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EA Is Worse Than You Thought

Jun 01, 2021
Then the development team couldn't get started. Time passed and they discovered that they only had 16 months left to develop the game. The game was finally released in February 2019, which means that development work probably began in July 2017. Minute, the game's announcement date is earlier than this. What is happening with this trailer? Yes, they have not released this game at this time. Both developers and players are taking it step by step, making this the fastest in 16 months. The development time for "AAA games" is really tight. Additionally, "Anthem" is powered by the "Frost" engine, which is the same engine used by the "DICE" studio for the past ten years. and useful, it is really difficult and does not fully meet the needs of the type of games produced by "BioWare".
ea is worse than you thought
This means that several game systems have to be built from scratch, which takes a lot of time, and a lot of them. They are simply impossible. Things that work normally. For example, the studio wants to put giant creatures in the game, but the "Frost" engine cannot support it, so the setting disappeared. It took the developers 5 years to create it and they finally left. Now the pressure is on "EA" to hire people from "BioWare" to design their new game. The developers realize that the game they created cannot be completed before the deadline. In the early stages of development, they wanted to put several cities in the game, but it couldn't be done.
ea is worse than you thought

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ea is worse than you thought...

Later, it was changed to a single city that allows players to create camps, and they couldn't. So a city on a spaceship didn't work. In the end, only a "fortress" remained. Furthermore, the chaos within the studio management should also affect the employees. "Being a serious work that you can't even distinguish. This is different from other games. One of the ways to prevent players from making jokes is that in order to make facial animation, they spent a lot of money on motion capture. "Advanced" technology motion capture, and because the price was too high, they only had one chance.
ea is worse than you thought
They could only make modifications to certain tasks later, but in the end they realized that they simply didn't have the money or time to make changes, so they didn't. There are all kinds of inexplicable dialogues in the game. The entire team has no idea how far it can be played and they can't test it at all because their own studio's server doesn't allow them to log into the game so everything just happens. can do based on feelings, so it's all largely the studio's own problem and has nothing to do with "EA", but even if the game looks like this now, "EA" never changed the release date.
ea is worse than you thought
They spent the last few months recruiting everyone they could, and on February 22, "Anthem" was released. The result was that the game was


than "Andromeda." The big problem is that when the game is. When playing, the host will shut down directly and this loading screen appears. Sometimes the loading time is longer than the time to play the previous mission. I guess everyone can guess that there are only bugs in the game, except there aren't many. The content of this game is just a "fight monsters and collect items" game, but dropped items also have problems. The plot is not well done.
More than half of the game's materials are reused. Players have discovered that this game is different from what was shown in the promotional video a few years ago, I repeat, because the game had not yet started development at that time. Despite this, the game still became the fifth highest. game that grossed revenue in the United States in 2019. But the people who bought this game were nothing. Fans are so excited that the game lost most of its players within a few months of its release. "BioWare" now plans to remake the game. But still, "EA" will never stop.
The company continues to suffer hate from the player base every day. The good cards of his own study are ruined. Although "EA" has also tried to do some repair work, people still. I love this company, but sooner or later it will return to its old profession and continue writing a new round of disasters.

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