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ECHTER PILOT erklrt A320. Reale Verfahren echter Flug von EDDM nach EDDK . 4K MSFS2020 DEUTSCH 2021

Feb 03, 2022
hello youtube hello smart flight enthusiasts and hello to all those who are interested in aviation I am very happy that you clicked on this video I not only know that it is my first video of this kind but also because I want to show you today in real time how to fly an


in real life by anna p operates with all that comes with it i am the captain and coach of the


family and now been with a major german airline for over 20 years for todays flight lufthansa 1987 from munich to the colony with this a 320 neo and alfa major recognition in the uac we will use real procedures and checklists let's see what today's flight implies because I really set the weather and it doesn't look so good outside the forecast values ​​heavy rain and storms before now I would like to have fun and have a nice flight come on we have it so far as you can see so s If it goes off every day this state recovers from the flight for us this means we have to do a few more tests than would be if we accepted that it worked when turned on, for example. , so we come on board, we're in the booth and we've already checked there in the virgin segment, we've sat down and now we're starting the so-called product operations, which means you see very specific and important changes again before you even tell you give power to the aircraft, so that the people who found the aircraft are not working or in danger from any system, ok so let's start, we start in the center by pressing the button from the bottom, come there just and slowly go. the various systems then continue what we checked before the current it is very important to print that the motor flow controls are designed so that the motors are really off and also a stay away even if we add power to it or the gpu indicates that it has no nothing starting suddenly that we don't want so we look at the engine master switches first which means they are off properly and the engine engine is stalled. in the middle of the room, then go, further to the left here is a bum the weather radar panel there you look the weather radar is off the sti switch is in the middle so it wasn't the weather it's already starting to run and the people on the ground are already getting a slight dose of radiation i'm fine we go further we see the water was an idol then we see the lendl was really down we go further up robert panel we see both conductors are off here and here and then we go up to the batteries that you see here is the electron here it is again delayed this here is the complete knowledge with which we can change the electrical systems and you can also check the batteries here are two before the swords material for the battery two on the left and on the right next to each one with the screen for the desired one and here we check before your batteries turn on if the voltage is at least 25 05 in case it is not in the event you recharge the batteries you couldn't do anything with power or via eu at all if you see here the one on the left is only at 25.6 when it's enough that we don't have to and then we can return the power trip so we start with set 1 for you to turn on petri light 2 could still turn on and so it would start already on the first few systems but of course only a few later take them immediately external power with the fact that it is this aggregate that is in the ground below, so it is usually in the ground, sometimes it is an external device here, sometimes it is there gt this this cable also with a finger you just supply electricity to the plane on the ground of course we can also do it through the EU we will do it right away but that way you have a chance to give the plane electricity before you depart the regions which since there really is a danger plugged in below, you can see why this green wave lights up here.
echter pilot erkl rt a320 reale verfahren echter flug von eddm nach eddk 4k msfs2020 deutsch 2021
I do it like this, you can see it better. There's this external power button and there's green money on it that, of course, just. It says it if there is gray money at the bottom the power is connected otherwise it can't be displayed which is actually also a piece of paper in the simulator so if this gram here is no longer connected then so of course it should come out here on the page and I don't think that's the case at the moment which unfortunately it's wrong days ok we switched there's a relatively loud bang unfortunately its annoying switch one also in in most cases, it's pretty good. simulated so well and now we have electricity in the plane which means now the whole system is starting up slowly as you can see there is some testing going on in the background so it usually waits a few more seconds before starting the various tests on cleaning systems until the trailer is really good we'll continue our level of cooperation the power's on we're not done with Robert's panel yet and what we're going to do now is have a celebratory test and do that to then you can see there's one up here a celebration panel and there you see these three wide red framed push buttons 3 so in the vats they decided the clock and one for the eu are for the purpose of indicating if there would actually be a fire in the engine or in the ue, of course, not in the back because it is supposed to burn in the combustion chamber, but if a temperature is reached somewhere, the engine or the ue turned on in certain If the value exceeds n, the warning would come here, which means that this red area would become even brighter with diodes and LEDs, so it became a real disco. shot and we just do it do it by pressing it you see you coming this meyer red stair hand the button press the dash and the disco night goes on and on the way in the front the cpu celebrates you don't look like that Well if the screen is still a little dark and here is a master warning sorry to see you and you hear the bell in the background so the test is really successful can we finish the test?
echter pilot erkl rt a320 reale verfahren echter flug von eddm nach eddk 4k msfs2020 deutsch 2021

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echter pilot erkl rt a320 reale verfahren echter flug von eddm nach eddk 4k msfs2020 deutsch 2021...

