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El kompayaso motivando ando en ttmt mejores momentos con el perdón de los derechos de autor

Apr 29, 2023
it gives you more life This is a real And why my love I grew up putting a towel on my head microphone was a broom singing your songs you fall let me give you a little kiss my love we have something in common he and I that they told me in hypnotics you you're terrifying me of the screenshot because you don't like it account since I was little I'm more afraid of him than he is of me and get out of there no well here why don't you give life a nice wish for the first time something positive Well I don't want a long one I'm changing my mind, how handsome you are, bastard, right, forgive me for telling you, but if you know, no, man, you're going to have me when you see me naked, allow me now, it turns out that you are publicly changing me for life. cup your hands maybe now fear at what point did they throw fear at the clowns after today This has been the best thing that could have happened to me I am no longer nervous Thank you very very very very very well and I hope it goes for you very well in this contest and in life as an artist God first Of course yes Ah let's give him the 100,000 and let's go celebrate let me give you a kiss it's crap Ah stop there love this beautiful moment I don't want him to break it with his congratulations nonsense I give you my pass and I am very proud of you Congratulations my love nine years and I live here in Wasco California I am married and I have four beautiful children you work in the fields so I worked many years in the fields and from the age of 13 I have already been 15 I have been singing in the choir of my Christian church for years and I feel that the people and the Lord like my voice very much, the Lord in his infinite mercy, but we are not from here on earth. kids In fact, I think your children need each other more at home, right?
el kompayaso motivando ando en ttmt mejores momentos con el perd n de los derechos de autor
Get ready for a It's okay guys, at first I'm surprised that they put him out like that, he just gave his soul to the Lord. What I want to know is that since you gave your soul to the Lord What are you going to do with the body Hey your microphone Lover this that you will do professional wrestler we take wrestling for me it is the most beautiful sport that exists and what is your professional name that I invite you to come to the scene no obviously not with me with Candy Candy your name is mate yes you will meet him Oh what a thrill I give it to you do you want to take a perfect fighter because I'm going to teach you some positions very good old man here talkative No already already poor guy that's it I want to remove this no no no no no no let's see if I don't get cancer mom Oh God leave it leave it on top wow nine months with all due respect I just do feel like I'm dying You destroyed my daughter some nurse here maybe you too in the nurses I need artificial respiration mouth breathing I'm dying no No but better the hairs are healthy girls you have the pass so you already know four passes he is jumping Be careful eh It's not that they look good on him eh Yes they look good on him I want to tell you that you are a very beautiful woman very talented but if you intimidate the truth she can be sweet with a man she also has my pass five passes please production let her pass quarterfinals finals please Almost almost 5 Ah Well I like older guys don't be mean get along this to my dressing room and we'll see each other there until you throw in the towel that's a stalker she's going to give you a gift you're not funny eh oh no what an impressive act I give her my pass crystal came to sing one of Shakira nobody understands her jokes and the I really want to get an idea of ​​what I can do here because I'm going to make the beads Play music for me dad get out of here This is a clown yours La Movida yours La Movida Get out of here I say bear Take this guy please very pretty but I don't know how you do it because I see that he moves his mouth but I don't know how he manages to sing about the truth and we're out of here we fight and glass is not enough for you daughter Diana Bárbara was also afraid and not necessarily because of hitting but because of the compayaso and when he I saw I was very scared Why don't you give life a nice wish if something was a long a long life When I sang The truth was a surreal experience it was so nice even with the clown I don't fit so badly anymore and we are no longer friends the truth I did not know how difficult and risky this program was and here I am once again risking my life for 100 thousand dollars I think it will turn out well take into account by the VIP Jury they are very special everyone knows about music the only thing they don't I know it's what those two cholos do there in the middle Ah sorry he's the perfect Quintero Don't go now man who invited him you invited him life we ​​live together from week to week I'm still with you how are you Look you did very well on social networks Last time thank God We're going to ask for a better turn back turn How does it feel do you feel look look he gets more nervous that the clown is here to run him no no it's not okay for him to stay there like that now yes nerve Yes he goes let's sing I'm going to put the nerve on him Shut up because I'm fed up surprise us with tonight's piece just remind us you have a lot of talent Talent of course move thanks thank you I had too many expectations and a little is true life remember I don't care what happens, tonight I'm going to give you a pass to the semifinals, let's see Horacio Palencia, someone serious, do you want to say something?
el kompayaso motivando ando en ttmt mejores momentos con el perd n de los derechos de autor

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el kompayaso motivando ando en ttmt mejores momentos con el perd n de los derechos de autor...

