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May 05, 2020
how everyone I'm cool, even this is my best friend Cory Todd and here's a baby One of the number one questions I've been asked by you guys since I got pregnant is what are my




? I do not know why. everyone wants to know that, but now you know, here's the



team, it's not really like, oh my gosh, I'm craving this so much, it's like you go through all the food in your brain and think which one. It won't make me feel good. throw up now I know looking at this Rowley doesn't make you think that but these are the things I've been craving so I'm going to make Cory eat them and I'm going to eat them and I'm going to talk about them. when I also craved them, so the first thing I craved when I was pregnant was breast.
eating all my pregnancy cravings during an earthquake
I don't have fat here because we don't know how to make brisket in California. No offense to all the brisket makers here, but the real deal. brisket is in the south and we are in Austin, Texas, the day before I found a house pregnant, I ate brisket in bed in my underwear at 10am. like two pounds and I didn't know I was pregnant, not only that the next day we went to breakfast like at a barbecue place hit more brisket I would like a bite she said no he didn't know I was so the first thing I was craving after of the brisket were cocoa pebbles this was number one so Coppa poles is a classic when I started I was pregnant this is all I wanted to eat I was very sick during my first trimester and for some reason coco was the only thing I ever wanted .
eating all my pregnancy cravings during an earthquake

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eating all my pregnancy cravings during an earthquake...

The funny thing is that Jessica, my sister-in-law, when she was pregnant with Duncan, her most recent child, she just craved these, that's crazy, so Ballinger is like cocoa pebbles. my first craving after brisket we get salty we have a lot of food here you know what's funny since we grew up watching movies and tv and women like sardines when they're pregnant or crazy combinations like peanut butter with broccoli yeah, The next thing I craved a lot and still crave every day are Honey Crisp apples, it's the only kind of apple I ever won. I won't eat anything else.
eating all my pregnancy cravings during an earthquake
Everyone else will have that crap, so every morning I like to see a Honeycrisp apple with peanut butter. That's my jam before I was pregnant. I think I probably ate three apples in a year so I don't know why I've been obsessed with apples so you cut them into small slices and then I put peanut butter on it and my first trimester I was really really really really sick Basically no I couldn't get out of bed, I couldn't get off the couch all day, so Erik would do this to me every morning and I would mention it, he was so cute, she's sweet and salty to me every day.
eating all my pregnancy cravings during an earthquake
Every morning I come downstairs for the five months I've been pregnant I want an apple with peanut butter first thing in the morning and don't tell me I eat the unhealthy one because it tastes better and it's the cheapest and look, it's like We would have bought this last week, but the cutest thing I was obsessed with were nectarines. I love fruit in my first trimester. I wanted fruit all the time. They say that cravings are your body telling you what you need, so there are many tests. sugar natural sugars but it also has a lot of water mine go and hydrate yourself because I won't try to go out into the water you know this reminds me of the forest where Baker's wife craves like the vegetable and the geico steals it Green Green let's put green they should have seen you most importantly this has been my number one craving throughout my entire pregnancy I was in and out every day all day every day this is all I want to eat this amount I have this baby it's going to be done in and hours like it's literally the only thing I want , so it really says that right now it's delicious, so my order is an animal style cheeseburger, if I'm feeling frisky I'll take out the tomatoes, something strange that I added that since I got pregnant it's mustard, so I understand it at the animal style, but I crave mustard so much, maybe a week after announcing I was pregnant, I did a pregnancy mukbang where I ate so much inside and that is one of the most glorious days of my life, did you know it is, By far the best word?
