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Eagles vs. Patriots | 2023 Week 1 Highlights

Sep 11, 2023
Kelsey, the great Vet Center, to get the ball back, it hurts, he's a quarterback, it hurts through traffic, he can get the first down before Mills cuts the angle and that's what I just mentioned. Kelsey before the serve, made a great block to help free it. for a gain of 14. This is an outstanding decision you think you have him in an obvious passing situation but Jalen hurts using his legs that is why this team is so hard to defend and this field goal will open things up a lot from 32 yards. empty formation trying to tire the d line pass intercepted, deflected and intercepted and running with it on a sled and pick a tackle and gallop to the end zone for pick six bringing back the Bradbury sled they reloaded this list and I think you're going to have a great chance to get back to the Super Bowl and right there, a mistake against the Philadelphia team puts you in a deep hole, but I thought this was a little bit about Matt Jones.
eagles vs patriots 2023 week 1 highlights
He hurried, he has time in his pocket and the ball is barely out of his hand from his fingertips born it was not a good pitch Off-road to the mark Warren was open came out I don't think he looked at Darius Slay take him home it's a new year, no one cares what you did in 2022. I prefer a cool message to be with you. The trail here is Ball's fall from Elliot and recovered by Zach Cunningham. He had possession. Wow, this is exactly what we talked about before this game, your team. in the first


it's sloppy so you've got to go ahead and keep the game simple and right here if it's a turnover, a catch and a fumble and that's bound to be a catch and a fumble and the great Jordan Davis, yes. the big hit here and there, that's what you want to see if you're an Eagles fan.
eagles vs patriots 2023 week 1 highlights

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eagles vs patriots 2023 week 1 highlights...

