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Apr 28, 2023
e and each of us will rise a power capable of creating universes and if all we can do is imagine and what is imagined needs to manifest and if we will connect with a part of us where nothing is impossible are three questions that we will find in the last book by


samsó our guest and in pandora's box and in álex communicates the code of the manifestation the twelve powers to make your wishes come true which in the words of raymond himself will confirm it to us is your best book to date not the most complete book you've done been if the deepest and also the most important most important not for me most important because it has an important knowledge for everyone noise for my important knowledge to succeed in everything that we consider in all areas of our life therefore we are going to the key question is not because we are unsuccessful, because we are failures.
el codigo de la manifestacion con raimon samso
Well, it should be qualified what failure means because in reality failure and success are mundane concepts, they are just ideas, but I know what you mean, not achieving what is not proposed, that is because, but go for it. In front of saying that no human being is a success or a failure, those are only two concepts, any human being is perfect, whatever his life is and whatever he achieves, but having said that, I understand what you are saying and we understand by failing to succeed in achieving or not the things that we want in this existence, well, the answer would be short and quick, people do not get what they want in life because they are renouncing the power that they can believe to create it and what is the power that one can create it by their authentic identity human beings are 100% unaware of who they are and how they are unaware of who they are unaware of the power that can manifest their desires, the power that can be manifested, that is, people already believe that they cannot make themselves impotent, of course we have a deeply rooted belief that it is that we are impossible and who can think that, well, they can only think that a false and impotent identity one and an invented identity we call it ego when we put this name to people knows what I mean the human being identifies with a fictitious identity devoid of power and of course, from that starting point lacking power, it does not have the power to manifest things, what only that ego can do is fight and sometimes the ego achieves things based on a lot of suffering, a lot of struggle and a lot of insistence, but I believe that this It is not the way I believe that the way is to go back to remember who we are and with the power of that real identity of that spirit to create that which manifests that we want to manifest easily easily without only if all of life costs a lot since the business always has to sacrifice and make an effort if not like that, things don't always turn out the way you want to go, the question is who is who is that who wants that and we end up realizing that the ego always fights alone in competition with everyone else and from a lack of power Seen this way, it is normal that people do not end up getting what they want and if they do, it is at the cost of other things that they have to lose along the way and that is what I am raising here is the issue of getting what you want in life is resolved If you first solve the problem of identity when the human being knows who he is and recovers that identity and that power will be able to get the things he wants, but if we want to, if we insist on manifesting things from that fictitious and powerless position that is the ego, the things are not going to change from there you say in the book that one of the first steps above all is to stop being yourself if you stop being yourself exactly this advice that they have always given us is wrong like most of the advice we have received In that advice to be good yourself, the question is to what do you mean yourself because if you are referring to that yourself of your ego of your personality of your fictitious and invented identity I would tell you that it is the worst advice that you can be given I would tell you to stop doing that person that you have invented as soon as possible because because behind her there is that presence that spiritual being is capable of being omnipotent and eternal and that she can manifest everyone in the book precisely raymond difference in all concepts and I believe that It is a key differentiation to be able to understand everything that this book expresses and everything that we are really capable of being and of making a difference between consciousness and consciousness, and that sometimes we use it in the same way if we confuse the two terms and they are different if In some languages, the same word is used for both concepts, but for example in Spanish, I don't know that we are doing very well.
el codigo de la manifestacion con raimon samso

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el codigo de la manifestacion con raimon samso...

Consciousness has some other s and consciousness, not to give a quick explanation, I would tell you that consciousness is intellect, it is mind, it is a mental level. and there are several levels these levels obviously can be expanded and improved so to speak but that is not what we are that is a tool of what we are and what we are we are conscious with that consciousness they do not have levels they do not need they do not need be improved and perfected or expanded because consciousness is perfect and complete by itself, not then consciousness, which is the spirit, uses consciousness, which is intellect, to create in this world, but we must not identify ourselves with the mind, which is a tool of the spirit, which is what what we are then consciousness is what we really are consciousness we are consciousness with that pure in the midst of a material experience that we have created ourselves and in which we are playing hide-and-seek with ourselves for what I was saying before you end up rediscovering that we are not that ego that we use intensely that we use, however, we are the consciousness that is behind that inspiration that intention that is using a tool in this mundane environment how can I then experience that consciousness connect with it the easiest way would be to renounce everything that I am not, that is, to say a quick way, it is how I know what I am good for, first clarifying what you are not, if you are able to undress the lie, you will end up finding the truth.
