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?????? ???????? - Episode 07 - CRIME STORIES -22th October, 2018

?????? ???????? - Episode 07 - CRIME STORIES -22th October, 2018
Dad, tomorrow is Sunday. Let's go to a resort. - No. We went out last weekend. - But mom... I want to hear no excuses. Finish your food. What's wrong with you? You always give in to her demands. You never refuse her. Mom, please take me to a resort. - No. Finish your food silently. Mom, please take me. Why are you refusing a small child? Mom, we won't go anywhere next weekend. I promise. Yes. Done. Sanjay, you were being very romantic outside. But now you're busy with files. My
episode 07   crime stories  22th october 2018
darling, a person who has a wife like you... ...will always be romantic. You were worried about this file... right? Neena! I've to call her so many times. The packing is done. Neena! The packing is done, Neena. Neena! Neena, how many times should I call you? Won't you take bath? Neena! Sapna! Come quickly. I'm ready. Sanjay! Sanjay! Sanjay! Sanjay! - Sapna, what happened? Why are you so restless? Sanjay, Neena is missing. Neena was playing outside. I called her but she didn't
come in. So, I went out to call her but she wasn't there. I checked in our neighbor's house but Neena is not even there. Then where did she go? Sanjay, Neena never goes out alone. I think she has been kidnapped. - Kidnap? A ten years old innocent kid Neena disappears from... ...the verandah of her own house... ...when her parents Sanjay and Sapna were getting ready... spend the weekend at a resort. Who kidnapped Neena? Was it someone her family knew? Or was it a professional
kidnapper? What was his motive? Hello. I'm Garima Goyal. I welcome you to this


of '



'. Let's watch what happened next. Sir, we were about to go to a resort to spend our weekend. Neena was playing alone outside. When Sapna went out to call her she had disappeared. Sir, please find her quickly. Please, sir. Do you suspect anyone? - No sir. I don't know who can kidnap her and why. Mr. Sanjay, we'll register your complaint. We'll tap the phone numbers
of both of you. We'll also tap your landline number. We'll have to wait until you get a ransom call. Okay? If you get a call from the kidnapper you must talk... least for 45 seconds. Only then we can trace the kidnappers. - Okay. Sir, I hope our daughter will be safe. We'll do our best. Nothing will happen to Neena. Nothing will happen to her. Phone. It's not my phone. - Not mine too. Then whose phone is it? - I don't know. Let me check. From where is the sound coming?
Sapna! - Yes? Whose phone is it? - I don't know. Hello. Don't worry, Mr. Sanjay. Your daughter is safe. Hello! Who are you? How do you know my name? Where's my daughter? Let me speak to her. You seem to be in great hurry. Why are you in such hurry? What do you want? I'm a shy person. I feel embarrassed to make my demands. I want some photos of your wife. Bold ones. In short dresses. Stop your nonsense. I won't send you any photos. If you don't send the photos in an hour
episode 07   crime stories  22th october 2018
we'll kill your daughter. You won't harm my daughter. - Do as I say. Don't inform the police. Or I don't think I need to tell you what we'll do with your daughter. Whose call was it? Whose call? - Kidnapper's. Kidnapper's? What did he say? What were you telling him about photos? Tell me. He... - Yes, tell me. What does he want? He... - What does he want? He wants your photographs in modern clothes. My photographs? He told me to send... ...the photographs in an hour...
...if I wanted my daughter to be alive. We'll inform the police. - No. He'll kill Neena if we inform the police. Sanjay... we've to do this for Neena. What kind of photos have you sent? You've spoilt my mood. You should've asked her to do some make-up. Your wife looks dull... just like a widow. Ask her to do some make-up. I told you to make her wear short dresses. Click photos in such dresses and send me in half an hour. Did you get me? - Hello! Hello! Who was this kidnapper?
Why was he asking them to send obscene photos of this lady? What was his main motive? Was he a lustful man? Was it the reason why he kidnapped Neena? Or was the truth something else? What would Sanjay and Sapna do now? Would they keep dancing to the tunes of the kidnapper? Or would they take the help of police and risk Neena's life? Let's see. Sapna, it's important that we do this? Yes. You've made me very happy. What photographs! They were awesome. Mr. Sanjay, you're
talented enough to be a photographer. Send our daughter back to us now. We will send her back. Why are you in such hurry? We've one more demand before we set her free. What is it? You've to make your wife's MMS and send us. Husband made a MMS of his wife. Won't it be exciting? Make an MMS of your quickly and send it to me. You've only one hour to do it. Just see what I do with you if you come before me. Hello! Hello! What does he want now? What did he demand? He wants me to
send him your MMS. What? MMS? Please send our daughter back now. We will send her back. Why are you in such hurry? We've one more demand. What is it? We'll come in your house in an hour. There shouldn't be anyone in your house except your wife. Not even you. I want to meet your wife alone. I hope you got me? Are you mad? I'm crazy for your wife. I won't allow you to do anything like this. Remember that your daughter is still with me. You bastard! I heard that the police are
episode 07   crime stories  22th october 2018
doing the rounds of your house frequently. Keep the police away from this matter. Did you get me? Hello! Hello! What did he say? C'mon tell me what he said. What did he say? What happened? Tell me what he said. He wants to sleep with you. What did I tell you? Didn't I tell you to stay away. C'mon get out. - Listen... listen to me. Come quickly. - What did I do to you? Please listen... listen... Open the door. Please... Brother, where is my daughter? Where is she? Why are you spoiling
my mood by calling me brother? Don't worry. You'll get your daughter back in an hour. Pintu... wait. I'll go in first. But, you'll also get a chance. Okay. - Where's my daughter? I told you that you would get your daughter back. Come with me. Why are you scared? You looked awesome in the photos you sent. Come. Come with me. Why are you feeling shy? Why are you so scared? Don't be scared. I waited for this moment for long. Speak up. Speak up. Where's the second
one? Where's the second one? Sir he is... Sir... sir... Come on. Come on. Sir... sir... - Come on. Come on. Come on. So, you want to rape her? - Sir, please forgive me. So, you want to rape her? - Sir, please forgive me. So, you want to rape her? Bankelal, you? - Bankelal? You know him? Sir, he's our milkman. - Milkman? Milkman? - Sir! Where's the child? Where is she? Speak up. - I'll tell you. I've tied her to a tree behind the house. Sharma, let's go. Sharma, untie the
child quickly. Sir... Mr. Sanjay, you should've informed us before. If we hadn't kept a constable posted outside your house... ...we would've never known and you would've never got back your daughter. Sorry, sir. We were scared. We were worried for Neena. This was the extent to which a milkman could go... satisfy his lust. Sanjay and Sapna made a mistake by not informing the police. They gave in to the demands of the kidnapper. They did what the kidnapper told them. Sir,
forgive me. - You tell us. Speak up. Sir, I fell in love with sister-in-law. I always thought about her after I saw her. She is very beautiful. I always wanted a wife like her. One day I... ...saw both of them making love. You kidnapped an innocent girl to satisfy your lust? Who is he? Sir, he's my nephew Pintu. He's a computer engineer. I kidnapped their daughter with his help. Computer engineer? Your uncle is an illiterate milkman but you're educated. Sir, uncle told me to do all
this. So, your uncle told you? Rot in jail now. Take them away.