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Ep 52: Gals on the MF Go feat. Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio - Probably A Podcast Full Episode

Aug 06, 2023
how much you don't know when you're so honest you're like my stomach hurts I have to sit here for a second I honestly should sit down when I have a stomach ache more often now that I'm an adult but yeah it's funny how you don't know what your body is like now . I'm like okay take your time and get over it yeah yeah I'm absolutely devastated because I don't have fireballs and carrots for you and in case you don't there's a small chance you won't follow and love Danielle and Brooke as much as me, so I have to tell you that Brooke and I can't.
ep 52 gals on the mf go feat danielle carolan and brooke miccio   probably a podcast full episode
Wait guys, don't have this beautiful pose I have where I can see producer Courtney's face while we're filming, but I love when she reacts to things and I want to see how she reacts to Brooke or Sorry, Danielle's favorite shot is a Take Fireball with the Chaser. Many people take Chasers. His Chaser is baby carrot. Small carrot. Interesting. I've personally done this, so now I'm going to tell our origin story about how we met, yeah, and Brooke is. Having Brooke has a fabulous experience.apartment and they invited me to a pre-game get together Margot Austria it's her birthday I had just moved to New York New York is a scary place to move to I like it in general and I'm not even going down to my rabbit hole as if it were a failure.
ep 52 gals on the mf go feat danielle carolan and brooke miccio   probably a podcast full episode

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ep 52 gals on the mf go feat danielle carolan and brooke miccio probably a podcast full episode...

I didn't do New York Riot because we were there, we did it for a couple of


s. However, I didn't lean towards New York as much as I should have when I first thought about it. Like I was going to be here all the time I thought, okay, okay, I have to meet people. I've been doing things. I was very lucky. I've had some people in my life add me to group chats and be like, Oh my God! This is our friend Shannon, she's cool, you should meet her and hang out with her and, um, yeah, somehow they invited me to your pregame very nicely and I was like, "I literally don't know a single person because I was going to go to Margot ".
ep 52 gals on the mf go feat danielle carolan and brooke miccio   probably a podcast full episode
Audrey's birthday party, who I know very briefly, Margo and her sister at this point, but I know them but they weren't at the pregame, they met us at the birthday party right at the venue, so I thought like chicken , you're going. to the foreplay with all this, everything, all these influencers in New York, I'm like in this apartment, I'm like you're going to leave at this point, it's a dutch before you run out of bed, so there's no furniture here like there wouldn't be any. "Okay, this is a theme, it's Glitz and Glam or something. I don't remember, yeah, yeah, and I was like, come on, let's go, so I go to this pregame and I watch Keenan kick it in the elevator and she He's like hi, oh my god, oh my god, but I was like, oh my god, there's like another human in the elevator with me, so I go up and then the doors open and I mean, I don't know anyone.
ep 52 gals on the mf go feat danielle carolan and brooke miccio   probably a podcast full episode
I know everyone. according to me I like seeing their faces and knowing their influences in New York but I'm like you I don't know and I'm always making most of my outfit so I'm like my boobs are out I'm wearing that outfit amazing , yeah, it was like wow, she really embodied the theme, yeah, everywhere, the gloves, well that ties into the story, yeah, okay, listen to me. I want us all to think about sex education for a second. It's It's absolutely burned into our heads how to prevent pregnancy, but what about when it comes time to plan it?
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probably You probably see what my next sentence was going to be like? I immediately felt welcome because and then yeah, I just walk in and you're not even from the south, you're from New York, but it felt like it was cozy, it felt like it was homey, like it felt like and again your apartment is fabulous and everyone is vibing I'm chatting. , whatever we do, a carrot drink with fireball.
