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EP 338: Caramel Apple Eating Ghosts and Moist Brains

Aug 07, 2023
Brain known to scientists as the intestinal brain is made up of 100 million neurons in the wall of the small intestine and around the spinal cord. So there are some who know this lack of clarity about what it actually does and means, so maybe we'll get some studies in the next few decades, but it's so fascinating that it's crazy that in 2023 our bodies are still a damn mystery. In many ways, I mean, think about it, that wet brain of ours, all we know is that it's wet, no one has learned anything else about it, yeah, that's true and that's kind of weird, well, I know I know that's not that's right guys apparently it's like being dramatic well i totally agreed uh apparently we can have stomach and stomach here I don't know how that helps at all I don't know why doctors teach us to do that um but these talents ended up being more It was later added to the line of tricks that fraudulent mediums would use on people because, like those other stories I've talked about, where someone was lying in bed but knew what happened three cities over, you know, or they could read an open envelope. the same kind of thing, look, okay, um, and I don't know if these patients were in on the prank.
ep 338 caramel apple eating ghosts and moist brains
I have no idea how it worked. Everything I saw in the stomach, seeing and hearing, I needed to address, so this whole time mesmerism was in um. France and Germany until the 19th century, but then it moved to Britain and the United States and continues to grow to a point where at one point early Boston had over 200 mesmerists in the city alone, so it's as if the saints doctors were taking this stuff. and fly with it, yes I know the term hypnosis was originally created by James Braid, it comes from the Greek word to sleep and became synonymous with being hypnotized, and soon hypnotism was being tried in all fields of medicine, in It was actually used during surgery. during or was used during surgery before anesthesia and somehow it actually worked sometimes which is so strange to me.
ep 338 caramel apple eating ghosts and moist brains

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ep 338 caramel apple eating ghosts and moist brains...

Patients would not be in pain or remember an operation. I don't know how that works. I guess the power of suggestion or maybe it exists. There was one person who was really sleepy and I mean, maybe it was like you know they talk about how you can like it if you're in a trance, okay, and this is where I'm going to go off the wall even more. Which I know none of us expected us to take this even crazier than it is. It's already safe, but you know, I've heard stories about people who have learned astral projection and are able, in cases of extreme pain, to almost leaving your body, leaving physical sensations behind and, honestly, like I said, both my parents have been hypnotized, I don't know how and it's not that I'm the biggest skeptic in the world and I actually believe a lot more in this kind of thing, but I'm aware that I have no idea how it works, if it works, or if I'm being completely fooled, but I'm not totally against the idea of ​​just having an out-of-body experience or being able to get out of a bad situation by putting yourself in that situation. a brain wave state in which you are much more relaxed or much more.
ep 338 caramel apple eating ghosts and moist brains
I don't know, I think I think hypnotism can change your brain wave state, so I don't know if it's possible. I mean, in today's world, if you look at it as a guided meditation maybe these people just knew how to really be like Zen back then, like they should be, maybe someone really was into mindfulness before it existed. and I was just able to tap or all I know is I wish he taught me that before my stupid vein surgery I would have loved that. Oh, I was thinking about you when I heard that episode about the woman who could do that because I was like a man.
ep 338 caramel apple eating ghosts and moist brains
It would have been nice for him to notice. She would have been so nice and like the girl that she apparently slept before me. I think if you were awake you might be hypnotized, so hypnotherapy is now only used exclusively in mental health fields and even then it remains controversial, but Freud loved it. hypnotherapy, if that gives you a backup that doesn't sound wow, he especially loved using hypnotherapy on women dealing with hysteria, that's great, so there you go, there we have it, it was also used to bring up old memories to process trauma and just to tie in another episode, uh, hypnotherapy was famously used in the Barney and Betty Hill abduction case, which was episode 49.
Damn episode 49, my lucky number, did I do it on purpose? Someone listened to episode 49 and said if that happened, um, let me. I know I probably mentioned it was my favorite number, which is something I would have said today. It's sometimes used to relieve anxiety, depression, PTSD, like I said before. Now it's more about mindfulness or meditation. It can also be used to stop addictive behaviors such as. smoking cigarettes or trying to initiate behaviors like dieting, which again is very controversial and it is suggested that if you are going to use hypnotherapy for anything like dieting or things that you might know are harmful to your body, it is best to improve your perception of your body versus someone hypnotizing you to perform an action on your body, yeah, yeah, I mean 100 PSA completely, like we're not saying hypnotize yourself and go on a crash diet, um, and you know, maybe someone I did it there and it worked. but you know it's not my place to say that doesn't seem like something we should get behind.