He takes off this year, two gifts in this first quarter first and the goal drop rack shoots End Zone and a touchdown is called for Brent, right Devonte. Smith cradles him like a baby and from five yards out I can tell you he's about to have a monster year he had a great year last year but I think he's even had another Step Up perfectly thrown low and far my boy catch him or no one. It's very difficult for me to find an answer on how to defend this. These are man-to-man routes. They're here because you have to stop this running game.
eagles vs patriots 2023 week 1 highlights
The dominant offensive line quarterback who can handle the numbers is not in your favor. they have a very productive year this third year and seven passes from the hands of born knocked down that it was Maddox who defended him this a little by the defensive line did not score they did not give time to the ball but we are not giving it to you. Sipas' first punt was for 50 yards but he was returned 21. What coverage so early when Marcus Jones was leveled right after the Sydney Brown catch. Tavi paves the way for another guy. Great design.
eagles vs patriots 2023 week 1 highlights
Here's the pun we don't have. had a first down on the last 18 offensive plays there to wreak havoc on Marcus Jones, the quick hit after the 54 yard punt, the Patriots attacked us all like a first third down conversion, now they're going for the date ball one. one here and almost went down with it Warren was running that way for the Patriots but Slade never let him out of sight kills reading the backfield and guesses he gets too deep to win ground and then track the ball down and still aim it high, it's an incredibly athletic play, this is a big area of ‚Äč‚Äčimprovement needed, second and goal, Miss Jones goes to the end zone and then her part for the touchdown Hunter Henry and the Patriots are on the field.
He boarded and gave Belichick five races over six months to watch you and I think maybe he'll find a way to slow you down a little bit. Montgomery will lose two receiving games on February 17th, yes, they had 70 catches last year, second. and three all the way all the way touchdown touchdown Kendrick was born and the Patriots exploded for two touchdowns in the second half of the second quarter this is an exceptional ball at the perfect time I'm throwing while AJ Brown makes sure he made sure he had a good grip On the first 45 down, they forgot the opportunity to move Tracy's chains to you, so out of the timeout, here comes the 56 yard down, is that enough? 19 to 14.
Third and 21. You almost turn this ball over if you want. doing something fast loses the yards back at the 45 and can mute that argument, oh man well he has a huge leg, third and three in trouble, what escape hurts and he has the first down, what Jalen's effort hurts , wow and this. It's a great move up front, Judon manages to get through, but this is what you need. We talked before about Mac Jones making those key plays on third down that can decide the game. Jayden Hertz did it all last year and this year, none bigger than that so far. second attempt and ten went back up with Smith.
He's been beating the ball quite a bit on this drive. That's his seventh reception. 48 yards. 56 yards before he shows her something. Today, here is New England's second attempt. Oh, he almost got intercepted trying to prepare the preparation. a screen to Elliott and Josh sweat that's a touchdown if he catches that I mean it's going to be one on one with Zeke Elliott coming back and that should have been intercepted I mean I think it's going straight to Matt Fletcher Cox comes in on the old vet may not be as good as before but Kennedy is good one says he's ever been good there's your great answer call Tony since it's Cox who ends up with Zeke no game I tell you that's what I see he can still convert It's there, You see him here, he comes into the game and he said he had an exceptional run with him and Graham coming back.
I still see when they want to turn it on, they turn it on, it's hard to do it every play as you go. older, but he is still outstanding in the Fourth and three, you have to get into trouble, desperate, throw those incomplete assumptions that come in the middle. Fletcher Cox, he knows when the game gets important and the Eagles take over for Downs. Fletcher Cox enters. and he makes back-to-back big plays, he hasn't done much over the years, he started doing it a little bit last year that time and he has Brown for the first down, there's all kinds of space in front of Gonzalez that time, oh what route and the ability to go ahead and extend this play look at this Brown route on young rookie Bob and then John gets hurt and finds him three out of three overall 32-56 for that very close Central game coming up now but 69 passes last year to the end zone oh man defense against him and these four here against are these three against these two outside the field it's one on one and up here is Jones incomplete Cunningham almost makes the steal it doesn't matter he brought it down fall incomplete or carry the game out and second and five Jones down at the 43.
Wow, what a rush for the sweat coming off the rim, double-digit sacks last year and this was the biggest defensive rush of the game, that's his first sack, yeah. now it's third and 12. Jones from the pocket shoots up the middle almost got it born but Blankenship and the converged killed Milton Williams put pressure on Jones at the end yeah this is a big run and that's why this ball could really have arrived. I had a little more steam to get there, but I thought I still could have caught him because this is going to be a tough test, I have to spread the spot on the jumps, reduce the stakes and he fell anyway, he wouldn't have gotten there. caught him, it was Hunter Henry and now the Eagles take over near midfield, second and a yes and complete, that was a little dangerous, he was going to Douglas Maddox, he was there with him third and a wow that could have ended the game here same.
It's a very difficult shot to make, trying to make a cut, it's actually a great shot, but a very bad decision. The Patriots are trying to come back from a 16-point hole early in this game. Now that you were born there, it would be. attacking that they got him the second sack of the quarter in that Philadelphia defense they use time here and look at this, they bombed him it's Jalen Carter wow I'm going to contribute here some guys inside there's Jones throwing they say yes, take the rookie, get up the ball I don't know if it went in let's see oh I don't think the second step I don't think Sue that's just saying they should have recovered coming up you can still make them work really fast Also yeah I don't think that's the second foot, which was a perfect shot, He just didn't do it, it's just that the second time Booty did it today he had another one on the other side, you're right and that could be part of the reason. you lose a football game over something as small as one time he got ejected for James Territor's job this will be a finish and the Patriots are prepared to maybe win it or the game will be over yeah I guess he just didn't put that left foot down and I think the defensive back pushed them a little bit just didn't allow him that opportunity to point the eye with that back left foot the receiver didn't get the second foot in the field the pass is incomplete it's a turnover on Downs it's the first down For Philadelphia, meanwhile, the Patriots are going to suffer their third consecutive loss in the first game for the first time since the early 90s.
I'm going to tell you this, although when I started this game I thought it was noon. It would have improved. Philadelphia will be there until the end. Are real. They won't stay in the background and will be just as good. You know, it will be about being injury free, but if I were a patriot. Fan today, this was a litmus test to see if we can hold up last year, they weren't good enough with the best teams and the Red Zone situations and things like that looked different today.

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