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El último mensaje del Espíritu a las Iglesias - Miguel Núñez | Por Su Causa 2023

Jul 02, 2023
integrity and wisdom is pleased to present from the conference for your cause


in The power of the spirit the plenary the last message of the Spirit to the churches together with Pastor Miguel Núñez Sr. We reach the end of this conference by the power of your spirit from another way we could not have done it we ask that at the close of this in this event in this final conference in this final message that you can help empower your weak servant and that you can give him the words the ideas the what he needs what he doesn't have so that he can do what you have determined to happen During this ending During this closing so that we can leave here having been challenged instructed encouraged strengthened encouraged to be able to go out there and live life that you bought Jesus on the cross that we can do it in the power of the spirit for the glory of your name and that we can live a life with much more Freedom in holiness for the glory of your son Jesus we ask you in his name amen amen Good As you already know, this is the last message of this conference that has been titled the last message of the Spirit to the churches.
el ltimo mensaje del esp ritu a las iglesias   miguel n ez por su causa 2023
I believe that some of you were probably wondering what Pastor Miguel or Pastor Núñez will be bringing with this title that What is going to preach with a title like that? Could it be that he had a new revelation, a new apparition? Or it was that he ate an enchilada and it gave him a nightmare and that quesadilla gave him such a nightmare. It is none of that, none of the above is what God wanted. reveal by his spirit is revealed everything that has to do with our sanctification our salvation sanctification and further glorification is already in his word my final message is contained or uses the passage of Revelation 2 and 3 as the basis and I believe that that message the content in those two chapters as the backbone of the last message of the Spirit to the churches after the book of Revelation there is no more message for the people of God from the spirit the book of Revelation is the final seal of the revelation of God is book number 66 there would no longer be a book sixty-seven from now on I believe that most of us know with chapters two and three of Revelation they contain seven messages for seven churches at a specific time that were located in Asia Minor which Today it is Turkey, however.
el ltimo mensaje del esp ritu a las iglesias   miguel n ez por su causa 2023

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el ltimo mensaje del esp ritu a las iglesias miguel n ez por su causa 2023...

Although the message was specifically for them who were in certain conditions, I believe that most, if not all, Orthodox theologians are convinced that the application of those messages was for the rest of the churches of that time and the rest. of the churches by the river the prayer of time until Christ returned And if that is true and we believe it, I believe, given the condition of the churches in the West, what Christ had to communicate through the spirit to those churches that were in a state of certain spi


al decadence and under persecution is something that you and I need to pay attention to as I mentioned there are no more messages after this text after this book for the churches from the spirit and I would like without further ado to be able to enter into view of honoring time to be able to enter directly into what is the exposition of that last part of God's revelation.
el ltimo mensaje del esp ritu a las iglesias   miguel n ez por su causa 2023
These letters have an extremely similar structure. I do not want to say that it is the same, but it is almost identical. Now the content is different for each of the churches in Regarding its structure, Christ first begins by acknowledging the good work that some of them had done in the past and underlines the word past. There is also a warning immediately after the state in which they were at the time they would be receiving the letter. If there is one thing that you and I can be sure of, it is that the message that was sent from the risen Christ, when you read it, you can, you are left with the impression.
el ltimo mensaje del esp ritu a las iglesias   miguel n ez por su causa 2023
This is a weighty message, this is a confrontational message, this is a warning message however at the same time This is a message of hope And unfortunately many of the children of God and the teachers of the word have not seen it that way these seven letters have a phrase common to all of them, it is a phrase that expresses a sense of urgency a sense of sobriety of in the same way that you and I have been encouraged in the word in different passages to live with a sense of urgency so that we can know that yesterday counts forever now.
It was and was lived in a way but the kingdom of heaven took note because the apostle Paul had already warned us that we should not live with this sense of sobriety not wasting time because the days are and the phrase common to each of these letters is he who has an ear, hear what the spirit says to the churches. I would like, brother, to tell you in the best way I can, the most Pastoral way that I can, he who has an ear. Here, let him hear what the spirit has to say to the churches today the phrase appears in Revelation two seven two eleven two seventeen two twenty-nine three six three Thirteen three twenty-two seven times in seven letters seven repetitions in the five Churches that are rebuked by Christ the phrase appears immediately after the rebuke I rebuke you and then I tell you it is like when Christ said truly, truly I tell you this is another formula of saying it, whoever has ears can hear what the spirit with a capital letter E says to the churches and in the case of the other two Churches that They were not rebuked.
The phrase appears after Christ warns them that difficult times were approaching for them and after the warning he was not rebuking him, he was simply warning him well in difficult times on the way and then he tells whoever has ears to hear what he said. The spirit tells the churches in other words, be sure that this is coming and be sure that when it comes, you have to be prepared for what comes, for what comes. I believe that is the way the spirit is trying to get your attention. about a message that I understand again I say again what is the central part of the last message of the Spirit to the churches the message is a warning it is a warning that in the absence of repentance Christ would come and remove his manifest presence that Christ would come and remove his endorsement that Christ would come and remove His authority that Christ would come and when he did any of those things or all of them at the same time because they go hand in hand the church would be closed and so they were closed there is no indication of any of them I believe that the church in the West needs to pay attention or requires a call of that nature given the conditions not only of the church but the conditions of the times we are living in and the times that are coming.
