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Easy Hinged Die Cut Cards - No Special Dies Needed!

Jun 07, 2021
Hello and welcome, I'm Jennifer McGuire and I'm glad you joined me, so today I'm sharing with you some fun ideas for


die cut


, so they're a little different than regular


instead of opening the traditional way. way a large die cut on the front lifts up to reveal an additional personal message or sentiment. The best thing about this card design is that it is very


to make and you can use any large die cut shape. The flap hinges on the front are hidden. so no one sees it, so it's a fun and unexpected feature.
easy hinged die cut cards   no special dies needed
I'll demonstrate how to make one easily and then also how to make a bunch of


die cut cards quickly and easily. I made many using the same product package because I really like them. I'm going to show you how you can really stretch your supplies and get the most out of them before you get started. I wanted to mention that I'm trying out a new work surface here. I usually work on a glass work surface with a black grid. which I absolutely love, but I wanted to try a white grid glass work surface. Now I will say that my lighting is messed up in this video.
easy hinged die cut cards   no special dies needed

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easy hinged die cut cards no special dies needed...

I have to work on that. I'm so sorry, but I also like the white option. They are interested in learning more about this white glass mat. Stay until the end of my video. I will talk about it and how to get 20 off through one of my friends. And again, sorry for the enlightenment, but I'm still thinking about you. I'll be able to follow along just fine, ok let's get back to the cards, now all my cards today include some Concord and 9th products and mainly the triple step blooming heart die and stamp set. Here is the die set that you can use alone, you have the outline. heart with faux stitching on the inside edge and then the other die cuts out all those heart shaped flower openings so you can use them together or separately.
easy hinged die cut cards   no special dies needed
There is also a faux stitch banner die and two matching


that go with the stamp. There are three large images here that you can build together to create a floral heart, then there are individual flowers so you can create a background or border of flowers and some sentiments. I really felt like this package was a lot of value for the money. I could make a lot of cards with them and when I find a product like this I want to make as many cards as possible and experiment with ways to use them and that's what you'll see today.
easy hinged die cut cards   no special dies needed
I end up making quite a few. cards and I have more in the works. I wanted to mention that all the cardstock I used today is from Concord 9th. They have a beautiful selection of colors and you really can't go wrong mixing and matching all the colors, now it really makes it


. I made a lot of die cuts for this video so I could make a lot of cards with different inlay techniques and stuff and I'll show you all of those now I wanted a lot of hearts where I had the flowers cut out in the middle and then the heart was cut out around the edge so I decided to tape these two


along the back so I could die cut them together many times and not have to place them each time I precut four and a quarter by five.
One and a half inch pieces of cardstock and I cut out the hearts from the top center but kept the negative space which we will use later in this video for other cards. I don't like to waste anything. Here I'm taking the die cut heart like you see it there, but I'm also saving all the bits and pieces and taking them out and putting them on a little tray. I love making die cut inlays. It's like a puzzle for me. It's very therapeutic, but I'll share some tricks if you're not really into doing that, but I went ahead and by the way, I made a lot of die cuts if you put tape on the back of your die like this to keep them together. use an anti static powder tool and it will prevent those pieces from sticking there as i forgot to do it the first time but here you can see they start to come out easily after this i will die cut a lot of these hearts and they will all be used for card design hinged die cuts that we're making today, but I also have some regular panels here where I don't use the outside heart, just the floral heart in the middle, so I can also make some traditional flat cards.
You can make many different cards at once if that's something you like to do. I also die cut a bunch of plain white hearts, the solid one like you see here, which will help you with our hinged card design later in this video, so really what I do. What I'm doing is preparing all my pieces so we can do the technique and assemble the cards, but remember that if you prefer to make one card instead of many at once, you can do this technique that way too. Okay, next I need some adhesive hearts. on them so I have white cardstock here where I cut adhesive sheets from altenew and I'm covering the back of the white cardstock with an adhesive sheet that way the adhesive is already on top when we do the die cutting and it makes the process much faster now we'll die cut hearts from these, but keep in mind to keep that negative space because we can use them for cards later, which you'll see again, so now I have a bunch of hearts with adhesive on the front. of them I'm now using the corner of my marker to line up the two hearts.
You can line them up by eye if you want, but I'm taking my adhesive heart and placing it right in the corner and then putting our intricate die cuts right on top of it helps line up the hearts nicely so we have a good fit, so remember that anywhere wherever there is an opening in this top die cut there is adhesive that is exposed because we used that adhesive sheet, so now I can take all of those. small bits and pieces from our die cut and place them in place. This technique is called die-cut inlay. Some people love it.
I am one of them. Some people don't want to do it because it takes time. I found that it took me about 10 minutes to assemble each of these, but I'll show you another way to do it that's much faster in a moment, but if you're looking for some downtime in your craft room where you don't have to think too much Don't even get too creative, this is a great option, so just fill in all those openings where the adhesive is exposed and you'll have a nice smooth finish when you're done. One thing I recommend is that if you like to do die cut inlays, make sure to inlay. some


