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Mar 24, 2022
This is a photo shoot for this talk show. Undelivered truth. Good. What you want to hear from members. Anything you want to tell the members. So maybe this is 'what I want to hear'. Oh, is this 'what I want to hear?' This is 'what I want to hear'. So let's guess 'who do I want to hear from' and 'what do I want to hear'. - Let's talk about what could be. - Oh, during this time. It's okay, I got it. Let's start with me, this is a practice round. Well well. Let's make a guess. 'Who did NAMJOON give it to?' Who do I want to know about?
eng sub kbs let s bts
I think NAMJOON gave it to JIN. I think the leader gave it to the youngest member. I think it's V or Jimin. I mean he would casually talk to RM then. Oh, I wonder who he gave it to. What I want to hear. I put this on top. So who am I going to send this letter to? Who do I want to know about? I don't know why they put him next to me. I don't know why they put him next to me. - Oh, is it me? -JIN. I got it. What do I want to hear from JIN?
eng sub kbs let s bts

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JIN usually tells a lot of jokes, so I think it will be something serious. 'Are you a true leader?' I think you are very smart. Now you can talk to me calmly. Oh, it's alright, it's alright. Did you expect that? No, I did not do it. - You didn't expect that? - I did not do it. Because? What is it? Oh, do I have to say it now? Oh please. 'Hello NAMJOON, you are so handsome.' You are simple minded. I feel good. Is that what you wanted to hear? It's so boring but fun. He is the most handsome boy on our team.
eng sub kbs let s bts
So I wanted to hear him say that I'm handsome. - You're handsome. - Yeah, okay. You're handsome. You're handsome. - You're handsome. - Hey, guys, he doesn't need it from you. He wanted to hear it from me, you know. Hey, NAMJOON, you're handsome. Oh thanks. He feels quite strange. Now, it's your turn JIN. Everyone, let's spin it. - Goes to JIMIN naturally. - Shall I stop it? do i stop it? Hey, shall I stop it? Oh please do it with emotion and suspense. do i stop it? do i stop it? It's happening to me Of course.
eng sub kbs let s bts
It's JUNGKOOK.. It's JUNGKOOK. Approved. No, it's not. No, it's not. It's SUGA. It's SUGA. So what did he write? 'You're handsome.' Maybe she asked for a song for him. Maybe it's a song. Maybe about SUGA giving JIN a song. - 'Give me a song.' - 'I'm preparing a song for you.' Come on, that's too obvious. Now, I wonder what is written here, you got it. Is it a song? Is it a song? Oh really? Here he says: 'I wrote a song, do you want it?' I mean, you promised to give it to me 3 years ago, but you didn't.
You know what I mean, right? Are there genres of the songs you want to give us? - One for each member, please. - Yes, each member. Wow, this is fun. It would be fun to release an album with this. SUGA~ - SUGA album, compilation. - All produced by SUGA. I've wanted to write a ballad for JIN for a long time. JIMIN is very good at dancing, so he could write him some dance music that he can dance to. A pop song for JUNGKOOK to play to his strengths. - NAMJOON has a lot of Korean spirit. - That's how it is.
He knows me so well. He has even learned pansori before. Have you learned pansori? NAMJOON learned pansori. What's on TV these days? Jogging. So I'll name it, Trot-tune. Trot-melody, trot-melody. -Oh, because, -I think he's going to face Korea. Oh trotting tune. For TAEHYUNG, maybe a saxophone song. - A saxophone song. - Well well. It's just with his mouth. Everything is with his mouth. I really like the saxophone. I know. For J-HOPE, probably a bright song and one that can have a positive influence on young people. So, a children's song. A song for children. We never saw it coming.
Hey, but it looks good on you. 'I wrote a song. Take this and sing it. 'I wrote a song. Take this and sing it. Hey, I'm going to get you a song from somewhere, so don't get it. Don't get that. I can't let you do that because I'm offended. Hey, I'm going to get you a song. But he is giving me If you ask me, I will gladly give it to you. If you give me one, I'll do my best. Jimin next. Let's guess who JIMIN sent it to. Oh I got it I got it It's Jungkook.