I was very stumped and confused, but it was great and then, yeah, I have to tell the story because I was almost ready to tell the producer. Courtney earlier, when you got here because Brooke needed a safety pin and I was hoping you'd order me something else because my eating origin story broke someone's. I assure you that because of me, as a southern lady, it was the way it was. Like hey, who is Brooke, who was I. I knew Brooke would host the foreplay if we'd met before, no no I remember they're like Shannon Ford coming over, honestly I didn't like it, I knew it, yeah I've seen people like I really don't.
I thought, "Okay, another brand on the list, perfect, another person is coming great, so I made sure to ask someone whose apartment this is. I want to make sure I say thank you for inviting me like that. It's as nice as it gets." a little southern lady and then they were like Brooke, that perfect girl over there, so I come over. I think I like to introduce myself and say thank you for having me, it's so sweet, whatever's nice and then I think I go on with my day and it's, it's what's cold, it's February, um May, but yeah, early, God damn it.
I'm sorry, my girl, for not remembering your birthday, but it was also so cold, it was May, the first week of May, yes, it was very cold and yes, okay, wow, not a vibe. Sorry Margo about the weather on your birthday, but I, the weather girl, so I remember I had this tiny, tiny black dress, but I had this jacket that I knew I would wear all night because it was cold and I like it. this pre-game and I remember after I like to meet Brooke make a couple of drinks do what I remember oh I didn't put on deodorant and for me personally I don't know about you like I think body odor is a direct reflection of like what you put on your body and I don't really put anything good on my body so I just like I don't like the reference like I need to wear deodorant like I'm the female pop that has to put on deodorant, okay?
It's just not a vibe if I don't like it I'm a stinky girl if I don't have it and I'm not a stinky girl I'm not a dirty person but like I'm a girl she puts you around in the morning and she's Gucci all the time day, but if I don't, I say, oh dear, to Betsy. I didn't put deodorant on it. This is, yeah, this is not good, so I remember I didn't put deodorant on it. I've got this big leather jacket on and yeah, I'm like, oh, we're in the club with everyone like this is Bad News Bears, so I'm like, what do I do? and I'm like you gotta you gotta do that thing where you're cute and funny and you ask the host for deodorant like you gotta just ask and I personally a lot of people say this is my killer trait in series, but I use gel deodorant, oh um, not powder because I think it doesn't like to stain your clothes and transfer as much and I just like gel deodorant.
A lot of people don't like it anyway. Having said all that, I know that deodorant is a very personal product, okay? I'm very aware of that, so I thought this was going to be a big question, like it's gross and it's a weird question, but I thought I was going to have to do it, so yeah, I walked up to Brooke. and she said, Hey, I'll order a replacement from Amazon right now at your address and you can literally tell everyone I'm the most disgusting human being in the world, but I literally have to ask you if you have deodorant and she says yes. somewhere in there and I'm going to tell you something that I never told you, I told you before.
Oh God, you were going through my drawers or something before I asked you. I thought she would find her deodorant in her bathroom and I went. I didn't snoop too much in your bathroom and this is very rude because I was a guest in your house but I opened your like a cabinet and sought your understanding or something like that. I was just going to use it, I never told you I could. I didn't find it but I literally never would have known and you know you're alive you said you've never sniffed through someone's bath products like you know before you need them yeah I know they have it yeah lotion it's well, like me.
I'm going to have some because if you have ash or something, I need lotion, yeah, yeah, I'm just here to tell you that I liked looking briefly and it's not like I didn't want to go through all your stuff. Also, like I was in the bathroom in a very crowded house, I didn't like spending a lot of time and I thought I couldn't find the video and I had to ask him and then I asked you and you were very kind, let me use. your deodorant, of course, I forgot it was native, it was native and you were like, just so you know, some people don't like this, but it's organic and I was like, oh yeah, or whatever, they're natural, I don't mind.