Remember these Churches were already living in a time of persecution, there are five that are in a state of spi


al poverty and there are two who are not in that condition of spiritual poverty but to whom Christ warns that difficult times are coming for you. Most Orthodox understand that the holy spirit inspired these letters. that they were read in multiple Churches of that time, first of all, in fact, when Paul writes to the letter to the Colossians, he tells him to make sure that this letter is read in the odyssey, which is one of these seven churches so that they will be letter that were circulating Possibly there was some kind of mail at that time and that this was the mail route starting with Ephesus until reaching the last of the churches is possible so perhaps these letters were distributed in that order And if that is true if it is true that these letters were written not only for these Churches but for the rest of the churches that would be planted and developed over the next 2000 or so years so This is a message of sobriety to close this conference and the reason why Their message of sobriety is because there is a possibility, I don't know if it will be.
But there is a possibility that the same thing that happened to them could happen to one of our Churches, including the ID. It is a shame that the book of Revelation has been treated almost exclusively or like a book of fulfilled prophecies in the case of some, a book of prophecies to be fulfilled and nothing more because it is not true when we do that we lose a large amount of important teachings for the church of our days. Imagine if these Churches if these letters They were only for the churches of that occasion. What do we do reading Revelation today?
That is the past, two thousand years passed. It does not affect us. It has no relevance. It has nothing to teach me, but if there is something that you and I know, it is that it is not true. And even more so when You and I know that the hearts of the members of that church are no different from the hearts of the members of our Churches or mine, for some this book is intimidating and some prefer not to even approach it as Comment In his comment on this book he says this The book of Revelation should bring encouragement to believers, not intimidation, encouragement to believers to believers of all times because in it we see how God is carrying out his purposes even in the midst of tragedy in the midst of suffering and apparent dominion of Satan this letter says Billy is the battle cry the cry of Victory in the midst of battle because it is here more than anywhere else in the new testament that God's final victory over the forces of darkness is revealed if it is a book of encouragement if you are a book of strength of affirmation it is of correction yes it is of this encouragement it is of warning as I already mentioned but it is of hope when you start reading this book you discover that the one who is writing is the apostle Juan and Juan is on a small island, perhaps an islet of 34 square kilometers.
Imagine how small this island is. This island of Patmos belonged to a group of rocks, little islands, islets, whatever you want to call them, perhaps from about 50 different islands or islets and it was a place where Rome used to send people that Rome the Empire of Rome considered enemies or a threat to the empire so there is John because somehow Rome determined that the message that he had that he was preaching was a threat to the stability of the empire and certainly it was and still is today but John says that he is there because or because he gave faithful testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ I could have been somewhere else a mother I could have stayed on the Continent but not I I am on this island because I gave testimony and not simply testimony, faithful testimony in the midst of persecution and Here I am being treated like a criminal who could threaten Rome.
Tradition says that John at one point tried to fry him in oil and that God He miraculously rescued them from the experience. The good thing is that the interesting thing is that John identifies himself as a servant of the Lord instead of identifying himself as an apostle, very different from what happens today in that the apostles do not want to identify themselves as servants of the Lord and there alone There is a message right there for the church today certainly the message came mediated by the spirit But you can be sure because it is there clearly expressed that it came for the glory of Christ in fact when the spirit begins to speak to John on Patmos being in the In exile the first thing the spirit does is let John know that this is a message that the spirit brings but it is a message from Jesus Christ whom he identifies as the one who is who was and who will come as the faithful witness. firstborn of the dead the ruler of the kings of the Earth as the one who loves us and freed us from our sins with his blood the one who made us a kingdom made us a priest to God his father as The Alpha and the Omega The lord and God And the Lord Almighty that is the first thing John, I want you to know that I am not coming to talk to you about a message like that of any king but of someone with those characteristics.
And that Glory that is presented in the first chapter of Revelation contrasts enormously with the spiritual poverty of these Churches that were under persecution the spiritual poverty of at least five of them the glory of those churches was passing away or in some cases had already passed But you know what we have one we only have a phd in thinking about the past that we no longer have and continually celebrate what we no longer are as If that were part of us today these Churches were so bad that five of them were called to repentance five out of seven In other words those that were well although they were under persecution but Those who were spiritually well were a minority And today I believe that we could with pain be able to say that is not very different from our days Let's start with Ephesus Ephesus had lost his first love despite his doctrinal purity his doctrinal purity and his attachment to what that they understood was the word of God came to make those who unmasked the false Apostles Nothing new under the sun despite these Churches having an extraordinary doctrinal knowledge despite their hard work of their perseverance of Having exposed the false Apostles of Having suffered even for the name of Christ, the worst happened to them.