People also use it for past life regressions, as Christine said before, and some people believe that self-hypnosis is possible and can lead us to others. Realms or to help us communicate with other worldly beings, which we are very professional and those who have the gift. I don't know if you have to do self-hypnosis, but apparently that's one way to do it. to tell you that I actually like that, I can believe it because I know that if you go into a deep state of meditation I mean, I think you can, I just mean, I probably sound so crazy, but I think it's possible. to reach your higher self or reach your spirit guides, so I mean, I've responded to this that I'm like okay, I could join that, I mean, there's a reason we're friends, it's because our crazy, They see each other, but they see each other and they hold hands.
I mean, I really agree with you, I think about it again. This is. I find myself labeling hypnosis or whatever you know, trance work is like a type of mindfulness or good intentional spiritual communication or an attempt to do personal work to better yourself or ascend in some way, whatever it may be. I feel like it's done with good intentions and you're really trying to respect the process. We're not exploiting people in the process, yeah, do it, if it absolutely works, if you feel safe and comfortable and excited to try it, why not, you know that and I don't have to tell anyone here because you're already listening and that's why we drink, but if you want to learn more about hypnosis, there are many sources for you, many books, many good things and if you have a hypnosis story you would like to share, we would love to hear it. so hold on guys yeah I would love to hear yeah can we request that maybe for um no not August 1st because apparently we're recording it tomorrow so it certainly won't work um but maybe for September yeah um, and just if you would email us or have other stories, we'd love to hear them and we'd love to know how many of them are successful and how many aren't, and if you're lucky, I'd love to also know what the experiences like or like if if if it worked for you if you felt it was effective for a certain reason I mean, I would especially love to know.
I also believe that hypnosis is. They have never done it to me. me, but I like to believe that it is a useful tool in the world of trauma processing. And I absolutely never have, but a lot of people, as a provider with the right provider, I'll say no with a Dr. Frank Mesmer um or you don't like your YouTube I mean, I know you well. I have done. I've done YouTube as self-hypnosis, which is great. Oh my God. I've done it as past life regression self-hypnosis, but about half an hour went by and I was like, I swear to God, I was in and then Geode started barking like crazy and I don't think my heart fell out of my ass.
She was saying, but you can. Just waking up, yeah, I was so surprised I thought, damn, and now every time I want to do it I think Geo is going to bark again and scare the hell out of me, so someday I'll do it. one, but I've had friends who have done them on YouTube with some success, so you know, I've only met one person who does hypnosis as part of their trauma work and oh, interesting, and they said yes. helped, I don't think they did. I feel like the movies have really ruined our perception of what hypnosis is like, yes, but it seems like they were really relaxed and were able to take advantage of the things they normally build walls around. and yeah, um, so it was, if it's useful to you in that way too.
I'm not in favor of doing it, but if it sounds like something you'd be interested in trying for yourself, then I have been. I've also been working on trauma and the counselor I'm seeing did a hypnotic regression on me and I guess maybe it was hypnotherapy, Zoom was over, so I feel like he wasn't that intimate, yeah. intimate like that traditional like you're lying down and you know, but it was quite eye-opening and I really feel like I was able to go back to things that happen that I didn't think were related, but it turns out they were. this, this thing that I'm trying to get over and then I was like, oh my god, like it never clicked, that thing that happened when I was 10 has something to do with this hmm current trauma, you know what I?
I mean, it was really cool, so I found it very effective. I didn't necessarily feel like a guy was hypnotized, but maybe he was. I don't know, it was a hypnotic regression. I don't know what it is, but um, yeah. You're, there were the things that I brought out and I didn't really consciously remember them and I just said it out loud and then I was like, "Oh my God, I had completely forgotten that it ever happened like it was really cool, yeah, it was." . really cool, also if you're someone who has like if you're on the other side if you're the hypnotist I'd love no yeah if I'm ruining something or if there's more because I'd love to know if there are similar levels to this, like absolutely, there's a light hypnosis that you can try before you really accept a whole deep situation, like yeah, are there best practices that people should look for or try? to continue I mean, I'm also very intrigued by this topic, but I'm like you, where it's like something new to me.
