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Entire hearing: James Brenner, suspect in Dylan Rounds' murder, appears in court

Jul 17, 2023
foreigner around the same time period rebel qualification all other early qualified attorneys received an email asking for anything we have the ability to represent Mr. Grammer. I replied to Jess, so my name and probably others are cork submissions last week, this coordination or I think it was On Thursday I will name myself in the Google Lake process that we start working on and that we have to sign a new contract with indigent defense funds. I'm not in Foxwater County. I'll let them have fun applying for separate contracts, things along those lines. To raise awareness of the Court, I then contacted attorney Jonathan Nish.
entire hearing james brenner suspect in dylan rounds murder appears in court
John is also a very qualified lawyer and in the past you know him because he was on vacation to start investigating what we need to do. He reached out to the destitute Indians. defense fund um and then start that process for me and then he said that we would need this


to appoint a co-counsel when I looked at the emails that he was sending me while I was gone, as well as his communication with the IDF, the remedy that under the contract require that two Kool-Aid attorneys be appointed for any aggravated


that is not within the scope of the accounting class in the system that is part of the virtues to finance we can follow the motion I think Sunday I'm not sorry the Saturday, I was actually at the airport and filed a motion for access to the Court to appoint Jonathanicious as co-counsel for compliance with IDF requirements.
entire hearing james brenner suspect in dylan rounds murder appears in court

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entire hearing james brenner suspect in dylan rounds murder appears in court...

The state has not had a chance to respond. I recognize that we just filed that as soon as I got back to Shore and hence our request. I guess if the state wants to file a response, then we should be the perfect time to respond on things that are: I don't want to file an unsupported response patient's main entrance similar to what the


did with the court date get together so we can bring to Mr. Nishan. I mean something is the court date, so I think it's the first time we need to skip the model.
entire hearing james brenner suspect in dylan rounds murder appears in court
A statute says that if death can be a possibility and it's not in it, but it can be, I had to do it. talk about the general code session, then they can name it and it's usually three councils, which is me who reaches out and finds confidence in the qualified Code Council, um, that we have very qualified public defenders. I'm not saying they aren't. but they are not really qualified by the other to serve the years, will they qualify? So I think what I would ask of the organization that many come in is to appoint Jonathan Nish and then the IDF as co-counsel and the IDF is concerned that they have been supportive and abrasive, otherwise if we give the been the opportunity to respond and who is entitled to, then we respond and we have to notify to file and all that kind of process, but I think maybe that helps ease the thoughts. of economies and concerns, we could issue an order or amend your order saying that is a Jonathan Miss point of this IDF and jets and Mr.
entire hearing james brenner suspect in dylan rounds murder appears in court
Bishop would have to sign a contract with the ibf like I have to sign a contract with the IDF , that would be the position I would take as corporations. I'm just not sure that your interpretation is correct when you say that you can clearly, just as you are accused, but with the right of declaration of the state that you can delete, I can agree and therefore I am not sure if that would apply so the idea of ​​the way the contracts are written what I'm told is that the way the contracts are written by FIV is any relay case because many other counties pay into that fund and not all counties .
Do we choose the smaller or more rural counties? So IVF appoints qualified lawyers to relate them and that is something that is outside the Caribbean right here, which is why I think it is necessary to protect all those who are concerned if we can have the order of prediction that Mr. Jonathan Bishop named as co- attorney and has ordered you to know to do exactly what the court did with my appointment and then go ahead there and then if I filed a passing complaint or concern, we come back before this point, say Hey, you need an honor, but we We are praying that we were all wrong because of the ignition and I'm going to go from there, let me take it, I'll review it and then I'll issue an appropriate order, okay, um, whether or not I think that's the right option. interpretation and then once you've cast it, if there's any disagreement on either side, you can be thankful that you recovered from surgery that week, but immediately this piece, uh, season ahead, so unfortunately we have to do it at least six weeks, but here's the problem.
I suppose in this case it is safely presented that Mr. Studebaker, Mr. Brenner, is a federal client. Yes, I forgot. He became this quarterback. He has to get permission from the federal government a couple of times to bring Mr. uh, today, Mr. Brenner, and of what. I understand the state, the process is a minimum of six weeks, yes that's correct, some of the counties have something just those anyway which is correct. I would ask to set this for a position in Cleveland on July 31st and then the 130th. Okay, July. 31 at 1:30 where the state has no opposition to the appointment.
Administration that is feasible and can be done, Mr. Studebaker, after I have had a chance to review it, I will issue the order, if not, I will issue an order, okay, and then on Thursday and if not, then I will make an additional order that says the request is denied and that could be yours. Okay, we'll do it, but in that case, since Mr. Garner is a federal inmate, we don't want to wait until July 31st. just so you know, let them point you to the co-consul, oh, if you mean if I deny the request and you object and you won't have a


inside, here you want to wait, it's a class here, yes, just because we don't want . drag it out, okay, there is a state of opposition and are you okay with that too?
Mr. Brown, okay, that'll be it then, unless it's something

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