It's a shame the test was successful again then and now we can basically send the app directly to the let's just make this here is the panel that actually consists of these two switches it's relatively easy to operate using these two switches then it just turns on this here is the drum masters will be pressed once to get an online result and then the page automatically appears here under the system screen which you can also see here then at some point there will be fleppen which means that pressing the epi master switch opens at the rear of the aircraft.
echter pilot erkl rt a320 reale verfahren echter flug von eddm nach eddk 4k msfs2020 deutsch 2021
There's a little fin up here. This is the air intake of the mpu. that goes on and of course the app also has the ability to provide air if this flapper didn't open it could leave the organic ep so if we hit the start button and the mpu auto starts as well you can usually go to the displays so the back panel movable and generally shows everything that is green in the normal range or is normal everything that is yellow is not essential ngt normal and what is in red is usually actually an error and an indicator of something that shouldn't be there.
echter pilot erkl rt a320 reale verfahren echter flug von eddm nach eddk 4k msfs2020 deutsch 2021
Here you can see that the values ​​for example are still in amber and as soon as you have reached the values ​​you should. have then the values ​​first green well evives ripped here is also cheering so now we can turn off the external power says then there is another no brainer here see online gone sorry see love now the eu has taken over the full power supply of the plane and so that we still have some fresh air in the cabin, let's take the republic with us, then we will also supply fresh air to the cabin at the rear, you will see that the CPU has taken over the complete power supply of the plane , the external power that is down there is currently separate from the electrical system of the plane because here this little arrow has now more or less disappeared and now it has walked here towards the EU now we continue here at the rear and cooperation again here value systems Starting with the engines and seeing if we have enough oil with us there are certain defined values ​​how much should you have with you from e l engine manufacturer up to the operation is a bit different and it also depends on the duration of the flight in the duration of the flight have you seen that now both are here at the upper limit so you don't have to worry about that we look more in the hydraulic page? you can also see it here under the fill levels of the individual systems for three systems green blue and yellow and down here you can see the reservoir and if you scroll there you can see a little green arrow here to the left and you have to be inside this area on here shown to the right is because it had to be somewhere in between these standards for ranger if that wasn't the FA Then I would have to call the tech department first and then they would have to look again we would have to look at the for page here I would have to look first if we have the fuel with me that I want to have with us, actually we have too much here but now I have to load the right fuel, but at this point just look, I already have the sprint with me that I want, I don't need the trucks tanker, paul here and here also the distribution is actually symmetrical and spherical in addition to the asymmetrical distribution that the tanks also in the order in which e feel that they must be filled, that is, the two cars must always be full, on the other hand, always like 680 p 7 or cinema in and from there the fuel runs into the tanks of the two men and in the case of volume what we do now we have it with you or with the mass of fuel that you have with you there should be nothing in the central tanks now it is the case here also I that is to take a little less fuel at the moment, we only need about five tons, I think, and then we'll take a close look at the layout, then we'll look at oxygen again, oxygen for the cabin is enough, then we'll look at the host's jersey number again on the recovery button so I can get the suppressed warning again, but it doesn't happen no good when you have a normal state again here otherwise there will be systems that are not correct and maybe not working at all not the case here from there all is well at this point now the point would have come at the latest where you take tb the technical log book and then take a look inside and the tech really left the plane exactly as we are showing it now and tell us if any errors have been introduced if the checks have been done techniques or or or simply for sc hit what is in the book is also correct with the actual condition of the high back it's just a good thing we took a look at the plane it's in the best order made six models that means we can put the book down again at that point and then we can start our cooperation.
I'll go down a bit further and check that parking brake law whereby that's really just the switch is an electrical switch just because there's cost involved doesn't mean the parking brake is actually on that means that we always check if the brake is right here using this triple indicator we look at nasa and see if that is the needle for the left main wheel and therefore for the left landing gear and ssd the display for the right main The only advice is that you can tell if you are actually applying brake pressure to the chassis. In that case, you have configured it.
Next we would look at the fuses and would like to take a look here on the mountain. Here are all the fuses or just a safety part and just looking they're all the same as in the back here's quite a few more here behind the seat here on the left side is your world behind the door they're too some tack men on if there is no safe house but we have then ballet control can already go out to his rubber and the panel would go up and then he would continue his pocket prep in the booth ok we start with the cooperation there. it's a good boss procedure ie white nights that means if you're clearing all the white buttons you're definitely on the safe side before making a short word about the buttons for the whole table. ten of these putsch buttons work the same way if i want to get a system running or normal system state is on here and if i want that then i have to push this button like here for example on generator on of course i i want the generator to run that's why this sport is still active it means the theme needs to run that's why it doesn't see any light so if i flip this switch like this now it's kinda off i get this button and a white light appears, now.