Bravo, of course, little tuning errors, whatever, but the potential that you have is great and I would like to compose a song so that you can feel the Lord who is there on one side and your black flower does not have to carry it because it seems like a cow ok Yes like Sorry I have never sung in front of an audience but my best friend has motivated me and also told me that I had the talent to sing Hey you look like you are a big fan of Ana Bárbara too Yes today I want to do and started a fan and you start to get annoyed because they are asking you about the wardrobe they are seeing that you are making an effort you don't know but the Lord has an empty closet since he came out of it true outside many outside outside Oh life I feel ugly because it didn't start at all bad but since the Bee Gees remember where it says that he has to motivate people Well I'm motivating him to leave quickly before his mother passes him because what he just did come, little brother I'm with you I wonder what they do with clown Here it is true that he makes jokes because I am here supporting my family family from what kind of families of fame is he hanging from since our okis is here and better motivate him life Victoria my life there is 100 thousand dollars yes Good luck my love a clown please let's see a great voice please Look Victoria you're a great singer I don't want you to do it wrong I don't think I'm misunderstanding I think this song wasn't the best choice for a yogurt because you tell her that song Look at the song says There are cigars pell on you So I want I wanna everybody with the guy to make Don Cheto Boo yes it's the only thing nothing more I don't even grab from there because I already met him Well okay mommy daddy I adore you and you have an exceptional voice I have one little question Forgive me, is this relationship with that real?
el kompayaso motivando ando en ttmt mejores momentos con el perd n de los derechos de autor
Imagine that right now I have an infection in my lungs and I'm getting it, eh? You too, life, it's true that you know how to imitate the clown. you tell a joke this guy you will never get rid of from now on I tell you from experience my only blessing look at him there I speak like a clown Well give yourself a hug a clown because we are working eh look at you in your house fourth place goes to he with the clown the clowns at least what I had here by your side has come out and we are going to see the best moments of the clown during the season they are watching this video I want to say that I lost all those people who saw my participations who laughed It was amusing that you enjoyed it but despite that you did not vote for me in particular Thank you very much children of your father the one who gave birth to you I wish instead of giving birth to you they would have given us a cat so that it would get muddy in the cup and pull it until they got stuck and all the people they have for not having voted for me came out Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah you couldn't say goodbye Without insulting you for what I just said otherwise we would already be stuck at home you laughed a lot with him with the clown and He has also been very scared I managed with the clown there is a character who has a lot to offer the public who likes this his type of comedy that this is the beginning of something big that can bring a lot of satisfaction to whoever it is that he is behind that ugly mask, maybe even uglier than the one I see him sad, you can't throw a joke as well as to say goodbye with and leave us in the mood good joke farewell joke let's see wait wait wait wait wait Let's see, we're all very well.
el kompayaso motivando ando en ttmt mejores momentos con el perd n de los derechos de autor
I don't think one is needed to relieve tension. At the time of the video, I can tell a little joke, it's more like remembering this whole story of bananas and papallas a little bit. Well, what happens is that I was going to tell you the of the donkey but it is very long with bananas This was a prince who lived in a kingdom where everything was happiness except he who had a lonely banana decided one day the prince to go out into the world to get a tender papaya for his banana and he found sleeping beauty and he said wake up you idiot you know what this is Sleeping Beauty waking up said of course I was just dreaming about that it's a banana the disappointed prince retired to another kingdom and found the Little Red Hood and said to the hood hood hood put on the muse Look what Is this Do you know what it is The little hood pulled her hood and seeing that she said yes I know it's a little mushroom the moved prince said this girl doesn't know anything at all just what I need he took her to his castle he married her and in the night said to him, Look, Little Red Riding Hood This is not a little mushroom Little Red Riding Hood saw it and turned to him and said yes That is a little banana mushroom the one with the big bad wolf Well oh oh with clowns you couldn't leave without the motivation of the clown motivating I am enchanted edge I am more of a shepherd than all Jury congratulate and it shows You can tell that you are my fan because you come with makeup just like me Hahaha From which part of Colombia, Manizales Well there is not such good material there but you said something no but I brought What more do you want because it doesn't make me inhale it How can they record with this funny guy Hey those who are there are