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ED ASNER Panel - Wizard World Virtual Experience 2020

Jul 17, 2023
fan or have been a fan of comics all your life and how that led to the emergence of this fun to provide freedom of expression to comic book writers and artists. Very very good. I wasn't a comic book reader. kids mm-hm I relate to them, I think if sometimes, as I discovered, they get away with comedy or comics, yeah, it's easier than you to deliver real stature, so more power to them because it's a method of freedom of expression. It is and should be honored and protected. We have a comic book auction every year to raise money for the center and it has gone well.
ed asner panel   wizard world virtual experience 2020
That's awesome, where can people find more information about it? I'll go to my website, my Johnson, we do it here once a year, usually in October through Heritage, and it'll be on the website when we're ready to go, that's awesome. awesome, thank you Matt, thank you, it's just super awesome again to be a comic book fan and oh my gosh, I would love to get into some voiceover work now just because it's become such an awesome thing that you've done it, you know? in the last 20 years you know more specifically Carl Fredricksen who you are now very well known and loved by, there are a lot of questions about your preparation for that, Kayla Davis says specifically, you know what you prepared for that character, my dog ​​woke up, yeah, just you remained right, yes it has beautifully executed generally drawn calls in terms of the ideas that created it and that was really difficult at all.
ed asner panel   wizard world virtual experience 2020

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ed asner panel wizard world virtual experience 2020...

That grumpy old man, is there a particular voice again? We mentioned Jay Jonah Jameson from Spider-Man in the '90s. and you returned as Ben Parker, you've been the voice of the Star Wars universe of the Batman animated universe, freakazoid, is there anything that particularly stands out to you as specifically the funniest thing that Can it be done within that industry, the voiceover industry? Well, granny, the good thing was a ball, I'll tell you it was a yes, it was nice. I didn't know what one thing he was doing right whenever maybe he was trying to be politically correct as to who he was playing, they would still do it. make it more feminine or make it less feminine take care of bouncing around the keyboard looking for the right voice for grandma, well, yeah, what is that?
ed asner panel   wizard world virtual experience 2020
You like me? You could tell me I love it. I love it. Can I tell you my favorite voice? I didn't realize you were such a big part of my childhood and I think such an amazing character is Captain Planet's greed, that was a lot to find out that they drew him to look like me since you could see Toby as Hell and I decided to get into the character of Miss Pig and that was easy. I'm my chubby dog ​​trying to clean the floor under my feet. From time to time, he dropped pieces of cereal that delighted him so much.
ed asner panel   wizard world virtual experience 2020
At the end of the show, before we leave, we can ask him a few questions. you ask yes, what are your Bulldogs in Deadly Hudley? Oh my goodness, what a great father we do well. I would love to break up and I know he kills every time someone puts a pet on Zoom. I really know all the fans would love it oh. Hey, I'm sorry, it's your fault. I'm a hack, a hack, a specific room of William, how was it? How does he feel now, after this prolific career, being immortalized in so many different areas? You know you have Carl Fredricksen. and Disney Pixar, you know you've been yourself on the Jay Leno show and it impresses Asner, you know you're who you are or Lou Grant on the Cleveland show, it was fun to realize that people now appreciated you as Asner, the actor, any moment in your life that stands out is fine, fine, I've done some things here and now, I'm being immortalized in these different settings, well, it doesn't feel like sitting still for long in a character.
To do the trick people only seem to appreciate my courage and my cutting-edge appearance when acting. I would like to go back and his heavenly concert at Lou Grant, so be it and all these heads for it, yes, it is so important. character and well deserved every Emmy Award you received until recently, the only actor to receive a Best Actor for Drama and Comedy and then countless Lifetime Achievement Awards, so I know I speak for all the fans on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube Live . I'm just saying thank you for all the work you've done as a performer.
This is the next question of all the actors who are one for both sides. Yes, it's not surprising. Just thanks. Yes. I know I'm surprised. It's not that difficult, but. Just by being there, I know I'm number one in terms of wins. You're still the number one guy on television for the number of acting wins and then doing it in both categories again. There is an actress from Orange is the new black. who did it recently, but you were the first for a long time and that's the amazing thing about your career, was that you were able to come and go and give us so much amazing work in all different genres, yeah, we appreciate you.
For that, Larry Burger would like to know on Facebook which one is, oh my gosh, this is going to be a tough question because you worked with so many amazing people, but is there any actor that stands out to you as your favorite or the person that you enjoyed work harder, it's really a tough race, Tufte, I don't mean between the elf Will Ferrell oh and Ted from Ted Knight, both great, made me look cool, oh my god, talk a little about Alf. little, that's obviously the most recent thing in people's memory, obviously, Ted Ted Knight, my God, incredible, incredible artist.
I'd love to hear fun stories about working with those two gentlemen, Will Ferrell and Ted Knight. Oh, Will Ferrell said about Santa Claus, I know. I am the greatest line in the