You see, so this also preceded automatically, it means that the switch is in the same state as the current system, that is, I want the generator to turn off, that's why I pressed the button and the generator is also off, that's why there is no word. I'm sorry ifi want the generator to run i have to press the button, in that case a ford looks sorry that the engine is not running and the generator is not running either, and that means the button is not in the same state. like the real system and so something works quite a lot of these putsch happen i can do it again in the except to prove to the cost planner that the system just shut down i would like to but the next issue is then i press the button and then It often goes a long way. it's supposed to work and so it has nothing to do with here more showcased and that's exactly what we're doing now with all the white scents that a lot of don't stock it's just the big-bley auctions here and homs are doing the same thing now and with all the white lights already off now we're going to continue our setup not forgetting the system you can roughly group the robert panel into three different areas there's this area to the left up here then there's this big center area and then there's another area here on the right hand side we always start at the bottom and move from bottom to top and then we get to the next panel and do the same thing again if you're trying to avoid any system being bypassed basically check out this topic, both buttons are in the correct position or the position I would like them to be, are there any hints I wouldn't expect at this point or any red lights I wouldn't expect or any of the switches are not as they should be and what do we do now we start down here on the left we had already checked the vipers there is nothing to check they are just buttons ring the bell and the anticipation, this you know, but you agree, here it is not in line, which means the skins are still in the back of the booth and then we'd come here to the first panel or the first part of this panel where we actually have to do something, this is the booth voice recorder basically, we have two things we do first, we turn it on, it would also start by itself to run when the engine is running, but since naturally we also want to have all the briefings and entertainment on board with an open source recorder, we turn it on manually, then it would record right away then get the blue on line to test if the computer is working there is a little test button here the parking brake should be put tar in any case, otherwise it will not work and then we press the rim and you can hear that in the background in the sound and the test is successful, we check here that this theme is not on anywhere in the light is that everything is go ok and then we get to the edi like panel and turn on the 3ds system here system 2.0 system 3 then go up it takes a while in the meantime we continue with the rest of the preparations we're here in this central area we start again from the bottom first You write, then you turn on the lights when you need them, we make the super car. wait well maybe go with dc pace in the smoke go have the emergency exit skin on otherwise everything is as it should be here nothing to rent here nothing manual open the wake in the car everything it fits as it should be here we have the vision on no friend is lending it the temperatures are already how we want them to be we will move to the email panel the two advantages for you are that they can be there that the only two that can turn on as I said the two generators they're not working and that's why there's also a plus here let's make a short bed it's pretty quick and easy enough we go down here to steer the edge turn both batteries off again and then on again and then the charging current should be within ten seconds below 60 amps that's the same here also at 10 amps here seven amps and the verification is successful ok let's continue Shit that's all there on and nothing no offense the light was exactly the same with the roddick panel not for the light and then we're already at the fire panel and at that point we do the remaining two celebrate it works for engine one and two . like the eC only there are two fire suppression systems for test operation and that's why a boost with more jobs otherwise the vonn engine held here the stalls and the fire stalls here then came free and down here there is no celebration directly on the weekend of the teachers of the people. in life you are looking for the mastervolt including the bell meter so the test is successful again where on the tours it does not mark the 2 the 2 here is winter celebration here is a red engine master suite not together and here again the teacher brings big with that the two celebrities deal and we already arrived at the one in the middle, so we go and the re chte knows, look at it again not lit any by leitz without lights we have the atp 3 configure it what we need and then we look again from above from the world far back to the fuses there is another small one here intended mainly for panel technology nothing is on there either because there is no for light and so we have ears panel completely fine the work that I indicated at the beginning is strictly divided what does the captain what does the co


do what does the pipeline what As I said, does the paddle monitoring perform relatively poorly here?