I thought literally anything, yeah, as long as it was really nice, I really appreciate that and I think people are probably tired of hearing that story because every time I meet people I'm like, oh God, I love the book, you know what? I like? I asked about this person, I met her and she is so nice, she was very sweet. I will say that you are now the reason I have spray deodorant in my house, no, but I started. I started using it too because Danielle actually recommended it to me. but then I thought about it and I thought this is something that I as a host should have in my house, well absolutely yes okay first of all I shouldn't have deodorant in stock like it's a stick and you should have an assistant of bath in your bathroom your beautiful paper towel for people has a tip jar no you should yeah it was really such a weird butt and I appreciate that you're so calm and you're like, oh my gosh, you're okay and you're not even from South, you're from the North, I mean, yeah, no, of course, you're from Jersey, straight from New York, New Island, Long Island, but there's a difference, I mean, I'm okay with that, some people like it claim their territory. they're like oh don't insult me ​​you know you're like that's the people you are you're definitely from New York yeah yeah sure sure okay so I was just going to say you guys are very welcoming. and kind and then I wanted to accept, so that was my first impression of you two, obviously I had met you before through Margo Kellyanne or was that the first time we met too, but maybe they followed each other or something.
I thought it was our first time. time to eat but now I'm like Danielle that might have been the first time we met but we dated quickly after because of Kelly and everyone else okay so that was our origin story and then everyone when I asked them on Instagram, but they're like I have to know what her first impression of you was was yours the deodorant for me so I remember that you were like very like extra always like but in such a way that I thought like she's so cool you know like in serious like You came in so hot and so together and all I was like Seanford like she's Shannon Ford I don't know much about celebrity energy so it's okay I remember it because I had followed you, it was someone's birthday, a part of me It was Serena Kerrigan or something and I was in everyone's story that night and I thought Claudia was so cool like tattooing my lower back yeah, it was kind of like I was leaning, I don't know.
Serena was like licking my ass and I was like reposting. repost repost repo no and I saw it when you were fabulous, yeah, and you know Brooke said it best like you really are, like you walked in and you were so nice like you took thatYou don't have to be a bit of an influence chasing weird relationships to also be in a healthy relationship or I mean, normally functioning relationships. also on the Internet and do good for your business, no, yes, it is good to clarify it because, like some people, they wonder what it is all about?
I say no, we love each other a lot, yes, yes, at one point I was in college. whatever, but um and it's so funny now that I know people who are Canadian, they're like I follow you because of Joey. I like that I stayed like this and you guys are still friends, right? Yes, it's still me and my ex. They're still friends too, which is a concept people either can't really understand or are very perplexed by that right, like I understand it too because I'm not friends with literally any of my exes except the last one. so it's also like a sign of maturity and yeah it's not like we're texting all the time but you know that would be weird but you see I see you like yeah yeah where do I see it on my page to you?
I can't help it, I mean, he's there, yeah, he's everywhere, anyway, yeah, so that was my previous relationship and then my next relationship with Ryan, we met in college, so it's okay, I didn't even tell them about my YouTube, the way they found out was. like someone came up and asked to take a picture of us in a bar and I was like, well here we go, so, that's when we started the


and now I'm like, damn, I wish I'd talked about it because now it's a thing to talk. dating and


s, yeah, I'm really nervous in college about talking about it, so I didn't really show it to him and I finally started posting on Instagram.
I think it is something very good and normal. What to feel like after having a very public relationship, I don't think so, and you're young and you're trying to protect things that are yours, I think it's very healthy. I personally wouldn't have been that healthy, it was like that, I mean, I really enjoyed it, it was a fun era, but yeah, now it's kind of a balance, I post them on Instagram stories from time to time. and like sometimes it's on my Vlogs if it's over but not too much but we're not doing it we've actually done a video sitting together so you did the one you liked a Day in the Life of Ryan once yeah , Oh my God. during quarantines so I made a vlog and then he made a vlog at home yeah I've definitely liked doing less since then because I don't know I just don't like it when people comment on it like I like it.
