for sneaking us in who knew a window display could be so romantic plus it's a great deal 50% off you're still hungry you have more free samples of that great soup fern soup is available no but I can interest you in a piece of biscotti and a sample of grimey coffee.
episode 73   6teen full episode retro rerun
Thank you, my name is Katelyn May. I call Katelyn. This is not what I ordered. I'm in Jersey. Where is the nearest hospital? the hospital should be next Oh, so how was the big date last night? Awesome the movie sold out so Griffin and I spent the whole night on the porch swing at Willow and Williams swinging and talking this is so romantic Griffin got the free meal from him. samples and had a picnic in the window. It's so sweet when you guys go out again. I'm not sure he hasn't called yet. I had a great time last night.
I want to do it again tonight. Okay, I can't wait. Bye bye. Oh no, what have I done? You agreed to go out with a guy you really like, but I don't know if I can go on with the perfect night. date and if the next one is a flop I guess Jonesy and I could join in on a little double dating action to take the pressure off who you're the best Oh take that as a yes hmm this ain't no taco stealing speedway I see you coming with me sir, there has to be an ordinance in the mall against illegal gas emissions friend, can you see farts with those things? yes, soldier, you want the glasses, would you like to go to the cinema? don't let you sleep anymore hug him while you can oh may-yammo kaitlin tegus nadia last time she saw a cake i would like to see a mess huh what did you say?
I didn't understand a word she said because she is Spanish. lucky for you. I can't decide between the NFL fries or the NHL nachos. He will have fries. I'm not hungry I can lend you some money being with you is all the sustenance I need I'll just enjoy my good cold tomato soup oh well what's mine is yours I'll never be able to finish you're going to eat all those I'm going to try I have to have those glasses where there's gas to pass the heart the man will be there mommy sing me a lullaby rockabye rent a cop in your golf cart window don't worry mall cop buddy i'll bring them back good as new oh sorry jen you wanted it ok i like to save room for the popcorn oh i have to use the facilities i'm not like i ordered anything anyway you didn't just eat all our food thanks for tying us up in a night with the cheapo griffin ain't cheap what whatever let's pay up and get out of here the movie starts in ten okay there's two extra nuts who need a bus ticket if no one else wants it hey you're not a new busboy oh yo maybe i'm on break how come seniors year do they get a discount? students no ah this is a huge social injustice you don't want let's sneak in the back that will teach him to overcharge sorry but i've been waiting all week to watch karate kiyah yeah I'm not in the mood to spend the night in Ron's jail, so you're not going to let these killjoys ruin it.
It's you? They feel so dangerous. for a smoke I can walk you home there's a


moon home tonight but it's over an hour walk I hope you brought your walking shoes Griffin stole our passing bus fare I might ask you the same thing wearing tassels makes me feel more Spanish and these salsa shoes are surprisingly comfortable i wish i could say the same for mine oh yeah jun what happened to your horrible bump me and griffin walked home from the mall last night but that's over an hour walk trust me we know it was all worth it one of the bandages my lady ordered and a coffee to numb the pain oh thanks Griffin the glues dried up maybe you should return the bandages to the pharmacy and get your money back I might take them I bought them at the Cheapo Bin for a buck why pay retail retail when you can go wholesale alright riffin alright you're my man whoa lemon squishies are expensive which drink has the most lemon for my money lemonade that'll be 350 uh-huh hey Jen you see me a five I guess I'm a little short today here he is in the house thanks kate bye guys i don't understand what it is jen watching that guy she goes broke funding her cheap BOTS i saw cheapo eating mustard packets for breakfast i saw him stealing toilet paper from the bathroom he was in I saw grind me putting all the leftover coffee in a cup and then asked the barista to bombard him please tell me that's not the coffee he just gave Jen did that guy just call you Beautiful?
Oh kill him, do you know what that means? Jen may be getting cheap but at least she understands what her boy says I'll find you goggle stealing nothing good in Spain we fell in love through dance you've learned very well what happens if I trip what if I forget the steps or worse I step on his toes the feet would be here to train you all the time see a little cuteness sous the voice stanton every one dose it's all in the name of forensics feet bleeding in the jaw that's dedication masterson i have a romantic date all planned make sure you wear sensible shoes he has hungry for free tacos always what's with the force feeding us refried beans mate gotta see more infrared farts before ron takes off his glasses you want to see me fart i don't know what to say sit easy mate you about to make him see something special this is your idea of ​​a romantic date i'm a little short on money oh they're about to start deliberate reading kahn searched everywhere for that elusive rainbow oh loser i'm beginning to think you're right a free tour of the store pets those bunnies are cute repeating that the birdseed is for the parrot i don't see the parents name on it we are waiting for something people watch it really is the best entertainment yes i'm a little hungry maybe we can eat something oh here extra outfit for you thanks for the um griffin date but i'm gonna take off wait you can't leave yet there can't be anything free we haven't already done uh i need bus fare can i spend a little till payday bye the cheapo good a Coss done huh thanks for me to Jasper it's like watching tv when you accidentally press the YES button P what happened unfortunately we don't speak spanish the dance was nice but i need someone to understand me in english did you finally fuck cheapo everyone was like oh just i can't understand cheapo he does the same as me on the penalty box where does all his money go maybe he has a sick father to support maybe he is very bad with his money or maybe the tightwad likes to live off of Hardworking fools like you and me, okay, hardworking fools like you, Maya Sporto, the busboy days are over, maybe that's because you never went to work, a definite possibility, Oh Jude, you fart. fetish I want those bucks back wicked that was even better than I expected dude find me I want to turn Crippen's totally ransacked hey brah come back Jonesy is about to blow again any minute

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