I can't really tell it apart because I'm alone that means I only do these things that need to be done of course either check now or monitor panic or 2 she's playing in that case it doesn't matter we have to see that it's all done that means that the captain since i'm starting from the back he went with the ng check on his page with the oxygen masks if we start now here is a cover flap underneath there are two oxygen masks there would you do a mask test you can't do it here not really relevant here you search again leone flashlight is stowed that works then we move on later as a panel would turn on the speaker here at the latest here in the studio so we can also contact the ground crew if they call us to be would stop that we have in each small speaker and through which we can film and communicate let's make the screen a little brighter let's look again the real picture appears , look here on both screens to see if there are any yellow or red flags and you can see there are a few to look at here is a red box with henning here is almost all of the red screen heading into the bu ilding and stands in yellow gps great loose shouldn't be like this but in that condition actually again as long as the hsh are not alone here look at the farmers for three more minutes if he's gone and still looks like this then we would have a problem then we have to look again to see if you have girls but in that state it's ok again we'll continue up here we might take a look at the rector he can already do the restrictions here look at the face up here if there are values ​​here too or if that could be the broken screen just that here are the things i would expect ok so let's see next what it means that it shows that it's not somehow a 90° bank or whatever it shows already reasonable values ​​are displayed and lu ego we go more to the right here to the convertible to the morning motor display here is emma crosses on the motors which is pretty normal because the finished one is still not getting power so it's powered up the place as well as you would expect here everything is in the law that is convenient for doping sinners the handbrake of the legislator is in time almost everything has remained if now here for example I understand or red skin so the terrain of the dilemma extends then that would also appear here and then of course there would also be a problem, however the colleague would probably also hopefully see it during the car service, ok, we'll take a look down here, then see if anything comes up. this, if there are red flags, yellow flags, whatever we see now, we don't see you at the moment, go right through the whole system again to check again if everything is really normal, learn here that you have the location here to the left of these three green lights ascend to their correct amount and come on that's the car project there must be their keynote systems authors especially they dictate that the time must be correct and the gps must also be here and then ha ha in principle, we are here already checking everything, from the screens, we see that the switch is in a state of panic, but that they are all set to 9 as standard, so it is some system that is broken, measure the switch, but normally everything it works today. pass and then we go back to look at the systems we haven't looked at yet look through the prepaid everything is provided no nothing yellow no no helper crosses nothing pan look at the pescher page here too if something shows up here like we don't I would wait for a car from the nation definitely here too.
We had already seen the hydraulic system. We only saw that it fell. Then we always saw. eu. There is nothing to see either. as a page everything is normal here also what is now shown here in yellow spoilers and breaking the rules is simply due to d it was a fact that there was no tragic pressure if it is there then everything should appear in green on the home page exactly the same here everything is now shown in yellow balkan hydraulic details if the pressure is there afterwards and there is still something yellow here then it is correct something not on point what is noticeable here is that in real life neither the two of us nor the two parents we would be in the middle position rather it would hang somewhere here at the bottom on the low end because if there is no hydraulic pressure all the control surfaces were pulled down by gravity and that would show up here as well so the couple shouldn't be nursing them now but i think the balcony will probably be eradicated at some point the flight control computers are green they should work with it e s that's all right, so we're going to take a look again down here in the center, we'll see if he The critical station end of the country is now bent 90 degrees.
You can fold it up and then you can use gravity to pull the undercarriage out if you need to. It doesn't mean it's really important we're going to keep looking here again depending on the weather whether we're setting everything we want and stop here on the right hand side we're looking at the transponder panel this is on system one and the reports and if that's on as well the transponder itself should be there today 1 tampa but i think the virtual co


is already a starter ricotta tournament that's why it's here that's why we probably want it to ask before now only in the car you leave kickers offenbach and but still in the rhythm the co-driver puts the rest himself on our side regardless, we just look here on our side that here in the scp law we need as above is the row where we would send and here under the row the buttons if we set for what we want to hear at night set the produce frequencies you don't need here we've already set them how we need them and it would have gotten here to the front of our main interface which we use to communicate with the plane and give it data, and that's where we would start the flight path, weights, etc. pp enter and that's what we do matter before we enter anything let's look at the data page on the main page again this is the correct plane so the correct database is loaded for the correct plane if you said 23 then it would have output wrong the correct decision and the database is also used for today ie the date is correct if that is not the case mmt we are always two loaded then maybe you are lucky again that the new one is already loaded here if both are expired now so technology has to come first new determined database line got everything here we don't want to bother. well then if we can our hacker is that one you have implemented it very well too so you can use it in real life too mostly the field or data binding to draw the airfield occasionally works but sometimes it doesn't depend from where you are at the screen airport or if you do not have enough coverage somewhere a small gun position then it may also not work you have to enter it by hand but in our case here it should work today lufthansa 1984 from munich to cologne about 50 minutes of flight time and it's already loaded so we have the correct pitch here again the correct weight and then we get it too we have a path here there is still a distinction between roles and output that doesn't work but apparently not if i