They lost their love for the God whom they had served and thought they were serving. Perhaps the church does not give us the details of how it happened because perhaps the church entertained itself by celebrating what it did. and you lost sight of who you were doing it for you cannot happen to us not only as a church but as individuals perhaps they lost the simplicity of the Gospel perhaps at one point they put aside the theology ofcross to embrace the theology of glory as Martin Luther said, the theology of the Christian has to be a theology of the cross, not the theology of glory where he is above where he is where he goes forward because he no longer wants to be he wants to be the head and not the tail because he wants to be called a certain special way Because he wants to be considered a special anointed of the Lord the theology of the cross calls us to praise the feet we belong to the bat and towel club Maybe the fervor listen to me now and especially those of you who are younger who are emerging with a lot of passion to defend the faith.
Maybe the fervor for the doctrinal defense in Ephesus killed the love for the God that the doctrine proclaims. You can have so much fervor to defend the doctrine that it turns out that in your fervor you lose the love for the God that the doctrine that you defend is proclaiming, it is possible to defend the gospel, believe me, in an irreverent way, in a way that is not meek, contrary to what Peter already told us in his first letter. fifteen that we should always be prepared to toast to answer the hope that is in us but that we do it in a reverent way with meekness and reverence for something Peter warned us that brothers sometimes wanting to be right we lose our reason we lose our temper we lose our reason And then we lose the ability to think logically And now we want to emotionally win the argument that we did not know how to defend biblically that is possible now if you lose your love for God or I lose my love for God the next thing that is going to happen is that it will to lose love for your brother with whom you are going to spend eternity and you are going to lose love for your non-believing neighbor who may never believe but will go to hell with a bad testimony of the Gospel on my part that was not like Christ. did Christ is on the cross He has two thieves each of them heard the same testimony the way he behaved talking about father forgive them why they don't know what they are doing there is a thief who listens to the testimony opened his heart opened his mind and He asked Christ in his own words to save him.
The other thief closed his mind and closed his heart. One reached heaven, the other reached hell, but both arrived with a good testimony of the Gospel, both the thief who entered glory and the thief who entered hell that can be said that about us now the intimidating thing about this first letter we are in one of seven the intimidating thing about this first letter is that this church I don't know if in the history of the church there has been, there will be a church that has had, I don't know if the word is there, a cast of preachers and leaders like the one that Paul passed by.
He had a shorter first visit Priscilla and Aquila were there, in fact it is thought that they were the founders of the church. Paul returns in a Second time he spent three years there Apollos a powerful man in word Timothy Pictish and finally John the apostle I don't know if there has been a church with a better curriculum than this one I don't know if I'm going to see it in terms of its leaders in the church of Ephesus did not lack a resume, he knows that he lacked love for God and I believe that you and I have to remember that and the solution what his situation was Revelation two five remember underline that word remember therefore from where you have fallen and Repent and do the works What did you do at the beginning, meditate, stop, don't go so fast, don't want to, don't entertain yourself doing things and then lose sight of whoever is doing it, stop, think, meditate, remember where you were, remember how far I had elevated you, and look how far you have fallen, look at your condition. right now Repent there is still time there is something you can do and the warning if not I will come to you and remove the lampstand from its place if you do not repent this was not just any church you can read about the founding of this church in the book of Acts chapter 19 verse 10 says that from the church of Ephesus everyone who lived in Asia was less heard the word of the Lord as many Jews as Greeks you are fleeing this church invaded the area geographically and guaranteed that everyone who lived in Asia does smaller all Turkey a good sized country they fled the gospel This is the first church that Christ addresses When the book of Revelation begins to be revealed and it is the first church that tells whoever has ears to hear what the spirit says the churches appear two seven at a personal level and then at the church level as pastors that we are, this this single letter calls us to sobriety and introspection, what was it that we read, whoever has ears, let him hear what the spirit says to the church of ephesus that is what it says what the spirit says to the churches in capital letters of forgiveness in plural to the churches in plural to all the churches of that time and to the churches of all periods of history the greatest of commandments has been said Here during the conference you know in the opinion of Jesus it is love for God the commandment that they violated the commandment with which they sinned while defending the gospel now if you and I lose our love for God if you and I have to check ourselves We have two paths and if we are Churches then Think about it in these organic terms if we are a church we have the paths we repent or close the church because otherwise Christ is going to do it in the words of Christ this church had fallen from an extraordinary height but the church that had been in La Cúspide in fact it is thought that the one that the church of Ephesus planted planted the other Churches On the other hand the church of Pergamos previously Listen to what it had done had faithfully kept the name of the Lord underlines the word faithfully and there was no denied his faith in Christ even in days of persecution in other words he has a better resume than us Because we have not yet been persecuted in the midst of persecution this church says Christ I know that you kept my name and I know that you were faithful in the midst of persecution but you were invaded by the idolatry of immorality Pergamum It was a city characterized by those two things immorality and idolatry similar to the large cities of our days that are trying to export their anti-values ​​and trying to force us to walk towards damnation in the direction that they go and enjoy Christ says that he knows about this church I know he says to the church I know that you are in the middle of Satan's throne no he is not sure we are not sure what Satan's throne meant but that was the condition of the city says I know where you are Unfortunately the idolatry of the city and the immorality of the city invaded you And you know what you did not discipline your members as happens today brothers it is not enough if you are a member of a church it is not enough to be faithful individually the church in general must ensure the holiness of those who belong to it.