cardstock too because it's really stunning in real life, so I used holographic cardstock and I cut the little floral heart out of that and I took out some of the little dots and embedded them in my background, so when I tilted this in the light, some of those little die cut pieces have some shine to them, it's really cool in real life and I just use a jewel picker to pick up those little pieces and put them in place so I kept filling all the openings again.
It's a process I like, however, if you're looking for a faster way to get the same look, let me show you a little trick. In this case, I have my intricate white heart die cut and I have a solid dark green heart that I'm going to glue together, but first I'm going to put colored cardstock behind the large flowers. Remember how before I embedded each of the petals of each of those flowers. This time I'm going to put in solid flower dies that are on the same glued die set. those at the back of the opening, so now the color will show up on each of those flowers.
In this case, it was helpful to have those little flower dies, but I could have also die cut circles or hand cut pieces very quickly, so I covered everything. From the flower openings I'm now putting adhesive all over the back of this die cut and we'll stick it to the green heart that way all the other openings have green and by the way I decided to change it to a light. green heart instead of dark green, so now you can see that all the leaf openings are green and the little berries are green too. I decided I wanted some of those leaves to be green, so I ended up die-cutting them and attaching just those extra leaves. of them probably half the leaves and the little flowers, but I saved a lot of time by not making each of those flower petals, so here you can see after I added some of the die cut inlays, but again it was a great time saver and I have one more time saver to share with you with die cut inlays.
I did this on some of mine. It works on a lot of different backgrounds that you want to reposition the pieces on, so here I made a yellow die cut and see how some of them work. of the pieces remain in the die-cut. I have a heart here where these openings are. Look at those little yellow centers on the flowers. There is exposed adhesive there. I'm going to take the yellow die cut, line it up, and then punch each of those flower centers. the little yellow circle, stick it into the adhesive behind it and when I lift this die up, all of my little yellow circles are going to be stuck in the openings of those flowers.
Check it super quick if the pieces are still stuck on your die you could place your die on top upside down and push it in and it will work the same way so those are just some die cut inlay tips and I'll link here to a video with more ideas. Now I also wanted to mention that you could use this flower heart dies without doing inlays, you can skip it completely if you want and still get great results. That's one of the things I like about Concord 9th products. You can use them in many ways and get different styles.
In this case, I simply cut out a peach heart with the flowers inside and I'm going to glue it onto a solid white heart. You can glue additional layers on top if you want to give it more dimension, but just having that simple white cardstock visible is great and we'll do it. add some beads later to give it a little interest so i created a bunch of these die cut hearts each of which is a little different and it was a lot of fun to put them together so it's like i'm getting my ducks in a row and Now we can move on to the hinged die cutting technique and then finish the cards.
I will say that whenever you do die cut inlays later, you'll really want to press down on the entire surface to make sure all those little die cuts get stuck in there. great because you don't want any of them to fall out, but here you can see a bunch of the different dies that I ended up fixing below. I also created a bunch of stamped hearts for the hinged card designs. These were really easy to make. Because they have this triple pass stamping where you stamp three large images in the same area and form a colorful piece quickly, I wanted to show you an inking trick I did.
This is the first layer of the triple heart print I wanted to stamp. in two colors of green, so what I did was first stamp it in a light green which is concord and ninth bud, then I took a little bit darker green and a blending brush and put a little bit of that ink on the stamp in some areas and then I'll stamp it and repeat it and what ends up happening is you just have a little variation in the green, some lighter areas and some darker areas, so it looks like we did more stamping steps, but actually I just use the combination.
The brush to apply a little dark ink here and there works great and also works with other inking tools, but I found that the blending brushes really work exceptionally well after stamping several pieces with the green. I went in with the second image, it's very easy to line up which I'll show you in a moment and I just stamped them with one color after making this image on all the pieces I moved on to the third layer of the image to complete the rest of the heart , one of What I wanted to mention about the Concord and 9th inks that I'm using is that the ink wipes off the stamp pretty easily, so you can switch between colors easily without worrying about the ink getting left on the stamp, so here I'm.