go to the party then it comes extra 5.1 tons now they're in the tank that's what we want and then let's check again here on the home page i gave it distribution is as it should be, that it is balanced and that it has nothing in the center either first of all here comes the guy always look at him munich 12 10 with seven it has between 13 and 60 10 km slightly cloudy harmless 6000 feet 25 degrees 1011 and then let's put 1011 14 60 14 40 a very slight deviation normal that fits pretty simple with well then let's start with the inside page there you can see the first page about the man it starts with no matter if you now getthe flight plan via an uplink or manually enter some things that have been taken over here, the rest just go out in manual flight the internet time is düsseldorf with flight number the flight number does not enter which is clearly indicated on the boarding pass is that pc course in that case lufthansa costs about a kilo europe is namely 30 and how high do i have to fly to see for myself 240 i said ok then munich very often poisonous skeptics fly let's take a look normally it should be by the time it turns yellow it's some kind of temporary meadow finally you haven't included it in the flight plan yet done but you do get a preview so to speak sadly it's not shown here so I normally do it you would see from here we do it now just knowing it's the right one and then it looks pretty good that's the partner we're waiting for the routing doesn't make much sense of course as you can see but that's how it was originally planned, see, they're still thinking what I think, I don't know if this is already working here, so actually it can happen in real life that the route hasn't been transferred correctly, so this is our route and it would actually go from gm to aus bett via highway one easy and if that doesn't match then you have to overwrite it which means you could hand in a so called level here make a vision for that press here and you'll get this option vias breath here and then you can enter the probably with the full stop but as you just saw when I put the stuff there there is the wakeboard mismatch and that shouldn't be maybe that doesn't work I can be sure that in It's actually a bit unfortunate that it doesn't work, we can at most, give that one that's not quite right, actually you wouldn't do it like that because then all the intermediate points are missing, but hey, unfortunately that's the motto, the simulator doesn't or is it a hundred percent flat now she would go to tasci via the liemer 984 let's see but she knows you couldn't 984 ok too bad then we'll do it with adventure based nextway point click or should we do better we'll take one here, yeah, so it's not quite mature.
However, t 840 to wulkow, let's see, Berlin has no shame either, well, that went from there to, we took it out because that's the whole route that everyone loaded over there. was we didn't fly we'll just leave it there now better give others right away we probably went faster son as you can see now all the waypoints are missing on all these airways so simandou went into the endpoints which means the route is correct but the waypoints are missing because we just couldn't provide air berlin if you go in here which you probably go in then all the waypoints automatically appear in between you also have the advantage if you get the authorization from a pilot director some here on the route then you can fly there directly if we get it now then we don't know what the point is we can enter it manually but I don't think so but unfortunately there was no other way to do it. surely have friday or here on board well in the end let's see what it looks like there chocolate army for phone which suits very well then look here. r under something currently says 40 minutes which makes a lot of sense so if it was still focused somewhere in the Himalayas then we'd probably stay there for a few hours then you'd have to be ok there are still points that don't belong. there just as controlled here is the total distance again with that of the patio p which is not correct and that is why we have given route 1 we will continue with the advice to the page we would very quickly use the map to help, we can take it with us and then take a look look i already opened the cd diana shardt but you can see ok there too what she does the most is data mining november mike november whiskey and something else we probably don't need anymore we can get back to normal november a mile that fits michael bisky who will also adjust and here it shows like november and here a noveski mic and then we can look again that's just an arn autovic and then we'll take another look at the normal output ok to give the six pack that's the idea fly with the content structured male motos what do we do with 123 90 5 and up here is the conventional part and down here is the dick part but he puts now let's see if the output is also encoded correctly you because i was delta zero zero which is here which is underlined here that means there should be a flyby waypoint which is not stored here but i think that is exactly what the simulator can't do ok go from there , continues through micro data regimes, helmut, when mike everything clicks here again there is a maximum of 250 knots and then after rubber adjustments the theater museum has a minimum of 1900 technical pieces down to 72 , ok, that means we set it there first and then we are going to see if the record is also saved, if there is one saved, but the wrong one, the system at that time should be at least 1900 here 14 70 so there should be another value aspect but that takes well that's definitely possible that's good the step constant at least he has written them here gnaws also written here yes but as you can see it is not displayed on the screen accordingly of course it should ería Still, see if you do, you always write about it or there is no constant at all, just explain it fully, okay, don't let the kid do it right, so apparently everyone won't be able to change enough.
Shift backwards is right. ok well who in a real plane doesn't like that shouldn't accept that of course we should always have the same max data mic rate to zero it doesn't get stored either let's see if we can do it ok i noticed that we implement well then we have also we have to keep it to ourselves remember what is written here namely mike a maximum of 250 conventional knots we will get to that later l for the wheel race everything goes up to twice a date november bro 9 min 1900 ft slipped it's a ladder then turn left within 45 miles at 300 8 degrees after mike up there max 250 knots and then was flying down 307 on mike after well so there's still a grade 1.1 on the perry partners tennis gallery of the pacific experience center an outside center in the city internally the publication promotes the patriot at the cherryman concerts shows well here it's normal if you have wheels then that ta We also mark it at the great point then but also here in the rats nothing more to put let's go to the professionals page here you can sit whatever you want I would like to put the lenninger b area again because if something also happens during takeoff Why do you turn around so fast?
