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Dumbledore's BIG Plan: The Philosopher's Stone [Harry Potter Theory]

May 30, 2021
- Hey brother. Did you notice how fast Ben was? Take note. Ben. Today we are going to explore a very broad Harry Potter


that spans all seven books and that until now has never been resolved or at least revealed to the audience by J. K. Rowling as if it were in action. And yet, she explains many things. I'm talking about Dumbledore's big


. Yes of course. We know that Dumbledore is always working tirelessly against the dark arts and gathering as much information as he can about Voldemort, desperately trying to prevent him from returning to power or just destroy him completely.
dumbledore s big plan the philosopher s stone harry potter theory
And of all the magicians. You'd probably think, yes, Dumbledore is the right man for the job. He is widely accepted as the greatest magician of the age. He already defeated the other most famous wizard of all time, Gellert Grindelwald, and is also the only wizard Voldemort ever feared, or so they say, and yet after Voldemort attacks, Harry loses his powers and goes into hiding. Dumbledore does nothing to hunt him down and put an end to him forever, even though he is sure that Voldemort will return. He has 13 years to act on it and maybe put an end to Voldemort for good, but he doesn't do anything.
dumbledore s big plan the philosopher s stone harry potter theory

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dumbledore s big plan the philosopher s stone harry potter theory...

Because? Well, actually we know why, and it's because of the prophecy about Harry Potter, the prophecy was made by Sybill Trelawney to Albus Dumbledore, and it's the reason Voldemort went after Harry in the first place. She says, "He who has the power to defeat the Dark Lord is approaching. The Dark Lord would mark him as his equal. One must kill the other if neither of them can live while the other survives." And while that obviously means a lot to Harry, the funny thing is what it might mean to Dumbledore personally because up until that point, until he heard the prophecy, he probably considered it his personal responsibility to be the one to take down Voldemort.
dumbledore s big plan the philosopher s stone harry potter theory
But what this prophecy means for Dumbledore is that he won't be the one to fulfill it. It means it has to be Harry who does it. Harry is the only one who can do it, or at least knows it's Harry after Voldemort goes after him. Because before that, I guess it might as well have been Neville. But with that in mind, knowing that Dumbledore's ultimate goal is to defeat Voldemort, and knowing that Dumbledore knows that only Harry can take down Voldemort, Dumbledore finds himself in a unique position. How is he going to handle Harry? Because since he's the only one who knows this information, doesn't that also make him responsible for preparing Harry?
dumbledore s big plan the philosopher s stone harry potter theory
What a strange position, what should he do? Should he butt in and send Harry down the path he thinks is best to defeat Voldemort? Or would meddling send Harry off the path that fate has already set for him, because this is where Harry's victory is not guaranteed? He can still lose. He's also the only one who has any chance of winning. So if you're Dumbledore, what do you do? Well, obviously we know he wins a medal, but the question is how much? And the answer is the theme of this whole


, because the answer is much more like what you can imagine.
Every mystery Harry thinks he's solving is presented to him by Dumbledore. Every significant moment of Harry's life is being carefully constructed behind the scenes by Dumbledore as part of Dumbledore's grand