Making each of these a little different so I have a good variety of colors and this is also a good time to try different color combinations. Now I found that lining up these images for this three step stamp was easy, but if you want, you have these little arrows on the stamp, look at that little bit sticking out at the top center. You can use those little arrows on the stamp to help you line them up every time you make a little dot on your paper and every time you match it up. Note, the arrow is not stamped, it's just on the back of the stamp, but it's really helpful for lining it up, but again I didn't find a need for that, but I like that they do it to make it easier for everyone.
Me too. I wanted to mention that in the Concord 9th stamp set there are little detailed floral images that you can add in there to create more layers. I just wanted to show you what another way to use these products is.creatively in so many different ways that I didn't add any of those smaller images, but know that they are there in case you would like to make more prints. After I was done with all my stampings, I used the heart outline to cut them out and now I have die cut and stamped hearts for the hinged card design.
First I'll show you how to create one hinged die cut card at a time and then I'll show you how you can make several very quickly, but I thought I'd show just one first because most people only make one. card at a time for the hinges I like to use recycled acetate this is an acetate from the packaging I had a medium weight that's fine or you could use a lighter weight whatever you have try it I cut it to be about three inches wide and I'm marking right in the center about an inch and a half and I marked it a few times because it's pretty thick and then I'm going to fold it along that marked line and reinforce it, so now I have a piece of folded acetate.
Now I'm going to cut this folded piece into small strips, so I make it between a quarter of an inch and a half of an inch. It doesn't really matter if anyone sees them, but between a quarter inch and a half inch seems to be a really good hinge to work with. pretty much any die cut shape you would use for my particular card. I'm making hearts so I want to have two hinges at the top of the heart for a circle or square. You could make one, but I always find that if you can make two, it's better so this is what my little hinges look like little V-shaped pieces of acetate.
You could use cardstock, but you might see them on the card, so I like to use transparent acetate. Now it's time to assemble our little hinge on one of the flaps, I'm putting a strong double sided adhesive on it and then I'm going to stick it to the top back of our heart so you can see the adhesive is on the outside of the hinge and I'm going to put this at the top back of our heart. So the marked line of the hinge is a little bit above the top of the heart, so I'll have the other half of the hinge sticking out here, let's see how it sticks out there and now we can add our second hinge.
I am doing it the same way by putting adhesive on one side of the hinge and placing it on the back of the heart so that the marked line or fold of the acetate is slightly above the top of the heart now to hide the ones that are stuck. On the hinge halves, I cut another white heart and am gluing it there, so now we have those two little hinge flaps still sticking out, but the other half is hidden, so we basically have a heart with two feet. clear feet sticking out of the top back, okay, now I'm going to place this with my flap sticking out and right on top of those flaps I'm putting some double sided adhesive and now we need another white heart die cut, remember how?
I said I made a bunch of those before and I'm going to take that other heart die cut and line it up with our hearts. There is no glue on this die cut here. I'm just going to line it up there and then I'm going to take my two hinges, my two flaps, fold them down and press them down, so I basically have a little mini card here and you can't really see those clear hinges on the top. It works great, so now all I have to do is paste this. on the front of my card and note that you can do this with a circle with a hinge on the top a square with two hinges on the top whatever you have for the background of many of my cards.
I used the front of the Concord 9th checkered card. Now there are two dies that you can buy together or separately, but they look great layered, very easy to make. Today I did mostly monochromes, but you can definitely do bold colors with this and have a lot of fun, so I created a panel of cards that Measures four by five and a quarter and is peach, as you can see here. I made the two checkered die cuts on the front and already glued them in place. Now I'm adding it to a white panel that measures four. and a quarter by five and a half this is not a notecard because to me this little die cut hinge is the part of the notecard.
You can definitely still put this on a note card if you want. Now I'm putting a strong adhesive on the back. of that heart and add it to our card by the way, that's the Gina K Connect liquid adhesive, which is super strong and I can be sure that it will stay in place after I put it on. I'll add my sentiments now, one of the sentiments used in this video is from this new Concord 9th stamp set in the matching die set. It's called seasonal branches. I didn't use this stamp set today, but I encourage you to check it out because you can make these colorful branches for all seasons.