It's not your place, so I'm sorry to stay, but the last podcast I was talking about was like the scary dark depths of Reddit and I was saying that I always like to look at it and be like, yeah, people are annoying, people are weird, but Like when they start talking about my relationship it's like it really affects me like I can't explain why or I don't even know maybe I should see a therapist I could explain it better but I like that it affected me more than when people just talked about me appearance or how annoying I am, so I can see that I want to put up with it because I mean, if they don't, they can't see it, they can't have a window so they don't like to talk about it, so you think because I'm the complete opposite now I'm very closeted like quite private like I show you pictures like you know what he looks like name like anything I tell stories but like he's not in my Vlogs not even like an Instagram story like oh I'm not okay I just took that decision consciously, but also we kind of talk about it.
I thought I just want this to be my first real relationship, uh. really yes, yes, oh my god, yes, I know, yes, my first boyfriend. I love that David has had adventures, whatever. um no, but Remy talks about this too. Our friend Remy drinks. She's like she was my first real relationship. Yeah, so she's definitely like um. It's interesting. for surfing, I would say I like it and it complicates things sometimes when it's okay, like if I want to do a Vlog, that's okay, but I also want to protect our relationship and I think there's a way to balance it.
I think Danielle does. a phenomenal job of interviews. I think you like people to do a great job, but it's not the core of your personalities as a girl with a boyfriend 100 and this is what Brooke and I know you already know this, but Like I always say this all the time and it's a very difficult concept for people on the internet to understand, two things can exist at the same time, you were also allowed to change your mind one day if you feel like you know what I am. I feel like bringing Ben more like anything you can do, I've always kept it private under lock and key, absolutely one day you could have a bin and Brooke Channel BNB, baby, if you wanted to do that you could.
Yeah, you guys are on planes all the time, Airbnb like all the time, but you just check the points, oh my gosh, I get 10, so like I like you, you can do it in a moment, the fact that you just want to keep it. I was. through this and producer Courtney remembers when she met James for the first time. She was so confident about it and so positive that she wanted this to work and I saw that it was so good that I thought, "I'm not saying anything, I'm going all in." show I've done it all this will be the one I don't talk about everyone will understand it everyone will respect it my people who love me will still love me like everything is fine and then like I just I just decided just talk about it honestly it's probably just a lack of content or maybe I was so happy that I couldn't contain myself.
I don't know a mix of the two, but I thought I have to talk about this, but I can. It relates to feeling so happy that you want to hold it close to your chest and not let anyone else in, so if one day you decide it's okay, we can let these little wings fly like you're allowed to do it too or You can save it in your chest until the day you get married and have kids like there's nothing wrong with theories literally no matter what it is but that's my point because I stumbled upon one I don't read too clearly but I stumbled upon . about one at a time and I thought this is so far from the truth and it just starts Beyond Incomparable like it's not true but it just goes to show that literally manufacturing can create anything you can, yes anything, silence can make people like it even more Curious and it's crazy because you let them in and then they're too much and then you take them back and then they try to dig in, so it's hard because yeah, I mean, I feel like that's why I had to start watch and stop watching Reddit because when I watched and saw these theories, like whatever crazy stuff they said about me and James, I found myself subconsciously following my story trying to break what is the way they are.
It's not stupid, they'd be like hey Shannon, we know you read this because they'd say something and then like three stories later I'd be like, "Oh my god, that's weird." And I would like to do something against what they said, yes, and it is. like you're giving in to them anyway, so either don't look at it and don't respond or like whatever, it's just a lose-lose situation with people like that, so you just have to eliminate them. of your Arena and a lot, yes, no, I've been clean since the summer, that was like. My name is Reddit Sober.
I know Anna Grace is like she never was. I don't know how to access it and I'm very afraid. If I do, I'd like to dive in. I say, don't do it, no. It's annoying because I actually think it's like he used it for other things, like he used to use it for Orange Theory, like literally figuring out training. of the day is like a practical use and I was googling something about the latest Alex and Reddit came up and I thought my heart was saying don't click on it and I thought I have to click on it, it's just a website like I know it's sad it's like that I'm so tired I'm like I'm like I'm on Reddit I'm like what's going to happen if I click on this?
