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Dying Light ENDING / FINAL MISSION - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 39 (PS4 Xbox One)

May 10, 2020
the big


first I have to tell you what I think is funny how you have to keep approaching him constantly even though you really can't there we go that actually worked well the problem is until the other side just comes close really hard you can't oh there we go I've been shot what's going on yes my mom up there cream I'm going to kill that with my own hands this way we've put mines and the floors above us are going through the second block as high as you can bye bye cream we'll find him at the top of the tower oh guys say what oh okay I see here we go hell yeah get you the angle one last kick.
dying light ending final mission   walkthrough gameplay part 39 ps4 xbox one
It wasn't a kick, but yes. jobs that were epic how much better than when he didn't talk as much okay see if I can do it oh yeah no good I guess I'll just drop them for a minute you know that dropkick I did there was so damn glorious I loved it I don't know how Get it off my back, I'm telling you right now, getting to him is just most of the battle right here, I don't know how to get there, go, go, go, go, go, everything. Okay, so we have to climb these steps in the interior area.
dying light ending final mission   walkthrough gameplay part 39 ps4 xbox one

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dying light ending final mission walkthrough gameplay part 39 ps4 xbox one...

I thought yeah, here we go. Those who want to get out of this are acting in the outer area. That's what I was trying to do. Oh, get out of here. There's a big guy. I'm running next to him and he can't catch up to me. I'm too fast. Yes. I heard it like he destroyed everything behind me. Oh my gosh, oh it's gone mate, I can't stand this park as it's like it's out there. Oh, very much. A little bit of this last area is just going up, that's all. I kicked that guy and he exploded.
dying light ending final mission   walkthrough gameplay part 39 ps4 xbox one
What the hell does that make sense? Then, just when I expected it to reach him, it must have been the battle I can't even imagine I have to fight. He's really terrible, you know, I take that back. I wouldn't be surprised if you liked it, it injects some crazy earwax, what do you have to keep uploading, yeah, I'm not supposed to do something like that. in terms of like a super zombie, this rises above the fall, I have a feeling that the guy down there is doing something wild how many letters have we climbed how many times, guys, how many has it been.
dying light ending final mission   walkthrough gameplay part 39 ps4 xbox one
No wonder we had to do this oh man oh time to go time to go time to go time to go Simon oh come on I made it too late so you gotta run as soon as you get into this come on, come on, come on, come on , come on, come on, come on, come on, come on and here we go beautiful oh no, not really, I mean it was definitely tragic, it's scary, and by the way, oh here we go, it definitely felt like a lot of solo games player who don't even have a majority that I haven't even touched. a multiplayer, but I imagine it's like Dead Island, where people can drop and drop, that helps you, we're up to the level like that, gone, that's not good, hold it steady, oh my hands are sweaty, hardly I made it. man, I didn't think he was going to do that, he has to be around this corner, he has to be, if I have to fight him and keep swinging something like this, it's over, it makes me a little dizzy, don't look. down, yeah, that's it, but if I looked up, I'm surprised how much they really want you to do that climb like them.
So far it's


of the game that they really liked. I don't know, here we go. face to face again Guess that means I don't need this anymore with or without Suleiman, you're dead, come now, crane, don't pretend, you don't care how many lives depend on this record, hundreds of thousands, maybe billions, I understood? There will be some QuickTime events at the end. You are right about one thing. Crane Suleiman, he is dead. He died with his brother in the city. You don't even belong here. Three integers. How many QuickTime errors do I get again? Oh, no, no.
You can't resist, no, words won't affect you, you want me to make my own rules, rule number one, you're going to spend the rest of your damn life in agony, shut up in the blink of an eye, this one from Don Quixote and now you Daniel on the brink of life and death while the GRE waits to take me to the hospital I give you the honor of deciding your own destiny and me the disk so that there is at least a possibility that your aunt can live and die without pain or resist with you you have until the count of five one to reach Safford's decision what do you want fries he already told us that he had that dead scientist the data is safe we ​​are offering you an opportunity here we are not going to give you much There are reasons to tell you to go yourself, But why don't we pretend for a minute that you don't think I'm stupid?
You need the cure. It's here, somewhere in the city, as long as you don't try to take it out. any style of ministry no more, not the worst cool hello crane, do you mean your campus? Yes, I can hear what's going on. The just finished analysis of the tissue samples. The results are good. I don't think the word phenomenal is too strong. Brilliant. If you can recover Sarah's data, I'm sure there is a cure within your reach, okay, we'll talk about it next time. I see you. Some months they say it was actually a really rough


, although I had to try again many times.
In that QuickTime event I wasn't prepared for a QuickTime event, the whole game hasn't really had that, so I thought it was a very well done ending. I made it something special and I felt like I really wasn't that disappointed. I hope you enjoyed the series if you want me to do some side quests later. I can definitely do it to see how this last video goes, but thank you for your patience, thank you for sticking with me in this series. A great game first is a great start because there usually aren't many good games at the beginning of each year so I'm kind of glad that this was one of the first ones we played and it actually turned out to be really good so thanks to all.
Thank you so much for all your support, all the


s, comments, everything in this entire series, every video, it really means a lot to me and I hope to see you in something more like order 1886, you guys keep up the class.

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