So for many different occasions and in the matching die set they have this "You're so kind and thinking about dying" which I love. I love that they include sentiment dies in their matching die sets, so I use "You're So Kind" for this. card in particular, i die cut it twice from white cardstock and once from aaron lee creative shiny black cardstock. I stacked them and added them to the front, since there is so much color behind, I thought stacking the dies would help make it stand out now. I'm finishing this off by adding some yellow pearls from Trinity Stamps here and there just to give it a little extra sparkle, so I did that on most of my cards.
I'm a big fan of pearls and gems, but you could. omit them completely if you want or even use them as perfect um or no liquid beads or nuvo drops if that's what you have so those are the steps I would follow to make a single hinge die cut card. Next, I wanted to show you how I finished. the rest of these cards, so let's do a bunch of hinges at once. Again I have a piece of acetate that's about three inches wide and I'm scoring it right down the center and then folding it in half instead of cutting it right now.
I'm going to put my adhesive on now so I don't have to do it on each individual hinge as we go, so I have some leftovers of that new double sided adhesive. I end up with a lot of scraps like this and I save them for things like this, so I'm putting a big piece of adhesive along one side of the V so you can see it's right on the outside and then the other one I'm going to put on the other flap of the acetate, but on the inside now I have a piece that I can cut into little quarter or half inch strips and I'll have a bunch of hinges made all with adhesive where they need to be and that really saved me time.
Instead of using that roll of double-sided tape on each of the hinges twice, I'll actually repeat this process and then do it a third time to have extra hinges on hand for when I make hinged dies in the future in this size . The hinge works with many different shapes of die cutting. It's a good overall size, so now I'm going to assemble a bunch of these hinged die cut hearts. I put the two flaps on the back of my heart. I put another heart on top of that to match those hinge halves in place and now I can remove the protective paper from the inside of those flaps sticking out and add the extra heart on the back, so I just line it up and then press the adhesive of the flaps down and there we have our little hinge pieces, so I continued making all the hearts this way so that all my hearts had the hinges ready to go.
All I have to do is add the feelings and put them in the background. Let me show you some of the different feelings I have. used and then I'll show you all the cards, this is the 9th concord, I just said stamp set, I've used it many times in videos and it was on my favorites list. I used some of the little sentiment strips here for some of the sentiment strips on my cards. I also used some sentiments from this Concord 9th Painted Petal Twist Kit. There's a lot of stuff in the kit, but I used the stamp set quite a bit to coordinate dies in this video.
First, greetings and thanks. die that you will see me use later, but also look at the stamp set, there are those little bold sentiment strips and there is a die that cuts them out quickly. I love this, I hope they make more like this, so you just stamp this little blob of sentiment. This little block of sentiments I like to stamp in black and then light heat emboss, but you can do whatever you want, in fact, do several at a time because then you can have those sentiments ready in the future, so I added a little embossing of course to my black. ink and then I'll heat set them and then I'll check that they have this die that you can easily line up with your stamping, run it through your die cutting machine and then you'll end up having all these individual messages to add to the cards so those are some of the different sentiments that You will see in all my completed cards that I am about to read.
I have a lot to show you, but each one is a little different. First here are all the ones I made with the heart with the die cut some have inlays others I put the color on the back but I wanted to show you the different variations they all have that hinged die cut on the front it's not a traditional note card just lift the flap and That's where I'll put my personal message. You can see some pearls I added to give it a little more interest. Here I use that hello die from the painted petals kit that I just showed you.
I cut it twice with white cardstock and once with black glossy layers. together so it really stands out in the heart here's another one, this time I did a soft colored background again all of these cardstocks are concord 9th and they mix and match really well by the way, most of my cards today are hello and thank you , that's what I do a lot because that's what I send the most, but you can definitely do any occasion on these, I think they would even work for a wedding or a baby, you could even create the cards, leave out the sentiment and when you have it.
If a particular occasion is


