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Emanuel Steward On Why Hamed Lost To Barrera

Jun 10, 2021
Now let's take a little trip down boxing memories because it's been almost exactly a decade since Prince Naseem Hamid's only loss and what a loss it was for Marco Antonio Barrera. We've been talking to legendary coach Emanuel Steward. Tell us about his experiences with Prince Kassim. I'm a guy who had a kind of free spirit style in the ring and to some extent a very colorful America, but not as bad, as sad as people would think in many ways when I was with him I was still very focused as a boxer and what happened then would be that he was so talented that in preparation for the fight with Barrera he simply took his lighting and if Mays had a train with the same focus on intensity, he would have precocity. corral, if he had beaten the road, I think his punching power, his avoidance instincts were too much, but it was just a case of someone not being mentally prepared for a fight.
emanuel steward on why hamed lost to barrera
I'm Barrera, now I'm ten seconds away from victory, surely a left hook. from the chin of Barrera Otomo once again how much on tiptoe and a straight left foot under a borough celebrates well that he knows that he has been defeated unfortunately for me since he never felt it again but with Nasim's attitude of being confident and without hesitation and hitting from all angles. I never tried to refine it because it was successful, a perfect example of the last fight Burrell had. I felt conveyed and after the fight, my fellow commentator Larry Merchant says Emanuel, but he looks great, he says you know who the next face will be. being with your boy, you know, I did what they felt, I said Larry, I was very impressed with him tonight, I said we have our hands full, so I go back to camp and talk to Matt, I say no and I say, what about Thought? the fight I finally saw the fight and I had told HBO to send tapes of the fight so when I talked to him a few days later I still hadn't seen it and I asked hbi Ecology and I said did you send? that tape he says yes we sent it while I told him where is the tape and he says I didn't get it in a while let's say I saw here they said you get ants and he went to a bedroom and took it out.
emanuel steward on why hamed lost to barrera

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emanuel steward on why hamed lost to barrera...

I told him why come. You guys haven't been watching this because you know he was with him like the whole time they were still showing tapes of him getting knocked out by Jr. Jones, you know, five years ago, so this was the night, this was the problem. What did I have. I mean he's not the same fighter, so they showed you the worst. I want you to prepare for the best and this is what it looks like today. he wanted to see, so that went on throughout camp, but I never, ever, ever tried to change the style.
emanuel steward on why hamed lost to barrera
I just wanted him to have good quality boxing, but Maze just didn't have the right preparation for the fight, but for such a talented Emotion, oh my God, that's the legendary trainer Emanuel Steward, who remembers Nassim's tribute to the only defeat of the great Marco Antonio Barrera, he is still fighting the only four he fought about six weeks ago and 44 just two years ago, and believe me, he is. Back in contention because a couple of guys are fighting now hurry up four five six seven eight nine ten years ago he could find himself in some big fights, I don't even rule him out in 18 months if he wins a big fight with him in these Oscar De La Hoya las call it mega fights this is what the big business is now the big buzzword mega fights don't even rule it out Barrera beat a guy named Morales you hit Madonna one weekend no I don't even rule out a romantic affair, it could happen.
emanuel steward on why hamed lost to barrera
Stranger things have happened on the way to the MGM Grand Ballroom. Oh my God, Christopher, that's a trap, I realized. Oh, I don't know what the prevailing impression of Prince Naseem's career is. Hamed reached his potential. I don't think he did it and that's a debate we could have late into the night because when he


that night there were a lot of people smiling both within the British media and within the British boxing community. overall because this was a man who was as hated as he was loved for his behavior at press conferences, in interviews, his behavior with fans at times and even his mockery of opponents in the ring, but Muhammad Ali did all of that , it did not? us and he was also hated, he was hated and loved, maybe not in equal proportions, but now, see, Muhammad once said something very similar to Muhammad Ali, that about all these people around here yelling at me and producing this hostile atmosphere, I don't know.
I care if they come to see me win or see me get eliminated, as long as the checks don't bounce well, what is he doing now? Well, he lives on a golf course, one of the golf courses around London, somewhere he's playing a bit. of golf, but he is not. I think he is using the buggy a lot because he carries it in so many ways. You can see that it is a great lesson. He is involved with a couple of wrestlers who work with Frank Warren, Camp who was his promoter for most of his career. in the last few fights and he is returning to boxing.
I don't think he's still quite an influential figure within the Yemeni community in Sheffield, which is the largest Yemeni community outside of Yemen, so he's still active, but he has quite a low profile. Yeah, yeah, you know he went to prison briefly and he still keeps his head pretty low. He left the scene. I think you know that he left the scene of an accident there. Okay I will. Where are the five?

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