That is the principle of discipline in Matthew 18 if I had your brother sin you not the pastor not the leaders not the counselor you dance rebuke so that The call of discipline to maintain the holiness of the church is a collective call of the church and the church of Pergamum is a good example that having been faithful in the midst of persecution there is a time when you stopped disciplining your members and the Immorality and idolatry invaded the church, which is why Christ tells us in one of his final sermons regarding the time of the end that Matthew records in chapter 24 and 25.
He who perseveres to the end will be saved, it is not he who was faithful in the past and that they persecuted him and he did not deny the faith because if he denies it later in some way it showed that he was never really from us Because at one moment he behaved in a way but eventually he left us and when he left us he left evidence that It was never ours, it is the permanence in the truth on the path of truth until we enter Glory, the only clear indisputable evidence that we are truly children of God.
He who perseveres to the end will be saved. What you did in the past does not count for you. the future That was the church of Pergamum the church of tiara something similar happened to it Listen to what Christ says to this church I know your works there is la la the recognition of its good work in the past Your love that is what I profess lost I recognize your works your love your faith your service and your perseverance I recognize even says Christ That your recent works are greater than the previous ones Wow what happened to you because I don't know if Christ would say about all of us I know your works your love your faith your service your perseverance What's more, I know that what you have done recently is better and greater than what you had done in the past but I have a problem with you is that in your membership you have a woman there whose name is or who is called here Jezebel like the wife here who had 450 prophets problem of this church knows what the tolerance was let me read it to you however I know your works I know your faith I know your love I know that your recent works are greater than the previous ones however in certain regions of our country I would say more, however, I have against you, listen to the fact that you tolerate tolerance of Jezebel, that woman who claims to be a prophet deceives my servant with her teaching.
Because she induces them to commit sexual immoralities and eat food sacrificed to her children, what does she do? there, intolerance is not a revered value, what is fashionable is tolerance that today has been redefined, it is how I had people who have a lifestyle and non-biblical values. And you are under the obligation, says this new definition of tolerance. to not only accept them as people but to accept their lifestyles and validate them regardless of whether they contradict everything that the counsel of God says. That is the tolerance that today's society wants. Tolerance in the not-so-distant past basically talked about of tolerating people Because they were bearers of the image of God with the intention that perhaps they could come to believe without validating their lifestyles or validating their anti-values ​​sardis had not only fallen, he died Christ says you are dead this church was full of unbelievers is dead there is nothing to do Now I can't say Oh sarry died next what is it no I have to ask myself what kills a church because what kills a church what kills me because the church we are a group of individual people in the first place the church dies when it stops preaching the word of God to preach opinion of men testimony of man testimony of people who converted that they are good and valid as long as my testimony of life comes to glorify to Christ and come to give color to the doctrine of Christ he said it in John 663 the words that he has spoken to you are spirit and they are truth if I stop preaching that I must teach that the church is going to begin to die second in second place a church dies When it begins to make peace with the world and stops confronting Sin we are going to cure it therapeutically here in here when the church confronts the world around it you know what happens the world persecutes you and attacks you because you are pointing out His sin that you think happened to Sarry Sardis was not persecuted, why persecute a dead person?
It is not the church that is trying to invade the world, to denounce the world and not make peace with the world. That is the church that is attacked. persecuted condemned criticized Woe to you and everyone speaks well of you I'm just saying Christ Yesterday they asked me at the meeting we had there with people who had traveled from abroad to come I had a couple of hours there of questions and answers how I dealt With the criticism on the internet, I have given them the reading. Charlie was not invading any brother territory, everyone says Juan, his first letter.
The power of the enemy has already been lowered. The enemy's territory is the world. God's territory is the church and the two main causes throughout history of the death of the church is liberalism on the one hand that invades the church but invades the church liberalism invades the church When that church stops believing in an inerrant infallible authoritative word because when you stop By doing that you lost the authority that the word has not only to confront our thought forms but also to correct our course and to dictate our lifestyles and the second cause of death in the history of the church of those that have already passed. have been buried It is that the church begins to want to be accepted by the world, it begins to copy the patterns of the world, as is happening in the West, as the churches have been sadly dying.
Unfortunately, our sister from the North As I have called for years now what en The United States closes seven thousand churches every year 7,000 the church every month and our sister North there are fifteen hundred pastors who resign from the ministry 50 a day eighteen thousand a year you tell me pastor these statistics are inflated Ok it's not eighteen thousand it's nine thousand There are too many They are still inflated Okay it's not nine thousand it's four thousand five hundred divide by 12 so you can see how many there are monthly it's still too much the number The Odyssey was classified as lukewarm and someone could say well at least it's not dead well the problem is What Christ says is that you are lukewarm.