el codigo de la manifestacion con raimon samso
People should start doing a daily mental exercise, repeating to themselves what I am not I am not my age I am not my marital status I am not my political beliefs I am not my religious beliefs I am not my stories my experience I am not what I studied I am not my job I am not etc. I am not a body and when one is capable to identify himself from all those things that he uses but that he is not, in the end he will end up with two very clear words and dry I am and that I am that because we cannot put more labels or more words that is consciousness presence spirit love divinity we can put labels but We cannot define what if we say that in fact it is one of the powers that you mention in your book, the manifestation code, which is the power of the I am I.
el codigo de la manifestacion con raimon samso
If one lives in the I am, he is aware that he already lives in the I am. there is no jealousy there is no envy there is no frustration there is no crisis things happen because you are in a mundane material environment but you no longer identify with them and they no longer affect you in the same way you no longer react you no longer react because you know you are living a movie a fiction a story a dream as has been said so much in mysticism and you keep dreaming maybe or you are still in the world but you are already in a lucid dream which is the theme of awakening what is called awakening in the East is being in the world but to know that you are not of it is to say if I am here he used a body I have a life but I am not really all that I am a spiritual being in a story in a much broader journey of all the things that happen to you here obviously affect you because Emotional ties are established with people's things but it no longer sinks you or you can experience difficult situations such as crises but they no longer fill you, they drag you down, you simply remind yourself that you are here that this is happening and you live it with learning with acceptance and transcending, that is to say, you go through the situation with that state of mind precisely, one can achieve everything that is proposed from consciousness if you can achieve everything clear because consciousness, note that it is unlimited, it is perfect, it is equanimous, it is infinite, it is eternal if it is It has all the qualities that abundance and prosperity have, so any intention just because it has been engendered has the possibility of being manifested.
I'm sure, Raymond, that many viewers of Pandora's Box and Álex Comunica will be eager to live in that state I want to live being conscious and really modify or create the reality that I want that how I do meditation what technical tools we have for it is good there is no need to do so much and be more and be more and let's forget now to do so many things because we have done many and most of them are not functional because the trick is to be, not to make belongings, it is to become become and what you want to manifest feel whatever it is what you want to manifest whether it was a reality recover your essential identity that presence that divinity to which we are mentioning no and lives everything lives everything from that position not some things and not others that is to say, let's not be spiritual on Sundays when we go to a religious service to say something and then Monday at work no longer Not even up to date is not spiritual.
I think we have to continually remind ourselves of that because what the world is going to do is make you forget it, because when people forget they go back to sleep and if they sleep they lose all their power we are in the process of waking up and fall asleep wake up and fall asleep because the world is and now anything to keep you sleeping in the world will take you to a collective hypnosis in which it is very easy to fall back into that dream you will turn on the television or listen to the radio the news you will talk with someone and you will believe again and put all your faith that all there is is this is this material reality and you will all forget about that spiritual reality which is much more significant than this in reality is the material and how during the day they are going to happen things that were that you forget who you are you are going to lose that power of manifestation well what would be our purpose to stay awake well first wake up obviously be you first there is only one goal in life you only have to wake up to wake up but then another comes because it comes Consequently, as a corollary, what is it?