. Let's do this (funky music starts). Guys, this theory is very broad. In fact, let's break it down book by book. So today we're going to look at all the things Dumbledore was doing behind the scenes in The Philosopher's Stone. And this one in particular is important because so much of Harry's entire journey in the wizarding world takes place in the first book. The Philosopher's Stone is filled with Dumbledore's meddling and there is a lot to unpack, but ultimately I think Dumbledore had three main goals for Harry in his first year.
The first thing is to control who Harry decides to surround himself with. And perhaps more specifically to ensure that Harry doesn't end up in Slytherin. The second is to evaluate Harry's character as an individual and the third is to test his abilities, bravery and intuition. For Dumbledore, The Philosopher's Stone is largely about determining what kind of boy he's dealing with and how best to guide him in the future. So the first step check on Harry's friend group and make sure he's not in Slytherin. And this starts right away when Hagrid comes to pick him up and informs him that he's a wizard.
Those first two days he spends with Hagrid are crucial. Seriously, they set up a lot of where Harry is going for the rest of his time in the wizarding world. But one of the really great moments they have is when Hagrid tells Harry which Hogwarts house is the bad one. (Harry and Ron clip) People get this point a lot because Ron says it in the movie, but it's actually Hagrid who says it in the books, which even as Hagrid says it, doesn't make much sense. . Because at that point, he believes that Sirius has murdered 13 people and that Sirius was in Gryffindor, and he knows Sirius because he borrowed his bike.
So they call you Hagrid, except it's not because Dumbledore told you to tell Harry this. And let me tell you, there's nothing wrong with being in Slytherin, but from Dumbledore's point of view, that's the house Voldemort was in. And I'm sure he doesn't want Harry to be surrounded by all the Death Eater children. moment when he gets Hogwarts. I mean, we know from the Malfoy family that some of the Death Eaters actually thought Harry could be a new rallying point to support them. So, he really wants to keep them away from Harry. Honestly, I think that while Dumbledore wanted him to end up in Gryffindor, I don't think he would have cared if he was in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, as long as he wasn't in Slytherin.
And take note of how Dumbledore does this, because he uses this trick a lot. He doesn't guide Harry toward a good choice. He just steers you away from a bad choice. And Hagrid is not the only guarantee Dumbledore puts in place to keep Harry away from Slytherin. Let me ask you this. Did you ever think it was strange that Mrs. Weasley didn't know the platform number where the Hogwarts Express left on Harry's first day? "What's the platform number?" said the boy's mother. "Nine and three quarters!" Said a little girl, also with red hair, who was holding her hand.
Good. So, in case she needs a refresher, Molly Weasley has seven children, several of whom have already spent several years at Hogwarts. If not her seven full years at Hogwarts, not to mention, she also has the school that she and her husband attended. And if my calculations are correct and yes, we paid the math budget for this one. This is the seventeenth time he has arrived at the station for the train to leave. And yes, in case you were wondering, it has always been the same platform and the same train. In fact, there was an entire Pottermore article about this.
The point is, there's just no way she doesn't know the routine by now. This theory would suggest that Mrs. Weasley is saying this out loud specifically, so that Harry would meet the Weasleys before any other wizarding family, which, yes, means that Dumbledore would have arranged this with her beforehand. And as we explore this theory deeper and deeper, you'll see that Molly and Arthur in particular were integral to his plans in terms of leaking information to Harry or just keeping tabs on him. And if you're wondering how either of them would have gotten involved with Dumbledore when neither of them were in the first order of the Phoenix.
Well, keep in mind that Molly had two older brothers, Gideon and Fabian, both in the first order of the Phoenix and both died at the hands of the Death Eaters, but either way, the Weasleys are the perfect family for Dumbledore to surround Harry with. On the one hand, they are all purebloods, but they don't place any value on that particular aspect of themselves. And it would mean that the first classmates Harry would come into contact with would be a prefect, Percy, possibly the two most popular boys in school, Fred and George, and a boy in Harry's same year.
Ron, all of them from a famous family in Gryffindor. Not that any of the guys were involved in this plan at all. It's just a good example of how Dumbledore trusts that surrounding Harry with good people will produce good results. It's one of those classic Dumbledore guesses that are usually good. But in fact, Dumbledore gets what he wants because when Harry gets sorted, the only thing he cares about is not being in Slytherin. (Harry whispers) Which brings us to the second big thing Dumbledore is trying to accomplish in the Philosopher's Stone, which is to judge Harry's character.
