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EL VALLE SANGRIENTO Pelicula de Accion completa en HD

Mar 11, 2022
You don't want to understand, don't go around the matter so much, what do you mean by saying that we don't want to understand? owner of no business and we are only taking care of it do not do tarot or twitter they are going to know about saura de canaguá I am already talking or boss to which side so many explanations of course these guys do not understand reasons I did not think they needed madryn it is to fix their business we are not godmothers so after they are his nannies he already had good I only came for a reason and I still do not have it clear that he believes well we did not leave because you asked for it let's give him i and and i and fausto Roberto see you by the doctor He's still alive, well, because of the truck, it's soon running out of place.
el valle sangriento pelicula de accion completa en hd
I would have liked it to have a weapon. More than they defend themselves, they don't own it, but what are we going to do but it's a photo of us because things wouldn't have become so clear because I don't want to understand no matter how much I told you to get out of the business but the friend was foolish now that they're ready He doesn't have it because we don't know how Miguel reacted, well, how do you want me to react like a beast, because his brother is the good ones who got on all of those and there wasn't a single witness left, our way, they just wanted how good that you think like that because you say, well, yes, I have done it.
el valle sangriento pelicula de accion completa en hd

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el valle sangriento pelicula de accion completa en hd...

It's done, it's here, there are no regrets, no, well, yes, well, it's good that we agree, now we have to work hard, understood, well, now, guys, you already know what to do, leave, take it, stay with me, I'm not going to be the one who needs you, my way in these You have to be tough in business, hey boss, you think what we did was right because you asked, that's it, well, if we had scared them off, no more, no more mothers here, things are not done halfway, what if for wanting to scare them they don't scare us well if you're right forget what I said don't worry about that now all we need to do is give Rubén a lesson little by little he plans to be left alone with the territory of the diamonds of course he thinks that this is a game no The most I used to say, well, don't say it even as a joke, although on the one hand, perhaps I'm right, but what can we do?
el valle sangriento pelicula de accion completa en hd
I'm ambitious, it's the law of life, we all take the same step, what does that mean, well, we're the same of ambitious that you and here you are not going to happen one day to betray me how do I believe from heaven to death with you is I hope I interrupt not my life of one that breaks you oh my love as you are ungrateful because my life well if if not I come to look for you you will not see me or that's how I like that you miss me but I don't abuse either because look one day my love and you just kiss me that's it I forget what I have to tell you little town that means that through this passion of course that I am passionate about and n your kisses, if you don't think I was here for love, I've been looking for it since design passed, this must be a drink, but let's say cheers, Rubén, because everything continues to work out as it has been up to now, let's say health or Ramón, because everything continues to work out well, beautiful, at least until now.
el valle sangriento pelicula de accion completa en hd
Cheers and why do you tell me with that little tone, well, yes, because you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, nothing is going to happen. Well, I'm sorry, Rubén, but that's the way things are if they are done as they have to be done, why don't you tell me that if you do it, I don't understand what you mean by that, because you have always known that I would like to be the king of diamonds. king of diamonds it's me, ruben, don't forget, it would also be impossible because it's impossible for me to pay him back I haven't said if you owe me or not then rob my business is to sell diamonds to whoever buys them what would happen if someday if someday I'm left ra Well, if they were to kill you or if something happened to you, let's say it was going to be me who I was going to sell to.
If you are my only client, this is my life and a lot of work. It has been hard for me to get contacts all over the world to supply to you because it has to be like that, it is not supposed that the fewer donkeys, the more ears, well, that number does not work with me, my dear rubén, now that yes, yes, don ramón continue because rubén stops, do not make me say things that I do not want to say but Look, if you don't like my way of having it, well, go get another one, it turns out that Don Ramón happened, it offends me, I'm very happy with you, then don't force me to say nonsense, you never say nonsense, the boss is always right, don't do me either the beard so that he sells you cheaper I'm not saying it, that's why no more if he continues to sell me diamonds and with this I'm happy with the rest I'll take care of it. of Are you convinced why do you think I am where I am and why do I have a lot of fangs for this business thing?