Stay awake because it is very easy to go back to sleep and I insist that it would be like Morpheus in the Matrix movie that gives us a choice between the blue pill and the pink pill, yes which one we take the pink cell, well, the red one is clear. Exactly in the blue one he tells him you will take it and he will continue dreaming what you want to believe in in any story movie that this world offers you and you give it all the credibility in the world in the other one you will wake up but obviously you have to have that pill take it almost daily because I insist the world is very convincing the world contributes very apparently it eats a lot and then it is very passive little by little and I have seen many people who have conferences at seminars who have it clearly they see it clearly they feel it but when they go out and return home they forget it and the next day they are the same because that task of staying awake has to be a constant and as one wakes up where are the red pills where are the red pills they are everywhere they are a person a relationship a situation a crisis as we said before an illness a bankruptcy anything no the red pills are everywhere they are called to your attention so that you understand that this does not have any people decide to take it with or take it but the pills are there they are there for everyone some go take some new take but all will take them because the end of the story is written and the end of the story is that everyone wakes up everyone wakes up well it's no coincidence that movies and series have been so successful lately of zombies perhaps because we see ourselves reflected is what we see on the screen and I'm curious how we wake up and talk about it I want to wake up I want to wake up that everything that


does my thunder coach that's very curious that a zombie goes to the movies to watching a zombie movie is how it is repetitive, not a person who is asleep, there will be stories that remind them of their own history or that reaffirm their own history, that is, a person goes to the screen to see a zombie to think that the changes are normal or that they can exist because he looks at himself and I'm a zombie so what's happening here has to be true it's funny that people keep watching zombie movies or go to the movies to see horror movies to terrify themselves and realize fear when you already have enough fear in your life and if you do it I think it's like a dose of vitamins to reinforce that fear that you already have and I'm going to go to the movies to see a horror movie to reinforce the fear that I have not out unless they will wake up but with what you have to do to wake up basically know that it is an option know that it is an option but when you are in the dream you do not know that you are sleeping and if someone is talking to you in the dream about what can be done wake up you 9 you think because in the dream that is not an option but it is true that inside the dream there are like red pills sometimes it is a book in fact many times it happens through a book that is placed inside the dream so that the dream is become a lucid dream, that is to say, so that you wake up within the dream, which is the first step to awakening, convert the dream into its lucidity, then comes the awakening, but if not, if the dream does not become a lucid dream, you will never wake up because in deep sleep waking up is not an option, however, when something happens in a dream, it could be because you find a person, a situation, a book that tells you it is possible to wake upAt that moment you consider the option of waking up with which it is being a lucid dream and you say I am dreaming but now I know that I dream before I did not know it and from there you can control the dream even the awakening so what has to happen answering your question to wake up is to have a lucid dream and since I have a lucid dream taking one of the many red pills that are there precisely so that you can react to the dream in this book you will find a few pills of it although I say it from the manifestation by raimon samsó if it is not the only red pill there are many that by the way you can buy on amazon that is to say it is in ebooks they are hidden in amazon and also on paper I have to say that it is one of the books that he himself rereads with the incident Raymond is not from this book from time to time I speak real and I have written 17 books and 7 ebooks of my work is extensive and when I write them normally I leave them I never read them anymore and yet this book is one of the best a book that I re-read and that I always surprise myself with the things that I wrote I wrote things that I had ever thought of but I also wrote things in this book that I had never thought of let's see some of the powers because decorate what subtitle of the book is the twelve powers to make your wishes come true is what we want in the end carbon makes our wishes come true that as the genie of the lamp said, be careful what can be fulfilled if you have to be careful with your wishes too or not yes well of course why In other words, we are creative beings, the question is that we are creating what we want or what we do not want, what we put into the emotion, the attention and the emotion and the announcement, the emotion is super important, the emotion yes yes because the intention alone is not enough the emotion is the gasoline of the intention are one thing is to have a car but a car without gasoline does not run now if you put gasoline in the car that runs is the emotion of our intentions of our mind is res gasoline is when we put the emotion something that emotion can be positive or negative I want it I don't want it it doesn't matter if he wants it if he doesn't want it you are putting the gasoline when you put gasoline whether you want it or not you are making it run that is the emotion it would be one of the 12 powers in the book is mentioned in 12 powers today we are going to explain now we would not have time but for example this would be one of the powers of the 12 important powers the emotion there are many people who talk about visualizing putting intention to do things but in the Bottom line, emotion is much more powerful, of course, the question is how can I instrumentalize emotion because it is no longer very easy to manipulate or control the mind and I can change what I think but changing what I feel is already more difficult, and yet those Those who manage to feel in accordance with their desire end up expressing their desire because it is that emotion, it is very creative, it is very significant.