Vomiting your condition makes me nauseous. It's not even like your condition makes me vomit. I'm not going to make you voluntarily vomit because you are neither lukewarm nor hot. In fact, as a church, you are a proud and believe you are self-sufficient because you say I have become rich and I seriously need nothing and Christ says let metell you how I classify you you are miserable worthy of pity poor blind and naked but the church is below us look what we have look how we have grown look at our budget Look how all things are satisfied we Hey abundance is evidence that God is with us and He says no, you are miserable, worthy of pity, poor blind and naked.
Since when do you understand that Bonanza is always associated with my blessing? Now the incredible thing is that even in that state of lukewarmness, Christ gave him hope. Listen to what they expressly tell him. I reprimand discipline. To everyone I love, be zealous and Repent still has something you can do I haven't vomited on you yet do something make a decision The Odyssey was a church that was materially rich but in spiritual poverty the worst poverty of an individual is not material it is spiritual and the best or greatest wealth of a person in a church is not material, it is spiritual, one of the great differences in this letter.
The odyssey in the message that the spirit has brought to her is that Christ had nothing good to recognize from the other Churches. He told her some good and beautiful things Christ said nothing to her or someone could say pastor but if she wasn't dead like sardis like being lukewarm isn't so bad well we have to pause and ask ourselves who is a lukewarm person on the one hand we could say a lukewarm person He is someone who identifies as a Christian but does not live the Christian life therefore when he lives out there he confuses the rest of the world because he identifies with Christ But he lives as if he were the son of Satan that is why he would not have preferred the cold or hot if you are hot everyone knows that you are a Christian and you live as such if you are cold you the message that you are not a Christian live as such the cold does not compromise my gospel or my name or my cause or my church all the The world knows that he does not belong to it.
He is the lukewarm. The lukewarm is the person who Hears the message preached and says Oh, if Peter had here. What a pity that Juan did not come to this conference or the person who Hears says the same thing. I know him. Well. I don't know, I don't know if you know him or don't know him, but if you know him, then live it or say, Hey, what Pastor tells you, that's not the case. He preaches like that, therefore that person never applies the truth that he hears, the lukewarm person believes something and never believes. So that this message of salvation is for him or her we have testimony from people in that pastor.
I have been in the faith for about 15 or 20 years but now I became one of the evangelism conferences of one of the congresses of I know that a Baptist pastor stopped to preach and said something, I think the broken pastor told me that story now that I'm thinking about some time when he stopped to preach and said I want to say something And the thing is that before preaching the word you have than to be a Christian And then he preached today they are called salvation like thirty pastors and leaders became converted the lukewarm person sees the sin of the other easily but he does not see his own he sees others always below his spirituality that person has the eyes open but heart closed has a mind that works but is hardened two Churches that were not rebuked smir night Philadelphia is like a pastor of Don't give us air pastor Give me air Smyrna a poor church Christ says you are materially poor but you are spiritually rich everything the opposite of the odyssey but I can't continue I have to ask myself So what makes a poor church materially rich spiritually because perhaps what it has is what I have is what I need a church is spiritually rich when He has love for God and he has a relationship with God where the circumstances around him do not affect his state of mind nor do they affect his commitment to faith.
A church is spiritually rich when it maintains its holiness in the midst of persecution. A church is spiritually rich when you can see. that has an attachment to the scriptures And they do not relativize it is that a church like the church of Thessalonica when Paul writes to him that Paul says in chapter one of the church of Thessalonica that his faith had been made known here already in Macedonia and even furthermore, he did not have to say anything about them because his reputation already preceded him. But that chapter one, chapter two of First in your Thessalonian then says because when you received the word of God, you received it as what the word of God is and not the word of men that made that church the type of church that they were and when they received this that was not relativized no That says that is what the pastor says Only that he thinks that is his opinion but I really understand this text what it means That text says for me, if the text says that for you and for no one else, the problem is with you because the spirit did not inspire a letter for someone personally.
A church is spiritually rich when it depends on the Lord and not on his resources. A church is rich spiritually when they have grace to recognize the grace that God has given them and recognize that everything they have has been received by grace without deserving absolutely anything of what they received. Already those poor brothers from Smyrna God tells them that because of their faithfulness you will be persecuted But how is it going to be but come on and then not only that you say that in fact some of you will be thrown in prison Apocalypse two days with which you and I must conclude Faithfulness does not exempt me from persecution In fact I would say that fidelity guarantees you persecution Ah well, but if that's the case, then I'm unfaithful guarantees you condemnation.