And luckily, he has exactly the right tool for the job. The Mirror of Erised, as I am sure you know, the mirror shows, to whoever stands before it, what is the deepest desire of his heart. And when Harry stands in front of him, he sees his family, an image that greatly impresses Dumbledore; in fact, in The Half-Blood Prince, he says to Harry, "Harry, do you have any idea how few wizards could have seen what you did?" in that mirror?" And make no mistake, Dumbledore absolutely intended for Harry to find that mirror specifically so he could see what Harry would see.
Consider this, Harry finds the mirror on Christmas, the day he receives the invisibility cloak that sent Dumbledore. And we know that Dumbledore was literally waiting in the room, invisible in the middle of the night. Like not even looking in the mirror, simply because I'll be invisible here again. - Again Harry? - How do you know this is again, Dumbledore? How do you know it's again? I think wait until Christmas to give the cloak to Harry, because there will be fewer students at school wandering around who might discover the mirror. Because the mirror can't have been there, out in the open. free, being able to be found all year round, because it's very much the kind of thing that if people discovered it and started looking at it, everyone would want to look at it.
And if you think, well, is that kind of jump the who would give him the cloak, assuming he would immediately darn it and wander around the castle at night and find the mirror? I do not think. I mean, Dumbledore knew James, and this was exactly the kind of thing he would do, but here's the other dead giveaway: why is the mirror in the school? When it's supposed to be like being down guarding the Stone in case you forgot. Hagrid retrieved the Stone for Dumbledore in July and it is now December. So why does it take him so long to put the Stone in the mirror and the mirror in the basement?
Wherever it is, second Chamber of Secrets that never explained where they are going. What I understand is that somewhere on the third floor of the castle there is just a hole. Like a deep one. The reason is, of course, that Dumbledore wants Harry to find the mirror so he can see what he sees, but also because of Dumbledore's third goal, which is to test Harry's skill, bravery, and intuition. I'm sure we're not the first to wonder why the obstacles protecting the Stone are so easily defeated by a first year when they're supposed to keep Voldemort away.
Well, this theory suggests that the obstacles are the obstacles specifically because Dumbledore is testing whether Harry Potter can get through them and this isn't even just a guess, Harry himself seems to be aware of this. He tells Ron and Hermione: "He's a funny man, Dumbledore. I think he wanted to give me a chance. I think he knows more or less everything that goes on here. You know, I think he had a pretty good idea." . We were going to try it and instead of stopping, he just taught us enough to help. I don't think it was an accident and he let me figure out how the mirror worked.
It's almost as if he thought he had the right to do it. face Voldemort if he could." But if it's true, he set it up specifically to test Harry, you might be thinking, wow, that's really reckless of Dumbledore. And yes, you'd be right about that. But I don't think it's as bad as it sounds, because remember that only Dumbledore has heard the prophecy and knows that Harry or Voldemort must kill Harry or Voldemort. And I think he is reasonably sure that Voldemort will not be able to kill Harry unless he recovers a body. And the The means by which he attempts to recover a body in this case is by obtaining the Stone, which Dumbledore also knows is 100% safe.
It is 100% safe because of the enchantments that Dumbledore himself puts on the mirror, which, if you ask me, It makes the rest of the obstacles kind of useless, and, in a way, useless, I mean, they don't need to be there. Dumbledore, he could have put the mirror in Quirrell's office and left him alone with it all year. And yet I wouldn't get the Stone. - How did I get it? -Why does he even care about the other obstacles? And the answer is to find out if Harry has, one, the skills to overcome obstacles. Two, the intuition to imagine that the Stone is down there.
And three, the courage to face Voldemort. In fact, I dare say that the obstacles themselves were chosen specifically for the abilities of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Yes, I know the other professors put the obstacles there, but this theory would suggest that Dumbledore suggested the specific obstacles. But that's why it takes Dumbledore so long to finally put the mirror there, because he spends the first half of the year observing not only what Harry is good at, but also his friends, and also grabbing the key to the broom. .That's it Harry, the giant chess game, that's it Ron.
The potions logic puzzle that is all Hermione, even defeating the troll. They already did that. And if you're thinking, well, sure, he might have thought Harry was safe, but doesn't that put Ron and Hermione in danger? Actually, no, it's not because of the way the potion puzzle works, where only one person could complete it. And I think he must have been reasonably competent. It would be Harry. But it's not just that the obstacles are hand-crafted for the golden trio's abilities. It's just that Dumbledore is like leaving clues all year long for Harry to discover this, starting that first day with Hagrid when he takes him with him to Gringotts to retrieve the Stone.