I already know that when you do not have something, feeling as if you had it is complex, you have to exercise your imagination, but If you know who you are and we remember that divine presence, there is no doubt that you are already what you have dreamed of and if you are already what you have dreamed of, nothing can separate you from what you have dreamed of, then I will tell people to feel like they are pretending and to feel like they have achieved what they want to pretend and to be a fake because in fact everyone who comes to planet earth is a fake and because he is because he is impersonating his divine identity with a false and heroic made-up identity that he has created for himself therefore it is a phony I wish something in all this than to feel as if I had it take it for granted take it for granted take it for granted and feel as satisfied and as happy as if it were already in I walk even if your senses do not see it, what you have to do is discredit your senses by telling it, I know that my eyes do not see it, my ears do not hear it, my body does not notice it, but my senses are deceiving me because I know who I am and I know that I am going to manifest it and I know that it is on the way to take it for granted in fact it is one of the powers or the power of assumption if I assume that I already have it that I am already there and there we stumble upon the law of assumption that I believe which is much more complete than the law of attraction the law of assumption goes much further basically because the law of assumption demands to know who you are the law of attraction not the law of attraction basically tells you to use your mind the visualization even the emotion mind says it but it does not require you to know who you are because basically it is as if you asked a magician to ask an external power for the law of attraction and yet the law of assumption requires you to know who you are because you You no longer ask a magician or anyone outside your king the magician is you the magician is you you do not ask you claim what is already yours notice that the law of attraction asks and the law of assumption claims but claims something that already it is yours because it is you who is manifesting it and if you ask for something in reality it is you are asking yourself from the feeling of lack announce you do not have it I do not have it someone has to give it to me and yet in the law of assumption in the manifestation the power is i am the power that creates universes and how can i create a universe i can perfectly create that that desire that i have whatever it is and then comes the power of abundant supply yes we will never lack for anything clear because you have connected with the source of abundance you are not praying to the source of abundance you identify yourself remember and tea and assume that source of abundance source abundance is you it is not outside of you with which the supply is already abundant but how do we do it How do we feel that the idea is abundant when, as you well explained before, the world returns us perhaps another reality or tells us no that it is very hard to reach the end of the month that they are all expenses that we do not have time for anything come on, this is a disaster is not saying how can I then feel that I am abundant when life the world tells me no well the world tells you what you have told it to tell you the world per se does not have a life of its own but is a reflection of a mirror of ourselves, of us as an individual and of us as a collective, not because the world is simply your state of consciousness materialized its state of consciousness materialized individually and collectively it is not deceiving you what it is teaching you is your past it is reflecting what you have thought and felt before, it is tremendously faithful to what you have given up to now, if you want it to give you what something else offers you, what you have to do is offer something else, but do not wait for your world change for as an example an example of I want to achieve something so I have to give is to explain how a particular example works but each one looking for theirs at some point in my professional career I decide that I want to be an international speaker so there are two options one is to do things the phone look for representatives start making calls travel do many things that tire and that can go well or can not go well they can come but they may not go well and then there is another option that the option is to apply the law of assumption and feel like a follower already outside he is still an international lecturer and that implies relaxing not getting tense no and not being lacking not looking at my world and thinking that something is missing to say it to think about it in silence for my mind and also to say it is to say that that moment arrives when The one that I begin to say to myself several times a day I am an international author and I say it to myself and I don't just say it to anyone else but when I spoke to someone at cesc they also mentioned the course of the business card I already did you can put but in a felt way in a false way and not say it I say but I don't think it I'm not sorry I don't believe it I don't feel it that is to say I think there is an anomaly out there because it is not reflecting the authentic authentic truth the truth is that I am a international lecturer so the world wakes up and you can begin to adapt to the new reality yourself in the problem study to me do not explain to me then from there it begins to occur with obsession to occur that people of the world whom I do not know and they start writing emails to summon me to organize and to call me to their countries I had contacted them not with it happens it happens they want like a godsend well someone thinks what I thought or someone looks at my photo on the internet and identifies an international speaker no I don't know what's going on, I don't need to know either, I just know that I have to maintain that emotion, that meaning of setting aside and then things start to happen and you started to travel internationally in your book, you say to give your inner being your affairs, of course, that's how it is, that is to say I want something for a goal I'm sorry and from there the universe acts of course imagine you you have a desire a need so you can delegate it to two entities so to speak they are not entities but we are going