your babies Oh oh oh this thing that you are here has arrived because you can defend me from him right I love you child don't fight here I want to say that you don't know but she comes well prepared she was sewing the carpet all night to make her dress that's why they look beautiful and a canduve because I put a lot of decoration on it to begin with What are you doing there in fact I want to take advantage of what is there in the cameras to say that I am kidnapped by the Favela family and there are others missing you are the land where I will rest what happened what happened there save me to also support Navarro I don't need anything please get off there take me away from here please fronton what he told him like this to make beans the compact the inspiration to the compayaso That is the light Favela that I wanted to see crazy people in this world that is why the Favela saved them not for that reason happy always put my style my way of singing to the songs today keep doing it forward and let me tell you one thing, sir, the note that really matters is the note that you are going to take with you 100 thousand dollars The truth is the truth And what's more, you know that we invite you on Wednesday night I have talents Diana Gretel is a great singer it would be like the comparison I eat with Chimoltrufia in your mouth What are your opinions I loved the truth it's like huh I don't know of a look like Mysterious calm down it's already busy Let me talk take it away he separated it that's why he put the sign in front of me I mean I put you well tonight at my house and I love it like this please help us Carlos because this is so serious At this moment I feel like what can save him tonight the expectations that with a song that fits his tone and in his well-chosen way to arrive to make a good semifinal This is for the next time because I'm going to return Lord tells us Hey you have to see if the master song comes or not The Lord is very bad with clown if the song is well chosen How they put the colony turkey neighborhood godmother picked up a song in the tone of a man and we already need a substitute for Paquita from the Sinaloa neighborhood Don't mess with clowns Exactly I'm defending you clown take away the microphone Sorry silence there sorry with all my children now yes say now yes say The whole family supports you Thank you very much for those who are missing They were worth it mother I vote for you And what I liked most about this act is that they put him in his place clown with clown we already know who is the mother of the colleague last name Bravo Exactly That's it what the gato family is doing here what happens is that we are here to talk about art sorry well he more or less danced because well he had to take off his clothes so I fight him but yes man the compa dances but this time I tell you something He doesn't come because he has an attitude, he has a dancer and he has no bar and the dude and he dances cool and if the beautiful emotional one I want your comment what do you like most about Eduardo Uy well where do I start from which part do you want above or below what is it What do you like most about Eduardo?
The socks. Your heart. The truth is that without feelings we have beautiful feelings and I think that this is what mainly matters in human beings.feelings you don't like him He does like her she would like him to like her she's saying that the most important thing are feelings and if she wants to feel what is this man please let's end this please yes she danced if she moved but don't let me find out Because then they do faint Yes, surely a question before I left, someone else saw the freelancers as soon as I was out of here and man, why did the bull humiliate you, eh, get out of here, bald, it seems to me that the song was too great for you.
I don't see what You have reached the important notes, eh, it's difficult, it's a contest and I don't know, I'm not the pass, it can't be brother, well, what are we paying for? even fish smells sir even fish smells it means that it comes well prepared It's more even Úrsula brought teddy bear we're going to do something Úrsula that's going to put legs and I'll separate it for you funny name sir you can get out of here detained Well well then a the best she was a showgirl because she was pretty but on the microphone Ana Bárbara hit the nail on the head what she told her she doesn't have peace tonight and Joana see you next time Johana thank you thank you she couldn't leave without the motivation of the compayaso motivating


don't you Don't worry, I don't like singers because they rap faster, of course, let's see, I want to see the capacity you have, I want to make you a VIP and for you to make the fastest machine gun you can, it impresses Don Cheto, ready, ready, you couldn't leave without the motivation of the con clown motivating my job here is to give you inspiration and motivation I think rapping well you don't need it what I would like to motivate you is to stop scratching the walls in the corridor and not jumping around at all dedicate yourself to music and like rapping quickly Go away a lot Don Cheto didn't fall on the track but his arms fell and his sense of humor There Ah ah Outside you with papayaso So I had a central office and you had to go out to be jealous because Ana Bárbara kissed me because she talks like that well I'm not here jealous but now I want you to give me a kiss just here not little ones

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