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Jun 05, 2022
let's go to the team but he wants to be 87 now it was too medina plus two advanced teams he had -5 kerim frye had plus3 jesus see there he fell to rw66 he was 38 years old if borini continues in this team and reyra hasan Kara Christian played very well medinah 3 We can say that township not bad


mor managed most valuable player hasan kara do we still have a claim on the kingdoms? Medina will do it in the Champions League. Loren, this is the voice of King Göztepe, León, top scorer, from Fenerbahce, we lost the Europa League on time.
emre mor lu karag mr k ger ek 10 yillik rebuild fifa 22 kar yer modu
Yeah we're still very hungry for success in Europe so I'll do this this time white jersey white jersey we're going to have a chance we're starting tea on their own ground the final is still on We've got a novel Manchester united Let me tell you, I think we'll meet again. No ytta Just look at the missed goal Black half headered them again Aslan Ankara Ankara good check forbidden break medinah Medina froze amazing Medina pulled leek coming back chat Zehra started the Champions League final 10 Jesus pereira pressed the start here se he came back perfect and came out here again summer society At first this headshot was yellow, then Messi and Leyla still have pereira on him, now let's give him pereira sped up, we said stop, pereira passed again, here is the player that did not escape , shame on him, he was going to be empty Hasan Kara middle head Hand of Alp Arthur escapes player Medina My teacher Medina penalty kicked the ball until the day the goalkeeper took the penalty Actually still pilgrim slipping from pearls returns it like this and stayed behind defer Ramos Ramos Jones shot from the corner it was like that We kept looking at the castle I took your hands I did everything I could Medina kneaded the is pacio on the left Hasan Kara Hasan Kara çe Al Medina never landed Just shut up Leyla Feriha pereira on the right Arthur escaped Arthur throws the scene to 86 we passed like this Arthur we read the play very well By the way Arthur also escaped perfectly I didn't choose to move I didn't choose finish in the tree we made it the captain came heard heard next time If we stay let's change the captain, Emre Mor or Boran, Borini, your budget is 108 million euros Kerim Frei By the way, he was leaving football at the end of the season, he was 55 years old at the club, he is already a certain age, he has reached a certain age now, he told me that he wants to return to Turkey. we, Yusuf Yazici head exchange plus 10 million euros is arriving at the customs office we meet again after many years yan karamoh


ü 30-year-old yan karamoh can play many different positions.
emre mor lu karag mr k ger ek 10 yillik rebuild fifa 22 kar yer modu

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emre mor lu karag mr k ger ek 10 yillik rebuild fifa 22 kar yer modu...