to call the entities an ego you already know it is someone you always normally tell him what to do when he has to do it and how he has to do it, that is to say, it is when you do things your way where always and the other is to your spirit and you give love all the steps you have to take to If that happens, you don't know what they are or what matters, he will get by with his problem, so what is it that people normally do, as they doubt and are afraid, they want to ensure and they want to control, and how they want to control, they delegate, the ego should not see in the presence because the presence of said that you do not have to worry about when or how in the ego if you take care of when and how well, as people need to control their dream because they believe that if they do not control or manipulate it, what happens will not happen It happens that the level of achievement is very low and also it is always at the cost of a lot of effort, a lot of struggle and a lot of competition, so what they say is repeated a lot since you were little, you cannot have everything in this life, it is clearly false because this person does not she knows who she is, she is a person who does not know who she is, she is going to tell you, she is going to tell you what she believes, that is her truth, but we are like victims of victims, we have been educated and trained and conditioned by a society that does not know what our authentic identity I would like to continue talking about powers, you know here a Pandora's box we have no time limits and I think that Raymond we are not eternal either we are already eternal so now I am recording a song that I think is going to give you that red pill that you need to wake up and live the life that you really want and desire there is a power and that we forgot because we are always cursing and we are always criticizing and we are always dissatisfied with all the power of gratitude if we have a hard time thanking sometimes the little positive things that we they happen every day we forget it changes we do have memory to remember the misfortunes or the little consideration we have received from another person but to thank thank we thank you very much three levels not the one who never thanks the one who forgets to thank that Do everything for granted, because you believe that only having been born, you deserve, well, anything is simply without giving anything, and then there is the one who thanks you when something good happens to you, well, it's not bad because it is already a step at least, and you are grateful, even if you only thank them when something good happens to him the third step, which is the best, is unfounded gratitude doing unfounded is giving thanks for nothing simply on autopilot every day you give thanks because well I don't know why if it is necessary to give thanks for nothing that level of gratitude makes you enter a level of grace from gratitude to grace and when you are in grace you are in a fluid state in which things happen but why they happen because all of a grateful person at the other end we find those ungrateful people who never thank anything And what's more, they make it even worse.
They are envious people when someone gets what they want, they envy them, with which they are sending a terrible message to themselves that I cannot get it, yes, I am going to hate them for getting it, with which they are denying it to others. himself in the juna tradition of hawaii tells you to bless everyone who is enjoying what you want because because you will be next but if you do not thank you you are denying yourself not nobody not life not the other you of the active levels later it is so important to thank and thank for nothing to thank in an unfounded way to thank because well something is needed some reason to say thank you I thank because yes and because that state of consciousness is going to allow me to enter into that grace and when you are in grace is when absolutely everything happens because it is not a question of race or chance what he says is not that he is in a state of grace if we wish we want it because we cannot always be in a state of is that the state of grace thanks to a state of connection is not so deep connection and it is also a state of surrender when you already surrender all your steps in this world to a power wiser than all people not only do not know who they are they do not have the foggiest idea of ​​who It's if she knew who she is, what's happening in the world wouldn't happen, it's also that she doesn't have the remotest idea of ​​what's best for her.
We don't know how I recognize it. I give my wish to grace, love and presence because I might think that I don't know what's best for me because it may be what I know that I won the lottery or that I don't know how being born in the US was knowing what not to do, that's what I think but it could be that it was not something better like thisthat when you give all your desires to that presence, that presence accompanies you through experiences and places that later you end up understanding its importance in the context, so I would tell people, surrender to all your desires and then that leads you to a very curious thing that it is all people can gnash a lot and that one has absolutely no objective and why because the only objective you have is one to wake up and two to stay awake from there the pandora's box opens and opens in the real horn of abundance' when you don't have goals because as I insist, as you don't really know what it is or what is best for you, you are open to everything, whatever it is for the majority, no, obviously not, and that happens, but you have to give input, well, we appreciate it. to raymond who has had this small tribute to pandora's box precisely the channel that you are watching this interview has said something to raymond that I think it is very very important that we be very clear when one is in tension because desire sometimes it puts tension if I want I want something but it doesn't come no and sometimes it seems and we've all experienced this don't tell me no the more you want something or the more tension you put on it rather the longer it takes to arrive it's as if it repels it as if it rejects it On the other hand, if you relax and let the universe, that is the interior, that consciousness take care of that matter, the power of detachment flows naturally in all the 12 powers that this book talks about.