I don't know much, I also know that we have talked. It's already silver-blue to my face, but it's also one of those topics where I have to look in the mirror, like I have a lot of particular beliefs and how quickly I could myself fall into something absolutely deeper. problematic stuff because yeah, like when I started this topic, I thought I was completely okay, this is the best thing I've ever seen in my life and I'm totally, I mean Hi, like it's all about astrology. all about the planets and the tides and all it took was one sentence for me to say oh, like I'm even a little less able to think critically, this could be a disaster for me, so yeah, anyway, just another ad of public service that please take into account. be careful and if you are someone who practices medicine on people and it is not a documented medicine or a documented practice and others maybe are not very proud of it or they are afraid or they are not sure about it or they can't go to get second opinions easily , maybe a second idea if you should do it, you know, yeah, yeah, or direct them in a certain direction, yeah, yeah, that's a great point, um, it's kind of, there's a lot of landmines to go through, you know, it's as It is a dangerous episode for everyone.
I'm trying really hard here. I want to make sure I make my points clear. We've definitely covered more, um, what's it called, more loaded topics, sure, but this definitely does. Kind of an Edge on Q Ani type scary stuff, so maybe everyone do a little bit of work on their own and just make sure we're in top shape when it comes to analyzing what's around, yeah yeah, I think that It is the best. way to do it just keep your eyes open unless you're being hypnotized because then you might have to close them anyway please take me before I get back on my soapbox Kristen um that was a really good story thank you that was really good.
Like when you said it at the beginning, I thought, haven't you covered this, but no. I think we just talked a little bit about the rituals, but never really delved into it, so I thought you did a great job. It was uh, I don't think I've ever covered a hypnotist yet. I'd also like to cover our favorite Mr. Apprentice. Creston crunch is the big question Herman oh Creston um like I can't really do it right um kremit, nevermind okay uh like I'm starting to click that all of these sound too similar no doubt Kermit is crunchier than Christine and kremit oh wait,sky for two minutes I want to make sure everyone knows where we are at all times.
I would have assumed there was something at least since the '90s, you know, you would think or at least since 2001 just saying it in In any case, flights at this point shouldn't just be able to disappear without being traced. These black boxes should also transmit their information to ground control sites and should float. These didn't float, they didn't, no, they sank to the bottom. the plane, oh please, I literally would have never thought they were anything more than floating. I mean, if the airplane seat is floating and you're supposed to put your arms around it, you'd think the black box could do it too, but what do you do?
I know the end of the story is that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still missing today. It has inspired countless conspiracy theories, as you can imagine. Some people believe that the plane flew into a wormhole and is stuck in limbo. Others say it was taken over by aliens. Oh, and Blaine Gibson, you know the plane wreckage buff or whatever found that flapper on the beach, so in his search for plane parts he started receiving death threats from people who felt his discoveries threatened their lives. theories about time distortions and government cover-ups and he said, "I'm just reporting what I find right, uh, of course, the tragedy also inspired pop culture, uh, there's a TV show called manifesto, I don't know if it ever You saw it, no, I started it.” I saw it and I was so scared by the plane crash.
It's not really a spoiler. It's pretty much the point that I guess it's not really an accident, but it's pretty cool, let me tell you, it's a missed flight. for five years and when the plane reappears and lands at its destination the crew and passengers don't realize that an unnatural amount of time has passed, it's almost like they like to move forward, it's a really cool concept, I think it's really like that. The international authorities do not do it. I know what to do with these people who have been gone for five years and their families have been trying to move on and think that they're gone and not be that person here, not be that person, but it's identical to The Avengers when they disappeared from the existence, half the universe disappeared for five years and now everyone is coming back and having to deal with their families grieving for five years, oh yeah look I mean a similar concept and to be fair, in a comic. -In an interview in 2018, the director said that he actually thought of the plot years before the Malaysia Airlines incident, but no one cared about his speech until years later, when Flight 370 made missing planes a hot topic. and then they said, "Oh, now we want to do this show." he says, I promise I didn't write it about the Malaysian Airlines incident, it was only then that something interesting came up, yes, exactly until it is discovered what, hopefully, the fate of flight 370 will remain a mystery and, interestingly, only this ocean of March 2023.