, you can add that sentiment directly. Keep in mind that you can also use your scraps for all of these little die-cut pieces. It's a great opportunity to use some of those little pieces you've saved. I just made a lot. the same color now this one is very simple I just put it on a plain white background and then I added the hello friend that we cut out a moment ago and that way I didn't cover the background of the heart as much. of this would show, I really think the die cut inlay looks so beautiful in real life and this way you can see more as I cut out some colored hearts to get the little pieces I decided to put them on. use it on some so in this case I have the yellow background, the last card was the green background while most of the others are white.
Okay, now for our examples of cards with hearts stamped on most of these, I decided to keep the background simple and instead of the checkered layers I just stamped an old Hero Arts dot stamp with a matching ink. Now notice these two are a little different, it's hard to see them in the video, but on the card on the left, some of the flowers are cut out and popping out, that's because the Concord 9th die set has those heart dies, like this that I was able to add those layers, so I'm just showing you a few ways these stamps and dies can be used together.
I invite you to check out some of the other ideas. I think it is dificult. Sometimes I have to decide what to invest in when it comes to making cards, but if you see a pack of stamps and dies that can be used in so many ways, I think those are the ones that stand out to me so I can get the most life out of them. As you see me doing today, as you can see, many of these cards are similar, but I changed each one because of the colors I used, the sentiments I used and the backgrounds, if you make too many cards exactly the same, you can.
It gets very boring, but changing little things keeps it more interesting and then for those of you who don't like doing die cut inlays, I totally get it. They could use the intricate colored heart on top of the white and then add some. pearls and look how beautiful it is, this is a great way to even make a set of note cards for someone, make one in pink, one in blue, one in red and make like a set of cards that way, a set of Rainbow makes a great gift and allows you to get more out of the products you have now.
Remember how I used holographic cardstock to get some of the little inlays. Well, I had those holographic die-cut hearts left over, so I decided to use them. Look how. Cool, this look is that holographic die cut heart on white cardstock. I added some blue beads and then a blue doily around the edge. The holographic cardstock picks up all these different colors and is really stunning in real life and then here we just have a yellow design sometimes it's fun to make a color that you don't normally use and it may be the recipient's favorite color. Well,I have some extra cards for those of you who stayed in the video so far, these are not hinged.
Die cut cards, these are just flat cards, but I wanted to show you how I used some of the leftover pieces from earlier to make additional cards. Now remember how I had all those pieces of white cardstock with the heart die cut out. I'm going to cut them out a little and use them as layers behind one of our solid colored die cut pieces. Let me show you what I'm doing, so I have all these white pieces. I'm trimming them a little. Here I have a solid green one where I die cut the heart and I just have a window.
I'll glue three of these white windows right on the back and that will lift up that die cut opening and really make it a fun and simple card design, then I can stick it on a note card and look at this, you see how those windows have a little shadow behind them Because we build those layers, all you need to do is add a feeling. I also had some pieces of colored cardstock where I had die cut the floral heart and was using those little pieces of floral heart for my inlay. Okay, now I have the negative space left and I can use it on a card, so here I have a white card that I'm putting double altenew.
Double sided adhesive right on the entire back. I'll place this leftover piece on top so that on all those little floral openings we have exposed adhesive and I can do the inlay technique again if you don't want to do the inlay technique. you can put some glitter in those openings and press them down, so let me show you some of the bonus cards I made with my leftover pieces first. We have the one in which I made the inlay with the blue background. Look how beautiful it is because it's really nice and soft and then I added some pearls and that hello die cut that's stacked with the shiny black cardstock on top.
I think this is one of those designs that is kind of timeless and can work for any occasion, so I'll probably go for it. To make more of these on this one, I simply put a piece of peach glitter cardstock behind that opening, so I didn't do any inlays here. It was super quick to make so you can see the glitter through it, there's just glitter cardstock behind it. I added the simple sentiment, put it on a note card and added some pearls - definitely the quickest of all the cards. Now in this other one I wanted to try embedding with the shiny paper, so in this one I embedded all those little shiny papers. die cut inlays but it's something I enjoyed making the difference isn't much but I really like the look of die cut inlays and last but not least I promised I would talk about this matte white glass.
It really is a great product that it comes in. Different sizes is glass with the white and the grid printed underneath to make it last. Over time, I usually work on a black glass mat from Tim Holtz. I love it so much, however I was looking for something bigger to use in videos so I was trying this out now. This glass board is from Glassboard studio and was made in collaboration with my my friend Amber Rayne Davis of notable ink posted about this so I decided to buy one and try it out and she has a discount code for 20 off.
I'll put the information below so you can see Amber's work and also the board, so I just wanted to share that because I knew I'd probably get some questions about the rest of the products. They are also in the YouTube description below, but as always I encourage you to go to my blog because I have pictures of all of these cards. You can keep them for reference if you want to see other videos, including another hinged die cut card idea. I'll link it here in the middle, thanks for watching, have a wonderful day and I'll see you again very soon.

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