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[핵심요약][ENG] 새 얼굴, 새 인생, 미래의 대학 생활 시작!|내 아이디는 강남미인 1-2회

Apr 26, 2023
I guess this is the last time I see you with this face. Mother. don't cry I love you so much. Don't worry about anything else until you get into school, and let's get along well with convalescence. OK? Cheer up nature and let's get pretty~ Just like the legend of a bear that turned into a woman after 100 days of living in the cave, I became a beauty here. New face, new life. I really wanted to make my college life happy. - Oh entry after the third rehearsal. - We are colleagues. Talk friendly. You? 80 points 70 points? Hello. I'm Kang Mirae. - Are you from the class of 18? - Yeah.
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Oh, are you the one with no profile picture? - Yes. - Is this your chemistry major? I'm Hyun Soo-a You all look better in person. I wasn't able to recognize you at first. I'm Jang Won-ho I'm cute Kim Sung-woon - I'm Lee Ji-hyo. - I'm Choi Jung-boon Total score, 100 points. Natural beauty, really rare. A true beauty. I'm Do Kyung-seok Do Kyung-seok? I like to exercise and drink too. Please call me when you drink. Handsome~ Cool~ Is that Do Kyung-seok who I know? Hello. I'm Hyun Soo-a and I'm a freshman. Wow. She is so pretty. She's the one from that lot.
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Hyun Soo-a The next person is really the beautiful one, so I'll stop here. Look, it's your turn. Me? Introduce yourself, next beauty? Next beauty? It seems I'm on the same level as her. He had never met the true beauty of Gangnam before. I like those girls. Hello. I'm Kang Mirae. - You have a boyfriend, right? - No. Let's be honest. I am honest. I look forward to your kind cooperation. Okay, next. Kang Mirae from group 1. She wanted to show me. He wanted to be loved like the others. He wanted to be loved normally. Yes mom. Because?
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Is something the matter? No. I'm having fun. people like me Oh, you worried me. Have fun, I'll call you back~ Are you alright? Hey? I'm fine. Do you want to rest? There is a living room with a sofa. I think I also need to rest a bit. What are you doing there? Sit here. oh okay. You are so pretty. Are you okay? I'm fine. So... Is it okay that I like you? I saw you playing and dancing and I think I'm in love with you, I think... people will start looking for us if we don't go back now.
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People? WHO? Just ignore it. What the hell are you doing right now? What are you doing? You suddenly opened the door when I was leaning against it... You were blocking the door, right? Are you OK? Yes I'm fine. Are you... from Jaryong High School? That I have to do? That I have to do? It doesn't matter. I know a girl who has the same name as you It was him It was that Do Kyung-seok There are humans who are born to be pictorial magazines every day Jaryong Face-genius High School. Do Kyung-seok was just walking around and just doing an evacuation drill.
And suddenly he went to a different school, but in our school everyone knew Do Kyung-seok. But I don't know you. I will ignore you. What do you mean? Can't you see the father? Excuse me, are you a student at this school? Yes Dad. Dad, it's me, look. Yeah? He is your daughter, Mirae. Dad~ Dad~ I'm sorry. I don't know you. You can eat it all because I buy it. OK. You know, I asked you if I could like you. Excuse me, I'll go to the bathroom.. Ok. Hi sunbaenim*(older) Oh, Soo-a! Sunbaenim, you like Mirae, right?
I mean... she's just cute. I will support you, sunbaenim. I'm a little upset but. What do you mean? Actually, I thought you were good at orientation... Just ignore it, okay? I'm sorry. I want to think of you only as a senior -Sunbaenim. -Oh, you know, let's stay friends. That? It was... it was a mistake. You know what I mean, right? Sorry if you were serious. My mistake. Is it you, again? So this is also a mistake. You want to die, right. I finished to eat. Wow, you're crazy to get hit. Hey! Sunbaenim What is it? are you on his side?
Escape! I'm usually very shy in front of the girl I like. We'll meet? So what about Mirae? I'm glad you like her, but could you give me time to think about it? I will wait for your answer. Are you OK? I thought you were going well with Chan-woo. He asked me if he could like her and then said it was a mistake. Oh, is that why Do Kyung-seok had a flight for you? No. That's because he tripped over Do Kyung-seok's foot. Forget it. You got me. If he does that to my friend again. I'm going to...
Friend? oh? You laughed! Do you feel better now? She is an angel... Yes... I am completely fine... Hello. I'm her lab assistant, Yeon Woo-young. Since it will be graded as a group, be nice to each other. Okay, let's form a group now. Go raffle! We are in the same group! Ah, really? Wow.. We have all the famous kids of the 18 batch here. - Famous? - Yeah! You and Do Kyung-seok are really famous. And Mirae... also... - How about Mirae becoming the leader of the group? - Me?! I think she will suit you because you look very mature!
I will do that. Then I'll be the scribe! I also like sprites! Can I have that? Buy it yourself. Just kidding~ - The school looks like a set there. - Yes ok. - Thank you. - Kang Mirae Let's talk for a second. It's yours, right? Are you really not that Kang Mirae from Jaryong High School? The bus stop. Grapefruit. - Please keep it a secret. - About? my face before Please keep it a secret. You. Did you spray a perfume? Yes, I do! Can't? Grapefruit. Are you remembering the smell of the perfume I used? Hello, Mirae~!
Hello! What is Do Kyung-seok doing there? Apparently the CEO here is a close friend of his. Oh~ Who do you think he has more dating experience? One! Two! Three! Me again? Good~! Strong future~! Who do you think he had the first kiss earlier? - Kiss? - Kiss Kiss! One two three! - Oh, they got the same vote. Go for a love photo! - Yes~! - Love shot! Go for the love shot! Love shot! - Let's drink separately. I'll have two drinks. Woah~ He drinks well. -Who do you think he got more confessions? - One~ two~ three!
Me?! Me?! No! I never did it?! I already drank a lot... Drink...! To drink..! Soo-a's face is so perfect! Hey?! They didn't operate on me?! Mirae is perfect like a doll~ Both her face and her body~ That's right~ Mirae is pretty~ Mirae didn't have any surgery either~ Hey. Is this fun? That? I'm talking about what you're doing. I do not understand what you are saying. You're just pretending not to understand. What is wrong with him. - Hey apologize to her! - Apologize! Hey!! Do Kyung-seok!! I'm sorry... I guess I did something wrong... - You didn't do anything wrong... - Apologize to Soo-a!
Bastard!! Don't cry Soo-a... I think Kyung-seok misunderstood something... Hey... What's wrong?! You're stupid? What a fool... - Did you talk to Soo-a to make me fuck? - That?! Soo-a told me that he can't date me because you like me. Who said that... I never said that... Then go to Soo-a and tell her. That you don't mind me and Soo-a dating. Why do I have to do that? Hey! Stop right there! You tricked me~! Don't play innocent, bitch!! Do you really think you're something because everyone is so nice to you? Fuck off. You're just one of those girls in Gangnam.
You're just a plastic surgery addict! Why do you swear to me...! What did I do wrong. what did I do!!! Do you want to die, you crazy bitch?! You're just a plastic surgery addict!

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