, you know me and with Ted Ted had us in trouble every day of our lives, years of maritime law, yes, so it was hard to lose him, he was how brilliant, what a great artist and my God. Cast, I mean, that was, I mean, that's why the show is so good, right? I mean that family that the cast. I'm just bringing in all these types of people, yeah, and really being at the forefront, you know, having a female lead that wasn't there.
You just know, serving her husband so she had a clear position and you changed many things and we are at the forefront. Did you notice during a small group of people who asked us and I apologize for not asking? Tell the specific person, but did you realize at the time how impactful Mary Tyler Moore would be and then how that led to Lou Grant? Now I had no idea, yeah, I thought we had a fun little gathering of people and great script writing and all we had to say the lines and we'd be free at home and we were, it's still amazing too and people are still watching oh 107 that was like 1969 68 70 no it has had such a lasting impact on society and it still lives on out there and thank you.
Oh my God, for things like TV Land and Nick at night and something to keep the energy going was there from Kim Emerson. Was there a favorite episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show that you remember especially because you're one of your favorite little ones? Everyone, please understand. laughs, the plum bites the dust is a classic and, as always, it was what it was called. I'm blanking the author david lloyd oh yeah he knew how to put two lines together and get a laugh but It's great you always knew you had you wouldn't take enemies you wouldn't take prisoners yeah we're doing his script what a brilliant writer you've worked, you've been so lucky and I think it's because of your incredible ability as an actor. and why you've been selected to work with these amazing writers most recently this is from Sean Crider Aaron Sorkin with Studio 60 any great stories about what caught your attention about I'm not enjoying that show and that particular writer and creator and creator of the show, well, I always felt that even though he was trying to be so sincere, why the love story that four different people were carrying out on that show if he hadn't wasted time developing those characters and had spent more time with them?
For the rest of us, I think the show would still be great, but that spilled milk I'm crying over, he's a brilliant writer. God knows he's brilliant both physically and politically, but I was sorry that the show was canceled, yes, and what a genius he could have been. rediscovered again and again I had been writing with different objects in mind what's up with some of my God, tell us what you're going through? Everyone is very curious. I know we joked before about not being able to grasp what's going on. that kills a cat you kill the cat no curiosity kills the cat oh I know, I know, I know and I am very curious about what you have continued working and working and working without stopping and what what to maintain what drives you and keeps you motivated to continue acting and there is something you have done recently.
I know you wrote a book recently that's brilliant, but you also continue to act. Is there anything upcoming or recent? Many fans in all. platforms are curious to know what your current passions are and what you are currently doing well. I would like to tour with two different shows. Yes, one is a one-man show written by a man in his prostate. Right Nanners, prostate. It is written magically. so I know that that door is very difficult to open and the other one is God help us, it features a man and a woman who were lovers but whose political and social ideals were very far apart from each other and they eventually separated like God God. help us, you know, show up and try to create a viable, viable solution with the two of us to be together and I fail, and what the program raises, some big liberal progressive lines in this dangerous summit were in doubt, so those two programs no matter where you are.
I'm not reaching out to them. I sack the audience. I get my strength from the audience. I hate traveling to get there, but once I get there, once I start doing the shows because of my energy, that's why I'm sure I know. You started in the theater Your career began in the theater and we are very happy to see you back with God help us and with a man in his prostate. You know unfortunately we couldn't be in a theater these days, hopefully that will change soon. I know you said that your love for the audience and getting strength from the audience is what makes you thrive, just know that I hope you come back and watch this.
There is so much love and outpouring right now from all the fans in all of these.


devices, you guys are now giving us a little respite from this crazy


right now, so I speak for everyone who is in the


world and I thank you for being here and being amazing and giving us a little break from everyone. This is so the virtual audience is cheering you on right now. Thank you virtual audience VA, yes, I'm talking to you, we need to talk to your Bulldog, but one last quick question from Kathleen, she's gone, oh, she's gone, okay, voice, no, yeah, one last thing I want.
I would love for you to give one more shout out to the fans from Kathleen gross. What three words would you use to describe Betty White? It's not complicated. Oh, you threw your curveball at the end here, uh, male scammer. I think I'll leave it at that, yeah, wow, wow, weird nails, alright, we're almost at it again guys, if you want a one-on-one video chat with Edie, you can still buy those autographs and videotaped messages, we could talk. For four hours and I would love to hear you tell your stories about your prolific career, anything or the last words you want to shout again.
I know it's difficult because we can't see those who are watching, but there are thousands of people. watching from all over the world and we'd love to hear any final sentiments, any thoughts, any words of optimism in these crazy times right now, well we're about to work from the tunnel we've been in for the past month. or two and the signs look good and I am proud to say that we are going to survive, yes, so take a lot of strength and hope and know that the future has to be better because this is part of the dark past that we are emerging from.
I hope to spend more years trying to make you laugh longer, fellow young people, oh my goodness, amazing, yes. Lou Grant couldn't have said it better, but he's not Lou Grant, he's the incredible and prolific actor, an author and activist, thank you for everything. you do it both on stage on the screen and to great virtual applause. Thank you very much once again to Mr. Ed Asner, everyone is great, it was a pleasure talking to you. Thank you so much. Hi, I'm Alex Malaria Jr. and you're viewing featured fandom, be sure to hit the like, share and subscribe button.
Your Emperor praises him, thank you for watching.

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