The church of Philadelphia, the Lord recognizes their fidelity because they kept their word and did not deny the faith even though it was a small church because to that fidelity of the Philadelphia church Christ says but I am going to open a door for you, I am going to open a door of opportunity for you to manage like when Paul said when he was in Ephesus in Ephesians in Ephesus that he was not going to leave there because he He has opened a big door Christ tells him I have opened a bet for you for a door so that he can minister and he promises to preserve them now some Yes I knew that at least one in seven had to have something without difficulty he promises to persevere them like through the suffering Apocalypse three days but how he is brother has never been has never been different Joseph ends up in a pit first sold by his brothers and then ends up in prison for being faithful Daniel ends up in a pit with lions his three friends end up in a fiery furnace I haven't finished more than a year locked up yet.
You know how many animals I can't imagine the smell in there for more than a year. Christ ends on the cross. I'm going to preserve you through suffering so that you and I should remember that Christ will never leave us. He promised never to be preserved to take us out of the trial but to be with us until the end of the world if you are in the fire there will be one more with you in the fire if he is in the den with the lions there will be one more with you in the den with the lions if you are behind of the bars there is one more with you in there but he has never promised to get us out of.
On the contrary, what Christ wants is for you and I to glorify him in the worst circumstances. If there is a place where my Glory can be seen, it is in the extreme weakness in the that you incur and in which I then preserve you in weakness and where you bear witness to me in the worst possible circumstance and where you say I am not going to prostrate myself in front of that statue and if I prostrate myself and they throw the oven at me fire let it be so the words of Paul to Timothy 25 years 25 years before more or less began to be fulfilled listening to second Timothy three twelve all those who want to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted brother there are not many things that Christ says I guarantee you no There are certainly many things that he guaranteed me, among them that if you want to live piously you will be persecuted, pastor.
But how is that so? That prophecy has two thousand years of faithful fulfillment and I, you and I have to remember it at this moment, you know why. Because all the Analysis suggests that persecution is on the way and persecution is what purges the church of its sins. At the same time, it is what strengthens the church. It is what separates the meek from the runaways. It would be us or the men from the boys who would be the warning to each church was Repent or Prepare for the consequences on an individual level brother Repent or tighten your belt for the consequences humacao in one of his messages about these Churches precisely said the church has to repent before we wait for the nations to repent I it is impressive the number of Christians who are complaining about the world about how the world is going about the conditions of the world but do not live in a state of spirituality that can be worthy of their calling worthy of the Gospel as Pastor McCarthy says if the church wants to call the world to repentance to repent first as a church and Peter had said it in essence what we are trying to repeat with other words what Peter had already warned Listen to what Peter writes to his followers because it is time for the judgment to begin in the house of God Of course, that's where it has to start.
I've always said the truth. I can't tell you that here is the Bible verse to point you to it, but I have always said that the general condition of a nation has more to do with the spiritual state of the church over which the name of Christ is invoked with that with the general state of said nation because they cannot repent because they do not know Christ they do not know the gospel they do not have a standard of holiness because their only brake is conscience and the moral law that is written in your hearts but if you do not have your conscience the moral law written in your heart and the spirit of God who raised Christ from the dead dwelling in him to stop it empower you and live in obedience to Christ the church cannot entertain itself condemning sin of the world or condemning sin what is outside When we tolerate or neglect sin what we are inside cannot in fact Paul warned us when he wrote to the Corinthians and says we judge what is inside first Corinthians five two and three God will play those outside and judge them.
We have nothing to do with judging her, brother. The times in which we found ourselves reveal a moral hemorrhage, an arrhythmia of the heart of many believers and a generalized muscular weakness due to a lack of passion. The spiritual muscle is weakened because there is no passion for Christ the hemorrhage is moral the arrhythmia of the heart is spiritual and belongs to the believer and the general weakness therefore you and I need to return to God these are turbulent complex times characterized by an increase in rejection of the truth of God and an increase in the rejection of biblical morality the Trail of Christian leaders that has fallen in recent years should remind us here of what we are here as pastors and leaders remind us that I have to preach the word of God to myself first before preaching it to the church this word has to confront my sins my lifestyle my pride my jealousy my envy every sin you can think of this word has to confront that in my life and Paul Paul said the same thing to the elders of the church of Ephesus when he called them to the city of Miletus when he was on his way to Jerusalem and did not have time to get there and he sent him to look for Miletus and told him to take care of himself and the doctrine.
Take care of yourself first and then you take care of the doctrine your heart and mine has a natural inclination towards sin your heart and mine has a natural inclination that can be resisted but it has a natural inclination away from God And that is the reason why the mind has to continually speak to it to the heart because the heart If we use the heart as the representation of my emotions it will always tell you what it wants to do what it wants to do what it longs to do what it is crazy to do and your mind has to tell the heart Yes that's okay It is what you want to do but this is what you must do because this is what I learned when Miguel's eyes read the word Unfortunately the word repentance has been disappearing from the pulpits I know that you do not know this author Richard But he is famous to see several weighty things written in one of his books about the Kingdom of God in America in North America says liberalism is guilty of preaching listen to a God without wrath who brought sinless men into a kingdom without judgment through administration of a Christ without a cross not to say that again and without drama reading it again brought tears to my eyes liberalism is guilty of preaching a God without wrath who brought sinless men to a kingdom without judgment through the administration of a Christ without a cross, if it is not necessary to preach about sin, much less will it be necessary to preach about repentance.
