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Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V #2 (Elders React: Gaming)

Jun 01, 2021
♪ (old school video game music) ♪ ♪ (soft hip hop theme) ♪ Oh no. (Laughter) I'm not in favor of tattoos. Let's get a tattoo. (woman) I just need to find a man to shut her up for two seconds. - (giggles) - (man) Okay. This looks too much like the real thing. - (Finebros) Do you have any tattoos? - No. I have freckles. do they count? Well. I'm going to get a tattoo. So how are we going to do that? "Choose a design that suits your style and budget." is it zero? Oh, it's this. (cackling laugh) Oh. Okay-dokey, smoke. Handsome son of a bitch.
elders play grand theft auto v 2 elders react gaming
Left arm. Ok, try again. Let's do "Whiskey Life." "Michael and Amanda." - (Finebros) Amanda is your wife. - That's my wife. No, I don't do that. What happens if I get divorced? That's going to have to hurt. I'll go with that. I don't know what that is. (tattoo artist) That's a pain right there. Alright, here we go. I've finished. (tattoo artist) I'm using this money for drugs. Awesome. Is it so? I wanted to see him yell and say, "Oh hey man!" Now I want to put my clothes back on. I don't remember taking my clothes off so whatever they gave me must have been pretty good.
elders play grand theft auto v 2 elders react gaming

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elders play grand theft auto v 2 elders react gaming...

Oh, I'm all dressed up. Cool. Thank you. Well. I want to go to a more uplifting place. ♪ (soft hip hop theme) ♪ Oh, "Happy Girls." Let's see what's there. That looks fun. Oh no, "horny girls." Oh, it's a bar. (singing) Oh, let's go to the strip club. So let's go watch girls get naked. Well. That's exciting. Oh here we go I can get a drink. Do I have to pay him or shoot him? $10 for a drink? Oh my. (Michael swallows) (Finebros) Well, I think you've had enough. I'm drinking right now. Do you mind? Oh, the place is starting to spin.
elders play grand theft auto v 2 elders react gaming
What did they put in my drink? The last time I was in a strip club I was 18 (chuckling) in Germany, in Hamburg. "Throw a dollar." We'll see. How do you press X? - (in-game) Hell yeah! - Yes, there you go. Okay, let's make it rain. (stripper) I'm getting so horny. For all that money I'm throwing at you, that's why. Alright, that's enough of that. (stripper) Do you want me to undress for you? Mmm no. "Accept a dance" or "reject it". It's okay, well, it doesn't matter. (stripper) Oh please, I was going to grind you good. (laughs) Well, that's one way to exercise. (in game) Bring that over here, baby! - (in game) Oh, that's what's up! - Oh...
elders play grand theft auto v 2 elders react gaming
It's okay, I-- that's enough for me. I really don't want to be in a strip club. It never has been and never will be. Is not my style. It's not my style, no, no. Here we go. (stripper) Do you want me to undress for you? Yes. How do I press "yes"? Oh, press to accept a dance. (stripper) Come on. follow me sweet Oh. Oh. "Premium L--" oh. Now she is a professional. (laughs) These graphs look pretty real, man. Oh. Oh! My-- oh my god. Could you get me five minutes alone? It sure is a carjacking, huh... (laughs) No wonder this game has such a reputation. "Hold R2 to tap"? (stripper groans) I feel all sweaty.
You do? I've finished. I want to go, uh, like, do something else now. I'm kind of bored with this place. I was hoping the women in this could be more interesting and less stereotypical. ♪ (soft hip hop track) ♪ It's a bit... is that Venice Beach? This is like a really seedy Venice, the bad part of town that we're in. (in the game) You, that one. People are cursing. I don't know. I don't like the area. Look at that fancy car there. Ooh, that's good, that Corvette. Let's take it. Take it. Take the damn thing. Okay, let's go, and then we go to the right.
It's okay, right. Ooh, now I'm going for Veni-- Ooh, man. This is dangerous. It could hurt people. Well, I want-- I don't want-- Ooh, I just hit someone. Oh, I hit two people. Now I want to go to the right and get out of here. It's too crowded here. I have to go this way. (Laughter) It's a (whispering) marijuana store. It's a liquor store, I think. No, a marijuana store. I didn't know they had them in Venice. (in game) I hope it's a good weekend. Muscle Beach? Is that the muscular people? - (in game) It could hurt you a lot. - Oh that's nice. (in game) I don't want to have to do this. - Oh, well, don't then. - (bumps landing) (giggles) Oh my gosh.
Well, okay, a powerful woman... that's not a bad thing. I'm going to hit one of these guys. (in-game: grunts) One more. Oh! Don't fuck with The Man. - (in-game: shock) - (giggles) - (in-game: groans) - (giggles) - (woman grunts) - (giggles) (in-game) Help me, someone! It's a, what's it called, a ship. (laughs excitedly) Wow! Ha ha! Oh, wow! This is great! Oh! That's funny! That's funny! Oh! It's no wonder people obsess over these things, because it's more exciting than their own world. ♪ (soft hip hop theme) ♪ Oh, a helicopter. Oh, this could be a little weird. Oh my God.
Here we go. Get that guy out of the way. (gunshots, people screaming) (giggles) - Now it's-- - (gunshots) My God. What are you doing? Are you shooting instead of flying? - (shots) - No, no, come on. What's going to make it fly? No no no no. Come on. - (explosion) - My God. Well. What will make it fly? (Finebros) You must hold down the right trigger. Now he is dead. Here we go. Oh my God! OMG this is great! Oh . - (shock) - Aah! I like the flight simulator stuff. Oh yeah. Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof. (Laughter) I can't get it to go up. - (boom) - (laughter) - (crash) - Ay-yai-yai-yai-yai.
I pressed the wrong button. Ay ay ay. Oh, I crashed. Oh dear, let's not crash into the building. Oh! Here we can land. Let's see if we can do this. That was not very good. Uh oh. The helicopter is damaged. - (Michael) Piece of . - uh oh. That's how it is. Don't take respons-- Oh, oh, oh, oh... Ooh. Tsk. That's what happens when you steal helicopters. Look at me, I'm flying, I'm flying! Ooh! Oohh! Oh. Oh my gosh, that was so cool. I'm looking for someone to kill. Oh . - (crashing) - Oh. (crashing, people screaming) Oh, you're going to die, dude.
Press what now? (people arguing, gunshots) (groans) (giggles) I'm glad I didn't eat before I came here, because I'd get dizzy. (Michael yelling) (gasping) My God. (Laughter) I just committed suicide. I had a lot of fun today, more fun than last time. If someone in my family had one, they would probably


it. You can do almost anything. If you choose something, you don't like it, you just go to something else. This is a really big world, and I didn't know there were so many options. I bet people just get into this and they do it all the time.
And it must drive parents crazy. It perpetuates the violence. I would like it better if I felt like I was on the side of the law and preventing crimes. I didn't see anything good there to do. It's not like you can run to a person who's been hit by a car or save a puppy and bring it to the shelter. It is not a good game to


. I finally went to the strip club, had a couple of drinks and left immediately. I don't like that it's there, but it's real life, and I know people want to see that.
But for me, there was so much more you could do. I want to play it some more. I'll stay here and play, and you guys can go. Thanks for watching us play Grand Theft Auto V on the React channel. Let us know in the comments which game we should play next. New programs every week. Do not miss it. Subscribe! Bye bye! See you! Wait wait. Can we go back to that strip club? (giggles) ♪ (old school video game music) ♪

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