I don't care what you say I don't care where you're from it's the best it's the best people say Shh oh all the other things I have to find out, but this is a game that contains this and Honey Crisp apples are the two things that are remain constant throughout pregnancy. I've had enough of everything else, so like cocoa pebbles, I want it every day and then after a week. was a normal tooth written by Beethoven Pebbles when I was five and a half months pregnant, so now I want to eat everything I see for the first three months.
It's very difficult to find food that doesn't make me vomit. strange combination of foods that you liked when I was a child it was like for me there are not many combinations of foods that I like pregnant there is only one that I am going to use next doritos nachos cheese chips with cottage cheese I know my mom taught me like this yes doritos nachos dipped in cottage cheese the only good thing we had growing up that was a strange combination was that I've been craving it this week. I almost put it on the table, but I would tell them it's scrambled eggs. white bread with mayonnaise and pickles and others, so it's like an egg sandwich with just mayonnaise, pickles and scrambled eggs.
The next thing you'll want to die for is that I love pickles this pregnancy. Cory hates pickles, that baby looks gross, but he's the only one. The strange combination I've had during this pregnancy is that one morning I was really sick that day and for some reason this was the only thing that felt good to me, so I ate a whole plate of sliced ​​pickles with goldfish crackers and it didn't bother me. taste. I put the goldfish cracker on top and I'd like to take a bite and pickle I'm going to have a goldfish cracker like this It looks so disgusting How do they have it?
It looks like a zombie penis, that was my butt. I've been such a monster this pregnancy that it's so stereotypical like oh, it smells, it smells amazing, that's what it smells like. I believe in Gucci pickle butts, but I wouldn't use a whole plate like this, with tons of pickles and on the same plate I could roll up a bunch of old cookies. this was the strangest combination i've ever had so far this pregnancy i hadn't done it again i loved it that day but i haven't had it since that's terrible oh there was one day this was really good this was just my creation and i I just ate it, I think roses, but that day I wanted this so much that the next one is this.
I'm afraid of these in my house. My mom always bought them and refrigerated them. They are very random. She would call them Buffalo. chips because they look like buffalo chips, which is buffalo poop, they are delicious because of how cold they are, once in a while, but yeah, I couldn't eat a whole box of these in a day. I don't know what it is, it's like a chocolate cake with something like that. a marshmallow and whoops and then a hard chocolate topping the next thing I really craved and still crave, just weird and delicious, are these chocolate brownies with sea salt on top, they are from a bakery I really like and there were days when I would be Sick on the couch, Cory needed something this big.
I would just eat these people, believe me. I have a complete diet, it seems like I don't, but I eat a lot of healthy things among all the junk, so I lean towards it. in and out, but then I eat a whole plate full of fresh fruit, they'll have a plate full of watermelon, then I'll have a salad and then I'll have tons of food all day long, so these are just things like great for the mouth, these are really good, look at me, you can see me