That right there, something crazy. I mean, the Stone is an immensely powerful magical item that Dumbledore believes Voldemort is about to try to steal. And just let Harry watch him being taken out of the vault? Now, to be fair, he doesn't know it's very valuable or even what it is, but it's very easy to put two and two together once the Daily Prophet reveals that someone tried to break into that vault, then there's Dumbledore's opening speech. where he says: "So, finally, I must tell you that this year, the third floor hallway on the right is off-limits to all those who do not wish to die a very painful death." We have discovered a giant hole.
We're all also considering putting a killer plant at the bottom of the hole in case someone falls in. But I have to talk to Professor Sprout about it. It has to be soft and elastic, but also deadly, but also easy to defeat. These are children. No, but this particular warning is interesting because Harry then asks Percy, "Aren't you serious?" He muttered to Percy, "Must be," Percy said, scowling at Dumbledore. : It's strange, because it usually gives us a reason why we're not allowed to go somewhere. "Yeah, it's weird. I mean, if you don't want the students to go there, lock the door. (Harry and Ron) And don't just lock it, but lock it in a way that's harder to get through. ( Hermoine opens a door) And then, don't even tell them not to go there.
Like who needs to be warned not to. To go through a door they can't go through anymore? Even Umbridge is able to magically seal her door against people like Alohomora. And that's just to keep students out of his office. We're talking about protecting the Philosopher's Stone. And those aren't Dumbledore's only clues. I'll mention the invisibility cloak again, which is simply a means for Harry to Go out and tour the castle. And don't even make me talk about it every time. Hagrid, let's let a bunch of clues slip. - I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't have said that.
I shouldn't have told you that. Not to mention the Complete lack of investigation or action taken after a series. of other events that happen throughout the year. For example, in Harry's first Quidditch match, when his broom starts trying to knock him down, Hagrid tells us that only powerful dark magic can interfere with a broom. And then we found out from Quirrell that he knew that Severus Snape was uttering a countercurse. And we know that Snape is loyal to Dumbledore, and in Deathly Hallows it is later revealed that Dumbledore actually told Snape to keep an eye on Quirrell.
So obviously Dumbledore knew that Quirrell was trying to kill Harry, but he doesn't do anything. How about he lets the troll in? Later, Quirrell provides a second troll for the Stone's protection. He is also the one who tells the school that they have let the troll in. (Quirrell hysterical) I'm sorry, but if you're Dumbledore, who really knows all that information while it's happening. It's very obvious who let the troll in and fired Quirrell. I'm not kidding. I don't know why he doesn't do it. He could easily do it. And yet, Quirrell goes unpunished and even uninvestigated for the rest of the year.
Because? Because again, he wants Harry to figure it out. Just listen to this line of Dumbledore talking to Harry after everything has happened. "Oh, you know about Nicholas? said Dumbledore, sounding quite delighted. You did the right thing. Didn't you? Well, Nicholas and I had a little chat and we agreed. It's all for the better." Yeah. I think he sounds quite delighted that Harry went beyond what even Dumbledore expected in terms of research. And what he did correctly was the task that Dumbledore secretly assigned him, even Flamel agreeing with the destruction of the Stone is a bit strange because the fact is that Dumbledore can protect it effectively.
He puts that Stone back in the mirror. He is completely confident. My bet is that Flamel decided long before this book's trailer that he was ready to die and simply allowed Dumbledore to use the Stone as bait, I suppose, to test Harry. But there you have it guys, that's the first part of Dumbledore's big plan. Tune in next week for part two as we dive into The Chamber of Secrets, the real one, not the big hole, the third floor, but in the meantime if you want to catch up with us and discuss even more about the big plan of Dumbledore, because there were things about the Philosopher's Stone that we couldn't even include in this video because there are so many little things.
Or if you have any ideas about how he might be pulling the strings in the Chamber of Secrets, good news. We will be broadcasting live here on the main Super Carlin Brothers channel this Friday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Again, the theoretical talk this Friday at 8:00 p.m. EST, set a reminder on your phone right now. All kinds of strange things will occur to us. Dumbledore has been doing this to secretly guide Harry towards defeating Voldemort. Guys, if you want to continue and go to part two, you can click on this video right here, unless you're watching this in the first six days after the video came out, in which case we haven't filmed it yet. but eventually it will be here.
Otherwise, if you want to see how Harry is the Philosopher's Stone, you can watch this video right here, but Ben until next time or until this Friday, I'll see you in another life brother.

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