No, that is clearer than water, but then why do you worry? Let's say health, what do you think? Hello, my love, because I'm so solicitous. open door of the ranch and well, between that it doesn't matter this is your house and why I just want to talk to you to tell you to tell me to tell me tell me what's wrong I notice you're very worried how can I not be worried if my brother Fausto is fighting between life and death but let's see tell me and practice what happened what happened to the faust when we arrived my nephew Roberto and I all the men were dead just my brother was debating between life and death hopefully he will be saved God willing so, but why aren't you with him right now I was there all day but they didn't let me see I left my nephew taking care of him in case he offers something well done, love, you know I'm with you in the b good times and bad times let's hope he forced the pound Fausto is very strong well at least that's what I want to think that's how my life is going to be well my love I have to go back to the hospital then we continue seeing each other no my love don't even think I'm going to leave alone from this moment I become your shadow I already told you that I am with you through thick and thin that you are not what happens is that I love you very much I also love you my old damn love and now what happened boss why so annoying Well, since I'm not going to be upset if that beggar Don Ramón came out with a load, which one is wrinkled, pattern like which one is wrinkled, he doesn't want to sell me any more diamonds and that this pattern told him that you wanted me to tell him, I did it believe that the people were very much but it is not true of course it is not true I have to see how to stay alone well said boss that is my boss and you can know a preview how it will be for him well I will tell you I don't even know but something will occur to me, well, just what May it be soon before we get 10 ross that's what I don't want to grow old and not achieve my purpose you are very intelligent and you are going to achieve everything would be easier if Don Ramón did not sell it to the competition but I don't know He's going to be able to say only that by what pattern to get them out of their play 49 that's what he means by selling, he's right, it wouldn't be too much to make him think and they've already made balls out of me, let me think, maybe I'll get the thing out of the way. competition good well you say where we start for now I want to be alone to think better as you say well boys and and and and I did not know that I played the guitar let's see that you say why you love me so much now it's better even if I didn't want to tell you the same really when he lied to you he can never today better I can ask you something right now that we are with tires there you want me to play this song for you no no no no no not one many but no it's not that and then I want to ask you if you want to get married With me, of course, my love, but don't you think that this question is up to me to ask you, well, since I don't see when you're going to do it, that's why I go ahead, and my love, it doesn't make me feel bad, what happens is that I've been so busy that what You hadn't thought about that, right, no, don't tell me that, it just fixed some senses and then we really got married, of course, then, de facto, are you going to tell me who did this to you? nothing when months have passed and you look as if nothing Miguel the doctor gave me hope to walk again and the day that happens then I will tell you hopefully and that happens or not you will never say it and those beggars will to pass without punishment let's call it pressure him hopefully and God willing and he walks again and so he will tell us who or who hurt him but the brother-in-law let him vent but for today I'm not going to say anything it's fine brother I'm not going to put so much pressure on you anymore but I promised to give me something that I promise you that I gave I don't want it but if you can't walk for a long time you won't have to say it I promise you it's better this way for now I want you to go see don ramón and settle accounts with him we already owe him a lot of money and he He hasn't said anything, Don Ramón won't say it, he's a business man, don't worry about that, no, I don't worry, the one who should worry is him, but you don't have to be so cheeky, don't you think it's okay, brother, if that makes you feel well at night I'm going there it's fine take any of the boys to accompany you it will not be better if you take care of me I'll take Karina as you say later the new ones have dreamed that you are well or find an oar don't be upset With us we already owe him a lot, there is a boss, he knows who he trusts, of course, boss, let's see why he doesn't see us as very simple, because we don't even have anything dead, don't say that, guys, we are all valuable, that's how Miguel and I started until Robertito came to this world then He already accompanied us, thank you very much, but why thank Robertito for taking me into account, but what does Roberto say if you have the same blood as me, oh, Roberto, and I wanted it because I had an uncle as a gift, his own favor, what does Vicente do me with that comment?
Vicente only says what the boss feels like that, he is a fake and Don Miguel are some gentlemen, well I don't know but they already made me feel very good. parents I didn't know how you knew your parents no I didn't know them and what happened to them is too long to count for each Roberto they died in an accident well at least that's what I did with my uncles and that's how it was Robertito we don't have to They wouldn't have any reason to lie to you. We are very sorry for the death of your parents.