The code of manifestation. results if it is to deliver it is detachment it is important that it does not tell you that you do not want but that you do not want desperately or that you do not need one thing is to believe or love and others need come back so if you know how to live the emotion from wanting Obama or loving better and not from the need they are very different emotions that create very different things because I did not tell people not to want anything and I would simply tell them to want what they want to become their desire on an emotional level and then deliver it is to say that he detached himself if he does these three things that in fact I am summarizing the miracle process which is described in this book the miracle process is basically first understand who you are or recover your identity and why from that new since it is old identity or real identity you recover all your power then identify what your intention is and live it from the emotion of having achieved it that is to say pretend that it is already real and third let it go flow forget it give it up live make your life make your day to day and allow it to find you you are not controlling or exploiting all day to see where it will go or in what way or when not doing these three things activates what I call the miracle process in the book and things happen and just as I experience it if you ask me everyone has their experience but the way I live it is since I am a coach who has no objectives, more interesting, deep, pleasant and desired things happen to me since I let love guide all my steps and not fear, I go more places to more places and more interesting, pleasant, and desired things happen, and so on, I think, I think that we should try simply because we already know the other path. the book and try to see what happens for a couple of months, it is not so much either and I assure you that you will enter a state of relaxation of certainty of security of inner peace of guidance I don't know about the center that will relax you a lot and it is more even though one might think that by doing less less things will happen I guarantee that many more will happen less is more less is clearer less dry is more it is not about doing but about being we are touching I think we are getting there it is not called what philosopher's stones put the label believe that but it is true that it happens to me coaches bore me more and more in which yes we are all great making plans not action plans and get to the treasure map and visualize that as a tool It's okay, I don't deny it, but sometimes you have to do so many things that you no longer really have emotion or energy to do so many things that perhaps we have to focus more on feeding the energy and feeding the emotion and from there letting it flow aimlessly without expectations and everything arises if I think we have to explain this, Alex, because it is an important issue, I have lived it and I have lived it like this, there are three levels, not the first level would be that people who think that everything is random that things happen because they happen or they stop happening that there is good luck that there is bad luck that there are guilty people they are victims and these people are very far from knowing who they are and from knowing their true power they are fast asleep these people but they will wake up no problem everyone wakes them up in the second level is the person who has become self-aware is what we said before the lucid dream is that coach or the person who sets goals who struggles to progress with success and it is true that coaching works works and ends up giving you many things but there is one there is something better that is fine and there is something better that would be level 3 level 3 you have already connected with who you are no longer and you have given up your goals that does not mean that you do not want anything from life but that has given up on setting more goals if you can do it because you have gone through phase 2 and you already know what it is to set goals and you know what it is to achieve them I think it is good for people to go through this step I think it is good for people to go through by the level of looking for success to improve yourself to look for change to look for that success because it takes away or takes you out of the victimhood of the pure chance of being asleep now you are a sleeping person but lucid from 1 to 3 you cannot go directly pass there is no to go through an exact so I round it up to people who put me through this phase I actually went through it has been a coach he has applied coaching to me the coaching works but it works to a certain extent it must also be said or if there is jesus suffering it does not prevent the exact suffering there are dates and expectations there is vigilance and control there is your ego there you also know then there is phase 3 of phase 3 say good I'm tired there has to be another way I'm already tired if I get things but it's hard for me it has to there is another way and I have to connect with something else and there to leave your ego to your successful ego there is a failed ego then there is a successful ego and then there is presence and from the presence you end up achieving much more and in a much more relaxed way of course Precisely in the last chapter of this book, the power of the miracle process talks about the origin of miracles.
I would like to read it because I think that what you expose is very, very interesting. The first thing to keep in mind is that miracles do not come from the ego or of me then whoever does the extraordinary the presence of love does it every time I know it by heart if we always think that when we achieve something we have achieved it by our own means we realize that many people have a lot of intelligence and a lot of love is involved When that happens, for example a book, I can think that what is written is obviously written, but perhaps it is not just me who has written it.
