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Easy DIY Science Experiments Coca Cola and Mentos

Feb 27, 2020
she's an experiment yeah we have this giant container so we have the Mentos on one side the diet coke happens first ok guys now you're sure carriers first can I have filled with a Mentos and this one with the medical degree they can play for? the name starts the second which comes in handy oh and let's see how heavy you can even hear uh i have to make this one of these but i can't look like a thousand of these i think how much they filled for this bubble actually such Maybe you just need to waddle why don't you guess how many diets a diet coke follows? oh ok now we overfilled house of


let's go in no room for the boys ok it's the start but safety first Jubilees this one but i got a cup of water you need two scoops of dog so the next thing you're going to shake and mix is ​​what I'm going to cut for Ryan here so here we go next.
easy diy science experiments coca cola and mentos
I'll submerge it and then you'll turn it off and knot it, see what happens. Enter the solution correctly, keep blowing and see how long you can make it. Do not forget that you have to blow and not inside and this is best for children over five years of age. Be sure to do it with a parent. Look how long the trip is. making it whoa-ho super long you did it for now we'll make it fast now we'll put it so much and water whoa mix covers it remember to blow and not on that looks great alright the guys really did mine too so let's get together ok dip it ok ok done one two three how can you do it?
easy diy science experiments coca cola and mentos

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easy diy science experiments coca cola and mentos...

I guess I'm damn if I can do more like I said whoa whoa whoa maybe my back okay that was my file where I go what do you think he's better you guys better whoa that's fun I know ok guys now we're doing the challenge do it in our safe Ryan's going to do it I'm going to do it - ok you say we're going to fill the whole sink with bubbles come on I'll do it with you okay? First couple Hey okay guys that's how much we have here in our sink it's a lot I mean fun Ryan okay let's do one more hit for you guys you can see the cream sauce I'm wrestling rocks who's winning ryan or the bubbles ok guys thanks so much for watching our fun rainbow bubble video here ryan is having so much fun he'll keep blowing but i hope you like the video oh he's giant yeah , if you give it a big thumbs up we're not thanks for watching and as always remember to hold gravity and then now it's driving down boo black and once we're done we'll make it vibrate so all you need is cornstarch is once top one ok so you will need two cups full of cornstarch ok for me this is optional you put any color you like ryan likes purple guys i'm fitting in and 1 cup of water don't forget always ask an adult for help and never I eat you its your right


experiment yeah time to mix well so while ryan is mixing i'm going to make my own like different colors i'll be fine in a cup of water listen you read it's time to mix we're having a hectic mix party mommy's right it's working oh ok that's it look at this it's like slime yeah so runny.
easy diy science experiments coca cola and mentos
I'm gonna make a ball a ball oh it's melting what's melting between my fingers yeah great how high can you lift? Ryan, hey, Ryan, do you know if you're black like that? It is solid or liquid. it's happening in newtonian fluid oh right now the radio knows it's right so what happens is when you lift it up it flows down like a liquid right we squeeze it real hard it feels like a solid yeah I'm trying. pick him up like he's real weak and hardly using any energy and it's real


baby just punch him and what does it feel like when you hit him yeah boxing clothes it's real hard to hit yeah okay ryan are you ready for? make other colors yeah okay one two three all different color black so we got pink red orange we got blue yellow and green now let's have a vibe party okay guys , chillie, speaker, yes sir i need something with a lot of base so we can see the new black vibrate now before we start the music is going to be very very loud so there we go find noise canceling headphones noise ok ryan you even listen to me ryan oh just listen to me okay guys let's buy the new black and let the dance party begin you ready he's ready here we go poor you and I'm very excited, okay? that's okay you think stop that's okay that was so cool right you don't so now take your headphones off do you hear me now yeah okay guys so I was like the most amazing thing you We are going to clean and we? let's try mine ok now let's try the red ooh black ok ok ok guys let's start the party again here we go ok ok check out the headphones now the headphones yeah ok guys that was great yeah yeah do you know why why the vibration makes the black jump up and down to have a dance party I think, why you know you want me to explain it to you?
easy diy science experiments coca cola and mentos
Because vibration makes it move so it's like that yes but here's also another reason why the dancing parts of the foo are black or sound waves moving through the solution if you change the pitch or frequency of the music, the sound waves will make the black dance differently thanks for watching remember oh yes it's fast and get up and be very careful because your hands will get dirty washed it with soap a

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