That's why this team needed that name. We still have 14 foreign players in the team who will not be transferred to another team in recent years. Let's start the new season with rival Super Cup Lestır City that trophy will come here, that trophy will come to Istanbul 20 we are winning Your champion, who passed in the Champions League, this year's group Barcelona is little ashta Bucharest is very good Will compete with the confirmation, I don't expect another result, pepper for sure We are second in the Champions League with 12 points Barcelona was one point ahead of us then 6 rival directions Kos is already in the Champions League I think there is no easy draw now, we are one team we are going to fight until the end, let's see the same as all the teams, let's see atletico madrid, where we lost 10 in our rival, the champions league is very difficult, it does not give the turkish teams the opportunity that we really want simulation, i think this has increased lately, for some reason we got to war, come on guys, surprise, surprise or surprise for once.
emre mor lu karag mr k ger ek 10 yillik rebuild fifa 22 kar yer modu
We lost 3-2 Atletico told us Last year's champion Sen said goodbye early in the Champions League early and after By the way, I was struck by fenerbahçe-galatasaray in the incredible back, now Karagümrük managed to become the league champion again with 87 When we reached the Turkish Cup 325 12 V, the final v20a Trabzon woke up with many different champions Karagümrük UEFA Super Cup Black day There is a victory for Paris in the Champions League this year Valencia in the Europa League and finally Hairdresser Asiye Ayaksin we did not make it this year we need a midfielder next year his profession is y89 he will reach 90 cristiano you reached a level that I did not expect it was 90 I did not expect so much good for the player he said he would improve well, but Lenorman 84 fell, the limit of the home was 84d, and after a certain point, I lost hope, he was one of the players, Sebastiyan is taken Towers plus a -3 Arthur probably lost his jersey this year , we lack Emre there was purple, the captain is falling now Kerim Buray 48d says goodbye bor Became 59 with minus six, showed a -4 decline in Yusuf, the best performance.
emre mor lu karag mr k ger ek 10 yillik rebuild fifa 22 kar yer modu
Give God, then lionankara Pellegrini, this is Medina , continues, such the most valuable football player Hasan Kara liters King pereira, the king of assists is also perera. Let's say again, tell me, am I that bad? It's really sad. Welcome to the last year of our star Rev. 10. Welcome to the last year of our star Rev. I will not sell additional removable layers of the Daniel team economically because there are offers the thing is like low medicine but 61 million euros are the icing on the cake and they are going to give 77 sheep to the track what would be the Barcelona offer and I accept the offer from him and Porto, that he become the player that we will bring to the midfielder Sobi Mendivil Laurel expires a year later and she agrees very comfortably for 44 millions of euros.
I will bring a name to the rotation on the right wing, I want the palmieri, I want to send a handstand on this transfer, but that's enough, they didn't take the points here anyway, they didn't take the offer. It's not bad, I'm thinking of 8,600, we agree, we've already lost the moon of our soul, let's try, Pelegrini stays in the team, I don't want Pelegrin to leave, Arthur has also left, we still have a foreign player left over from the team, but for him, the transfer to another 8 bules of River Plate is over. Karagümrük is ready for the last year.
A good rule is fundamental in Group F. Granada's puzzle Goal Of course, what leadership I think this time The 66 is one of the groups that we can do one more in the last year We want to win the Champions League, we will play with Juventus in the round of 16 final and we will play hand in hand We have to eliminate, we want to eliminate, I want a final victory, I mean, we beat Juventus 2-0, or we take them to the Champions League, they have the Olympic Games for the quarterfinals, I think it's good quarter final draw only United ruppet like to play like City knocked out God God is interesting As long as Karagümrük don't lose one in our own home I think it's ok we came to work lads we spread 40 in England do you think that this is enough for them?
Shall we say goodbye to the final of Manchester United Karagümrük? Let's see Karagümrük is an away game. Put very critical in the 1st. It's not good, it's not a good result. the final in the Super League at the end of the season and Karagümrük, Adana Demirspor has a difference of 2 points this year, according to this, when we return to the country cup, 62 Kayseri 53 We said Alanya 64 Trabzon we are playing with 1050 Adana Demirsporlu After the final of the Champions League Aysel Verin won the Super Cup The conference is again in Austria, another surprise, but let me show you the team list before the final By the way, this year Players whose contract has expired can go to any club they want renew his Lada contract because the game is over, there were ups and downs on our part borini said -6, it went down to 53.
He gives the best performance, his damper is listed as Hasan Kara. The player is still Hasan Kara, come on, 5 in the Champions League, 5 in the kingdom of assists. Adana Demirspor's top scorer is Galatasaray's Yilmaz. If I wanted to, I'll tell you from the beginning. , we have waited a long time, we will win the Champions League, the Aykut Karagümrük final has started Summer is now Sancho kicks Generation takes away Christian Sen gave the ball perina Yaver lira now good ball electricity Well played Emre Mor scored the goal Stage he scored It is in the stage Ben 10 Captain scored Captain nphy we are seeing more here give your hand his great score Emre left the plastic grimaldo let's be honest Hello today goalkeeper If you play very well then your land has come Boku Sancho 111 Ceylin keep looking for you we shouldn't go and the match it was 1-1 We have to play the next big shot, big arrow past, texture focused sercivan, great ancestor, made up for his pro claim mistake Emre purple Emre purple took Emre purple shot goalie we cut without port Emre mor half head again goalie Venturini took the long ball.
I played very well here, you played very well in the profession. I am Ferhat from tourism and tourism, this is Emre Murat. I'm so bad 96 25.5 debt this time he couldn't throw it the game is over we won this time they won't eat this time they won't eat this time I took a step I jumped like god captain my time is normal at the last second the army captain leaves Customs likes the italians and they took the champion trophy in the champions league


ümrük took revenge against manchester united of course years later an important revenge came, I tell you, we beat adanademir in the cup.
Let's see what we did in my career. Let's take a look at what we did in my career. There's a Super Cup on top, but again, let me tell you, you didn't. t write to the police, we had a great adventure, I have to say that if the Karagümrük team had a bayender in Manchester united, we would have won five Champions League, not two Champions League, I can say very clearly that a fan does not prevent small teams in this direction.. his habit begins Hasan Kara 97 perera Emre mor awesome team y a but i have to say we hit the best of what i can do we have reached the end of the video.if you like the video please click the like button, don't forget to subscribe to the channel, bye.

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