There are many people who have participated in the creation of a book, for example, who have made the cover that has been corrected by publisher the one who made the paper the printer the one who distributes it the bookstore in many people and all the people from whom I learned all those who have lived before me so that I can synthesize all this then I could think that I have done this I can either accept that this is not a collective creation and understand that I never do anything of the greatest importance and that everything that happens of the greatest importance is a collective creation to a point where it doesn't serve us we can't even identify who or what has he done what then that allows us to achieve much more but when we give our objective to a black man who is very limited that ego per se alone achieves very little and we can achieve real miracles by his continuous this continues and they are happening it will continue to happen continuously every It's just like miracles, well, you can be thinking of a person and that person calls you or you can have a physical ailment and you hear on a television program or in a book in a comment from a person a word that gives you the key so that you can find the way to your healing 'miracles are continually occurring in what we call them coincidences or lucky breaks that is another movie but they occur continuously and when you enter a present state of consciousness the miracles are continuous they are continuous the miracle is a change of perception if miracles are natural when they do not occur it is because something is wrong I am reading phrases from a course of 1,006 that are in this book miracles are habits and must be involuntary if when they are voluntary it is because they are an ego objective they are a Necessity I believe that one has to desire and then forget about one's own desire to deliver it and that desire obviously sometimes you have to do something just in the world of things and in the dimension of time and space and sometimes well you have to do something but little very little in fact the more consciousness with that you have the less things you have to do but when you are less conscious you have the more things you have to do they are not like two things that balance out with greater consciousness less effort and less consciousness more effort we are going to put an example to see a miracle a personal desire of mine I have always had a desire since I started in the world of communication which is to make a radio program for all of Spain' in a national medium for all of Spain' is what I want then how can I get that miracle taken for granted and think that the source of that happening is you, it is not a person who is going to come and give you that opportunity, it is not a stroke of luck due to random factors or it is not a matter of the karma that you have to deserve or stop deserving do not take it for granted you are already an international or national presenter feel it and even if your daily reality does not collaborate at the moment it is the result take it for granted let yourself be surprised at the moment and in the way do not try say where it has to arrive at what time it has to arrive don't give it the form don't give it the form or date because that's not that's not your part let the presence do its part then your ego has already done your mind has already done a part that It was generating the desire, you change a lot, not now, allow your presence to do the rest, your present is your spirit, and the way to help it is to fully trust and give it that desire.
Withdraw that desire from the ego. The date has not achieved it and it makes you think that it is going to achieve it, yes, you have to change your strategy, give it to them or delegate zeal to your presence, to your divinity, to your real self, to your I am, and meanwhile, live your day to day giving your best. of you doing your job the best you can knowing that it is essential for that phase 2 in which you will be a national broadcaster but you need to go through this phase of being a regional broadcaster so to speak and be thankful every day that you are a regional broadcaster and also live it with love because soon you will stop being one and it will be a part of your life that you will remember fondly even with nostalgia one day you will say do you remember when I was a regional broadcaster what good times those were also good times it's true Well, live it with love, live it with the understanding that it is a necessary part to move on to phase 2 and deliver it fully, but above all, and be thankful, thankful in advance that your senses are still not confirming, living with grief and frustration takes you away from it, of course, because if you look at your world and say what a pity what I want is not in my world you are no longer a grateful person you are no longer a powerful person because you are falling into that controlling ego in which you think you obviously have to achieve everything in your own way and By their means you are disconnected from yourself but if you connect with yourself and live with this gratitude and also with that lightness of knowing that this will happen yes or yes without having to worry as much about when as that yes meanwhile to your work the best that you can that will happen it cannot happen and if you want to know more about how to work miracles in your life and be aware that I really am potential gods and that you can do everything you set your mind to achieve everything you set your mind to and above all live with with greater personality and with the peace of mind that you are already what you really want this book the manifestation code the red pill the matrix he is here in here looking for it from our guest raimon samsó the 12 powers to make your wishes come true and before saying goodbye to raymond there i would also like to spend a minute to talk about this online workshop what are you going to do for the first time in pandora's box at the wrong time in november what will the spectators be able to learn in the classroom students is pandora and the Pandora's box in this workshop that was sensitive and there we are going to reveal another code, which is the code of money, it is something that worries people and I understand it perfectly, so we are going to reveal the code of money to manifest material realities material results for example well money wealth to many people who feel that need and desire not that what they are going to see there well they are going to see the pri they are going to understand what is the inner game of wealth inner game without mental game to understand and we are going to explain what is the spiritual then spiritual game of wealth also because you have to do things in the world they are going to understand and understand the power of the virtual game of wealth the virtual game is internet they are going to see theInternet is such a powerful tool to make money and then they will understand and understand the foreign game of money that is to undertake and I am going to explain one of the easiest ways to undertake which is info to undertake or become a knowledge entrepreneur summarizing it how to sell knowledge and with these four games, the virtual interior exterior and the spiritual one, they will master the money code of the money code, it is going to allow them to relax a bit, to solve once and for all that it already touches the subject of money and probably move on to other more important things so before the money code that workshop that raimon samsó is going to do in pandora classrooms if you want more information you can enter the link that you have in the same description or also in the classroom it is pandora dotcom raymond thank you very much as always it is a pleasure to be with you because it raises us is the vibration that is important

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