Infinity, that same company that made the no-fines, no-fees deal with the Malaysian government, announced that they have new evidence that may actually lead to the discovery of the plane, yes, so I'm waiting. I'm very excited to find out what it is. They didn't reveal any details, but the company plans to take this information to the Malaysian government for consideration and again Ocean Infinity is making their deal penalty-free and fee-free, so if they fail to locate the flight, the government doesn't have to pay. They were given a penny and kept their word about it in 2018, so they plan to keep their word now and the Malaysian government reiterated that they will only resume the search if they are presented with compelling new evidence of where the plane could be. in quotes, a curious fact, uh, more like an m-style fun fact, is that during the previous exhaustive search at the bottom of the sea, which I didn't even go into because, as if there were all these maps of where they search, I mean, one of the search areas was like the size of Minnesota and it's like in the ocean, like it's so much that it seems almost hopeless, sometimes you know, so during the exhaustive search of the seafloor, the searchers discovered several 19th century shipwrecks that have never been found, eh?
It is strange that that portion of water has never been explored before. I mean, I don't know, literally in the middle of nowhere, like oh, okay, that's really fun. A curious fact. It's pretty wild, so you know, it's disturbing to think like a. A hundred years ago, 150 years ago, these ships disappeared without a trace, which is so tragic and traumatic to think that similar things happened back then, not on a plane, but you know the horror of being on a ship and knowing that you are on the middle of nowhere and knowing that they will never find you, but it also makes you think that if that happened 150 years ago and we found it last year, I know that maybe in 100 years we will find a plane, you know, or maybe in much less since our technology has advanced so much, so you know it is possible, it is possible that future generations or even ours will discover flight 370 and give some closure to the families of the victims because, according to ks narendron, whose wife was on board the flight, appointment later Everything that has been done and said, we do not know what happened, we are in the same place we were on March 8, 2014.
For all of us, finding answers remains a critical issue, for what they still live with so many questions. I can't imagine it, it's just a really tragic story to not have closure to know if they suffered or if they were scared. Part of you just prays that they were just sleeping because there was a red eye and they have no idea, yeah, and it was like a snap of a finger and things went wrong and hopefully there was no suffering, but you know it's like without knowing it, you know your mind goes to so many places and a part of me is like that, I don't know if it's like part of me is toxic or stupid or just ignorant of the size of the Earth, but in my mind I think it can't be that hard to find a plane, it can't be that hard, but then you say things like, oh, part of the ocean the size of Minnesota is in the middle part of an expanse that's just and, by the way, I think part of the reason it was so difficult to find is because there were multiple possible paths. they could have taken I mean it was a whole radius of wherever they found which they don't know and then they like when they did more calculations and said actually it could have gone even further but they didn't have it and it's very expensive too oh yeah , these types of searches, so there's only a limited amount of money they're going to invest before they have to say. like we're just wasting resources so you know, there were actually protests when the Malaysian government announced that they were stopping the search and saying that everyone, um, has died, is what we assumed and you know, there were families that protested for understandable reasons. . because they really wanted to know uh, I mean, I get it, but I also definitely understand why there were protests, like I know, I know, I know it's a hard thing to be, it's a hard thing to like to fall, fall anywhere, really.
I mean, I can totally understand why people would just want someone to not give up on them and their families and friends, especially when you're so desperate and I feel like part of that too is that there were so many searches that felt like any day we could have. that kind of hope and then that's what we talk about in the cold cases where it's like you get a clue and it feels like there's finally hope and then it's ripped away from you again, um, it just feels. like something really horrible for the families involved, especially I mean especially the pilot when they say who knows, you know what really happened, but to have all this speculation about your father or whatever is like this mass murderer and I really don't know. , anyway, yeah, so it's pretty dark stuff, well, I know it was sad, Christine, but that was a really good story and I don't like Pat in the back, but the Frank Mesmer story, I think it was a. one of my favorite topics to cover recently and I think this was one of my favorite episodes we've ever done this was a t-shirt this was good and I'm feeling very mysterious a lot of questions I'd love to hear from people which is always fun, um, I mean, most importantly, um, do you like sweet




? because I completely forgot.
I need to eliminate some of you, but the rest I feel pretty good about. I feel like, um, this was and You know, I also want to point out that I went off track in doing this story because it's not necessarily a true crime, but I love, you know, I don't love, well, the mystery happened, but I'm just very intrigued by the mistery. about it and trying to figure out, you know, what could have happened so well and my story wasn't paranormal, but you know, every once in a while we like to branch out and just see past lives a few times, that tells how far we can go. make a story like Paranormal spooky adjacent yeah stretch that bubble but uh no it was still a great episode and wait and finish the book Christine because you just reminded me that I have two candy


s I need to tend to so excuse me everyone, What if Allison ate one?
Just kidding, that's not ice cream. I really scream so she might because there are two and she might think one is for her so I have to go check it's actually extremely disturbing that's why we drink.

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