What am I going to repent of if I am not talking about sin? That is the church today, brothers, this this letter was sent to seven stars again. Most Orthodox academic scholars understand that these seven stars, due to the context and the way the letter is written, represent seven leaders of those churches or seven pastors. If you are a pastor, imagine, I'm going to imagine it with you. Now that Sunday What's coming if you are a member of any church Imagine that next morning, Sunday, that each of us who are pastors is going to open one of these letters, the one you want, and is going to tell the church that you read it first last night and it turns out that the letter is first for you because you will then read it to others and that the things that are said here are what Christ told usAs pastors, the spiritual condition of the leadership of a church is vital so that God wants to bless the life of the church frequently.
How does leadership go? This is how people go, you get that. A disciple is not greater than his teacher and every disciple when trained well will be equal. that his teacher Luke six forty signed Christ a disciple is not older but the disciple is the same as his teacher when he is trained well in his book lead translated how to be a leader says more leaders fail because they have lost the battle for their own heart than for the changes of their theology or vision of the Gospel in fact it often happens that theological deviation is nothing more than a visible symptom of a heart that has gone astray what trip is saying if he had the mat of leaders that has fallen lately those leaders before fall before the world they believed in their heart and before deviating doctrinally their heart deviated in the direction of the world and usually where things begin is because of a cooling for God And as for the love of God but as you are a Christian You you know that should not happen and you tend to deny that your love for God is cold now as I know that my love for God is cold when I have coldness towards the things of God when the things of God no longer produce the same enthusiasm and the same passion that they produced before when in reality and I can tell you that from personal experience there should be a passion that increases in crescendo as we begin to understand the truths of God much better.
I see his holiness today much better than before. and I see it much more beautiful than what I could see before, that is, Pastor Ciurana talks a little about the beauty of Christ. Yesterday, I see his salvation and I see his grace with better eyes, in a bigger way, in a much more undeserved way today than what I saw before. I could see it before I I see the offers the blessings the promises of Christ I say Wow I cannot believe that this Christ is offering me the same thing that he inherited so that I may inherit it I see it better today than before so that if I am not experiencing a growing passion for the things of God I'm probably experiencing a growing passion for the things of God And that should be the first red flag that tells me you know you're losing your first love for the God who made you all these promises and gave you your salvation the walk of leadership of the church his lifestyle highlights his lifestyle that is not limited simply to the immoral part is how the leadership lives in relation to what is the glory of Christ his integrity his submission to God his meek and humble spirit his willingness to give up personal interests and personal desires in favor of the vision that God has given him for that church is vital for God to want to preserve preserve the health of that church repentance should be one of the hallmarks of a true Christian thesis number one of 95 by Martin Luther with the Lord Jesus Christ said to repent he meant to convey that you must live a life of repentance rarely rarely do I imagine that my end-of-day prayer has occurred Leave out a request of repentance rarely there usually is where I start every day because I know that the first commandment of the law of God I do not fulfill it every day no day and from there everything else you know What was the problem of the church of tiatira I told you, listen 221 that he already has all these problems of immorality and is tolerating that woman who is more than just knowing there he tells her I have given him time to repent and he does not want to repent of his immorality You think it is possible that God has given you once said I am giving you time to repent of your immorality But you are not doing it you are not just giving up pornography we have been doing this for three years But you don't want to But it could be something else and the reason why Many times we do not want to repent, it is because my state of spiritual insensitivity leads me to the conviction that I am not so bad before God to the extent that I have a church to which I belong, my religious activities convince me that I am not so bad. far from God I also tend to see the achievements of the past and I say I imagine that I read the Bible every year that I read it we tend to glorify the past seven churches and only two celebrating to be corrected and warned of a possible discipline certainly There is nothing new from more or from the sun it is always a minority some of these brothers were preserving in the midst of the worst circumstances persecution and lack trusting in the promises of Christ and you and I have to do the same for when our time comes note I didn't say for if our time comes not when our time comes we need to be alert for when our time comes not to be one of those who retreat but of those who are willing to follow The example of Christ do you remember what Christ said When he thought about his crucifixion, my time has come or the hour of my glorification has come.
Well, when our time comes, how are we going to copy the example of Christ, we are going to say my time has come, so that with my life I can glorify Christ, even if it is difficult for me. the shedding of blood, the author of Hebrews, speaking about the people who had been persecuted and so on, at one point says how to get rid of all the weight and sin, but later he tells you, but you have no complaints because you have not yet had to shed blood In other words, until I shed blood, no matter how difficult the circumstances get, do not complain.
Brother, remember, there is no Glory without a cross. If there is something that the reformers insisted on, it is that the Church of Christ has to be continually reformed and the reason why they insisted that the Church of Christ had to be continually reformed is because of the natural tendency of the human heart to distance itself from God. And that does not exclude us and therefore the human heart does distance itself. the church is moving away And therefore we need to review the church because without realizing it we are going adrift. Imagine someone who I remember, I had this experience, of course, not with the severity that has happened to another until he died but while he was little.