So I always have the landing army and the forester here and I immediately have a distance and also a direction. Good performance hello. now i would calculate a performance with the probable data like a computer program where i put in the ramp and condition the air pressure wind the c and that would suggest certain speeds and flexten fischers which we don't have here now that's why we do it only in its at your discretion you might want to get a program like that however we were here in munich and the courts are ahead of you anyway with 99 percent of the cases at philips you adapt here the base of data actually knows we are in germany and auto adjusts to 5000 but obviously it doesn't work here but the rest remains as it is secondary sadly you can't do anything but you could equip it again maybe for a war come back to this raid level support then it would just need to be activated in flight and could be needed again right away we would have gotten it then would we still input the data?
I have to quickly pull them out here again from page here 56 3 with 30 blocks 5.1 rounded tons then you start your calculations great so we're on point with that already for big der Dude probably a long time ago Coming back from your car check now I would look everything that entered here. Four eyes see more than two look if something had gone wrong somewhere. talk about the exit, both the courage and the engine shutdown procedure, what you do with the atu, etc. our preparation that we checked everything the person told us that all the passengers are there they said the first animals ka nn the closed fingers are removed and the bus driver is already there, he has already plugged in, he already has his in the service, how can he see here, and then we can start at the point and just get the trophy that we would like more robot there is no other way to do it well verified we have already received a clarification in this case maybe or a modernization because as I said we do the French so at 5000ft also emails are unfortunately not stored so it's really not well implemented a there are a lot of bugs there you can't really do anything to the west sometimes you totally forget them so we'll have to see how we are doing and if we keep all the approvals, let's see how it is implemented.
I've definitely got these 11,000 already once set up casual and telescope it just goes well then we read similar forster checklist for that we give sch in time here on the russian monitor page how management gives way to chaos remote control su car ddr is for conti 2010 a bus driver is already on it but he said he already brought it up so i ask him i have the internships you can solve the satire we can solve wonderful then now he would call us bush who also checked and then the offer won the feed external, as I said, we already disconnected it externally, but unfortunately it still shows here actually in the basket car also inside and then we will probably read a closed window shop also the window is to offer as before starcek is complete , so they were verified by cabin speaks nose to the north everything is clear the specifications begin while on the p back art push the 21 clear wonderful then do that and then start then we both start and now angels there monstadt rosberg is done you can put the parking brake grab the law you can remove the stepper helped the captain do the panel of the city ​​for mpu outlook to issue if engine anti ice granny doesn't and copilot continues down here spiders engine mode selector folds down to value here which we then drive there and then check trim status still It fits if your cities do the holidays from both sides both left and right now I'm only doing it from the left and the co-pilot would yell what he can see on the system screen in advance to pull down. tube hits the precursor to the left for you tube the dome and as said now do the same thing again but suns island ran without him saying anything and then you checked it from both sides what you just saw is here, the five players actually follow if you press that in rom it shouldn't be that way it's actually too much so the five should only be active as players and the aion players are not only the outer 4 but also us. d definitely office again at some point well he's unplugged we'd look to the left see after push back driver see dial tone both captains have seen co-pilot then we can read astag jackals on the old tat status checks. there we would now have the cross and look at it here on the exercise bike that if you look bad here now then it is called express texelgruppe austria and thus suggests where we shot for a long time as it was said sometimes vehicles come planes have to see if that sort of fits, otherwise we have to improvise a little bit right, so he really wants us to be here when there are three of us.
Get out heading into November, as you can see there are a few vehicles here so I'll try to get out there a lot during November, then we'll sort of look at the ones that come with textile brakes. will launch again left out gfz janecek brakes ok we better remove mike was going to continue producing otherwise because same crash in real life of course you would never do something like that so never roll or fly somewhere where you don't I don't have clearance for that it's an emergency so impulsive special roll 08 left he came to town and I've got him I just pushed a few more buttons he would have done what's being copied to him by rolling earlier.