We loved them very much. Your uncle Miguel and I, but among the bad came the good because it says disappointment because you are the Joy in this house is not like that boys of course boss that's right they already made me sad for him better let's do something clear to distract them rather I would say it is to take away what they pay us and do not make me feel bad you are not a burden or It is not a 6 place, Roberto, well, thank you very much for saying that, but in any case, you have to work, go well, let's go, let's get a permit from a pact.
They are very good boys and workers, they never say anything when they are sent by these people. ready for everything because what we are doing always risks life, a place never unknown to that, it's good that you already understand if one day you're going to follow in our footsteps I don't know what my luck will be unless one day Roberto comes someone and kill us all that is not going to happen from now on we are going to be warned but what or who if you don't want to tell him he admitted nothing I don't tell you because one day I hope to walk again and and what You can go look for them or wait for them here, but different situations and I don't say anything to my brother because he doesn't stop, keep going, what happens is that I don't want them to kill him because of me, but because of his fault, well, Roberto But if I tell you who your uncle Miguel was, he is very violent and he will not hesitate to go looking for them and you think clearly and later you could not forgive me for having told you and now that he is going to spend his whole life silent like my uncle's son that I can't even say it to you who is afraid that I will tell him no, that's not it, you're already a little man and he can't go and tell him of course, no, and then I'll take the blame, you never know a thing, Roberto, what a guy I feel very proud of you thank you uncle oh where is rubén why does he want it I told him where is rubén he doesn't have Spanish why does he want it if he doesn't tell us we're going to watch him so he better say it or it's already taking too long where did they come from, well what happens is that they I'm doing business with him now and Benito would have started talking about the patron of the patio what happened Diego why in such a hurry to see me sing according to the gossip for that I pay them to inform me because your men don't do the same with you I don't come to give you explanations well well to the point in total here I come to propose a matter and he wants you to do it well that propose it to me or to give me an order well take it as you want to listen remember you are in my property so the grain well well why go around it so much I want you to get the business the diamonds like the time how curious because because I also want the same from you that sews what you want you to be the one to disappear as you see with that we already have that's right and I don't back down this last word is my last word well I didn't want them to kill them no and red the damn chicken what a scare they gave us Pancho appears to be afraid and Pánfilo is alive boss I hear boss in the form of asking for things yes with bullets but they did not get away with it for the shade is 4 wide is dead what a barbarity what do we do with the pattern body make a hole and bury it just like thatWhat did you want us to put a suite in?
No, sir, I was just saying, well, don't say and do what I tell you, yes, sir, do a boss and now that we're doing this, fraud is going to start here because it backfired on me. I wanted to be alone with the territory, well, I don't criticize it, I have the same thing, because well, the ambition to be number one should be beautiful, but from what I see, you don't have a foot search, so you can see that, well, you are not the only one. ambitious that there is one more no it is not one remember fausto and miguel they are also in the game it is a certain clear pattern that is true now I am going to take my precautions because as we are things right now normal we give this man a Christian burial and we go to look for them Of course, let's see if Don Ramón doesn't tell you this, well, let's see if it doesn't go well with the gossip, Diego Diego or either of the two, well, let's see what happens for now, let me go and do what we have to do, it's fine, but don't let me no footprints yes sir horr ible is not there and so I did friend with goals as life is where only borders have been as in life I also loved parents to get out of that poverty where always to change something as soon as I apply it dear today the coffee intake you know your brother and valdemar it's an order at 12 but not with and here nothing happens anymore with this stocking when my name is taking and everything very and if terán loses the ramón has served we follow don or let us talk for a while after a while we'll see each other well And when we're going to have a wedding with you very soon, Don Ramón, but I wouldn't like to talk about us, well, you don't want to, look so he can cheer up.
What we have with you, no, man, the business I'm waiting for right now is yours, not for me, but excuse me, my love, you know what my brother sent us to, don't worry, you can stop, it doesn't matter, apart from that, here we come. As far as your brother is concerned, well, if he wants it that way, I'm all ears. Well, look Don Ramón, as you know, my brother hasn't been able to walk, man, yes, I knew and he still hasn't wanted to say who did it to him, right, no sir, no matter how much I insist I can't get anything out of him, because his reasons to stop not talking, well, yes, but I want to avenge what they did to him all at the time, guys, for something he didn't want to say anything good to you, but I'm not here to talk about my brother, I'm here to tell me how much We owe you to pay you, well, if that's what you want, I'll send you the note and you'll pay me whenever you want, thanks for that, but it's not about when we want, on the contrary, we should thank you for your trust, my trust, they've always had guys, so let me be the one who's worried. and no, you don't think how you say sir is sir or what the hell from now on are you going to call me godfather or not Karina resists Karina says that right now it's Miguel the beautiful one your girlfriend is listening to call me godfather or not Thank you, Don Ramón, say godfather before reading, come on, you also heard it, nice hair, well, we will retire.