He'll say he filled it out and then it was like It was like saying what reality show he was on before and I was like, "Okay, I can click on this article, but it's crazy how I associate it with something bad, bad, bad, so it's like you really only know one website, but it doesn't matter what." you do it if you share your relationship too much or if you understand that no matter what similar theories can be created and I mean, I'm sure you know we could all admit that you've seen a photo of someone on social media and you liked it. something totally may not be great maybe it's great whatever it is like you have your own opinions and you have the right to have your own opinions but that doesn't mean your opinions are true it's very precise and here's the difference and I I would say the losers in us don't, I mean here's the difference between people who are doing good with their lives and people who aren't, I just always call people on Reddit losers, yeah they're bad but They are losers.
I think losers like the baddest. a compliment or an insult you can give someone like that, if someone called me a loser, I'd say yeah, that's pretty loud, I say, yeah, and then I'm like, I'm fine, so I just think they're losers. the ones that are just brutal all the time for no reason, they're like talking about your looks and appearance and they don't know the difference between a loser and someone who is just a normal human, we all have opinions. I am. It's not someone who can't take criticism, who doesn't understand people's opinions from the moment I did my work online and in person, like I know that people have opinions about me and they're allowed to have them, but I always say .
This is like, oh my god, call your friends and talk about me like a normal person. It's so weird that you guys are creating forums where you openly criticize people because they don't know how to call their mom and be like this girl. so you know why they wouldn't do that because someone in their life would be like you're a loser like someone in their life if they called their best friend or their mom or someone was like in the group this girl that I don't I don't know posted this and I think her boyfriend and her, someone who loves you, it would be like you're a loser.
Get a grip, but these other losers on the internet say I couldn't agree more, so I know. Losers gang up on other losers, so you guys are just losing together and that's fine, but that sets you apart, like everyone is allowed to have their opinion, but call your friend and talk like a normal person if I find out that one of you my close friends like not even because of the fact that I'm an influencer and as you know no, no, if I found out that this is how one of my close friends spends his time, I don't think I would, I don't think I would choose to be friend of that would just be like you'd be like that's so weird I could find out the weirdest things about my friend and I'd be like Hey, listen, teach yours, but if I found out what they said on the internet talking about me, they don't know , I would say: What if you liked it?
You will start knitting like this. It would just be like another thing you could do. Watch some Netflix. I think of literally a million other things you could do. It's even okay. We, again, we're so over the top, no, it's just us, when you have, when I have friends, I really love and adore that, I just tend to go a little overboard on time, so we have to finish, let's give it a little again. Skinny minute from York, so the only thing about me leaving New York and unfortunately leaving the absolute proximity of these beautiful ladies is that I'm still here for this weekend and we're going to turn up the volume and I don't know if Ball of fire and carrots.
We will be involved, but what should we do when we leave here right now? For anyone coming to New York or living here, what are we going to do? I know they live with a change of clothes. I'm going on a play date with Shannon. I want to go out for a walk but it's raining, but that doesn't mean we can't like Rush-type situations at the bar. I love Balthazar and might want to do it. I think I would like to make a moment like me. I leave a Sunday Funday moment there where it's like all the waiters, yeah, I'm like literally his family wishing me Merry Christmas, like, literally, message management, like Merry Christmas, no, it's really, I like it, they're as a family, that's fine, but I feel like we should. just do something like a bougie and have fun and post in a restaurant what restaurant we'll post in oh there's so many I mean we're in SoHo there's Sam.
I love 12 chairs, but they don't have liquor in this one, it's just one and beer, which helped me, yeah, okay, see you in Saint Ambrose. I love you guys for inviting us. It was so much fun, guys, seriously, you'll be back.

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