Would have read the list that there is no problem with the ko party but after 2 flaps of the hospiz max von thun 166 g/km project including taking the left halver tunnels the vtg route is complete and we are done with it, can you see the assignments a bit? Honestly, I don't know if the weather is already implemented. I hope so, otherwise I would seriously think if the thunderstorm is here at the airport. If it's still there, it's easy now at the point to be evaluated relatively because we don't know. whether it is implemented or not,like i said in real life you'd have a much better idea of ​​that we're not here that's why we're looking at it but the project is clear treand my flex xts so we have it the festival project how bread helps st to june present autobahn 66 life standard vs standard rig actually looks a bit better r a bit strategy will trigger cash register offering x 250 knots till mike weather was ok so like me on the ground , it was a bit expected that he would be so good in the southwest of the airport it is even very well presented here very good drink you can see some individual showers here on the left on the right even before 1000 gb it was not this that you have at the moment it's a bit of a bystander i up there in front and then it gets a little shaky still has a moment in front till today so he should be here a year and i think he should first understand how he dodged mike or the top vantage point he's already there it says never be here today why should the next one always be here right today actually? always the tooway point is the closest you shouldn't skip anything if you now have pdf techs from 250 kroner we can keep it but we will never come back he picked it up that means we have to wait until we fly to cologne so i'll just tell you how to pick it yourself also in real life do it below 10 degrees humidity and then that goes to johnson we reduce your had a little bit again so every time it goes up to a given height edge it slows down, it's easy to avoid so it could be another plane coming in to join our team that may have cleared up via descent we go up to the bookstore from below and the tiger system doesn't know we open at 20,000 level feet and the other not 1000 and through the sanity states would start screaming at some point and the americans to give enough and to avoid that they always lower the rate by as much as an n but you go up or down a higher drop is worth we say it doesn't happen as i said i will do it again handled because here it would rise again illuminate the cyclists now in real life you have you have here in front of this strut you have after such a small metal rod can tell wonderfully if a plane it's attached, it's hanging in the airflow and if I then attached to the rest of the plane, I might as well take it with me from Greece there's none here you can't see the wing from here you can't look out I dare to doubt it we'll do it without harm I won't rehearse almost no flat rate you really want here maybe we'll even get out of july and 1 for managed speed worthy of speed 3 because this informant so a bit of weather is here everywhere sometime see echo shows in principle the components of water in the atmosphere and green means that there is already a little humidity yellow that means much more humidity and red or magenta means a lot of humidity and a lot of humidity or which can also, it doesn't necessarily have to be water, it can also be hot hail or hail means that there is a lot of humidity in that part of the atmosphere and that usually goes hand in hand with turbulence, that's why we try to keep these areas always that is possible somehow green is still possible but yellow or red flies or rules not through that we always try a bit to avoid and forewarn there at the front left you could see a good flash there was a good flash probably even is here in the area that we would now that I assume also just keep flying but if we say okay we'll turn now more than 20 degrees or 15 degrees to the right and fly around a little bit of course I would have that now the guidance said or asked and then said that I have everything that changes here in this area of ​​​​peace that is called fm must be implemented by the patent free in the case of az now here by the ruined modified and I have to do q ue of course my race is another main contact so now here too these are now the new active mode that's where you have a white box around 4 10 seconds and the blue so the greens are always the active, the blue ones are the framed ones. mode that's why you have to call when such offices the mode and height with the right color that can be blue that can also be more gentle and then you can combine them so you don't say twice but say you try something small go up hold blue chips as before the company spent this blood well in that case there probably wouldn't even be service in the back of the cabin because you can't pass through the people and the chocolate united with a clear conscience let the cabin make a flight so short where you might not even get out of the clouds and turbulence which happens rarely but if you have it now they would actually look for us in the space we are somewhere other than across the area yellow and at the moment not at all but at least not through the yellow because we were going somewhere in between that the view won't be too great you'll see it'll get minus 40 degrees then we'll do what's called hot and that r It turned out to be below minus 40 degrees they say the probability of icing is so low it is no longer needed the only exception is one the hubs do west due to low engine speeds the wedding hall so if you are here in the west gives everything nice and big several cells probably together here on the right and also some but each one in the middle is in the area where it still looks relatively clear but you have to there too always approach with extreme caution decent speed speed that can also grow very quickly it can happen that if it's because suddenly you don't have spaces anymore and it's also quite possible that you'll get a yellow or red cell that's a bit in the background here because of the shadow of a requirement, it's it might not even be visible so it's always a bit so you have to be very careful who you prefer to link to that no brand building is coming close now we're coming Going to the more yellow ones you can see that it actually looks like this now the weather is not hard to tell exactly for that then you lose the possibility on the weather radar panel.
I'd like to tune a few things more finely, like the weather radar sensitivity, but it applies there too, you can change it yourself so you can scroll up and down again and look, maybe it's just ground echoes where you're at. world from the clouds and that way you can get a much more complete and better picture than is possible in the simulator. from the house i'd say there's mainly 3000 and bodies out front and then you have the settings run for the game i.e. for the weather radar sensitivity as you can see unfortunately you can't put anything in there yet that's not there yet implemented, on the right hand side you have another button like that, you're on tilt.