Thank you very much for all Ramón, for your trust and especially because it is going to be a godfather, thank you very much for the story and well, no way, go away and take care God bless you and Chaldea Fausto on my part, he has really wanted to, very soon he will be walking, I know, well, let's say, I could give those greetings and now, well, I think we'll go to retire an hour later guys, go for the little shade, many thank you have a good day thank you oh what beautiful couples in these two they are not more concerned about their debt than their expensive happiness and they owe you a lot not so much that they cannot pay but you and I are traveling we have come to have fun and that is what we are going to do True, your list is not liking me at all because colt well yes sometimes we are not working for another what do you mean by that well yes we went to kill your people to stay alone and then like And then, well, it's backfired on me, since you're a boss, the simple truth is that I understand it.
They're idiots or they pretend they didn't hear that that beggar Robert told me that the one who came out superfluous wasn't me, what's going on It is that with attention we did not pay attention to what he said but that will make us fall so I think he is the boss for now to do accounts with don Ramón he owes him a lot well not so much but rather my reason for going is to talk with him he wants let one of us go accompany him and see how things are right now, no, I'm going alone if he offers me something like that, I'll talk to you, come on, for not having left the goat, I don't want to stand out, well, how strange, good morning gentlemen, good morning, good morning, my love good morning because you came I wanted to see you and talk to you well I'm leaving he's leaving because I came if I want I'm leaving no margarita what happens is that I was already leaving right marcelo yes my love the boss was leaving when you arrived and sometimes margarita Well, we'll see you later, guys, with your permission, we're going to go for a walk.
Well, whatever you want, that's why I'm not getting married so they don't look for me. As they are people's hooks of loss, to presume that it does not cost me anything, well, yes, but the other presumes, not us for the mere truth, yes, well, just don't get angry, well, now tell me why you came here, like why did I come to you I said that I wanted to see you but if you don't want I'm leaving no how do you think I also want to see you you know my love my parents are pressuring me but because they are pressuring you that you have behaved badly or not that is not what happens is that It's that my love, well, every so often they ask me when you're going to ask for my hand and the truth appeared that that's where it goes to the matter if, as you will understand, I also want to make a home, you want to make it, the other parents want to make it so, if that's the case if so what Well, you're not going to marry me anymore, that's what you want to say, no, my love, what happens is that I don't like that he pressures me, I understand you, my love, but until I understand my parents, but I'm not going to marry your parents.
I'm going to marry you and you're the one who has to decide, well, don't worry about that, I'm going to do what you say, the important thing is that I love you very much, that's the way things change, good morning dawn the troops, good morning couple of lovebirds how well they woke up brother-in-law and when are you going to adapt from today to tomorrow but everything is going very well and thanks for worrying about my sister-in-law for something we are family right aunt yes roberto we are a family what happened how did it go with a wonderful love imagine He even wants to be our godfather now that we get married, right?
Follow me, well, well, but we're not going to talk about us, we're going to talk about the business, he told them how much we owed him, Don Ramón, he said that he's not going to send the bill, he's such a gentleman, why do you say that? you already know Let's be very clear, well, yes, I wanted to talk about everything less than necessary, by the way, I send you many greetings, since Don Ramón spoke later on to greet him, if you don't neglect him, he doesn't think much of himself because he has never looked bad on him, or what's up, what's up?
