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Episode 340: Teaching Life Skills in Jail With Tacarra Williams!

Jun 07, 2021
with people all the time or what I started I started the job in prison after a stand-up, so really yeah. So I don't know, I never felt it. My dad was an artist and my mom too. So now show business was in your blood. Yes, what were they doing? My dad was a bassist, he played in plays and the instrument had a part. from a band I hate that we make you play in the is ready that's so annoying they just pick up an instrument like yeah I just taught myself it's crazy and really indifferent to play whatever it's weird look at the key to know what it is very similar to the other one, I mean, no, it's not, it's not like Jack, how do you learn to play an instrument yourself?
episode 340 teaching life skills in jail with tacarra williams
Please no, but people get tired, not that person, right? Kaku, can I play Jimin? Do you know how to play the piano? Wow, look, that seems like one of the hardest to me. I guess there are so many damn keys that I have to rub my fingers all over them and I don't know, it's hard. I don't think it's ours. I'm texting my daughter right now because she's heading to school. Well, we'll tell you. Tell the morning. Yeah, well, you have to be live. You know he has to do everything. Yes, this lighting is really good.
episode 340 teaching life skills in jail with tacarra williams

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episode 340 teaching life skills in jail with tacarra williams...

It is. I mean, honestly. I give credit to the camera girl. I appreciate that you keep it so stable while we drive properly. He is perfect. It's the best day and I'm staying. This is Cameron Eddie and that's it, but come to Naples, we've got a great show you're waiting for. What do you think? I'm very excited to come to Naples, oh it's like it's another game. I was excited. I did our lands, oh, I did a lot of things and I took Miami in like a week and it was like coming back to two in Florida, take us to Naples and they said you'll love the meatballs.
episode 340 teaching life skills in jail with tacarra williams
Naples is different, it's a different place, they said you're going to really like Naples and I said, well, I guess you haven't been here for a long time. enough to capture the whole vibe, but it's totally different from all those places I definitely want to get into. She was supposed to go to the Everglades today and they're sure she had alligators and I was like, "I'm good, alligators aren't." I'm going out I don't think my meat is good, this is cooked, it's ready, you pray it's the predators. I'm terrified, yes I'm a fan of airboats, yes it's amazing, you don't really like like the something, yeah, yeah, and then Red Bull films it, you're instantly famous, you're famous? no, maybe them, but there was nothing like that, so you're fine, would you jump out of a plane?
episode 340 teaching life skills in jail with tacarra williams
Yes, really, you're going to jump out of a plane. Well, you can't really do anything except land, save or die, but still. I won't go on an airboat where they take me if I die from a plane, it's a quick death. I just hit the ground and I'm dead. I'm an alligator that can attack me and fight me for God knows how long. It might even take a limb. I know it's going to knock you down. You're going to die pretty quickly. How long do we hold our breath? The rounding is fast, it's painful. You think you can hold your breath.
It won't take that long. Yes, but it was. Falling face down on the ground this is faster, but what about the dead? The moment from when you play, you leave the plane until you hit the ground, but I said: if I jump, if I jump from a plane voluntarily, yes, and I die, it's not like that. My intention is, you know, but the crocodile drags me down. I know I'm in my head. I think this is over. You know, the engine of taking a beautiful tour of the Everglades in a nice, well-run Ronnie doesn't sell our company. shows you such beautiful nature and all the elements that the Southwest Florida Everglades has to offer is not a


threatening situation as the crocodiles, the alligator, whatever it is, what is the crocodile, it has a long snout or teeth, they grab you with a twist and an alligator like the crab bites and knocks you down Knowles' rash is as much as a crocodile the alligator will crash, spin you, hit you Lynn, eat you, but Gator likes it drag you down and eat you so much, you know how much this was worse than I thought, I mean, baby.
You know, I exaggerated a little bit, so for this show, for the show, okay, so you know that people can feel that they can feel my energy. I do not want to go. I've learned something else that you said is good for you. How about you, go to the fifth? down a small third street What about the beach? The beach is good. Yes, are you going? Beach How far am I from the beach? You are about three minutes from the beach where I stay. Yes, I could go to the beach. Yes. Are you going? wear a bikini maybe you need help oh my god help like put the blanket on don't do it so I thought I was thinking if I had a blanket because then I would need help that's my towel right he left right away , lotion, you thought that.
I need it, but someone said, wait for the plan to land and the tip of the bottle, that's right, that's exactly what it feels like to jump. I'll never make you try. Have you tried it? I have not tried it. I want to go deeper into it. I myself, like one time I did it, I did ziplining, if he blinds me, yeah, I'm afraid of heights or something, I'm a little scared, but what really scared me was when we were on the side of a building and I. it had this scaled down, well, we had to scale down the side of a building.
I couldn't get my damn body to tell myself to jump over the side even though everyone's harnessed and tied up, yeah, one of those people holding And the people said yeah, yeah, one hundred percent, 100 percent cent trying to get ready, sit at my feet like I was trying to get Skippy to move to the edge and I couldn't, they wouldn't move. I thought no, this is not happening, let's count. to three one two women in your three in my three the good thing is that you laugh yes a little like that it was actually it wasn't like that I was telling myself that I was doing it but nothing was happening right, I was like stuck there fighting God mine, after that I never climbed the side of the building.
This was a great skill for a family. 960 floors. I needed to be quick to scale the side of a building. It's like he took it. This was like one of those teamwork ones. things that you have to like, everyone has to do to feel fulfilled that day, like one of those buildings. I would, no, no, it would be like I'm sick, I'm calling, well, guys. don't call this weekend but come see us live thank you we have a great show indie comedy calm for Carl Williams tickets. I am a guest and thank you, thank you all for seeing you have a wonderful vacation. come back, you may or may not come back before the holidays, but if I do, I'll be sure to say hello to everyone, but if I don't, everyone have a happy holiday and I'll be alive before the New Year, bye guys.
Mwah bye guys

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