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E. Jean Carroll, Trump attorney exit courtroom after verdict

May 17, 2023
thank you very much yes i mean weird


this was a rape claim this was a rape case all along and the jury threw it out but made other findings so obviously we will appeal those other findings but they did throw out her rape claim and she had always claimed that he was a rapist, um, so it's a bit unnerving, but, um, you know we moved on, did you talk to Mr. Trump and what did he say? We've talked and we're ready to let you know, he continues, obviously you know that he's stating his belief, like a lot of people, that he can't get a fair trial in New York City um based on the jury pool and um I think one could argue that that's probably an accurate assessment um based on what happened today um and uh you repeat it's something you know we are very confident in the Appellate issues here the Access Hollywood tape should not have entered this case , some other things shouldn't come into the case, I mean we made a lot of motions that we thought would create problems to appeal and we're going to use them now, you know things happened in this case that were Beyond The Pale, I mean we made a motion de Mistral and we went through the trial due to some of the rulings and we believe that a bias that the court showed, this judge has already been overturned once by the second circuit in Carol v Trump and we believe that he is going to be overturned a second time , um but in the meantime, we know we're moving forward, they found him unresponsive for the violation and that's it
e jean carroll trump attorney exit courtroom after verdict

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