Again, you can set that, but if I look at it, it becomes an image in real life. I can't imagine a storm front making the same arc as here. My rendering upholstery is relatively unlikely. Normally imagination can sometimes be a bit necessary, but for them to just bend around here now, that's pretty unlikely, I'd say it's to pave the way through the slightest bit of evil you bring. hm, bring me now, you can already see the first red dots, while you don't want to give anything else directly into your wallet, so relaxed in Mainz, if you already told Education Kabila the ticket, you can of course still tell the guests how it is away from cologne they may sink sooner should peter günther and say the best i can still don't know how the gentlemen do what other people are doing so it's good to say it again from cologne don't reply at all then do it again it's gone, too bad carlson it would be better of course it would make sense then we would listen to seoul in real life or if you are close enough and in that case we are close enough you can just listen. the guy is from cologne no unfortunately not sometimes it was better what we know is a decent speed it had the speed to match the convertible and we know that because of the short track maybe a selected lot a bit seems like after a half of autographs weren't too long 19 approach i'll take a look at this calculation again let's talk about the old free note and plan how about düsseldorfer lots of fuel and then we'd do a briefing again head to them so we have the same mental picture and do about the instigators also react there if you have information to talk about or interesting that as a non-violent is no longer present if we ride especially on your monster the template one six montreal we are going to see each other a little from the south coming to the tail then let's see how the thought looks a new project let's see which is the war drama well they are correct that should only be the three in the middle is v true, as they say with the cross or something like that, there are only the four outer ones, it is more true than what is seen from the outside, so it seems that the five can see that they are the first 2 45, it does not seem that the 194 times are, of course, incorrect because it's still out here that it's worldwide and from munich or halfway now it's kind of a speed hero calculation and then computing again that's why my ship in front of you is not correct or a post in any case the distance should also cause those guests to be calculated by the board why did I make the prices not so all the data is there would it be necessary here everyone is master they always think why not always look and convince yourself they don't we can probably go further down bonn we'll keep sinking if otherwise it's getting a little too literal here we are.
Coming soon, we're right, every day, we can get out of the clouds and do what he already did all over again, Germany first briefly in the house, okay, then we'll continue. down so never shot my kids 5015 1600 that looks now at least in the way we don't have to follow down share between us manila 30 times bring some from now on and my kids if they do something else you mean to lime So what it does pretty well you can see you can see the weather here it's all shown with hertie on the right hand side and also directly ahead now we're at 10,000 feet and up here the rock'n roll limit ya is that means real CDs or 1000 cameras can already do that here say no more because they will be too flat for that if cells now really red while strong cells with high humidity maybe even hail then we would hit the upper limit of something as well as tens of thousands that are well over 20,000 and as shown here in this way you can fly more relaxed despite the current within the trial 15 times 3000 sure by epson speak epson we do the rest of the trade or the ma is not so good here explained everything clearly to the blue glaser toilet first henning kaiser blue quartz for the opulent steps to pronounce eclipse do on the site it's a little late finishers so it was good good speed club europe seeds are now the active mode so star suit side walk you have to call again capitalauto breakdown we check what already happened from the booth at 3000 and then we put the mistletoe porsches and here the bot fair is set to 5,000 so it's set there too sadly it's dead here indeed thumbs with straps are not there however holetschek walter m checklist can: let's do it again 623 was shown here 23 26 2 pangv 3 pangv volker luft i know keep it up that's how act dre handball treat the continuous minimum because bonn has that which comes in front another vehicle why am i doing this here the disaster comes in the summer and the traffic in is I text you about the madness yahoo everyone wants to go where how long is it good around it again we turn off the lights so the homies don't get blinded by the floor i'm very precise pac she came put there the content is king plus the offer ends then operator reads parking checklist vinci radioactive system running engines at bombs on par ken break party check its completely good we kept it to the end as i hope you had as much fun as i did, our flight ended, although I was here after work, some issues, such as departure information, letters from the rebels and locations, and I left. planning and other issues relevant to operations at the moment, and although the weather was much better than originally expected, things like this and, above all, a plan b are essential in aviation and always very important if you think about it next time .
If you want to know a little more or have more questions about today's flight or have other aviation topics, feel free to write in the comments and I will try to answer them or even make a video about them if you want to see more. these videos then that might be the case of course I also like to write in the comments if you liked the video then let me I would like to know the like button and the subscribe button and now it's finally time to celebrate stay healthy take care and rauris happy landings

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