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Eating Death Row Inmates Last Meals

Feb 22, 2022
creepy about this is the police officer he asked to surrender to. He actually knew this since he was a damn kid and ended up turning his back on him, shooting and killing the police officer, which led to his execution. I wonder if the police officer did something bad in his life or it was just like that. oh I know him, it's like he's going to take someone away from me, I know, I don't know again, I don't know, like it's crazy, I wonder what's going on in his head, so the final meal he chose was a steak one more time, mmm. with some chicken one more time and some pecan pie, damn, pecan pie is a little different, I like that kool-aid, I'm going for this one first, dude, the kool-aid was red, it was cherry kool-aid, good choice.
eating death row inmates last meals
Honestly, I like grapes. Another very creepy fact about this is that he ate everything except the pecan pie and told the officer that he will save it for later, so shall we eat it or not? We have to save it. I'm going to eat it. No, we have to save it on


row. Okay, so let's eat the pecan pie, but guys, that's true, but he actually saved it for later, although there won't be a lady with that guy, okay, okay , the pecan pie, cheers again, it was a bomb, it's so good, I don't like pecan pie.
eating death row inmates last meals

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eating death row inmates last meals...

I love walnut, that's crazy, he ordered it and never ate it, why did we choose walnut instead of steak first? I don't know, it went bad, you made the first pecan pie with kool-aid, I mean, I've been


this all day that's true like I want to go for the desserts now it's okay to go for the chicken oh nice chicken skin me I love the chicken with pecan pie I love the chicken what happened there I don't know just go for it very thick steak not gonna lie buddy do you think that's weird? these birds are going crazy, they're all crows and we're talking about the


' final


, it fits the vibe, maybe that's what he was saying when he said, oh, leave it for later the birds will come and eat it , that's true guys, it's crazy right when we started talking about this, a flock of crows started circling and making a bunch of noises, he didn't order like a1 with the steak or anything, I swear. a little dry, I don't know, okay, good steak, good food for your


meal, I guess Noah, I didn't even ask you what your final meal would be, chilaquiles, okay, okay, enchiladas and jaritos, tumbarino, soda , I'll make that happen for you, man.
eating death row inmates last meals
Alright, that's the end of the video, leave a like, hit the subscribe button, I'll see you all in the next video, peace.
eating death row inmates last meals

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