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Elimina Toda La Energía Negativa, Sonidos Curativos Tibetanos, Aumenta La Fuerza Mental #4

May 29, 2024
Remove all negative


y Tibetan healing sounds increase spiritual strength #4 Note: This video contains some special frequencies that can help with positive physical and


changes. Enjoy music at a moderate volume level. This music is used effectively in meditation, which deepens the subconscious. This type of music helps you


te sensory disturbances, release fear and balance internal emotions. Improve creativity and deep learning ability. High frequencies in music can create a special sound environment that helps you relax and create a feeling of nothingness. These frequencies can stimulate self-care and


y balance in the body. Attracts love and positive energy.
elimina toda la energ a negativa sonidos curativos tibetanos aumenta la fuerza mental 4

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