these and Rachel, my mom let me eat Denny's so I can be so Paul, but then the coolest stuff on tour works really, really.
The sour things I couldn't find what I like the most is the girls' birthday, but they're like these sour cakes, like sour, hard, chewy things. I would get off stage and run on the bus and then I would sweat. Oh Gatorade, that's the other one. What I've been craving so much during this pregnancy, I don't understand that I would drink a whole load of blue Gatorade and then eat these sweets like they were off stage, but these skills sour the things I was able to find that I hadn't done when I was. longing for bitter things there's an


no, I think a rotten love that makes it move Gus jumped out of bed to check your vehicle, so I guess there was an


Eric was right, we didn't feel anything, everyone is fine, we drove in California. those guys really like my dad's, I really feel like I would never feel them. I never thought sour zone kids were bitter when I really craved sour things when I was super indecisive. I could like eat, eat, eat, eat this and now I drove. by Tulsa great Makoto I think Aziz is fine, how strange how pregnancy makes your tongue not work well. I really like these sour gummies. I like the blue ones in the red ones. Oh, actually the following is one of my current obsessions that I've been obsessed with. root beer in a glass bottle for probably two months, but I can't really drink Coke because you're not supposed to have caffeine and all that sugar is really bad for you.
I know this has a lot of sugar. I also needed to give up Coke because I drank a lot of coke before I got pregnant so I needed something that was caffeine-free and still had the ability of a soda to heat water and this has been my favorite IBC root beer in a glass bottle for something that tastes better oh my god it's so good do you like your cock? Yes that is good. I highly recommend using it fresh. She's a friend, honey, so the strangest thing on the tour I wanted every day on the bus tour, every day it was cold, so.
I met Sarina, I have known her for many years, she never wants to see it like Chile, I have never won in Chile. I've always been an emperor that's like soup is not a food like me. I am very anti. soup, so this was weird and it was especially weird because when we were on tour we were on the east coast in the middle of summer so it was like 100 degrees humid and sticky. The last thing anyone wants in a humid and sticky heat is Chile, there is a In a couple of places I went to NASA to get it, there is practically no season, as if we don't have to increase the summer 100 times, as if no one wants Chile, but this one was important to me as I really wanted it. so bad every day so I bought a big can of chili oh man I love that.
I love chili, it's pretty good, I like the taste of it and I like to put sour cream and crackers on it, oh my gosh, I love it so much. He makes it very active because it's super spicy, so every time I eat it he wonders, Mom, what are you doing to me? But I love chili and I still love it so much, so this is still the current craving, the final craving I want. Sharing with you is something I have just discovered and it is an obsession. Now this is a surprise because my sweet, sweet Eric knows I'm obsessed with this.
I was at an ice cream shop that had vegan options for my sister and me. It was crazy to be soft serve, so I found a place in LA called Magpies and I went hoping to point out the chocolate ice cream because it's the only kind I really like and they had a banana dish and I was like, gross, like. who wants banana Ice cream like that is disgusting, but I tried it only because it was one of their specialties and it's amazing that I keep coming back just for the banana ice cream, which is so random because I only like chocolate ice cream because of my sweet, sweet love.
Eric today, surprise me. I told him I was going to film this video and he said, "Oh my God, you were surprised. This is perfect." He went out and bought me a whole pint today to surprise me at dinner. This is a special bonus and you have done it. I didn't have this, yes, I know it's so good, I love it so much, it's normal for you to eat it, oh it's good, it's vegan, it's not like a big banana, it's like the real thing, yes, it tastes like banana bread, yes , great, but there is not enough bread, yes.
Tea is like banana, friends, but oh my goodness, it's so good and I can't believe it's vegan and organic. This is not my jam. I'm not the kind of person who would eat that kind of food, but it's amazing. and I keep getting Eric to push me to go get this, really yeah, so he went and brought me a pint which is basically all the biggest things I've ever craved during this pregnancy. Can you think of anything else? I think that's basically it. I think I believe. you've got it all, so it's not like most pregnant women are like oh, I like peanut butter on my toenails, like it's like, it's just that you think everything makes you sick when you're pregnant, since you're like what food doesn't I got sick today and for me it came in waves just like the first week, the next week I used cocoa pebbles - a Honeycrisp apple you know each week was different although it didn't last long as was expected and and I wanted every day that was not a pregnancy thing as a human thing that is really good and pickles.
I eat pickles and goldfish crackers every day yes and no. Oh, that's really gross, so yeah, those are my cravings right now. I'm in. The stage where I just want to eat everything all the time and I'm hungry for everything.time, so now I'm going to turn off the camera and eat all this food, but thanks for watching, I don't want you to see this. I feel like this. It's really boring but at least you've had to see this experience in the earthquake. I wonder if it will shake maybe a lot of video. I know that the earthquake occurs in the middle of pregnancy. taste test really good and follow Cory almost his stuff and subscribe and follow me on all my stuff and see you next time let me know what you want in the comments below I said I was going to turn this channel into a pregnancy channel but these These are the videos you guys are requesting, so I try to include other types of videos, but these are the ones you guys always ask for, so tell me what you want. see next I think it's right I think it's fire I think it's entertainment I think I love it I think I want to eat ice cream from all over this planet

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