Is it Jungkook? For me, I think it's TAEHYUNG. No, it's JUNGKOOK. I think it's TAEHYUNG. I think it's JUNGKOOK. I know JIMIN very well, so this is obvious. This is JUNGKOOK. No, I think it's TAEHYUNG. It's Jungkook. It's TAEHYUNG, right? Yes, I think it's TAEHYUNG. - We need to hear what J-HOPE has to say. - WAIT! I think it could be me. I feel suddenly. So it's not me. Spin it! Spin it! Dda da da da ddan ddan. Spin it! Spin it! Turn it~ Turn it~ Turn it~ Turn it~ Turn it~ Turn it~ Turn it~ Turn it~ Turn it~ Turn it~ - I was wrong.
Wow, really. - Is there. We know each other very well. What would it be about? What do you think it is about? Guess. Oh, you're reading it right away. Oh my God, - why? - What is it about? Oh JIMIN. - Because? - What is it about? Oh JIMIN. Oh, come on. It must be something touching. It must be something touching. It's nothing special, but it makes your face red, right? His ears are red. Oh, I mean we can't talk about things like this. Now read it out loud. I'm your follower I'm your follower Why did you want to hear that?
Because, why? For me, I think it's true. - Well, in the past, - Is that so? Yes, not bad. What are you talking about? I mean, it says that he was born first in Busan, so that means I'm copying him. But Busan's population is, Hey, isn't Busan's population 2.17 million? JUNGKOOK particularly copies me. Now, if he looks at it, please tell us the examples. He was born in Busan following me, yeah, what else? and he started dancing because he wanted to, what else? and when i wore contacts he followed me and wore contacts. Contact lenses. He is also copying my style.
His style has changed, right? He's just copying everything. It's the stylists who let me wear this. It is the stylists who allow you to wear this. Oh, there's a reason for everything. Hey, be careful, man. JUNGKOOK has gotten bigger. Show us your personal talent. It's a talent I made for you today. Come on. I am your follower I am your follower He is officially recognized. So, we have been talking about 'Undelivered Truth'. Now is the time to talk about 'The truth I want to deliver'. Now it's J-HOPE's turn. Wow, this is it, Don't set the mood anymore. oh, this is very embarrassing, that's why.
But everyone has to say it except the member who will understand it. Hey? What do you mean? - I direct it now, but if they did it all together. - Oh, that member. - This is for NAMJOON. - I don't see what's coming. - It's NAMJOON. - It's NAMJOON. - No, I'll be the forwarder again this time. - Maybe something like, 'Thank you for always trying.' So here I go. Well. I'm ready to hand it over. J-HOPE, come on. - Forwarder ready. - It's me. - Oh, this is kind of exciting. - Is it SUGA?
Oh, - Maybe it's SUGA. - NAMJOON. - It's NAMJOON. - Is it TAEHYUNG? Is he forwarding it again? Do I resend it? Please forward it to yourself. I knew it would be TAEHYUNG. Oh I think TAEHYUNG really likes to hear things like this. Here it comes. By chance, - is, 'I love you?' - No. - Oh, are you saying 'I love you' to me as a group? - Here I go. We all like you. We all like you. We all like you. I don't know why I wrote this. Why you wrote that? we like you I don't know why I wrote this.
Why you wrote that? Ok, now. - I mean, TAEYUNG likes to hear something like this. - Wait a minute. - I mean, I like it. I like it. I like it. - Do you like it. We all like you! We all like you! - It's not easy to say - 'I like you better'. - Things like this in daily life. - 'We all like you.' 'I love you.' 'It is difficult right?' Honestly, we don't express love to each other. We're like, 'Good job.' Well well. 'You did a great job.' That's the only one. 'You did a great job.' Oh, but we love each other. - Love is not something special. - We talk a lot.
It's so touching. It's hard to talk about things like this in our daily lives. We are taking advantage of this opportunity.

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