Roberto, well, yes, they didn't pay him, acaray, I hadn't thought about that, fausto, but we've never thought about not paying him, we don't have to worry, the good thing is that everything is going well, well, yes, except for one thing, what his famous little secrets about who did that to you, another maybe rural wheat when my promise is fulfilled then I'm going to tell you too but don't be angry no no me no what happens is that you're afraid I'm not even afraid of him and you know it well the brother's are the same It's just that I don't like that no one sees our stupid faces, nor will they see us, no one is going to brag about that. we are none relaxed, well, already v I see that we are understanding each other and I think that now we are going to hunt little birds today and then go and if you see a rabbit out there bring it to me to whom my brother to see if time they love each other a lot I continued Roberto they love a lot and from what I see very soon we are going to eat fashion hopefully I'm already thinking about having a cousin and you're going to have him because your uncle is well fanned that good speaking of good let me give him a panties don ramón because if not later I forget somewhere he wants me to retire so that I can talk at ease no or Roberto you stay here that's why you are my right arm or not of course uncle I am his feet and his right arm or that his feet had forgotten it is true I forgot my feet but someday I'm going to you pay for everything you've done for me you don't owe me anything uncle I do it because I love you very much thank you Roberto you're going to be a great man well let me speak to you donne I record because I forget Don Ramón keep talking I'm factual but Don Ramón hello Faust, how are you, how are you?
With my greetings, yes sir, thank you very much, tell me how I can help you, look, Don Ramón, my reason for calling is to thank you for the stamina, man, well, yes, for what we owe you, so don't worry, man, and then I'll send you to the bill at the time you want I'm not moving from here well even if I wanted to search you know what and man believe me I'm sorry and what the doctors have told you everything indicates that from one day to the next I'm going to walk so I swear that you I'll be the first to know to avenge you, it's not like that, that's how it is, Don Ramón, these months have been eternal for me, I couldn't stand the pressure from my brother, keep going every stubborn day that you want to know who they were and why don't you tell them once and for all He is a man and you get rid of that anger, never knowing my brother how violent a man is, as he thinks, but if you can tell me, don't compromise me, don Ramón, you know that I can't deny him anything, but if one day I can't walk then Once, why are you keeping quiet, well, then I'm telling you, it's about the same people, it's true, it's all I can say.
Excuse me, Don Ramón, we'd better change the subject, you'll say Fausto, hey, tell me how the ranch is going. I've been thinking about Fausto because I think he's very stubborn and it's hard for him to say. He has an evaluation. I think he's right because you say he's right, well, if you would do the same or not, why wouldn't you say anything for fear of being killed? Of course you don't, you see, that's why they don't tell you anything for fear they'll kill you, my little brother, and I thought he was afraid, he's afraid because of what I just told you, I already knew that my brother is brave well my love and changing the subject if you think it's you with me because I asked you do that I want to know if it's true or if I'm just getting my hopes up or what are you playing with me oh how do you think I'm going to be playing my love don't they tell you nothing my kisses your kisses they tell me more than what he had to say and sometimes my love marked him he is looking for him to bring appreciation so that you pay a happy that he made in the whole nation touches ice grass and leads to the goals witnesses his name lohan de guerra has control too to the cross for the road to be free and to be happy the lord is looking for him by air land new york never grabs you because he is more cunning than the lion he is a man he did not throw it at him they should not know and curdles he is not a brave man who You have nerves think beforehand that the enemy wants to send you to hell but they have never succeeded because they always fall first with this lie I'm going to take care of you the plan that is up has not arrived or with trained dogs something here like the day before yesterday ah ramón cachos how nice they play this is true beautiful corrido you don't like the music good diego and as we walk look don ramón what happens is when there are problems there is no music that you like or not gosh well how serious are your problems yes I know Lord, how curious because Don Ramón is because everyone I sell my diamonds to is in trouble, including you, but that's nothing compared to the problem brought by the grapplers, wow, well, what happened to him? his agent and he died he did not die but he was disabled in a wheelchair and they did not want to say who it was that did that to him because you were not true Diego not as you think because you have to be aware when Fausto speaks because his brother is well dressed for to know who did it to him, well, it's good that he doesn't think that I was, well, that's what you say, no, of course, and he confirmed it, but I didn't come to talk about them, to them, that space, whatever is good, well, what did you sell for and not to mention business sends later I'm all ears well I'm having problems with rubén now rubén well what's up with rubén well problems problems that don't come to the new additional case well mention it but so that you tell me well here it goes Rubén wants to get me out of the game and keep only the market and why are you saying that to me because I want him to support me by not selling to him or to others out there and diego let's clarify one thing my business is selling diamonds and not in go around solving the problems of another but I am already his client and he has the obligation to take care of both of me because yes they are old enough to take care of themselves no I am not anyone's magma that is his last word yes it is my last word and Also, I warn you something, Don Ramón, that I hope he is not involved in the matter of the ar dogs, how does Don Ramón think, well, I'm telling you for your own good, because if Fausto speaks and says that you're not worth it, you're not going to finish it.