I was on the beach playing with my cousins ​​and little by little what they call in English undertale, the current that goes underneath, there is a current that goes above that you see with the waves, but there is one that returns underneath, it dragged me towards Back that happens in the spiritual life the current below is the current of the world and you are having fun things look good you are having a good time there swimming playing with your peers but there is a current that without you realizing it is taking you backwards through there someone on the shore the spirit of God who is calling you, warning you and when he sees you moving away he begins to tell you make the greatest effort to return Do everything you can Make an effort come back Don't wait any longer and some have drowned along the way really what Christ wants is that when he returns he finds a church that lives a life worthy of his calling that is what Christ is waiting for and the only way you can do that is if you make a commitment As one of our songs says where you can go my loyalty and my devotion are for you all my loyalty all my devotion above everything else are for you the spirit in the same way that he left us this message he told us some other things before closing and he told us not only in this book not He said along the way he the spirit prepared us or taught us How to prepare for the coming of Christ and gave us precise instructions Listen to what Jesus said while he was still here among them in Mark Thirteen thirty-three be alert first thing because they don't know when that time when it is the appointed time so that all this call to repentance of the churches of Revelation be alert because you do not know if I arrive today or tomorrow Peter.
On the other hand, who tells us who sees that all these things have to be consumed by fire listen now what kind of person you should not be in Holy conduct and in Piety in view of the fact that all this is going to happen in the blink of an eye at the last trumpet when the judgment comes in view of that and since you do not know when What kind of person do you think we should be? Peter says in Holy Conduct and Piety. Paul calls us to exercise ourselves for Piety, but the spirit calls us to wait with joy for the arrival of a new heaven on the New Earth, recognizing that the first heaven and the first land they passed listen Then how he encourages us in every tear from his eyes will play and there will be no more death nor there will be more mourning or clamor pain or pain because the first things have already passed he who sits on the throne says or says I do new all things and added write because these words are faithful and true those words are part of the last message of the Spirit of the churches because through the book of Revelation he is trying to close the revelation of God and you find now then that in Revelation 22:17 before closing before finishing Listen to what the spirit says and the wife or bride depending on your translation they say come with this the spirit was expressing the desire that it has and that we should have as a church to see this stage of the redemptive history concluded in such a way that we the Redeemed can join together with The Redeemer And at this moment he who has ears is no longer saying, let him hear, these are not different words, now he already said that Listen to what he says now there will come a time when everything has already been said And this is what the spirit says now in Revelation 22 from ten to twelve he also told me do not seal the word of the prophecy of this book because the time is near not at six no do not finish yet listen now after you warn and say and preach the truth that the Unjust continue to be injustices that the impure continue to be impure that the just continue to practice justice and he who is Holy continue to keep himself Holy therefore I come quickly and my reward is with me to reward each according to his work I am The Alpha and the Omega the first and the last the beginning and the end seventeen and the spirit and the wife say Come and to him who Hears say Come and he who thirsts come and he who has and he who desire that I drink freely of the water of life brothers, do you long for Christ to return or are you so in love with this world that you really do not want to leave this world until certain things in your life come to pass until I get married until I have children until that I have grandchildren until I have my house that I have until I know the five continents as someone told me on one occasion I would like Christ to come but after I know Europe but you are relaxing me, that is, human eyes have not seen I heard, they haven't heard, but you seriously want to go to Europe.
That speaks to how attached I am to this life in a certain sense, brother, he's on his way. You have to prepare to meet him. You can't be wasting time on trivialities like this. world when he comes and you meet him Then not before your longings will be satisfied your doubts will be dispelled your fears will disappear your questions will be answered your tears will be dried your three sadness will turn into joy and all your emptiness will be filled So not now we have to have the correct eyes or expectations of this world but if you can look at the promises and greet them from afar as you would have received them As did the Heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 then you will be able to say along with the spirit come come Lord Jesus and when That happens then every eye will see Him every knee will bow every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord every eye will see Him every tongue will confess Him every knee will bow and everyone will confess Jesus is Lord so that you and I with the spirit we have to say Come Lord Jesus come soon Maranata we long for you we wait for you do not delay and in view of the fact that he is coming What kind of person you and I should be in Holy conduct and in Piety father thank you Thank you for your promises Thank you for the certainty of the same Thank you because you not only confront us, you first love us and then confront me in your love because you want to spend time with me because you want me close and not far away because you love me without consequences because you want me free because you want me in joy and because You want me to always return from where I am straying to the path where I was, Lord, cultivate in us an ever-increasing longing for your spirit through your spirit an ever-increasing longing for Christ and I can think of Christ longing for Christ Search for Christ wanting to look like Christ imitate Christ talk about Christ as a fruit of having the image of Christ carved in me through the power of the spirit that inspired the scriptures AND that today USES the same scriptures to shape my mind and my walk in your name and For your glory we have preached amen

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