With her brother Miguel, I don't care about Ramona and anything else I need to talk about, count on you to continue working, don't worry as long as you pay me, you're going to continue working well when you're lost, or I'll take comfort and send you to cover me whenever I want. I retire to walk them I hope things go well for you, thank you Don Ramón, with your permission, miss, it seems to me that this one has a tail that they will step on me for sure.It's bad that Diego and Rubén are very ambitious and they want me to help them in their ambition but that is not going to be possible because well because I don't dedicate myself to solving the problems of others and I already have enough to go around getting diamonds all over the world. world you don't think you're right good but we come to have fun not my love so it indicates health health we have to stretch the most with the business what does it mean with that boss we will have to look for new places to sell our product but like where or where to chicago oklahoma or it's me just remember that all the territories have owners we have no other choice we want to earn money we don't have to, well for my part whatever you say I'm also ready well what can I tell you for now I'm going to move my contacts to see what I can get because you are very smart, something is going to get, I am also worried about this position, it is very good, we must not neglect it, yes, we must not leave the clear competition alone I'm not going to leave it because my name is Rubén Fonseca, that's how I like to live it, boss, well, we're going to see what we see, talk to us now, after they do well, with permission, Miss Maria, that they do well, you have very good workers, right, yes They are always ready for anything, they give their lives for me, hey, and if you really are going to look for new positions, well, that's the video I bring, well, it seems very good to me.
I would have exchanged you for another, you would be able, of course, I like braggadocious men, as well as I congratulate you for me, because you count me among those men and I am the lucky one, well, now you know, you have been warned the day you fail me, you know what That will never happen, that will never happen, I will serve you until death, I knew that I had not made a mistake with you, nothing more than a lot of care, because you tell me that, because of that unfortunate Diego who wanted to kill you, yes, but that unfortunate never It's going to be able to with me, you'll see, that's it, but my love, and by the way, how did it go when a ramón crossed us?
No huarache, even if it had crossed me, I wouldn't have paid attention. no but well there is always a first time one but it is the first time it will never happen to me you are very good to me and I also love you very much this pattern we do not interrupt of course what rubén feels but that I am going to do it I need it well you will say why We are good, we are in a serious problem here, the boss, don't be scared, well, what happened, rather than what is going to happen to us, he gets to speak, Fausto Fausto, well, he's not dead, that's what I thought, but he's alive and well just like you, one thing is perfect that with his foal that the iguana men in a wheelchair and that we hope that we do not finish him off precisely there and he goes well, you will say that he must do for now his works are missing if you do not They make me the favorite I myself take care of sending him the hell name boss as he says that I see that there is a will of all of you to do it but I am going to do just that it is yours I bring a deck here I bring a new appointment but why does boss want it very simple the candle I told them that it would be fair each one of us is going to take a card to the one who gets the least to the one who gets the good one because all the show their cards at the same time it was my boss's turn there was no way I had the fortune to kill I dedicate this doctor to him, this is correct, the same fate of the unfortunate as how I am going to do it and I myself know it, well, I wish you the best of luck, I would have liked that as well as killing him, but luckily my friend I say the same, but not a strong friend, and where am I left with the desire that these beggars brought you? a novena yes I'm only going to kill a man, they're not going to kill me, but in this way I thank you with permission, well, there's no way in life like that, well, I would have liked to be me, but it's no way, it's my turn to short, it was all him, well, neither So we have to prepare the orders, let's go boys today, my love, I can ask you a question and minutes before, it depends on what kind of questions to approve it and I would have taken the smallest letter, I would have thrown you how do you think with the desire that I have those beggars happy scorer you just don't know how proud I feel of you thank you I'm going to send you to hell damn paralyzed let him go understand what happened here you have this guy came to kill you right who is who he was I don't know I heard strange noises and when I saw him he appeared mate, we're not going to have to put up surveillance, brother, surveillance, why do you want surveillance, like, for a little bit and they kill you and you still tell me that, you have to tell me who wanted to kill you, life, with that, not with more eagerness s one of these days I'm going to tell you that he has been telling me for months what happened here we heard shots that killed Fausto like in the face of that he was delicate so I'm alive and kicking it's good that they arrived you know that in that garbage from here and what do we do with it because my way of speaking to the police makes a big hole and on the ground I am not a boss to help them of all those who are brave of that type because you say so, look, come in here as I would do, how do I enter here well Very simple, he brought an order to kill me and he steeled himself from now on under the surveillance of the door day and night. know nothing of this because if he is a little man do me that favor but I beg you are worried that he is able to stay at the door guarding the door do you want him buyo true as if he were my own son or that you do not feel the same for him although I feel the same for he more than I haven't shown it and that's because I haven't had time for him, well, with the fact that he spends all his time with you, which I'm grateful to him, it shows well, now you see, I want to sleep without sleeping because well, what about you? you have gruel in your blood ok but why are you telling me that because you just killed a man and you still think about sleeping what courage and what do you want me to do to watch him what happens is that you are already old well sleep I tell you yes You can, of course, I can, good night, listen, what would happen to that one, well, I don't know what would happen to César, I don't see him, well, I don't know, he didn't come to sleep, as he didn't come to sleep, yes, Díaz and the boss, well, what would happen, that already worries me?
Well, we are also concerned about so many years together that we feel like part of the family, well, we are going to wait for love to fulfill its mission and the challenge that is out there, and if it does not arrive, yes, if it does not arrive, how are we going to look for it? let's go to ranches ask for the one who was all is It's deserted as I think we're going to go ask and go into the lion's den these people that we tried to kill Fausto before are surrounded by an army our new boss I was just saying well don't say excuse me boss you are the ones who have me Excuse me, what's happening is that my nerves have already seized me, we only understand, right, guys, well, thanks for understanding me, I'll leave you with your thoughts, and hopefully it seems that this man passes the pattern, we'll wait for him here soon, you look very good, I never thought I'd go back to walk, well, you see, God is very big, that's good, uncle, now I'm going to get up early every day to run with you, so read Robertito every day, well, brother, since there's no one to stop you now, I do want to know who they were Those who shot you are right, Miguel, now there is no one to prevent me from doing so, the moment of truth has arrived. r the truth was that beggar from diego pereyra and his lost diego people well it's not supposed to be from the same people well if it's from the same people but you see it's not but brother why did you take so long to tell me but it's never too late but that's not It's all like, there's still more, well, I didn't want to tell you, but Rubén Fonseca has taken away many clients from us, he's also involved in this, that's what you mean, keep it up, it's good, I'm ready whenever you want, right now, and not just Diego, but also Rubén. well, no more flavor, we have to know what we do with karina and roberto, what do we do, well, if they stay here at the ranch, it seems like a good idea to me, karina, well, you already know that if we don't return, they sell the ranch and go to mexico, but like miguel You don't think about coming back anymore, you never know, do what I tell you, well, Roberto, well, behave well, let's go guys, take care of yourselves here, we'll wait for you, let's go guys, hopefully and God willing that it doesn't happen to anyone, Miguel, so that if something happens If it were to happen I would die of grief I hope they are not too angry today is going to be the longest day of my life everything is going to be fine you have to have faith in God well yes but you already saw Miguel said that anything could happen well yes but you have to Think positive each and Roberto you already think like everything is big I'm big you're right dead you're already a man now yes guys very soon we are going to do the number one pattern in the mother I no longer wear the fucking coat no ah i 2 and and i a i let's go with The castle, since they didn't hear my brother, that we were waiting, the boss was waiting for a question, they are not going to ask the boss that in the mother, oh no, oh no, yes, boy, how tasty does this meat look, yes, brother, but remember that you don't eat tortillas, it's true And you know let's go, Karina is waiting for me, it's true guys, mission accomplished, mission accomplished, let's go, Robertito, please turn the tortilla over, it's burning for both of us, so all that happened, not if I already said so, what did I say?
You said yes yes yes Diego I was very nervous but Rubén Pérez because they say that for 12 the Ramón is cheaper or not or that you are going to be angry for that, Don Ramón name that I am going to be angry if that pair already had me up to the top of the head - but we are not going to be sad, on the contrary, this must be celebrated, we leave health there and

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